Types of Kids at School


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  • Sabine Stutheit
    Sabine Stutheit 6 hours ago

    I am the know it all

  • Its Kate
    Its Kate Day ago +1

    I’m watching this is 2768 πŸ™ƒ

  • Lucy Kinnear
    Lucy Kinnear 2 days ago


  • Anne Marie
    Anne Marie 2 days ago +2

    im watching in 2018
    i thought i was the only person who watcher videos 6 years late

  • Lilly Dunagan
    Lilly Dunagan 2 days ago +2

    Who else is watching this in 2018 if so like this comment

  • CΓ‘tia BrΓ‘s
    CΓ‘tia BrΓ‘s 3 days ago +2

    Next year when I go to high school I might be puberty parm

  • Twinners
    Twinners 3 days ago


  • Cat Claws
    Cat Claws 3 days ago

    My old friend IS the puberty parm... She β€œdumped” me as a friend when other people liked her.

  • Eclipse_YT Steph
    Eclipse_YT Steph 4 days ago +1


    Like if she is the best

  • Phoenix is Awesome
    Phoenix is Awesome 5 days ago +1

    And then there's me. That kid nobody knew existed.

  • Ava Anderson
    Ava Anderson 5 days ago +1

    and again at 0:36

  • Ava Anderson
    Ava Anderson 5 days ago

    did you see the ghost at 0:14

  • Sabine Ghorra
    Sabine Ghorra 6 days ago

    Dec 201888???

  • Oreo Davis
    Oreo Davis 7 days ago +1


  • Canigetahooyah 8
    Canigetahooyah 8 8 days ago


  • Emerald Destler
    Emerald Destler 9 days ago

    I gotta be honest....I'm the waterworks

  • aguste Schmidt
    aguste Schmidt 9 days ago +1

    Who's watching this in 2018

  • BuzzyB
    BuzzyB 9 days ago

    I was know as the not very talkative but if u say in my spot I would eff you up best part.... never got in trouble

  • Isabella Bergeron
    Isabella Bergeron 10 days ago

    99% comments: 2018?
    1% comments: me

  • Madison_ Kelly
    Madison_ Kelly 10 days ago

    And there making me crazy

  • M&M
    M&M 11 days ago +1

    In the i know it all

  • John R
    John R 11 days ago

    This is one of the best videos ever!

    LETSPLAY JUDDY 12 days ago

    That Hella funny voice tho "I know"

  • Maryam Farooq
    Maryam Farooq 15 days ago

    I like u lili didi

  • Carol M
    Carol M 15 days ago +1

    Whos Watching this in 2018 like if u are

  • Jaspreet Kaur
    Jaspreet Kaur 16 days ago

    Missing u superwoman....

  • Stinky Breakfast
    Stinky Breakfast 16 days ago

    The most annoying one:
    The person who only talks about fortnite

  • IamDope
    IamDope 17 days ago

    puberty parm yall

  • janky rani
    janky rani 17 days ago +1

    Girl you got mechured

  • keisha amos
    keisha amos 17 days ago

    Burr Oak academy

  • Aminjin Bilegt
    Aminjin Bilegt 18 days ago

    2018 November!!!! :D

  • Sophia Smyth
    Sophia Smyth 18 days ago

    0:15 seconds

  • Saturated Artistry
    Saturated Artistry 18 days ago +1

    I'm the weird artist who is part of too many fandoms and has a secret social media life.

  • Jaiden Yawn
    Jaiden Yawn 20 days ago +2

    omg I know im late but 3:56 who doesn't want a little apple sauce lmbo

  • Tize .00
    Tize .00 22 days ago +1

    We called the sexbomb "stair guy" cuz the stairs are where we discovered him πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Matthew Agnone
    Matthew Agnone 22 days ago

    There’s a girl at school who’s acts like she’s awesome and calls her self baby panda

  • Kunal Chand
    Kunal Chand 22 days ago

    2:48 .
    she looks like a Simpsons character

  • kawaii buncat
    kawaii buncat 23 days ago


  • Clay
    Clay 23 days ago


  • Lillian Watson
    Lillian Watson 23 days ago

    You forgot quite a few but the most common ones are...
    1. The absolute dork - Usually never seen outside and loves everything from D&D, to studying, to video game marathons, to Stan Lee tributes with Marvel Marathons (Aka Me, WHERE MY DORKY PEEPS AT?!)
    2. The bully of the school - Can be seen either taunting people, spreading rumors behind their backs, or can't be seen at all because they were suspended for a fight
    3. The Unicorn - These extremely rare and majestic creatures prefer to lurk in classrooms and libraries and can be seen hanging out with the weirdo. These are a rare breed but usually you can find one in every school who is nice to everyone no matter what.

