Mordekaiser and Yorick Ultimate Interaction - Bug or Intended? - League of Legends

  • Published on Aug 21, 2019
  • Mordekaiser and Yorick Ultimate Interaction - Bug or Intended? - How to Counter Mordekaiser, Yorick Army - League of Legends
    Music: Pentakill Yorick dance in game
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Comments • 125

  • juan Lopez
    juan Lopez Month ago

    Main morde and yorick nice

  • Milos Radenkovic
    Milos Radenkovic Month ago

    So basicly it's like this,stack them up and go one fast(oneshoot) push.

  • My Leg
    My Leg Month ago

    They're stuck in in the upside down

  • Rein Wolff
    Rein Wolff Month ago


  • Zihan Zhang
    Zihan Zhang Month ago

    Yikes! Yorick now has two wifes

  • D4viid
    D4viid Month ago

    yorick got a lotta waifus

  • Isaiah Matthew
    Isaiah Matthew Month ago

    I dont quite get it

  • Tru Maverick
    Tru Maverick Month ago

    I never played Yorick? Not sure how he works?
    So this is fine.

  • WABBER_dix
    WABBER_dix Month ago

    My favorite champ of deaths. And ult skill is absolutely strongest.

  • Avok
    Avok Month ago

    Morde bug Lucian's R too...

  • kippehbeest999
    kippehbeest999 Month ago

    Try this with daisy and Tibbers!

  • Lord Abram
    Lord Abram Month ago

    it must be intended

  • russ pc
    russ pc Month ago

    Non Stand Users cannot see what is happening.

  • X striker
    X striker Month ago

    I don't get it.... so is the maiden stuck there forever??

  • NegiNegiPH
    NegiNegiPH Month ago

    mordekaisers skill damage should be a bug

  • cedrick barrameda
    cedrick barrameda Month ago

    how about daisy and tibbers?

  • Unknown User
    Unknown User Month ago

    buggy isles

  • InfinityDimas
    InfinityDimas Month ago

    Btw in video there is playing Pentakill - Lightbringer, but only the beginning

  • EAlexisMT92
    EAlexisMT92 Month ago

    Can you get 3 maidens if Sylas steals Mordes ult and then Sylas ults Yorick either both before or after when Yorick ults? (I hope someone gets the hidden joke)

  • Super Saiyan King Vegeta

    Lmfao That's really cool! :D

  • Ash Win
    Ash Win Month ago

    Their meant to be made that way it was intended it's not a bug at all.

  • Tentacle Senpai
    Tentacle Senpai Month ago +1

    What happens if you use Zz'rotin urgot ult? Will it still summons void bugs and damage the nexus in the death realm ?

    • Rafael Aure
      Rafael Aure Month ago

      I don't think so, zz'rot has no summon invulnerability. Maiden has 1.5 sec.
      What's happeñing here is that as the death realm closes it kills everything inside it but since the maiden is invulnerable it won't die and continue to follow Yorick inside.

  • Quang Kiên Ngô
    Quang Kiên Ngô Month ago

    It looks like the upside-down in Stranger Things.

  • Daymoon 32
    Daymoon 32 Month ago

    They never cared about the fcking Riot systems😂😂

  • Bago Hehe
    Bago Hehe Month ago

    A bug with Mordekaiser is never intended

  • alial66
    alial66 Month ago +11

    To understand this you should understand how Obito's Mangekyou Sharingan works

  • MrMannco
    MrMannco Month ago +8

    The best champ (yorick)

  • Minsu
    Minsu Month ago

    That moment vildril didn’t post it this time

  • MrSemibrain
    MrSemibrain Month ago

    can happen with swain e too

  • GedShot
    GedShot Month ago

    And this is why I ban Morde

  • Hyuka Blake Ashford

    I got a gay dating app ad.
    *the fear is real*

  • 湛藍天
    湛藍天 Month ago

    So his wife decide to stick around in death realm

  • The Legend Movess
    The Legend Movess Month ago

    Oh... So that's why PH server reset because of this bug l

  • Yuмιє ღ
    Yuмιє ღ Month ago

    eldimarix more like vandiril 2.0

  • Hoàng Đinh
    Hoàng Đinh Month ago

    *Maiden's super succ*

  • Hoàng Đinh
    Hoàng Đinh Month ago

    Can you have infinite Maiden if you do this?

