Russian Prepositional Case 1

  • Published on Jan 10, 2017
  • This video about Prepositional Case (when do we use it).
    P.S switch on subtitles option on the video

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  • Achozzi
    Achozzi Month ago +1

    Lovely.. Очен хорошо.. Loved the beach scenes and your glasses!

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    Emanuel Menezes 2 months ago

    Отлично. Большое спасибо

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    This case is the easiest in my opinion!

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    We are blessed with several good Russian teachers on TVclip, but your videos are in a class of their own. большое спасибо.

  • Nitin Reddy
    Nitin Reddy 7 months ago +1

    For me, this was the best lesson on prepositional case!
    There were lots of examples and the lesson was well-structured.

  • Jutaphe 95
    Jutaphe 95 9 months ago

    Ты очень красивая

  • Asma
    Asma 10 months ago

    Как класс .. very simple and easy to understand 👍🏽

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    Nicolas de Chantenay 11 months ago

    Vam nikagda nie gavaritie a Putinie, ya nie panimaio. Putina eta otchin jaroshiï Presidient !

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    none none Year ago +2

    Still the greatest Russian Language videos of all time. She is great !

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  • Bon Bon
    Bon Bon Year ago

    05:18 Is it "on the Sun", like in on the surface of the actual star? Or just in sunlight? How to distinguish these two?
    05:48 So when is it "-ах" and when "-ях"?

  • Oscar Tártalo
    Oscar Tártalo Year ago +1

    Excellent. Very useful for me. Thank you so much.

  • Christian XXXMEN
    Christian XXXMEN Year ago

    haroschaja rabota:)

  • Daniel Perea Waisman

    Thank you. Very well explained. Russian cases are always a litle bit complicated.

  • Linda Alvarez-Thull

    It is very good but I am confused about the clothing. It is a strange want to speak about clothing so I do not know what you mean and how to use it. Are you saying "I am wearing a dress, pants, etc?) or if someone is trying to find you are you saying "I'm the one who is wearing the black hat and red shoes?" Or are you saying, I am literally "IN" a red dress?

    • R for Russian
      R for Russian  Year ago

      Yes, i know, it's sounds strange but it's also location, i am IN the dress. Where am i? in the dress, in the jumper, in the pants. "literally INSIDE it" Haha

  • Sneha Pawar
    Sneha Pawar Year ago

    God bless you
    Thanku for teaching

  • Magic People Voodoo people

    This lady is awesome!

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    Gabriel Sabino 2 years ago

    Teacher, you are so amazing!


    adoro sua aula ,exelente!!!!!

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    Great lesson and with a lot of words....this teacher really amazes me , she takes a lot of time to make these videos...we all appreciate her kindness in doing this

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    Excellent teacher, very clear and easy to understand even for me that have portuguese as native language.

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    в машине ты красивая

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    Oh my god .. u used that noisy helicopter as an example! U r smart

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    Wonderful professor!

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    muy interesante!
    very interesting!
    очень интересно!

  • Gökhan Sırmalı
    Gökhan Sırmalı 2 years ago

    Thank you for your beneficial lecture. I am looking forward to your second video about the prepositional case.

  • Bassel Hadba
    Bassel Hadba 2 years ago +9

    You teach Russian from the bottom of your heart and you understand the deep soul of the language mixed with your sense of talent/creativity/energy we understand your methods better than all the rest on youtube. Its never enough. keep the videos and i stress the live examples...always examples examples and more examples...also stress how words change in Russian..i find it the most confusing to us

  • Ben Türküm SS
    Ben Türküm SS 2 years ago

    Priviet iz Turtsii balwoye spasiba '' I watched one of the your videos and you gave me inspiration I will learn Russian and also its kinda same in terms of ''ya znayu (znayu) in turkish ben biliyorum (biliyorum)''

  • dee hu
    dee hu 2 years ago +6

    Terrific format! Your videos are very instructional and make learning the Russian language fun.

  • John Taylor
    John Taylor 2 years ago

    Could you explain when the accusative case hijacks the prepositional case; my book says when в и на are used to answer куда? then accusative case governs and no -е is added; which then begs the harder question: locative male -у vs accusative female -у? Confusing!

  • Thomas Washington
    Thomas Washington 2 years ago +2

    Your videos are always very helpful and fun. Thank you for taking the time to make them :-)

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    Thank you so much!

  • Ahmed Al qureishy
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    Hi I just want to say I love you you make me learn russian
    But if you just make a video of numbers
    And I will be graet full

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    Excellent lesson! Thank you.

  • Ma
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    Thanks for uploading another video :), I was missing them. For me your videos are some of the best on TVclip to learn Russian, I think your speed of giving information is very good. I would like it if you could cover more of the cases, and do some more videos on vocabulary, verbs, nouns, adjectives, and things like that.

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    great thanks a lot

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    Thank you so much, teacher! I love your tutorials

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    You're on the Gold Coast?! I live in Brisbane and am studying Russian? I love your channel.
    I would welcome contact with you :-)

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    Yeah yeah... yeah, yeah lol you are so funny, thankyou for teaching us!

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    Hi really enjoyed this lesson. In the next part please can you expand on when we use об instead of o and the plural ах or яах. Many thanks.

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    Thank you ;)

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    спасибо! эта урока мне помогает

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    Best chancel for study russian, Hello from Brasil, you are the best...

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    Glad to see your videos again, I was missing a lot your lessons.

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    good video as usual , grazie :)

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