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  • Sociology Music
    Sociology Music 18 hours ago

    Logic is foaming at the mouth because he just went down on Eminem.. that's why he can't even get Shady in the video..Logic is trash.

  • Send it Smith
    Send it Smith 19 hours ago

    Plot twist the guy in the studio was the fake

  • Thiruvengadam
    Thiruvengadam 19 hours ago

    He can't sync with Eminem's why they increased the speed...EMINEM❤️❤️❤️

  • PedRaM NG
    PedRaM NG 19 hours ago


  • Ralph Joshua Flores
    Ralph Joshua Flores 20 hours ago

    I still cant believe this look I am seeing old + new eminem is "I am speechless

  • I Niknam
    I Niknam 20 hours ago

    White rappers have no future.
    There was eminnem but he is shit now

  • I DumpUrAss
    I DumpUrAss 21 hour ago

    that sandlot line killed me XD

  • The RMann69666
    The RMann69666 21 hour ago

    Now this is what I call rap

  • Shinigami I
    Shinigami I 21 hour ago

    4:04 ems rap. Thank me with a like

  • El Draké
    El Draké 21 hour ago +1

    Why is no one talking about Logic saying the n-word?

  • Shawn O'Neill
    Shawn O'Neill 22 hours ago

    your using way to many napkins

  • Sujal Vanjari
    Sujal Vanjari 22 hours ago

    1:36 ... No front camera

  • MxzFN
    MxzFN 23 hours ago


  • Brandon Baker
    Brandon Baker 23 hours ago

    Not a stan but damb em...

  • Challenger King
    Challenger King Day ago

  • Abo Ali
    Abo Ali Day ago

    So when are they going to get red of MGK’s body that we saw in the video?

  • Thunder Lips
    Thunder Lips Day ago

    Fuck.. This fkn shit sucks. Worthless generation of fat fucks

  • John Jonah Jameson

    If Logic got big he'd look like Professor Hulk!

  • DAJ
    DAJ Day ago

    imagine carrying a child inside of you for 9 months and naming it "chauncey"

  • Slim's Boy
    Slim's Boy Day ago

    logic is too lightskinned to be saying the N word. he confusing these white kids. marshall never said that word. SMH

  • Skade
    Skade Day ago

    Uhhh ummmm uhhh åhh in subtitles

  • Dorian L-T
    Dorian L-T Day ago

    i feel like that eminem double looked very dumb

  • Joseph Suarez
    Joseph Suarez Day ago

    I like how Logic can use his white card when it’s convenient, and then switch to using his black card for commercial purposes.

