Aaliyah's mom says R. Kelly's former backup singer is LYING!!+Surviving R. Kelly review


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  • lovelyti2002
    lovelyti2002  15 days ago +426

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    • K'MAN 215
      K'MAN 215 9 days ago

      +Patricia Hastings What you dont understand at 15 you are physically able to bring life into this world that is God's will how he made us in alliyah was not a little kid or baby is my point in if he treated her like a queen God would not have a problem with them bein married more then he would say a unnatural homosexual relationship ya digs me!

    • Patricia Hastings
      Patricia Hastings 9 days ago

      +Kat Aseef I don't know what the heck are you talking about you don't make no sense

    • Patricia Hastings
      Patricia Hastings 9 days ago

      +K'MAN 215 I have no idea what you talking about

    • Shortgirl Robinson
      Shortgirl Robinson 10 days ago

      As for as I see it, The Industry is responsible for all of this pedophila they are all Involved !!! It was hush hush until arrests started happening to a lot of Hollywood entertainers.

    • Kat Aseef
      Kat Aseef 10 days ago

      +Patricia Hastings How?? aaliyah was aho! just because she was legally underaged, doesnt mean she wasnt FAST! he didnt have to attack her or nothing,she gave the puss up

  • Mrs.  Kenya Sharp

    Where we get that shirt from?! I need that!

  • Tanya Videau
    Tanya Videau Day ago

    I seen from some prominent magazine that they're saying his sister molested him but it came out it was his grandfather


    They were molested by their sister

  • Noel Blake
    Noel Blake 2 days ago +1

    Wow her mom is in complete denial and her mom wasn't there when they got married and really do you think they got married and didn't fuck no wonder he finds girls and does what he wants

  • Lulu Brown
    Lulu Brown 3 days ago

    In that world you get tossed like a salad. Just listen to there songs it's all there. I'm your angel,I miss u.on the good side..

  • Lulu Brown
    Lulu Brown 3 days ago

    No victims where hurt in the making they all got dipping and chipping and then got dumped.they all wanted Aaliyah power and fame.

  • pyrokingofflames
    pyrokingofflames 3 days ago

    The pied piper....at the end of the story, he STOLE THE CHILDREN

  • Akida Jackson
    Akida Jackson 5 days ago

    I’m sorry what do the back up singer have to gain in saying that seeing that when Aaliyah first album dropped everyone was saying then that her a rkelly was married and that was twenty some odd years ago her mother to just gone say she sold her daughter and keep it moving and it’s a shame cause she not here to defend herself....

  • damselcausingdistress 81

    Nobody said anything at the time was because they were reaping the benefits of his success. Now he moved on to younger more talented and they wanna talk now!

  • MakeupIsMyAddiction
    MakeupIsMyAddiction 6 days ago +1

    Her mother is calling the backup singer a liar, but she didn’t go against the personal assistant who said they had a pregnancy, and if Aaliyah’s parents were always with her then when did they find time to get married?

  • deb jean
    deb jean 6 days ago +1

    Where was A'aliyha's mother when she got married? Obviously not with A'aliyha. Her mother is in denial.

  • tina Pearce
    tina Pearce 6 days ago +1

    Your ABSOLUTELY right about people keeping SECRETS about being sexually abused, I am a Survivor of Sexual Abuse and I told everyone 😪😢😥but no one gave a Damn 😡they look 👀 at You like the BIG Mouth 👄 of the Family and they distance themselves from YOU! I was doomed for speaking up🤷🏽‍♀️

  • terminalcommand
    terminalcommand 7 days ago +1

    Wasn't it rumored that Aaliyah's own Mother took part in a threesome with R Kelly and her own daughter? If true, wouldn't that be why she may be a sociopath, incestuous, liar?

  • prancer1000
    prancer1000 7 days ago +1

    The mother is lying.