  • วิชชากร สุขวัฒน์

    The yorick mist in lore Draining nexus life!

  • FearRaiser
    FearRaiser Month ago +40

    Is this the power of a stand?!?!?

    • nahuelkid
      nahuelkid Month ago +3

      This is what non-stand users see.

  • Frosty603
    Frosty603 Month ago

    Behind the scene of thanos snapping

  • Mixup Matty
    Mixup Matty Month ago

    So let's sum this up
    First we have a ult stealing deamcian hating guy a shape-shifting possibly gay bursting lizard an death defying world ending cat that buffs others and a big metal man that can rip summoner's rift into two

  • iSa Zch
    iSa Zch Month ago

    So basically I can have multiple invisible Maidens to help me in the mortal realm?

  • FlyingPlayer
    FlyingPlayer Month ago

    Making Mordekaiser lvl 7 is so easy, place a Control Ward in Mordekaiser ult. Enjoy the Vision score raising

  • Aitor Jin Zhou
    Aitor Jin Zhou Month ago +1

    he has two waifus now

  • Inocencio Sandoval jr.

    Does lol getting haunted ?

  • Raynaldo Gusti
    Raynaldo Gusti Month ago

    That's because Yorick's maiden of the mist should stay in the shadow realm

  • Lin An 澪
    Lin An 澪 Month ago +1

    He have two wife now

  • Maui Alarma
    Maui Alarma Month ago

    Look at yorick's passive, it looks like a sightstone

  • Mutex Bjergsen
    Mutex Bjergsen Month ago

    Ever since reworked mord I was so damn curios what the interaction would be,(Yorickmaimbtw) trully this answers my question thank you

  • GeoX
    GeoX Month ago

    I meet this thing in my games, is pretty annoying when I ult with Yorick and Morde just ult over me..

  • Maricchi Chie
    Maricchi Chie Month ago

    Guess 9.14 isnt over yet

  • RIku Riku
    RIku Riku Month ago


  • DrWho1596
    DrWho1596 Month ago

    It’s a bug

  • sami hirsh
    sami hirsh Month ago +1

    Yap thats a bug.. Yoricks ghouls dies and dissper once he dies , further more if Yorick gets into the shadow realms (morde ulte) any ghouls that are following him inculding his ulte arent going to follow him to the shadow realm and baiscly countine to just do whatever they done before the fight even accrod , if yorick summons his Ulte inside the shadow realm his ulte will die and dissper as if it was killed and go on to its full CD if mordes ulte end form any reason.. whatever just durtion ended or morde is dead..
    They should Diffently change it if you ask me , the ulte and ghouls in yoricks loction should be able to pass tho the realms without an issue given the fact they are actualy form there to begin with.. So I would love to this bugg becaming a reality !

    • Rafael Aure
      Rafael Aure Month ago

      What's happening here is that as the death realm closes it kills everything and kicks all players inside, but if you summon the maiden a second before it closes the maiden 1.5 invulnerability counters the killing process of the death realm and continues to live.

  • Martillo Negro
    Martillo Negro Month ago

    4 waifus uwu

  • Mr. XD
    Mr. XD Month ago +4

    The Yorick buff that we need

  • Long Đinh Hoàng
    Long Đinh Hoàng Month ago +4

    Yorick and his harem

  • Bánh Mì Tôm
    Bánh Mì Tôm Month ago +1

    *What The Food*

  • Lipter Aqw
    Lipter Aqw Month ago +1

    Shadow isle realm

  • marites raguimia
    marites raguimia Month ago

    *Riot: This a short teaser for shadow Isles coming to tft*
    *Players: Hold my drunken book of bugs*

  • Hetrano sensei
    Hetrano sensei Month ago +11

    any video with ultimate bug or interactions:
    Sylas: *Oh shit here we go again*