  • Chris Kramer
    Chris Kramer Day ago

    Your using way to many napkins

    JAMIEL S Day ago

    Sounds corny

  • Lalu Prasatya Amertha

    Son, you know why you the greatest alive?
    Why, Dad?
    Because you came out of my balls, nigga
    Fuck rap, bustin' like an addict with a semi-automatic
    Who done had it, and he ready for anybody to buck back
    Hold up, catch a vibe, ain't no way in hell we leavin' nobody alive
    Leave a suicide note, fuck that
    Bobby feelin' villainous, he killin' this
    I'm comin' for your man and his lady and even the baby
    I'm feelin' like I'm chicka-chicka-chicka Slim Shady with rabies
    I'm foamin' at the mouth, ain't nobody takin' me out
    Every single rapper in the industry, yeah, they know what I'm about
    And I dare you to test me
    'Cause not a single one of you motherfuckers impress me
    And maybe that's a little bit of an exaggeration, but I'm full of innovation
    And I'm tired of all of this high school, "He's cool, he's not" rap shit
    Can a single one of you motherfuckers even rap? Shit
    No, this ain't a diss to the game, it's a gas to the flame
    Nowadays, everybody sound the same, shit's lame
    Like a moth to the flame, I'ma reel 'em in and kill 'em
    Know you feelin' lyricism when I'm spillin' it, I'm feelin' myself
    Yeah, yeah, Bobby Boy, he be feelin' himself
    Mass murder like this can't be good for my health
    When I rap like this, do I sound like shit?
    Well, it don't really matter, 'cause I'm killin' this shit
    Yeah, I'm killin' this shit
    Oh yeah, oh yeah, I'm killin' this shit
    Bobby, how many times you been killin' this shit?
    Find another rhyme, goddamn, nigga, shit
    Fuck rap, bustin' like an addict with a semi-automatic
    Who done had it, and he ready for anybody to buck back
    Hold up, catch a vibe, ain't no way in hell we leavin' nobody alive
    Leave a suicide note, fuck that
    Bobby feelin' villainous, he killin' this
    I'm comin' for your man and his lady and even the baby
    I'm feelin' like I'm chicka-chicka-chicka-chicka-chicka-chicka-chicka-chicka-chicka Slim Shady
    There's nowhere to hide, we call this shit genocide
    Hit 'em with that (doot, doot, doot) and they die
    We gon' leave 'em crucified, we call this shit genocide
    I got bitches, I got hoes, I got rare designer clothes
    No, we ain't fuckin' with that
    Yeah, there's a time and a place, but if you ain't comin' with the illest of raps
    Callin' yourself the greatest alive
    Then you don't deserve to do that
    No, no, oh no, no, please do not do that
    You gon' get smacked, you gon' make Bobby attack
    You gon' make Bobby Boy snap
    You gon' make Bobby Boy snap (Bobby Boy!)
    Fuck rap, bustin' like an addict with a semi-automatic
    Who done had it, and he ready for anybody to buck back
    Hold up, catch a vibe, ain't no way in hell we leavin' nobody alive
    Leave a suicide note, fuck that
    Bobby feelin' villainous, he killin' this
    I'm comin' for your man and his lady and even the baby
    I'm feelin' like I'm chicka-chicka-chicka-chicka-chicka-chicka-chicka-chicka-chicka Slim Shady
    Jigga-jigga-jigga-jigga-jigga like Jay-Z
    Jig is up, you fuckers who didn't write anything
    Are getting washed now, chicka-chicka-chicka, like bathing
    Young Hova, I know hitters like Yankees
    Gun toters that pull triggers like crazy
    Unloadin', leave you shot up in your Rover
    Your body goes limp and slumps over
    Like A-Rod in a month lull, but he just homered
    Hold up, I said Rover because now your Rover is red
    Like Red Rover, so you know what I meant
    But I roll over my opponents instead
    Makin' dog sounds 'cause I gotta keep breakin' these bars down
    I'll go slow for the speds
    But when I go (roof) like the doberman said
    I still think the (roof) would go over your head (haha)
    Beast mode, motherfuckers 'bout to get hit with so many foul lines
    You think I'm a free throw
    Figured it was about time for people to eat crow
    You about to get out-rhymed, how could I be dethroned?
    I stay on my toes like the repo, a behemoth in sheep clothes
    From the East Coast to the West, I'm the ethos and I'm the G.O.A.T
    Who the best? I don't gotta say a fuckin' thing, though, 'cause MC's know
    But you don't wanna hear me spit the facts
    Your shit is ass like a tailbone
    And you're trapped in your cell phone
    On my chicken scratch, or my self-loathe
    I don't want to fuckin' listen to you spit your rap someone else wrote
    Used to get beat up by the big kids
    Used to let the big kids steal my big wheel
    And I wouldn't do shit but just sit still
    Now money's not a big deal
    I'm rich, I wipe my ass with six mil'
    Big bills like a platypus
    A caterpillar's comin' to get the cannabis
    I'm lookin' for the smoke but you motherfuckers are scatterin'
    Batterin' everything and I've had it with the inadequate
    Man, I can see my dick is standin' stiff as a mannequin
    And I'm bringin' the bandana back, and the fuckin' headband again
    A handkerchief and I'm thinkin' of bringin' the fuckin' fingerless gloves back
    And not giving a singular fuck, like fuck rap
    I sound like a fuckin' millionaire
    With the Derringer with a hair trigger
    'Bout to bear hug it, fuckin' terrier, the Ric Flair dripper
    Y'all couldn't hold a candle at a prayer vigil
    When I vent, they compare me to a fuckin' air duct
    I'm about to bare knuckle it, nah, fuck it
    I'm gonna go upside their head with a Nantucket, abraca-fuckin'-dabra
    The track is the blood, I'm attracted, I'm attackin' it
    What? Dracula, fuck that shit
    I'm up, back with a thud
    Man, stop
    Look what I'm plannin', plannin', I'm plannin' to
    Do all this while you panickin'
    And you're lookin' and starin' at mannequins
    And I'm goin' to Fanagan's, tryin' to get up a plan against
    All of the blana-kazana-ka-fam-bam-bannigans
    While of all the bana-kazanika Hanna in a cabana
    You're in a cab
    I'm in a cabana and a Janet
    I'm in a cabana chantin' all this stand up banter
    While you don't got the stamina, you're lackin' the stamina
    You're lackin' the stamina while you're divorcin' Harrison Ford
    And I'm in a Porsche on the floor boards
    While I'm world tourin'
    You usin' way too many napkins, papkins, lapkins and chapki
    You using ChapStick and napkins while I'm papkin'
    Flappin' around like a bapkin'
    Flammina babbita playin' a jampkin
    Dammit, a can of pa

  • Ivan Lochov #2 rus

    logic is TRASH

  • Heather Smith
    Heather Smith Day ago

    That really in Em at the end.... #WatchedThisVideo1000000000000TimesBeforeIRealizedThat

  • ya mum
    ya mum Day ago

    U using way to many nappkins

  • csknives2140
    csknives2140 Day ago


  • JTM 2018
    JTM 2018 Day ago

    logic is crazy underrated fuck rap!!!!!