  • Tina P
    Tina P 7 days ago

    It’s clear to me that Aaliyah’s mom is delusional and deflecting her regrets about not pressing charges for marrying her daughter.

  • Marissa Williams
    Marissa Williams 7 days ago

    Their sister Theresa Kelly molested him and his brother

  • Hewy P
    Hewy P 7 days ago

    Lovelyti just isnt bright!! She says Aaliyha's mom is saying these things cuz she is embarrassed, asking where were U? Why was she left with this man for weeks? After she just reported the mom said that she or/and her husband was ALWAYS there with her!! Ppl just believe what they believe and thats just the damn end of it!

  • Nick Rich
    Nick Rich 7 days ago

    Sodom and Gomorrah

  • vania c
    vania c 8 days ago

    I completely agree with you. Parents will defend their children even if their children are murderers. Obviously no parent is going to be like “Yep that’s my daughter she was 15 and having sex with R. Kelly“. The legacy should be protected but the truth has to be told. He needs to be held accountable for that.

  • Ugly Eyes
    Ugly Eyes 8 days ago +1

    Stop using the race card it's irrelevant and annoying. Unsubscribed.

  • Venny Kavaya
    Venny Kavaya 8 days ago

    I don't think they accompanied her everywhere

  • Lex
    Lex 8 days ago

    I'm getting a feeling R Kelly was running a child sex trafficking ring just like Jimmy Savil and that congressman who was selling young boys in boys town. You dont get away with this behavior unless the elites are getting a piece. My observation

  • cat cat
    cat cat 8 days ago

    I don't think r kelly was molested I think he stole his brother carey's story for sympathy

  • StoryDayTrades
    StoryDayTrades 8 days ago +1

    Yeah that back up singer and who ever else didn’t say anything about anything at the time it happened is a piece of 💩 you didn’t say nothing then because of money and you talking now because of money. And they still haven’t went to the authorities.

    BOOTLEG GANG 8 days ago

    Where was the mom when her 15 year old child married a grown ass man was she on tour with her then. Why was the mother not on the plane with her daughter when she died since she was with her 24/7 i believe the backup singer. Aaliyah mother should be ashamed of herself for letting her teenager date a grown man.

  • Lala Johnson
    Lala Johnson 8 days ago

    if she lien then how come Aaliyah family has ownership of all R.kelly publishings?...

  • Laura Reynolds
    Laura Reynolds 8 days ago

    Let's ask Aaliyah's sibling...

  • Msdsplayground
    Msdsplayground 8 days ago

    Guess mama still collecting a pay check!

  • S. Finney
    S. Finney 8 days ago +1

    He did that shit, RIP Aaliyah...

  • MzzAJD
    MzzAJD 8 days ago

    That damn pied piper meme gets me EVERYTIME😩🎼🤣

  • Eboney Clarke
    Eboney Clarke 8 days ago

    Where was her mother when Aaliyah and R. Kelly got married then?

  • rogue0621
    rogue0621 8 days ago

    If our beloved Aaliyah had true parents, they would have killed or at least prosecute their daughter’s abuser. The Haughton and Barry Hankerson pimp out little Aaliyah. I know Diane Haughton is still grieving for her losses, but stop lying or keep silent. Silent, like you all were doing when you gave a demon your baby girl.

  • Jay Tamba
    Jay Tamba 8 days ago

    I believe that most definitely R Kelly should be held accountable for what he did to those many underage girls at the time, but also all those many adults that watched, knew what he was doing, and helped to bring girls to him should be held accountable too.

  • Chris Brooks
    Chris Brooks 8 days ago

    Has her brother spoken out recently ?

  • Tawana Martin
    Tawana Martin 8 days ago

    That tap dancing and flute playing man tickles me.

  • momo glo
    momo glo 8 days ago

    Carey said he was molested by his older sister. Was she molested too?
    My mom is a pedophilia survivor and unless we fix the root of the problem, the cycle will just continue.