  • Maya
    Maya 23 days ago

    I hate school

  • Brace Face
    Brace Face 26 days ago

    This was on my 7th birthday

  • Who am I?
    Who am I? 26 days ago

    Im a know it all and a puberty parm.

    • Who am I?
      Who am I? 26 days ago

      But im in the 1st year of puberty parm....ness?

  • I purple you ARMY
    I purple you ARMY 26 days ago +2

    Find the differenceπŸ€—
    Have a good day/night😚

  • I purple you ARMY
    I purple you ARMY 26 days ago

    I’m on a Lilly marathonπŸ’œ

  • I purple you ARMY
    I purple you ARMY 26 days ago

    Hey honπŸ’œ
    Have a good day/night😚😚 You’re amazingπŸ˜ŠπŸ’œ

  • Banana Jess
    Banana Jess 26 days ago

    Where are the potatos

  • Audrey
    Audrey 27 days ago

    Who else watching in 3054!!!

  • lace face
    lace face 27 days ago

    I'm not any of these kids in the kid who is shy at school but loud out of school

  • Kutloano Ximba
    Kutloano Ximba 28 days ago

    2018 anyone??

  • sarah smith
    sarah smith 29 days ago

    I misd this version of Lily

  • Sara Eyre
    Sara Eyre 29 days ago

    I'm the edgy kid who somehow has popular friends

  • KayleeAnn Moots
    KayleeAnn Moots Month ago +1

    This is my favorite video of yours. I laugh so much every time I watch it (which has been a lot of times)

  • Izzy Buzy games andplays

    Who is watching in 2019 because I’m not

  • Benjamin Rensin
    Benjamin Rensin Month ago

    You forgot one type of kid. The annoying outcast with no redeemable qualities whatsoever.

  • Sophia Stevens
    Sophia Stevens Month ago

    I feel bad now.... I'm probably the now-it-all

  • All over The world
    All over The world Month ago

    Which are you?

  • Eileen Wilson
    Eileen Wilson Month ago


  • *see's bts* 'oh my hearteu'

    I remember in sixth grade NO ONE wanted to go through puberty
    But now one year later they all wanna have their periods

  • *see's bts* 'oh my hearteu'

    Wow I did not realise she made this in 2012

  • Mothflight Jayfeather
    Mothflight Jayfeather Month ago +1

    my bff falls in love with all my crushes.

    that's why I dont get crushes anymore

  • Mothflight Jayfeather
    Mothflight Jayfeather Month ago +2

    you forgot the 8th graders that:

    show off their butts
    pantse each other in the halls
    the one that stares at you
    the ones that yell Gucci hang in the halls
    the gossipers

  • Mothflight Jayfeather
    Mothflight Jayfeather Month ago +1

    what about the cool hot smart person in class

  • Srk's Planet
    Srk's Planet Month ago

    In every single video she forgets the number

  • Alanna Booplesnoot
    Alanna Booplesnoot Month ago

    Okay, but how could she forget the gamers?

  • oxo's Productions
    oxo's Productions Month ago

    I’m watching this in 2020 don’t how long ago this was

  • Caitlyn Johnson
    Caitlyn Johnson Month ago

    The insane:they follow you friends and watch them in class but hate you

  • Li Holma
    Li Holma Month ago +1

    4:41. Well at least perplex like jokes!
    Props to you if you know where thatΒ΄s from.

    • Li Holma
      Li Holma Month ago

      I meant people not perplex. Autocorrect...

  • 201cupcakes
    201cupcakes Month ago

    Watching this in 2019

  • Christii Mariie
    Christii Mariie Month ago

    7:03 I have this guy in my school!! He sits next to me in homeroom! But it sucks because he is my friend. The worst thing u could do is to like a friend.

