EPIC ART with CHEAP, CRAPPY MARKERS?! - (10¢ Per Marker)

  • Published on Mar 9, 2018
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Comments • 9 242

  • I Love Guinea Pigs101
    I Love Guinea Pigs101 4 hours ago

    :( I want copics

  • I Love Guinea Pigs101
    I Love Guinea Pigs101 4 hours ago

    I want copics but I may have money, BUT NOT FOR 400 dollars worth of MARKERS.

  • Tae M
    Tae M Day ago

    redrawn with alcohol based markers!! that monster is sick man

  • justPlainOl'CommonSense

    Sell it to me mr!

  • Heather Faulk
    Heather Faulk 3 days ago

    ok i love Jazza and his art but like meh dude....you bought the cheap bad stuff ya could've bought crayola it would have been better. putting down everything cheap will hon thats expensive to some people sorry not being rude just sayin...

  • billsk1
    billsk1 3 days ago +1

    I use these exact pens and I’m good with them I didn’t know they were this bad

  • Jeff Ulrich
    Jeff Ulrich 4 days ago

    Love the idea and delivery of your battle scene wicked cool

  • Joshua Worsley
    Joshua Worsley 5 days ago

    Bru he made a ball with 10 cent markers

  • Andrei Teroristu'
    Andrei Teroristu' 5 days ago +1

    The background looks like a black rain so it's cool

  • Erin.art._
    Erin.art._ 6 days ago

    marker quality is not depend on how expensive it was but how good the user use it

  • Gulraiz Bhutta
    Gulraiz Bhutta 6 days ago

    It's looks awesome
    It looks like the kid magical summons the color beast in a dark night...
    Great 👏 👏 👏

  • Melinda Rivera
    Melinda Rivera 6 days ago +1

    I learned alot in this video. One thing being that in Australia they call markers "texters." Lol

  • May Bee
    May Bee 6 days ago +1

    These are the markers I use lmao

  • The Creator Of Bricks

    The black makes it look like its raining

  • oh yeah yeah
    oh yeah yeah 7 days ago

    I had those markers😢
    Also 2:57 did he just make a slimeball from minecraft

  • super mangaka
    super mangaka 7 days ago +3

    normal people: i want to be rich to buy sport car or big house

    me: i want to be rich enough to buy copics

  • AgentSpaceMan 768
    AgentSpaceMan 768 8 days ago

    How could you keep a straight face while narrating the story?? 🤣🤣🤣

  • Drago and Demons
    Drago and Demons 8 days ago +1

    Jazza, Dude.

    The Struggle Is Real... I had the same problem with the holes in the paper and I did the same thing as u but with dragons.

  • Kathy stankiewicz
    Kathy stankiewicz 8 days ago

    I subscribed.... 😀😀😀😀😀😀

  • CupcakeGirl GatchaTube

    I don't use markers
    Because I can't do what I can do with color pencils

  • A Stollery
    A Stollery 9 days ago

    Jezza u legend

  • Francesco Seppi
    Francesco Seppi 9 days ago

    This artwork is absolutely brilliant, such a wonderful idea to represent the struggle of using cheap colors!

  • Cat love2467 W
    Cat love2467 W 10 days ago

    Stop cursing! 🤬

  • Mr Krelis
    Mr Krelis 10 days ago

    boi i only use red ink and a pencil

  • DragonStrike
    DragonStrike 10 days ago +1

    These markets weren’t even that crappy if they was crappy I feel like the black would’ve ran out before you even finished colouring in the background

  • Døgž Łövęr
    Døgž Łövęr 11 days ago

    Me: yes, yes probably

  • LKado
    LKado 11 days ago

    Aww Jazza, you maked me cry... my dad is almost able to buy me those “cheap” markers, and you say that those are crappy... i feel bad about my dad...

  • crankylucifer
    crankylucifer 11 days ago

    I genuinely love how the backgrounds seems to runny and not just be a solid black!
    Love your vids, they actually help me, thank you ♥️😁

  • Dayton Neufeld Arts
    Dayton Neufeld Arts 12 days ago

    I had the same markers in school and I never used them

  • Annaliese schottec
    Annaliese schottec 12 days ago

    is it just me that is surprised at the lifespan of those markers cuz when i was young and used them id draw like two lines and then they would be out of ink.

  • Zulaigah Hendricks
    Zulaigah Hendricks 13 days ago

    That texture from the black background makes it look like the characters are in a dark cave

  • Katie Wheeler
    Katie Wheeler 13 days ago

    The said villain in this art work looks like a gay boogie man. Our boi is off to pride

  • PewPewPan
    PewPewPan 13 days ago

    Hahaha i grew up on these markers

  • EdviMiles channel
    EdviMiles channel 13 days ago

    You allways happy in every video 😀

  • Hazel Xo
    Hazel Xo 14 days ago

    The way he uses the brush tip triggers me so much

  • CDO 499
    CDO 499 14 days ago +1

    *art liquid*

  • Love Kiri
    Love Kiri 14 days ago

    Hey, Jazza, I know you probably won't see this but I believe that in order to fix the problem of those markers ripping the paper, you should work with them on glossy paper. I'm sure it'll be better, if you see this, I hope you consider it.

  • SINister SINderella
    SINister SINderella 14 days ago

    They aren't markers... they are felt tips D:

  • CheeseHead
    CheeseHead 14 days ago

    when this is the actual markers you use....

