EPIC ART with CHEAP, CRAPPY MARKERS?! - (10¢ Per Marker)

  • Published on Mar 9, 2018
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Comments • 9 015

  • Destiny !!
    Destiny !! 4 hours ago

    I can’t even “draw” a strait line lol

  • Päštēl Drēämš
    Päštēl Drēämš 11 hours ago +1

    Hey don’t blame the bad markers but it still took a while for the alcohol markers to blend too!

  • ɨȶʐ_ƈօօӄɨɛ 00f

    Hey don’t call it crappy markers they just only for little kids and didn’t u use them as little kid

  • zebosace
    zebosace 21 hour ago

    love the monster 🌈

  • DannyFlash215
    DannyFlash215 Day ago

    Good drawing

  • LolZKill HD
    LolZKill HD Day ago +1

    I probably cant even do that with kobics u r actually amazing 👌

  • Valter Pilares
    Valter Pilares Day ago

    A simple rock in the hands of a master may become a deadly weapon!

  • Just a Kid channel
    Just a Kid channel 2 days ago

    The cheep markers ofer her are 20 dollars per 5 markers

  • Just a Kid channel
    Just a Kid channel 2 days ago

    The cheep markers ofer her are 20 per 5 markers

  • Only Scribbles
    Only Scribbles 2 days ago

    You should sculpt something of paper using the markers

  • FanWing Dragon
    FanWing Dragon 3 days ago

    This dot costs a $1.00 .
    Every like costs one dollar. Your reward- a dot. Here it is-

  • 8386charlie
    8386charlie 3 days ago +2

    Really wish I could draw :( this was awesome

  • Becky Ereaux
    Becky Ereaux 4 days ago

    I call the cheap markers that you used the pathetic markers because the results are pathetic

  • Tricia Francis
    Tricia Francis 5 days ago

    Copics are expensive

  • crystal_playz channel

    the monster looks like the boogie man from the nightmare before christmas

  • Austris Zeidmanis
    Austris Zeidmanis 5 days ago

    I cant call them crappy because i normaly draw with them btw i write graffiti

  • juliamccarthy80
    juliamccarthy80 5 days ago

    Every marker is good.🤪

  • Justina King
    Justina King 6 days ago

    I know you did this a whole year ago (who watching in 2019??) Anyways can you come back to this and add sum stuff cuz the black market makes it seem like it's raining😁😁

  • The_Life_Of _S
    The_Life_Of _S 7 days ago

    Well I am used to the paper ripping and the tip splitting. I am finally getting some more on the expensive side markers today and I'm so happy!

  • Maya M
    Maya M 7 days ago

    t series vs mr best be like

  • A day in the life of a bauman Vlogger

    The fuck I can’t draw with a expensive marker but this dude be drawing with markers I have in my old toy chest

  • I'm your child
    I'm your child 8 days ago

    Honestly, I think the black background looks cool. Yes, there is some darkish grayish color in it, BUT I think it made it a cool effect! Great job on making the art piece! I hope you continue this passion of yours and nothing makes you quit it! Thanks for inspiring me once more!

  • meh
    meh 9 days ago

    oh boy does looking at these markers take me back to my childhood. i remember trying to color and making a straight up hole in my paper and having to fix it with tape on the back of it

  • Bob Smith
    Bob Smith 10 days ago

    Ha ha, I basically learned to draw using nothing but this exact type of crappy cheap felt tip markers. Only, I had to keep them in the packet in the original order, because I'm colourblind and if I tipped them all out I'd start mixing up the blues and purples.

  • Nhi Nguyen
    Nhi Nguyen 11 days ago

    If only I had your copics......

    I still probably would have made a worse artwork than this

  • Hanan Ajdaslic
    Hanan Ajdaslic 12 days ago

    Lik ko je iz bosne

  • That boy 66
    That boy 66 12 days ago

    I want to see about the 95 cent AR good I have it at home and I use it all the time

  • The Lonely Baguette
    The Lonely Baguette 13 days ago

    ... Buys really expensive markers with no sponsors, and then gets a sponsor for one dollar

  • Katrina Kelly
    Katrina Kelly 13 days ago

    Came on TVclip to look for something very specific saw this thumbnail and started watching it, now I've forgotten what I wanted to look for.

  • Thomas Young
    Thomas Young 14 days ago

    He should redraw this with copic markers

  • skye hoffman
    skye hoffman 14 days ago

    Proof that the right tool for the job is important >[]

  • Hazel Sampaton Fuentes

    The only kind of markers I own...

