WORST NAIL FAILS EVER - Never before seen!

  • Published on Mar 29, 2017
  • It's about time someone expose dis bitch.
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Comments • 8 954

  • Elizabeth Westwood
    Elizabeth Westwood 4 hours ago

    Please do more of these videos I want to see more of your fails 😂😂

  • the swedish comic
    the swedish comic 17 hours ago

    Female pewdiepie

  • Carolina Hernandez
    Carolina Hernandez 18 hours ago

    Wait wait why does she have asitone

  • Naptime
    Naptime 19 hours ago

    Your mind is such a creative place

  • Mel Is Simple
    Mel Is Simple 19 hours ago

    You should use acrylic with soap, if not then layer some nail polish on your nails like polish mountain but not that much lol and then use a nail file and try to file the nail polish lolol
    Sorry I'll leave

  • It's_ Ky_yourgirl

    You should try to remake the nail fails

  • Chiya Sharma
    Chiya Sharma Day ago

    5:49 i liked it.. Am I the only one?

  • i need a life
    i need a life Day ago

    The nail fails are better than great nails

  • Pinky Pigs
    Pinky Pigs 2 days ago +1

    With the scratch art I’ve done it before, use india ink in SUPER THIN LAYERS. Because the layers of india ink underneath take an hour to dry.also use an orange stick to scratch cuz the metal will rip it up.

  • Pinky Pigs
    Pinky Pigs 2 days ago +1

    I think the chrome stickers would work with multi chrome powder and black gel polish

  • Izzygamer07 Minchow
    Izzygamer07 Minchow 2 days ago

    That thing u drew on your thumb looks like a angry potato

  • Kelsie Dison
    Kelsie Dison 3 days ago

    I actually like the IKAT design

  • The half blood Princess

    Is it bad that my best nail art looks worse than her "bad" nails art 🤣

  • Victoria Gercis
    Victoria Gercis 4 days ago

    you are good

  • Melissa Bateman
    Melissa Bateman 4 days ago

    when her fails are better than any of your attempts

  • ayeeitzcat
    ayeeitzcat 4 days ago

    My dad said I'm banned from my phone, but Cristine uploaded, from that day on I never skipped class again.

  • Jessi Kolesárová
    Jessi Kolesárová 4 days ago

    Some of that looks like a blue and pink vagina😂

  • Kaaliyah P
    Kaaliyah P 5 days ago

    Cristine !!! Maybe with the scratch nails put a glossy taco before the Acrylic paint so it gives the same effect of your toothpick trick!!!!!

  • Mer Feraine
    Mer Feraine 5 days ago

    The Ikat and the fishnet mermaid were actually fantastic

  • Boo Catt
    Boo Catt 5 days ago

    EXPOSED!!! Love you. 🤗

  • Queen 100%SAVAGE
    Queen 100%SAVAGE 6 days ago

    Holo Youtube

  • Pink dragon Xx
    Pink dragon Xx 7 days ago

    7:28 I don’t mind that one like it

  • Lauracarina Kraus
    Lauracarina Kraus 7 days ago

    I actually love these! 6:09

  • Juliette Bégin
    Juliette Bégin 8 days ago

    Yo the one with the tiny lines arent that ugly

  • BeautifulDarkness
    BeautifulDarkness 8 days ago

    Simply failogical

  • Trin Murray
    Trin Murray 8 days ago

    Oh I really like the pink and blue one. I already forget what you called it and I am not going back!

  • mariam beridze
    mariam beridze 8 days ago

    good old days

  • Trishee M
    Trishee M 9 days ago

    They r so ugly

  • Harriet Unicorn
    Harriet Unicorn 9 days ago

    Ohhh shit fail

  • Yasmin Gitlin
    Yasmin Gitlin 9 days ago

    2:45 its an angry man dabbing

  • Jaina Solo
    Jaina Solo 10 days ago

    How dare you lie to us Christine

  • Pandora Vex
    Pandora Vex 10 days ago

    I think the sheer one would have looked better with flakes.

