EPIC ART with CHEAP, CRAPPY MARKERS?! - (10¢ Per Marker)


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  • Dhruv Dandekar
    Dhruv Dandekar 7 hours ago

    now i understood why my art wasnt like you. i use the same type of sketch pens u just showed

  • Jazz Is Toast
    Jazz Is Toast 14 hours ago

    Welcome to my art classroom.. here I am , blending helplessly like I’m using copics,

  • Sans The Skeleton
    Sans The Skeleton 14 hours ago

    Even when your using cheap markers, (Which is what I color and draw which) you are extremely good at art. 🎨✏💖

  • Star Universe
    Star Universe 16 hours ago

    This is why I subed to this channel

  • m Cline
    m Cline 17 hours ago


  • jonathan gaidemak
    jonathan gaidemak 17 hours ago

    The url has a bad word in it.

  • Superpooper Cooper
    Superpooper Cooper 17 hours ago

    I don’t know if a video like this exist on your channel like using only crayola brand items

  • Flow Windzz
    Flow Windzz 20 hours ago

    Draw with Jazza you should make a flip book that is Ur intro not in a vid but it would be a really nice flip book

  • Lukkah Opthoog
    Lukkah Opthoog 21 hour ago

    i have those pens and they are so horrible i never us them

  • GiantAsian Stickers

    Imagine he used the alcohol based markers

  • Noah's time to play

    Why do i have to crap

  • OwO
    OwO Day ago

    on the left we have my sister and on the right we have me

  • #pugs4ev3r Plays
    #pugs4ev3r Plays Day ago +1

    I found a meme on this channel lol

  • #pugs4ev3r Plays
    #pugs4ev3r Plays Day ago +1

    Stop exactly at 0:04 to 0:05

  • cy bay
    cy bay Day ago

    Draw the gmm rooster

  • cy bay
    cy bay Day ago

    His cheapest video ever yet he has a sponsor

  • Kailey Ross
    Kailey Ross Day ago

    I like the texture of the background because it looks like they are in a huge cave

  • Jamie White
    Jamie White Day ago

    Okay but what video do you NOT get a sponsor no hate because if I was a business I would want to sponsor you cause you can make any BAD product look like it’s worth a million dollars

    I AM TEXT Day ago

    I hate the feel of hose markers.....

  • Brandon hunt
    Brandon hunt Day ago

    He is so humble

  • Parody Pros
    Parody Pros Day ago

    Draw this in copic marker


    On the left is my friend, the right is me ._.

  • Maksim Kealey
    Maksim Kealey Day ago

    that actually should be a new style 9f art cause it looks actually pretty aesthetic

  • unique kd
    unique kd Day ago

    I used markers and I made a beautiful drawing and I was blending made a picture frame with a picture of mountains and then a sunset/sunrise so there!

  • Harley ._.
    Harley ._. Day ago

    Color thanos

  • trent bemish
    trent bemish Day ago +2

    Ummm... Thanos?😂

  • Empty Nachos
    Empty Nachos Day ago

    i like the way the background texture is i think it makes it look like there’s light but not really as in like if it’s like a dent i guess in the back as if it was a cave for some reason it also makes it look like it’s a spherical-like shape and the beast just wow

  • Inara Starks
    Inara Starks Day ago

    Battle of the alcoholic monster ! This is my favorite creation so far. I still have a crap load of videos to watch in order to catch up but im definitely not mad at that !

  • Tucker Stekman
    Tucker Stekman 2 days ago


  • Amir Heydari
    Amir Heydari 2 days ago

    Actually black backgrounds texture is nicer in compar to blended version:)

  • Dechlan Dowling
    Dechlan Dowling 2 days ago

    That looks like an image off fable

  • Galaxy Wolf
    Galaxy Wolf 2 days ago

    I remember using those texters in grade one!! 😂

  • Lieke lol
    Lieke lol 2 days ago

    With this black background it looks like it's raining

  • TheLittleGamingBro
    TheLittleGamingBro 2 days ago +1

    Dude you just love to sniff the achahol ones we all know that

  • TronLogic
    TronLogic 2 days ago

    I had no idea that was how you blended with Copics. Thanks, Jazza.

  • Brian Hernandez
    Brian Hernandez 2 days ago

    It is good

  • TheGalaxyGirl716
    TheGalaxyGirl716 2 days ago

    Wth I was watching things about lord of the lord rings how did I get here wth

  • Anthony De La Cruz
    Anthony De La Cruz 2 days ago

    Why is it so beautiful

  • Nicolas Wyatt
    Nicolas Wyatt 2 days ago

    Me facing art blocks

  • Ratichewy Heck
    Ratichewy Heck 2 days ago

    The boy should of been holding white out

  • MacKenzie Yirrell
    MacKenzie Yirrell 2 days ago

    "They're being stubborn already!"
    Were literally 3mins into the video....

  • Amelia Ransley
    Amelia Ransley 2 days ago


  • Lapis Lazuli
    Lapis Lazuli 3 days ago

    It looks GREAT.