  • Cash YT
    Cash YT 15 days ago


  • Zeldian Playz
    Zeldian Playz 16 days ago

    4:34 my friends vs me

  • Elise Schnitger
    Elise Schnitger 16 days ago

    5:22 pro artist on the left v.s. everyone else (at least me) on the right

    I think we all know who won

  • Elise Schnitger
    Elise Schnitger 16 days ago

    Welcome to my world buddy!! No expensive markers for me!
    Love the channel and challenges tho 😊

  • Zentallian
    Zentallian 17 days ago

    Those markers are paid actors

  • Goku
    Goku 17 days ago

    he even colored this piece of art better than me using copic sketch

  • Goku
    Goku 17 days ago

    obnoxius, but consistent

  • Pr1me Ashez
    Pr1me Ashez 17 days ago

    Background is raining

  • Germoz zalme
    Germoz zalme 18 days ago

    Those 20c markers look like the same ones that i have at home

  • Gray the Human
    Gray the Human 18 days ago

    too t h i c k l y

  • Roan Navochez
    Roan Navochez 19 days ago

    idk if ill ever understand why people dislike

  • Brick dude 81
    Brick dude 81 19 days ago


  • I subbed to PewDiePie. I watch anime.

    Ah yes, the crappy childhood of markers. Horrible.

  • Kian MURRAY
    Kian MURRAY 20 days ago

    I don't know if this is weird but the drawing is simaliar to i fell with my crappy art supplies

  • mylotics
    mylotics 20 days ago

    Late comment I know, but i have actually found a valid reason why that battle could work. The markers tear through paper in real life, so they are really powerful in that universe through cutting and slicing things using the his pen swords.

  • Garth AllTheDogs
    Garth AllTheDogs 20 days ago

    So good!

  • Unknown JK It's meh
    Unknown JK It's meh 21 day ago

    The beast looks like a hippie nothing against hippies tho

  • DRrobloxtr
    DRrobloxtr 21 day ago

    This says no comments... Wtf youtube

  • SonicRay555
    SonicRay555 21 day ago

    they can be used with water which makes them watercolor markers

  • Dani's Cartoon Studios

    That school boy with cheap art supplies is honestly me 😂
    The drawing came out so good :00

  • Tubbs DoesStuff
    Tubbs DoesStuff 22 days ago

    This was amazing! I loved it!

  • Kennedy Rose
    Kennedy Rose 22 days ago

    Can I just say... those MARKERS were my childhood and they were the poop but yah now I realize how useless they are. BUT THEY WERE A MAJOR PART IN MY CHILDHOOD.

  • The_savage_sweat
    The_savage_sweat 23 days ago

    My old art teacher had those crap textas and she used to yell at everyone for getting a hole in there paper

  • Nilly
    Nilly 23 days ago

    *T H A N O S T H I C C*

  • Jessica Brown
    Jessica Brown 24 days ago

    I know this video is old but it's my first time watching and I just wanted to say I'm a little worried Jazza's left hand looks swollen and red. Did he mention what happened? Is he ok?

  • Samantha McGuire
    Samantha McGuire 24 days ago

    Dude no lie, I started out coloring with these markers and I thought that was as good as they got. Just two years ago I got copic markers and it restored my faith in this medium 😂

  • KlaraDrawsTrash
    KlaraDrawsTrash 24 days ago

    Yeah I’ve got those when I was younger XD they are horrible

  • Adam
    Adam 24 days ago

    Even though jazza has crappy markers he still does amazing art.

  • Robobvious2
    Robobvious2 24 days ago

    What types of COPICS do I need to buy to have that brush tip? I want to buy some online but I'm worried I'm gonna get the wrong kind.

  • mackenzie Omg
    mackenzie Omg 25 days ago

    Those cheap markers remind me of childhood

  • Mit Suck
    Mit Suck 25 days ago

    10 cent nos eua e uma fortuna no Brasil, e continua ruim

  • Kalli Jean
    Kalli Jean 26 days ago

    You should make a piece using free art supplies like the crayons kids get at restaurants

  • SAS Degnen
    SAS Degnen 26 days ago

    do the same again but with the Copic markers and show a comparison

  • Sal Ly
    Sal Ly 26 days ago

    I actually have these markers.. I never use them anymore and I relate so much how they rip through the page...
    I still remember them..

