Binging with Babish: Eggs Woodhouse for Good

  • Published on Dec 13, 2016
    Eggs Woodhouse is the impossibly indulgent dish prepared for spoiled superspy Sterling Archer by his faithful butler, Woodhouse. Will these decadent ingredients sing together in harmony outside the cartoon world?
    Music: "Cream on Chrome" by Ratatat
    Okay so I'm making this ultra-decadent, hyper-expensive treat known as Eggs Woodhouse, traditionally prepared for self-involved superspy Sterling Archer by his faithful butler, Woodhouse. It doesn't feel right eating such an opulent dish on camera when so many families are without the most basic necessities and comforts this holiday season - so I want to use this opportunity to generate resources for an incredible nonprofit, Hour Children.
    I had the pleasure of creating a video profile of Sister Tesa Fitzgerald, the Executive Director of Hour Children, for a humanitarian prize she received in 2014. Hour Children is a not-for-profit agency that works primarily with mothers recently released from prison, and features a food pantry where members of the community can receive the help they need to provide nutritious meals for their families. Of the women assisted, 84% have been incarcerated for nonviolent offenses, and 60% for drug-related offenses, with many drug sentences related to mandatory sentencing rules. They are overwhelmingly people of color: 57% are African American, 27 % Latina, and 16% Caucasian. Only 40% had ever been employed - in any capacity - prior to their arrests and almost 65% had poverty level incomes. Of those who have held a job, 2/3 reported never receiving more than the minimum wage.
    My plan is to raise as much funds as possible, and use the sum total to buy nonperishable groceries for the Hour Children food pantry. Then I'm going to make a follow-up video showing exactly how your generosity has helped this great organization!
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  • Maverick rudometkin
    Maverick rudometkin 12 hours ago

    *Extra T H I C C*

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    John Sweet 14 hours ago


  • Seth Davis
    Seth Davis 21 hour ago

    Did he say $175 a pound...

  • Julia Tamara
    Julia Tamara 2 days ago

    why does the first chew looks like defeat

  • GhostWolf_X
    GhostWolf_X 2 days ago

    Told my Dad about this and he said he wants two plates of it.

  • Kazi Hassan
    Kazi Hassan 3 days ago

    I've gotta ask. Was it really as good as the over the top ingredients you put in it?

  • TheCharlesFickle
    TheCharlesFickle 4 days ago

    What do you mean by rich? Sorry lmao anyways looks great!

  • Nolan Fahey
    Nolan Fahey 4 days ago

    for some reason i was watching the boondocks episode, i had an epiphany that this episode no longer existed, but here it is.

  • Bren Wan
    Bren Wan 4 days ago

    I’m just adding a like to help pay for this but rn I think he already has enough.

  • Smatt78
    Smatt78 5 days ago

    Hey can we change eggs Benedict to Eggs Woodhouse for real? Like as an honour to the character?
    Would love to be sitting in a cafe and hear people ordering Eggs Woodhouse!

  • Matthew Knox
    Matthew Knox 5 days ago

    Bring back the intro song

  • Lane Funai
    Lane Funai 8 days ago

    Shouldn't you be drinking a bloody mary. Full of vodka. Blessed art thou amoungst cocktails.

  • Madison Chase
    Madison Chase 8 days ago

    Why was I just thinking that you sound a little like H. Jon Benjamin lol

  • oof
    oof 9 days ago

    *_Henlo bb, want sex now pls, show open bob and vagene._*

  • Sube Tube
    Sube Tube 11 days ago

    How many hundreds of dollars was that one plate

  • The Winds Of Knowledge

    Are you okay?

  • Peter Mercury
    Peter Mercury 11 days ago

    Ready to take a nap? Excellent work my man!

  • Holly Polly Doodle
    Holly Polly Doodle 12 days ago

    Jesus crisp! How much did the one plate cost?!?!

  • Thor B.
    Thor B. 12 days ago

    Cooking with TNG, my man

  • Adilah Rostam
    Adilah Rostam 12 days ago

    That's a lot of truffle

  • bobocpe
    bobocpe 13 days ago

    Wait... $175 for a pound?

  • Harris sss
    Harris sss 13 days ago

    Birds nest soup

  • dian Evi
    dian Evi 14 days ago

    i love ur videos. u re really amazing make each videos. im enjoying ur videos.

  • Troy K
    Troy K 14 days ago

    how much does 1 serving of Eggs Woodhouse cost anyways?

  • Spartan 1337
    Spartan 1337 19 days ago

    La-forge in the background. Lol

  • Fool's Requiem
    Fool's Requiem 21 day ago

    175 bucks for a pound of ham? That shit better be laced with gold.

  • Meme Lord
    Meme Lord 21 day ago

    are you still guilty.

  • Devils Advocate
    Devils Advocate 21 day ago

    lol Alton Brown voiced this nice

  • cokovladica 69
    cokovladica 69 22 days ago

    Make the eggcellent chaleng from regular show

  • Phantom Zoroark
    Phantom Zoroark 24 days ago

    Are you still feel guilty about eating this?