  • Angela Mohammed
    Angela Mohammed 8 days ago

    All of these predators should be exposed like this; not just the black ones! Where’s Weinstein’s documentary?

    • momo glo
      momo glo 8 days ago

      Agreed. Black, white or purple; all these monsters need to be held accountable.

  • 1wateroak
    1wateroak 8 days ago

    Her mom can’t have it both ways. Either the woman was lying about catching them two having sex on the tour bus bc you and your husband were always around OR you were fine with your 15 daughter marrying a 27 man bc you and your husband were always around.

  • hiddendisguises
    hiddendisguises 8 days ago

    Poor Aaliyah. Even after she's gone, she's still being pimped out for money and a story. I don't even want children, but I still cannot understand why those who have them offer them no protection. I cannot imagine what these girls experienced and sacrificed for the sake of money. And there are still ignorant mf'ers that will defend the pissy pied piper just because he made good music 🙄. What are they putting in the kool aid?

  • Keisha Nicole
    Keisha Nicole 8 days ago

    And the mother would know that how?

  • Excalibur Clan
    Excalibur Clan 8 days ago +1

    What Really Disturbs me is The Disney World analogy that R Kelly pulled out a flute played a tune the music hypnotized them and all the women in girls started dancing and following him,"or that he pulled out a medallion said at the count of 10-U shall be under total control & shall heed all my commands,"I guess fairy tails are Real 😁😂😁

  • Kym Melvin
    Kym Melvin 9 days ago


  • William
    William 9 days ago

    allegedly* allegedly* allegedly*

  • trvee malone
    trvee malone 9 days ago

    I wouldn't have said anything smh EVERYONE KNEW... And turned the other way because of money. If all this were true about her mother how the fuck were they able to have sex?!?!?! Oh you just conveniently happened to not be there when that was going on huh? Foh

  • Morgan Yancey
    Morgan Yancey 9 days ago

    This is terrible! All the adults involved in any way deserve jail time! I believe everything these young girls said about R Kelly! Im still on the fence about the wife and her story!

  • kemi7689
    kemi7689 9 days ago

    Most of these black males artists are peodo, most of them are just are.

  • Nikolaus Glatz
    Nikolaus Glatz 9 days ago

    Aliyah was ahead of her time .

  • the breaking news
    the breaking news 9 days ago

    So basically these people need to be locked up along with R Kelly LOL if what they're saying is true 😑😑😑😑

  • Bridgette Tates
    Bridgette Tates 9 days ago

    I know her mother feels hurt but thats when everybody start noticing his pedophile behavior

  • C
    C 9 days ago

    I love how Wendy W is on there runnin her mouth... especially with her own home drama

  • Ceci B
    Ceci B 9 days ago

    Quoting Corey Feldman the biggest problem in Hollywood is it drugs is pedophilia it's always been of pediophilia

  • Perimiter Music
    Perimiter Music 9 days ago +1

    I don't want to insult this womans intelligence...
    But it seems as if she reads at a 6th grad level...she can't say capitulated and a host of other words.

  • Tee S
    Tee S 9 days ago

    I truly do not feel that R. Kelly's disgusting actions were brushed under the rug simply because the victims were black. When are you people going to wake up and realize that the justice system has been protective pedophiles and rapists, of all colors, for decades!? This is about desensitizing the masses to pedophilia and they're using R. Kelly as part of their sick agenda to do this. The ones running the show are pedophiles themselves...wake up!!!!!!!!!!

  • Royal Herman
    Royal Herman 9 days ago

    If you was with your daughter everywhere she went how in the hell did she end up marrying R.Kelly at 15 years old you are the worst parent I ever heard having a conversation you failed your daughter Point Blank

  • TR Cooper
    TR Cooper 9 days ago

    Why is it that I sense that Aaliyah's mom is the one that's lying? Could she be covering up for the fact that she and her husband sold their daughter out?