  • HandyRubik's
    HandyRubik's 27 days ago

    Hey i have to use those and crayola Joy markers

  • Angel Zarzosa
    Angel Zarzosa 28 days ago

    You are very creative 💕😊

  • nikhil mondal
    nikhil mondal 28 days ago

    I used those cheap skecth pen when I was a kid

  • Ilka Piedade
    Ilka Piedade 28 days ago

    That's exactly the type of material I had growing up… I only paint my work when it's digital.

  • Manya Singh
    Manya Singh 28 days ago

    This man can do anything

  • Louise Adayah Cerda
    Louise Adayah Cerda 28 days ago +1

    You make the cheap marker like a pro

  • Will Cee
    Will Cee 28 days ago +1

    Man. I feel honored that Jazza is using my child hood markers.

  • Weinght Lasagna
    Weinght Lasagna 28 days ago


  • Will Cee
    Will Cee 28 days ago +1

    I had those markers 😢

  • Butt Monkey
    Butt Monkey 29 days ago

    Oooh the monster is so pretty~~ very lisa frank looking

  • Sammy Potato
    Sammy Potato 29 days ago

    But now i have good markers that R NOT STREAKY

  • Sammy Potato
    Sammy Potato 29 days ago

    This video is #RIPartists2019 bc LOOK HOW BAD THESE JUST GO ON THE DING DANG PAPER

    This video is making me die inside bc of the markers😭

  • Najah-Chan
    Najah-Chan 29 days ago

    Ah yes - literally my childhood was using these crappy felt tips from Poundland -
    when the paper began to peel off when Jazza tried to blend stuff - it felt so heavily nostalgic like “I know that feel bro”

  • Shitzuki 14
    Shitzuki 14 29 days ago

    *breaths and throws hands up* I quit. This dude defeats life again. I quit bye *hops in the trash with my sketchbook and closes the trash can*

  • Art Time Dragonball
    Art Time Dragonball 29 days ago

    Wow that's a smart way to use them, nice!


    I bought those markers a 50 pack and they were only 99pence

  • Joaquin Leon
    Joaquin Leon Month ago

    Me vs a toffee monster😐

  • ultswoozi
    ultswoozi Month ago

    see, its not the equipment price, its the person using it.

  • Amy Bath
    Amy Bath Month ago

    The monster is literally a buff alolan muck xD

  • BoomChicka Ari
    BoomChicka Ari Month ago

    *Tide wants to know your location.*

  • StormZickle
    StormZickle Month ago

    Is it bad that I have these

  • marlenesmakeup
    marlenesmakeup Month ago

    I kinda love the texture in the background lmao.. almost looks like rain or sth

  • Hassan Shahrestani
    Hassan Shahrestani Month ago

    You should get a motorised camera arm to be able to move the camera around your art work much more smoothly in 3£ space

  • Unreal Gamer
    Unreal Gamer Month ago

    Looks good anyway

  • Huda T-Nasab
    Huda T-Nasab Month ago +1

    Jazza draws amazing whether with cheap markers or expensive markers❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Indigo
    Indigo Month ago +1

    The monster looks like an oil spill

  • pikafreak10 1
    pikafreak10 1 Month ago

    Beast look like an Allan grime

  • Gacha Panda
    Gacha Panda Month ago

    I know that when you add * this around a word it makes it *bolder* so I tried adding two if those and this **happened** I thought if would make it extra *bold* 😂. Wait! What if I add those around a emoji!? *🤗* it did nothing. All it did was TURN THE THINGYS INVISIBLE!

  • Mary D.
    Mary D. Month ago

    symbiote all mother??! is that you??

  • Dina H.
    Dina H. Month ago

    I just bought the same cheap markers the other day because I'm broke af and im sick of waiting to be rich to start creating art

  • Dragons are Cool
    Dragons are Cool Month ago

    I use these testers at school an they are crap the run out so quick and the top always break

  • Tabitha Gregory
    Tabitha Gregory Month ago

    omg that voice-over

  • kaylee roki
    kaylee roki Month ago

    i have those markers, and whenever i use them i feel like im *horrible* at art because of those markers, but ive got a upgrade *i got me some ohuhu markers yeet*

  • nr_alia .n
    nr_alia .n Month ago

    In Malaysia 🇲🇾 theres a 2 dollar marker! I swear! Like legit 2 dollar!