  • 3v3rs1
    3v3rs1 24 days ago

    I'm sooo upset, I made hollandaise sauce for Christmas Eve dinner and sat there whisking for 15 minutes never ever thought of doing that

  • Flopping Fajita
    Flopping Fajita 25 days ago

    Guess you could call it eggs goodhouse? (Seinfield music plays in background)

  • Sam Lemke
    Sam Lemke 26 days ago

    Jesus Christ, I get indigestion and shooting pains in my left arm just from watching this

  • TheAliLife
    TheAliLife 26 days ago +37

    Damn, Archer knows what's up LOL

  • Going Pretty Fast For A Sloth

    Foodgasm at its finest

  • savioursmesmerized
    savioursmesmerized 28 days ago

    Any suggestion what to do with the leftover whites from the Hollandaise sauce?

  • Aaron Copperberg
    Aaron Copperberg 28 days ago

    Fucking Ratatat.
    I’ve been resisting watching any of your videos for months. I follow a lot of food channels already and I can’t say I’m actually interested in seeing tv and movie food cooked. But I guess the floodgates are open, because I’ve watched like 20 now and I just subscribed. You can attribute that entirely to Ratatat.

    GSDPW MUSIC 29 days ago

    i hate archer

  • The Boneless Boi
    The Boneless Boi Month ago

    I feel bad for giggling at the intro song when the guy singing says "Tossed salads". I am childish.

  • Big .Guy
    Big .Guy Month ago

    "...Jesus f--k"
    Sterling would be proud.

  • Lamozinda
    Lamozinda Month ago

    Omgosh! Frasier AND Star Trek?! I was subscribed. I'm now truly a fan! *fans self*

  • Serpent Gaming 52
    Serpent Gaming 52 Month ago

    Make the EGGCELENT challenge meal next.. p.s. it is from regular show

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  • Matthew Clary
    Matthew Clary Month ago

    Omg this is Keto you could actually eat this on a regular basis and stay thin , 😂👌so making this # Keto

  • Nichole Mae Velez
    Nichole Mae Velez Month ago

    i wonder how tasteful it is because it seemed like you just had an orgasm!!

  • Brett Stanaland
    Brett Stanaland Month ago

    It was so challenging to eat because you forgot your pitcher of Bloody Mary.

  • John Van Vynck
    John Van Vynck Month ago

    Hey Babish! Love you videos. I'm just curious though, what do you do with all the food you don't eat after making such a big meal?

  • Simon Lee
    Simon Lee Month ago

    It's a little late but I just had a fun thought of what it would be like if the cameraman from Brave Wilderness filmed this.
    Babish: *struggling to eat
    Cameraman: you OK...

  • Echo Vision
    Echo Vision Month ago

    The best thumbnail to date

  • Ross Marquez
    Ross Marquez Month ago

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  • Kandisi Anyabwile
    Kandisi Anyabwile Month ago

    Me: Ahh yes exquisite cuisine. Only the cultured and skilled could create and eat such a dish. This channel is for those with an elevated palette, with finer taste.
    Me: *stuffs animal cookies into my mouth as I watch knowing I can’t make any of this*

  • The Frenzied Ferret

    Promise to use your powers for good!

  • The Frenzied Ferret


  • The Frenzied Ferret


  • SoiSoi Smith
    SoiSoi Smith Month ago

    It’s been a year and you putting on all that saffron still makes me cry

  • Ryan Huynh
    Ryan Huynh Month ago

    Do u still feel guilty?

  • Michael Martin
    Michael Martin Month ago

    The most delicious way to commit eating an entire plate of Eggs Woodhouse

  • Seanjamin
    Seanjamin Month ago

    Casual Star Trek TNG playing in the background? Good choice my man.

  • Esther Francis
    Esther Francis Month ago

    Now I'm just mad at you for wasting all that good 😒

  • Ryan🔥
    Ryan🔥 Month ago

    Equal amount of flour by weight or volume

  • GingerWeed Gaming
    GingerWeed Gaming Month ago

    This video was posted on my birthday and I just realized this a week and one day from my birthday the next day

  • MarsMadness
    MarsMadness Month ago

    please make turducken

  • blackcanvas
    blackcanvas Month ago

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    Robert Oliver Month ago

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  • samuel H.
    samuel H. Month ago

    Wants donations to help needy family uses ham that's over $100 a pound.

  • jpancheta
    jpancheta Month ago

    I wonder how much was the total of the ingredients for the whole dish

  • Darren Sanders
    Darren Sanders Month ago

    I love everything about this guy, except the way he holds a fork.

  • Amy Lorenzo
    Amy Lorenzo Month ago

    You can change it up a bit to make it more doable like have a small amount of each ingredient but of coarse it would still be very rich.

  • mustardeleven
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    revanoid Month ago

    You cook shit and you eat shit . You are big shit dumpster

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    ...and expensive

  • Ignitor 235
    Ignitor 235 Month ago

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  • Tam Roberts
    Tam Roberts Month ago

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  • jdarksun
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  • Vile The scum
    Vile The scum 2 months ago

    I'd love to see you try and recreate some of the dishes from NBC hannibal
    Human or no human included

  • albert felix
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    SKITS OF THE CENTURIES 2 months ago

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    Nathan Baum 2 months ago

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