  • Ketta Ms 411
    Ketta Ms 411 9 days ago

    Yeah i heard his younger brother somewhere say that it’s was like his older sister or some female in the family that was molesting both of them

  • Martha Jibbs
    Martha Jibbs 9 days ago

    I knew this was going to happen. I knew it.

  • Lynn B.
    Lynn B. 9 days ago

    Their older sister molested them

  • Isha Lee
    Isha Lee 9 days ago

    How does aaliyah's mom claim that she and her husband was with her every step of the way when they actually got married. She should be honest with herself even if it hurts

  • AdriAnne Bridges
    AdriAnne Bridges 9 days ago

    If that was the case how was he able to lie about her age and marry that little girl? It wasn’t her fault she was talented and beautiful but she was tainted and abuse and it is never the victims fault! You would have to be an a-hole to blame the victim

  • Morris Chester
    Morris Chester 9 days ago

    I knew clout chasers would come out in 2019

  • Carmen Berry
    Carmen Berry 9 days ago

    how did Aaliyah die on the plane without her mother she wasn't always with her and how did R Kelly marry her daughter she wasn't always with her daughter R.Kelly did have sex with a Aaliyah

  • ToadyMcgee
    ToadyMcgee 9 days ago

    That woman wasn't attacking Aaliyah. She was saying R.Kelly was the abuser.

  • The Lyon And the Ox
    The Lyon And the Ox 9 days ago

    These grown women admitted to sleeping with little girls with R.Kelly! In think all of them are disgusting. Yet, where is the surviving Kevin Spacey, or surviving Woody Harrelson, or surviving Roman Polanski?

  • Claudette Reynolds
    Claudette Reynolds 9 days ago

    i agree that everyone wants to be seen and heard now but not said anything before. i just don't like you thinking and saying with other people think you don't know what's on peoples mind.

  • Mrs. W
    Mrs. W 9 days ago

    Many people were molested by family friends and family members, we didn’t become predators. We didn’t molest or abuse anyone. We got therapy and we moved on and received treatment. R Kelly gets no sympathy. He needs to be in jail. 😡😡

  • Kandy Gurl Throwin Shade

    How did they get married if Mom and Dad Were always around. I am sure there is no ill will towards Aaliyah but she was a part of this and I really applaud her family for removing her from that awful situation.

  • Toon™
    Toon™ 9 days ago

    The parents knew. Some of them dropped their daughters off. They just don’t want to be exposed with Kelly.

  • ValenciaRose
    ValenciaRose 9 days ago

    I believe the back up dancer. Because if Aaliyah's parents were always with her as her mother claims, then how was R. Kelly allowed to marry that child if she was always in her parents presence?

  • GA30901
    GA30901 9 days ago

    This is why Aaliyah was killed I feel.

  • Shanay Hansley
    Shanay Hansley 9 days ago

    Seems like he’s always making threats when he’s about to be exposed and wants everybody under his control...Can’t expect people you harmed and abused to protect you forever

  • passion4family
    passion4family 9 days ago

    I don't believe the mother. Because if that's the case, where was she when they got married? Where was she when they were doing sketchy interviews and photo shoots??? I was still a child myself when all this stuff came out, but looking at these old interviews, it looks straight up wrong, I don't even get how it ain't raise red flags then at the time.

  • Betterme.com
    Betterme.com 9 days ago

    Shame on Aalyiahs mother SHAME!

  • Sharon Taylor
    Sharon Taylor 9 days ago

    But didn't R. Kelly and Aaliyah get married 🙊 and annulled because it reached the public. 🙊. Moms is lying. After the marriage is the honeymoon and we all know what takes place. (sipping ☕)

  • Jmak
    Jmak 9 days ago

    Leave that sipping tea cups in 2018 we sipping kool aid in 2019

  • Tyeisha Fantroy
    Tyeisha Fantroy 9 days ago

    You look great. Keep up the good work

  • Sophia Mclemore
    Sophia Mclemore 10 days ago

    If mom was with daughter at all her events, interviews, and all her performances please tell me how did she become impregnated by R Kelley to me you turn your back and allowed this to continue but only when they announce they were married that’s when all hell breaks loose and then that’s when the parents wanted to bash the bastard periodT!!!!