  • Ayesha Farheen
    Ayesha Farheen Month ago

    Watching In Nov 2018

  • Tiara Bowman
    Tiara Bowman Month ago

    I’m kinda the know it all

  • Family Lawton
    Family Lawton Month ago


  • Natie Stamp
    Natie Stamp Month ago

    I would say Early squad but i am only 6 years late

  • Skylar Schilffarth
    Skylar Schilffarth Month ago

    I’m the gum in the vending machine that is just hanging, like you aren’t going to buy it but if it happens to fall out then cool.

  • Skye Stream
    Skye Stream Month ago

    I'm part of the AV crew in my school...

    I control all of the music systems without nobody telling me off...

    Uhhhh what-

  • Katie Cullinan
    Katie Cullinan Month ago

    50% who’s watching in 2018
    20% everyone is commenting who’s watching in 2018
    30% everything else

  • Emilie Hycinth
    Emilie Hycinth Month ago

    1:50.... Damn πŸ”₯πŸ”₯... I need to go to the washroomπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • mumtaz hussain
    mumtaz hussain Month ago

    Who came here after seeing her interview on FB??

  • Nafeesa Hussain
    Nafeesa Hussain Month ago

    This is the first video I have ever watched of her

  • Tuber Sisters
    Tuber Sisters Month ago

    i hope im not alert

  • Divya Gupta
    Divya Gupta Month ago

    I am a β€œknow it all” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Ava Tiotuico
    Ava Tiotuico Month ago


  • Synth Major
    Synth Major Month ago +1

    Other types
    1. The illegals - always bringing prohibited things secretly like phones, and other gadgets
    2. The spoiled student who always gets a high grade - "so the teacher always spoils him/her what gives" I'll tell ya it's fukin annoying
    3. The remembrance - teacher doin his/her bussiness teaching us meanwhile student at the corner of the room "uhm...teacher you forgot our 3 assignments yesterday" me:YOUFKINSHIT
    4. The responsible person, perhaps too responsible - does every work for the class ._. Like are you the only person here
    5. The one who is always talking about how he broke her heart - doesn't even need an explanation...
    6. The always absent - "teacher I had a fever" "My Grandpa had his funeral" "I fell down the stairs and broke my leg" like wtf are you doin with your life
    7. Doesn't give a fk - pretty much repeats the school year twice already
    8. The quiet person in the corner of the room because he/she doesn't have any friends - i feel bad for this person

  • KenviTrash
    KenviTrash Month ago

    i was the know-it-all child in elementary bc no one would answer the question so i answer to fill up the awkward silence

  • Kawaii Arts
    Kawaii Arts Month ago

    2067 anyone?

  • Monica G.
    Monica G. Month ago

    I used the word marshmallow for my crush

  • Magic Doodle
    Magic Doodle Month ago

    In watching this in 2018

  • Anne Elizabeth
    Anne Elizabeth Month ago

    also 2018 like yasssss

  • K.C. Maiale
    K.C. Maiale Month ago

    What puberty did to all my friends: Better hair, face, and everything!
    What puberty did to me: Acne forever, one leg is just that much longer than the other to be annoying

  • Diane Artemis
    Diane Artemis Month ago

    Soooo.... I know I'm six years late but.....
    I'm puberty parm. But like. Stuck in first phase for 4 years

  • SCAPE 08
    SCAPE 08 Month ago


  • EMO-ART-13
    EMO-ART-13 Month ago

    You missed the Emo Kids Superwoman... I feel left out now.

  • Millie lilyrose
    Millie lilyrose Month ago

    I was 5 when she uploaded this

  • Minemaster 101
    Minemaster 101 Month ago

    Im the know it all.I literally do all of thise things.

  • Rachel Wolf
    Rachel Wolf Month ago

    I'm the kid who pretty much everyone knows but I'm not exactly "popular" or "cool".

  • TICKLER 101
    TICKLER 101 Month ago +1

    07:54. 🀣🀣🀣🀣

  • T3 Castillo
    T3 Castillo Month ago +1


  • Ginasbeauty101
    Ginasbeauty101 Month ago

    2:47 SQUIRTLE

  • Ginasbeauty101
    Ginasbeauty101 Month ago

    2018 anyone like if u r watching his in 2018 ik I will be liking this comment bc I am watching this in 2018