  • Ciara Herbage
    Ciara Herbage 10 days ago

    This makes me cringe almost as much as when they use base coat as glossy taco or glossy taco as base coat simplynailogical can you please like this if you see it these were still brilliant to me it makes me happy every time you upload

  • Mariah Maqueira
    Mariah Maqueira 10 days ago

    The mermaid ones r nice and the last one....❤

  • Bcc bender
    Bcc bender 10 days ago

    For scratch art, use gel on the nail and mix glue with the acrylic paint

  • zela
    zela 10 days ago

    I know I’m really late but I was too lazy to tell you about the scratch acrylic method
    Some people mix soap with the acrylic paint to make it scratch easier I tried it once on a notebook and it worked

  • rinurinsha a
    rinurinsha a 11 days ago

    your worst one looks the best one if me

  • Caleb Campbell
    Caleb Campbell 11 days ago

    Hi Christin! I have a ?. How do you grow your nails out

    KTLBCVIDEO 11 days ago

    Holo Cristine, I'm a lonely holo potato 🥔 💿 read me plz I love you / Ben menchie zyler and Jen ... ⬇️⤵️

    your fails are equal to my life successes and by looking at the other comments most people agree and honestly I liked the ikat one and the the last swatch one. It was weird actually seeing you do nail art but I love you so much the way you are I love your sense of humor and yes I'm sorry but I am 11 years old but other than being amazing at nails I can see my self being like you when I'm 29. But I do love doing my nails even though it looks like a 2 year old tried to color inside the lines. I do look up to you and like simply maillogical would say WHY!? But I think it's pretty obvious and I to want to be Beautiful person! Luv ya!!!

  • dave pacia
    dave pacia 11 days ago

    Dear Simply nail logical , than you for doing this video. For awhile, I thought all YouTubers were perfect and only a few people on YouTube helped me under stand not everyone is perfect. Thank you so much! I love your channel. I admire you so much!!!😂

    KTLBCVIDEO 11 days ago

    I liked the ikat one it didn't look ok awful and yes I did like the other one better but still it wasn't that bad

  • K K
    K K 11 days ago

    I know I sound like a spoiled brat when I say this bc I'm asking someone else to do this but I'm on a laptop and there is no way. But anywho, can someone please sceenshot 0:30 and then make it a meme? Now, THAT ladies and gentlemen, is how to be comedian. :)

  • D Spen
    D Spen 11 days ago

    You have to add soapto the paint for the scratch art

  • WutThe Unicorn
    WutThe Unicorn 11 days ago

    Instead of using the fancy tapes she uses can I just use scotch

  • Unicorn 101
    Unicorn 101 12 days ago

    You should recreate 5 more peelys

  • Emma Alix
    Emma Alix 12 days ago


  • Bella
    Bella 12 days ago

    U cuss to much

  • Holly Pittock
    Holly Pittock 12 days ago

    You said to come here when ever we make a fail so im gonna be here every time i try to make a "cool" design or it just doddnt work out at all. So basicly every time i paint my nails.

  • Gwyneth Tan
    Gwyneth Tan 12 days ago

    When her nails look better than mine during her nail fails.

  • Zee Da Bee {Vlogs}
    Zee Da Bee {Vlogs} 12 days ago

    Lol I never noticed this! This was posted on my birthday XD

  • brooklyn lavine
    brooklyn lavine 12 days ago

    I loved the ikat it was so cute

  • Mathilde Karolina-Franciska Andersen

    Lmao, your nail fails are my best nails

  • Abigail Rose
    Abigail Rose 12 days ago

    I loved the ikat nails. Better than the first ones that she posted actually. Lol. Am I just weird?

  • Jungkookie life
    Jungkookie life 13 days ago

    6:12 i actually like them nails... they look nice and are not a fail to me

  • Satan
    Satan 13 days ago

    All your fails were in 2015 cuz you can't have fails in 2016 and 2017 you weren't doing nail art on those years.

  • Aislinn Freya
    Aislinn Freya 13 days ago

    I have no nails, 1 like = my nail grows 1 inch longer.

  • Raechel Massoumi
    Raechel Massoumi 13 days ago +1

    I loved the IKat diamond nail

  • Bente de Haan
    Bente de Haan 13 days ago

    Therapist soft acknowledge Democrat hair speed since automatic.

  • Amanda S
    Amanda S 13 days ago

    With the gel you could’ve put another top coat on it and then some more chrome, then more gel top coat and cure it. It probably wouldn’t have spread then

  • lil'artist
    lil'artist 13 days ago

    I love the Ikat one in this video than the original!