  • DarkNvader
    DarkNvader 10 days ago

    Weave commercials? I guess...

  • Blueindigogal
    Blueindigogal 10 days ago +1

    Honestly I think nothing was done because it's common in the industry, this situation currently just has more people talking. Jay said he saw Bey at 16 and knew he was going to marry her...And there are still parents that would send their children with R.Kelly.

  • gbenga33
    gbenga33 10 days ago

    Sorry Mrs. Houghton, but clearly you and your husband were NOT always around if he was able to knock your daughter up and get married to her. I'm just stating facts.

  • Maxine Waters
    Maxine Waters 10 days ago

    everyone around him knew what he was doing including the parents they
    all turned a blind eye looking for money and hes not the only one in the
    music industry doing this now everyone is speaking out with their fake

  • GirlsLoveYourCurls
    GirlsLoveYourCurls 10 days ago +1

    As a mother, how do you not press charges the second you find out that a 30 year old man married your 15 year old daughter??? All the adults around her kept quiet because their incomes would be affected, if the truth came out.

  • Anthony Morrison
    Anthony Morrison 10 days ago

    Black women are the worst in the world,

  • Rose Mubaya
    Rose Mubaya 10 days ago +1

    This is painful

  • Lovey Dovey
    Lovey Dovey 10 days ago

    Aaliyah mom is lying.. @mom how you getting paid? Mom is being paid to deny.

  • Lino Flores
    Lino Flores 10 days ago

    If A'aliyah was away long enough for R. Kelly to marry their daughter? Either the parents didn't know what was happening? Or worse, they were aware of the entire situation. All for the sake of the bag!!!

  • J D
    J D 10 days ago

    Yet she was married to a grown man at 15 🤔 moms lying

  • Around the Table Discussion

    I'm glad you mentioned that no one is investigating what happened to him. U can't correct his actions without killing the root. His sister molested him. She's still alive. Interview her and arrest her for all this mayhem.

  • Veronica Cooper
    Veronica Cooper 10 days ago


  • Asia Flood
    Asia Flood 10 days ago

    I feel like R Kelly paid her moma to say that

  • PreciousG Mays
    PreciousG Mays 10 days ago

    I feel like aaliyah had that baby when she was wearing all the baggy clothes big shirts. Pants Her mom is lying in denial

  • Kat Aseef
    Kat Aseef 10 days ago

    Aaliyah was a ho

  • 1True Taurus
    1True Taurus 10 days ago

    Everything comes 2the light💡!

  • Soraya
    Soraya 10 days ago

    What I love about aaliyah mother is she is still protective over her child even though she is not here in the physical. She's still mommy-ger to aaliyah... like nothings changed. I love it.

  • Mz.Terrelle D. Maxwell

    Dat TEA was H🔥T and Lovely girl...😘

  • iAm 1Mary
    iAm 1Mary 10 days ago


  • OneSexySista Harrington

    Momma couldn't have been with her each and every time because she got married at 15, and momma wasn't at the ceremony nor did she know until afterwards. Stop it momma. Your daughter is a part of this ordeal.

  • Michelle Tyson
    Michelle Tyson 10 days ago

    I dont understand Aaliyah's parents. Didnt she sneak off and got married behind her parents back? But they dont believe Kelly was smashing? Like wahhhh?

  • Marmaduke Scarlet
    Marmaduke Scarlet 10 days ago

    I saw a documentary about Aaliyah a few years ago. When she was 9 or 10 years old and her mother was talking about her being “sexy”! Like, wtf?! Money hungry parents willingly selling their children to paedophiles.