  • DWL Beatz
    DWL Beatz Day ago

    My man made a new sign language

  • White Mike
    White Mike Day ago

    Guess all the white rappers sayin nigga now

  • Keirra C
    Keirra C Day ago

    Am I the only one who has a 13 yr old girl at school wearing a full in hooker outfit?? I’m not even joking she cane to school today dressed like a hooker😂🤣

  • William Underhill

    The skit at the beginning is tongue-in-cheek nod to the fact that this "Eminem" that's been out the last few years, is not Marshal Mathers. Biggest thing: look at the bottom lip. On the old Eminem (he was real skinny when last be was in public, with blonde buzzed hair and no beard) his lips we both thin. On the new Eminem, the bottom lip is very full and sticks out, which is only accentuated by the stubble and the hood. Also, look at the eyes. The old Eminem had rounder eyes, the new one has almond-shaped eyes. The voices are slightly different (in "Lucky You" with Joyner, when his flow gets going he relaxes his throat and the "Slim Shady" nasality leaves briefly, before he notices and tightens it up again). He moves differently than Eminem. Eminem was always, ALWAYS very stiff and somewhat jerky; he was a very emotional artist and this came through physically. This new Eminem is so loose (again, see "Lucky You", he moves smoothly like Drake). Anyway, RIP Marshal Bruce Mathers lll.

  • Daniel Macias
    Daniel Macias Day ago

    I wonder if that was supposed to be eminem in the body bag??????

    • Daniel Macias
      Daniel Macias Day ago

      @Justin7708 lmao damn I couldn't tell if that was eminem but yeah if it MGK it must be his career

    • Justin7708
      Justin7708 Day ago +1

      Daniel Macias I thought that for a second. But the message at the end was from Eminem. And it was him in the car actin like Chris. So honestly it’s probably MGK in the body bag.

  • Been Boyage
    Been Boyage Day ago

    Yo this song has more bars than 6ix9ines jail cell

  • Lemon Desires
    Lemon Desires Day ago +1

    how many times you like is how many times he moved his hands

  • Gaming Boy
    Gaming Boy Day ago

    Did he just say nigga

  • Blackjackets_66
    Blackjackets_66 Day ago +1

    Cocaine is a hell drug

  • Dumbwaterr
    Dumbwaterr Day ago

    Wtf did I just watch ...

  • skitsmaxn
    skitsmaxn Day ago


  • Z
    Z Day ago

    How tf they get wolverine to be Eminems body double

  • Dark Account
    Dark Account Day ago +1

    I come for my daily dose!

  • facenna Pasquale


    ONEiGHTSH Day ago +4

    Mumble rap exists to prove how much better lyrical rap is.

  • GoatSquad_101
    GoatSquad_101 Day ago

    Not trying to start shit but he just said nigga

  • Desaili Gomez
    Desaili Gomez Day ago

    Panicking Mannequin
    Napkin Mannequin Panicking
    That's what I heard. Lol

  • Thirty Hertz
    Thirty Hertz Day ago +1

    Hey Guys, my name is Thirty-Hertz.
    I just started an year ago making beats (I know i hate them people too, who promote themselfs 🤷‍♂️)
    But i would really appreciate it if you guys could check me out. ;)

  • Alexandre Tessier

    It is not true

  • Fraquane
    Fraquane Day ago

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  • Brian F
    Brian F Day ago

    Who else realized the room and wig Chris D’Elia wore is a total tribute to Stan and a diss at MGK at the same time...think back to Kamikaze and Killshot..
    Roof! This went over ya head...

  • Wizard Gaming
    Wizard Gaming Day ago

    A dog does not go woof it goes roof

  • Skade
    Skade Day ago

    logics part was way better

  • Stacey Wood
    Stacey Wood Day ago

    the begining on the song not vid totes ruins it when u wanna blare it out ur care shame

  • j-king aka.喜右衛門


    japanese hip hop

  • warmont sick
    warmont sick Day ago

    playing it in 2x speed: ckkk ckkk bzzzzt bzzzt mkkk fkkk

    HAMZA AHMAD Day ago


  • buddy christ
    buddy christ Day ago


  • YungSimile18
    YungSimile18 Day ago

    Which one better lucky you vs or Homicide both with Em