  • Lee Jamie
    Lee Jamie 13 days ago

    all her fails look 100 times better than my successes XD

  • Mackenzie OmgICANT
    Mackenzie OmgICANT 13 days ago

    We use India ink in my art class and it is suppose to stain for a month so we wear gloves in that class now because someone got stained on their face and the parents sued the school

  • Natalia Behlok
    Natalia Behlok 13 days ago

    I do love nails
    Maybe you do too
    I think it’s cool
    When I try I fail
    Well was that ok to say
    Ur being weird
    I’m serious right now

    Now go back and only read the 2nd word from each line/sentence

  • randomness land
    randomness land 13 days ago

    I thought the title said "nail-ver seen before"

  • Bulba Squirt
    Bulba Squirt 13 days ago

    Stop say bad words😡😤

  • ScarlettReaper
    ScarlettReaper 13 days ago

    Will you make a 'nail fails revised' video?

  • Sky
    Sky 14 days ago


  • Sofie KarateKid
    Sofie KarateKid 14 days ago

    Ur holo amazing

    COOL SLIMES !! 14 days ago

    The ikat nails were not bad

  • Geeky Gamer
    Geeky Gamer 14 days ago

    Honestly I liked the sheer fishnet wayyyy better lol

  • Fionasworld2006
    Fionasworld2006 14 days ago

    do teas you hate!!!!!

  • Jeff 2736
    Jeff 2736 14 days ago

    Oi thought the first one was so cool

  • nasma akter
    nasma akter 14 days ago

    You have to put soap and acrylic paint

  • MA McCown
    MA McCown 14 days ago +1

    If she wanted to make a scratch art nail design, then she should use a more oily base and then add the black tempra paint, because it worked for me with oil pastels.

  • rubessc
    rubessc 14 days ago

    PART 2!!!!!!

  • Jilly the pink punk
    Jilly the pink punk 14 days ago

    NAIL FAILS OF 2017

  • Jei Kimble
    Jei Kimble 14 days ago

    i like the original fishnet nails more than the published one.

  • Gabby Gymnast
    Gabby Gymnast 14 days ago

    When I try to hit the bell, it doesn’t let me. Obviously means you are to good for youtube.

  • LittleMonsterIsMyName
    LittleMonsterIsMyName 14 days ago

    I really liked the last two😀

  • Christina Tyrrell
    Christina Tyrrell 14 days ago

    Lol i love dwight <3

  • That Person
    That Person 15 days ago

    The nails in this video is my nail goals.

  • Kim Birchall
    Kim Birchall 15 days ago

    1 like=1 cat saved

  • Luna LoveGood
    Luna LoveGood 15 days ago

    Saw a comment that said been here since 2012 😑😑

  • Sophia Kircher
    Sophia Kircher 15 days ago

    Can you show all of your holo polishes

  • Sophia Kircher
    Sophia Kircher 15 days ago


  • Zoe Dreammoon
    Zoe Dreammoon 15 days ago

    I really liked the *Diamond IKat Nails*

  • Ombrème
    Ombrème 15 days ago

    The ikat nail looks so pretty!

  • Jess Ursino
    Jess Ursino 16 days ago

    You need to ad sope

  • white luna
    white luna 16 days ago

    At 2:06 actualy its kinda nice :)

  • abby sims
    abby sims 16 days ago

    I liked the ( fail Icat)

  • Just an ordinary cadet

    2’39 u need dish soap and paint

  • EJ Hurley
    EJ Hurley 16 days ago

    The first cat nail clip has been posted before, just saying.

  • Allyson brunette
    Allyson brunette 16 days ago

    Nail painting is death to me. if I get paint on my nails im proud of myself

  • Jayden Rose
    Jayden Rose 16 days ago

    The crome and ikat one were cute

  • Little Uni Moo
    Little Uni Moo 16 days ago

    So your so called "fails"
    Are better than I could ever do you nails

  • Galaxia Schuyler
    Galaxia Schuyler 16 days ago

    simply i found a holo backpack

  • Time with Mary
    Time with Mary 17 days ago

    The 5 one is nice

  • Time with Mary
    Time with Mary 17 days ago

    The first one was not that bad

  • Natalie Fernandez
    Natalie Fernandez 17 days ago

    I liked the last one

  • Nyeduel Diew
    Nyeduel Diew 17 days ago

    That glossy taco, I ate it for dinner. Sorry *can you heart this so I can be your first heart of 2018❤️❤️