DP/30, Steve Jobs, Danny Boyle

  • Published on Oct 12, 2015
  • He has an Oscar for directing, his name on a number of movie classics, and he remains one of the undeniable nice guys of the film world. With Steve Jobs, he took over the reigns on someone else's project for the first time and may have taken it to heights that no one else would have. He talks to David Poland about the whole shebang.
    Shot in New York, October 2015
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  • Evasive Maneouvell

    Sergey and Larry or Bezos

  • Hikori jones
    Hikori jones 3 years ago +1

    I love your interviews. great work..don't ever stop pleease

  • thew00ted
    thew00ted 3 years ago +1

    i love this movie is getting less recognition, if it won best picture. It would had oversold it.

  • SciFiAssassin
    SciFiAssassin 3 years ago +3

    Was on Trainspotting sequel for a couple of days. He has time for everyone!

  • Not Astronaut
    Not Astronaut 3 years ago

    Great interview, thanks!
    'Steve Jobs' was beautiful and Michael definitely did a great job. I can't imagine how hard it was for him to portray 'the icon' that believably.

    MR 4K UPSCALER 3 years ago

    Great Film , it really paid a tribute & respect to one of the coolest & innovative minds of the last 4 decades "Steve Jobs"

  • luigi ventroni
    luigi ventroni 3 years ago

    Very very very good movie and great director

  • Rajan Bansal
    Rajan Bansal 4 years ago

    Also he says he saw and liked A Serious Man and it's honestly perfect cause Michael Stuhlbarg is a fucking genius.

  • Rajan Bansal
    Rajan Bansal 4 years ago +1

    Also I love the way he talks about Michael Fassbender, 'cause I truly believe this man is it when it comes to acting. He's just a freak of nature. It's brilliant!

  • Rajan Bansal
    Rajan Bansal 4 years ago +2

    I really hope David Bowie lets Danny have his music for that David Bowie biopic he wants to do with Frank Cottrell Boyce. I don't think there's anybody who could do Bowie's story justice like the great Danny Boyle.

  • FrameFlicker
    FrameFlicker 4 years ago +3

    Got to meet him when he was filming on my campus. He skipped his lunch just to talk to the students; couldn't have been a nicer guy.

  • Allen Wilcox
    Allen Wilcox 4 years ago +7

    "if you unleash them, they will show you what storytelling really is."

  • John Sailors
    John Sailors 4 years ago +20

    You can see the passion just flowing out of him!

  • Snake711cool
    Snake711cool 4 years ago +11

    he's so passionate, I fucking love it

  • N Quas
    N Quas 4 years ago

    david, do you get annoyed when a publicist steps in like that? or am I misreading that.

  • Eddie Cardwell
    Eddie Cardwell 4 years ago +10

    Please... 28 Months Later, Mr. Boyle.

    • Andras Sz
      Andras Sz 4 years ago

      +Eddie Cardwell it would be the most anticipated movie in my whole life for me...

    • jed52
      jed52 4 years ago

      +dkwookies Even if that were the case, which I don't agree that it is, 28 Months Later would still make a crap ton of money just based on the hype alone. People have been waiting years for Boyle to make that film.

    • JP
      JP 4 years ago

      He's said it's a possibility. :D

    • Big Chap
      Big Chap 4 years ago

      +Eddie Cardwell I think WWZ stole a lot of what they had in mind for that

  • Peter Kennedy
    Peter Kennedy 4 years ago +2

    I didn't know Morrissey got into Hollywood.

  • Samson Pictures
    Samson Pictures 4 years ago +13

    ...your videos are the only film school I need.
    Thank you.

  • Anton Seim
    Anton Seim 4 years ago +1

    Thank you for this!

  • Robert Shaver
    Robert Shaver 4 years ago +1

    From what I'm heard it should be titled *_Aaron Sorkin's Faux Steve Jobs_*. Danny Boyle says that it is a successor to *_The Social Network_*. Danny says there should be a third movie but I hope not because, as an engineer who has lived through all of this, these moves do a disservices to the people involved.
    Hollywood hates Silicon Valley and it shows in these movies. They have distorted the facts and the nuance as to cut the heart out of the people they pretend to represent. They can make any movie they want, just make up the names of the characters just like they made up the stories. These stories have little to do with the real people.
    *_Halt and Catch Fire_* comes closer to my experience in start-ups and tech companies large and small for these past 35 years. Even the series *_Silicon Valley_*, while a farce, catches more of the nerd sensibility.

  • ReactionShot
    ReactionShot 4 years ago +18

    It's always a treat to hear Danny Boyle talk about making film.

  • NadiaKon
    NadiaKon 4 years ago +12

    We need an interview from the Fass too :)

  • Jonny Walczak
    Jonny Walczak 4 years ago +8

    These interviews offer fantastic insight into the film. Thank you for doing these, really bumps up the anticipation for the film :DDDDD

  • Patrick Z
    Patrick Z 4 years ago +32

    Dave, you rock for doing all these interviews! Seriously! Well done!