  • Katie Waterrose
    Katie Waterrose 15 days ago

    Your beast character reminds me of Smog the bad guy from Fern Gulley!!

  • Amelia Jameson
    Amelia Jameson 17 days ago

    The Boogeyman went to a drag show

  • The Yarn Whisperer By Fallon

    This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. My husband and I watch your channel and we were both speechless while watching this.

  • JORLIE official
    JORLIE official 18 days ago +2

    Jazza : These markers are easy to make holes on paper
    Also Jazza : *Draws*
    Also Jazza : DONE!! let me look at the..... why is there a hole on the paper?

  • Veda Wright
    Veda Wright 19 days ago

    You should be a story teller. Like make a comic strip and tell the story as you draw it

  • Weptbadge65 _
    Weptbadge65 _ 19 days ago

    Thank u for no ads!

  • Oskar Siemion101
    Oskar Siemion101 19 days ago

    The tooth paste monster

  • Rainbow DerP
    Rainbow DerP 19 days ago

    Once again it's not the art supplies it's the ARTIST

  • litoweapon1983
    litoweapon1983 20 days ago

    Inspired! Tnx...

  • EvanTtube Gaming
    EvanTtube Gaming 20 days ago

    I have those markers

  • PiCKle is SiCk
    PiCKle is SiCk 20 days ago

    $1 markers

    *.my childhood.*

  • Veronica Alonzo
    Veronica Alonzo 20 days ago

    I hate videos like this because it just proves that I’m just not good at art and has nothing to do with the materials I have

  • Joe Morris
    Joe Morris 21 day ago

    I've used them before their bad

  • thejastt
    thejastt 21 day ago

    Copics and other similar pens are markers but this u used herewas sketch pens

  • Borderdisorder255
    Borderdisorder255 21 day ago

    7:04 look jazza have those audio books gotten to you

  • PurestIcicle
    PurestIcicle 21 day ago

    Moral of the story: you don't need great art supplies to make amazing art, you just have to be a great artist...

  • Star Kitten
    Star Kitten 21 day ago +1

    I grew up with those cheap markers

  • robertas vaitkus
    robertas vaitkus 22 days ago

    Where is the six pack?

  • Jeffiney :3
    Jeffiney :3 22 days ago

    Some of the markers were actually kind of good, if you don't blend much.

  • Sebastian Jost
    Sebastian Jost 23 days ago

    I bet he would have to work a lot harder to get that background texture with copics... Otherwise they are obviously a lot better

  • Don David Julius
    Don David Julius 23 days ago

    Hey Jazza this is my favorite peice of your yet any chance I can get a clean file of that I really like it

  • Kitty The Cat
    Kitty The Cat 23 days ago

    1:53 “mom I want these”

  • Dominic
    Dominic 23 days ago

    This just reinforces the maxim that it's not the materials that make the art, it's the talent of the artist.

  • Aimz360
    Aimz360 24 days ago

    Just because it's cheap doesn't mean you can't make something epic. Jazza proved it, and once upon a time i proved it with the cheap, crap, chalky watercolour blocks you got in secondary school that were completely useless (like the kiddie watercolour chalky disks). I did a final surealism end of year exam with them and even got full praise by the art department (i was 15 at the time) and got full marks on that section alone.

  • TheTrueCookie
    TheTrueCookie 24 days ago

    Too me those markers are expensive

  • Geleea Vann Kisha Corteza

    Me:OMG He Said Bead Words!
    Artist:I Said Fudge

  • G.bestgirl Gg
    G.bestgirl Gg 24 days ago

    How do you draw so good with literally anything you can find or buy?!

  • SGreacts
    SGreacts 24 days ago

    When Jazza figures out that markers make holes in paper
    Me facepalms

  • mamaharriett2
    mamaharriett2 24 days ago

    I love your story of the art work

  • willie cronje
    willie cronje 24 days ago

    im convinced hes an alkoholist

  • Friendly family Dougherty

    What teachers torture us with xD

  • Matt  Downes
    Matt Downes 25 days ago

    That came out awesome

  • Doomsday nF
    Doomsday nF 26 days ago

    This is an Idea I just thought of and I know you may not have time to do something like this. Anyway I think it would be cool if for a new video, or more depending on how many of your pieces you recreate, you go recreate some of the art pieces with your preferred copic markers. Then at the end of the video you could do a side by side with the originals and the recreated pieces, or maybe as you finish one you do the side by side then move onto the next recreation. It is just a thought but I'm not really an artistic person, meaning I cant create decent artworks of my own. Anyway I know this is getting long but I feel that if I were to start drawing you would be the one person who really inspired me to draw. I love the videos a lot and I hope that you consider my proposition for a future video. :)

  • 20k subs 0 vids challenge pls sub Hohaia

    Now I feel like I’m poor because our school uses them markers

  • the LOL
    the LOL 26 days ago

    One word how

  • Sky reacts to anime!
    Sky reacts to anime! 26 days ago

    Me : **Talks about copic markers and how broke we are with my bff**
    Bff : Yeah copics are SOO nOicE!
    Dad : wHats tHe DifFeRenCe bEtWeEn cOpics aNd normAl mArkErs?
    Me, my bff and my mom ( who are all artist ) : WHAT YOU SAY BISH? **TriGgErEd**