  • 0xxkiller kroxx0
    0xxkiller kroxx0 3 days ago

    I LOVE IT❤❤❤👍👍👍👏👏👏

  • GamingWithTo oof
    GamingWithTo oof 3 days ago


  • aint no puppet
    aint no puppet 3 days ago

    Hey!My favourite markers in the thumbnail!

  • WhyIsMimoTaken
    WhyIsMimoTaken 3 days ago

    How the fuck

  • Abbey_4272
    Abbey_4272 3 days ago


  • Patricia Rivera
    Patricia Rivera 3 days ago

    That's why they say "Don't judge a book by its cover"

  • Crazy Daisy!
    Crazy Daisy! 3 days ago

    My first video from u... I watch.. And i have to say...


  • Pie_Draws Requests
    Pie_Draws Requests 3 days ago

    Video starts at 1:58

  • Aubry Unicorn farts
    Aubry Unicorn farts 3 days ago

    Omg that looks so good

  • Hannah Haisley
    Hannah Haisley 3 days ago

    Do you know what's sad?... I use those markers ;-;

  • Stardust Simmer
    Stardust Simmer 3 days ago

    I AM A MASTER OF BLENDING WATER BASED CHEAP MARKERS! It’s easy! You just have to practice!

  • ME3P P1Ays
    ME3P P1Ays 3 days ago

    U make them so good yet their shit

  • crystalize44
    crystalize44 3 days ago

    i cant even draw something as good as that with copic markers!

    3PIKEMASTER 124 3 days ago

    cheap markers or not that looks awesome

  • responding
    responding 3 days ago

    Bruh what the frick I can’t even draw feet

  • marissa rodriguez
    marissa rodriguez 3 days ago

    there is a reason only 2 year olds use those markers.

  • Cayenne Pepper
    Cayenne Pepper 4 days ago

    Looks like you use clear nail polish...

  • Aussie Lad Nick
    Aussie Lad Nick 4 days ago

    Do you have ADHD?

  • Max Stuckert
    Max Stuckert 4 days ago

    It looks like its raining at night with the background

  • YOONGI_93
    YOONGI_93 4 days ago

    Is it just me or did the background made it look like it's raining???

  • A rainbow sheep On YouTube

    Thanos but made of ink

  • mr c
    mr c 4 days ago

    That drawing was awesome! Nice concept!

  • PurpleGaming
    PurpleGaming 4 days ago

    Left was Friday, Right was Monday. 👌🏻

  • Sarah Stanton
    Sarah Stanton 4 days ago

    I can't believe that black marker lasted long enough for that entire background!!!

  • Skannzz
    Skannzz 4 days ago

    Am I the only one who’s is sad about jazz’s reacting to the paper ripping because I use these all the time 😂😂

  • Kolt Wagner
    Kolt Wagner 4 days ago

    the monster looks like oogie boogie from nightmare before chrismas

  • James Tulk
    James Tulk 4 days ago

    Did anybody know he had a TV show on ABC? It's called "Cartoon it up."

  • les mcclarence
    les mcclarence 4 days ago

    I can’t even draw that with copics😂

  • Sergiu Cis
    Sergiu Cis 4 days ago +1

    "this is... throughly depressing 😑"

  • StreesedDepressed BandsObssesed

    Are you Australian? You sound like your from here

  • Emmie Ana Ray
    Emmie Ana Ray 5 days ago

    This video is great. I am a poor as shit single mum and I like to paint but I have to make do with what I can afford. those cheap assorted brushes you get from the discount shops and the little sample acrylic things. no medium-too expensive- and I reuse canvases my m um finds on the side of the road lmfao. one day perhaps I will be able to indulge in some grown up art supplies haha

  • JRH3221 Gaming
    JRH3221 Gaming 5 days ago

    I had those at my old school... My old school

  • AEkitties World
    AEkitties World 5 days ago

    That's the type of markers I use.....DON'T JUDGE ME
    Edit:and I'm not a child

  • Maximum Gaming Alayna


  • nurjah yusof
    nurjah yusof 5 days ago

    but i found the seme one and it was expensive in my country i tried it out and it worked the same way

  • nurjah yusof
    nurjah yusof 5 days ago

    wait no i don’t use those

  • nurjah yusof
    nurjah yusof 5 days ago

    i always use those cheap marker

  • Sierra Johnson
    Sierra Johnson 5 days ago +1

    His level of talent is absolutely unbelievable.

  • Tracy smith
    Tracy smith 5 days ago

    Soooo cool

  • JaeJae Heart
    JaeJae Heart 5 days ago

    you should remake it with the copic expensives ones !

  • Angel Keys
    Angel Keys 5 days ago

    Reminds me of the blot from epic mickey

  • Neo Jarra -sefo
    Neo Jarra -sefo 5 days ago

    I thought the monster was a colorful thanos!!!!

  • stardust da cat
    stardust da cat 5 days ago

    4:40 is a hot mess!

  • Petrichor
    Petrichor 5 days ago +1

    I'm kind of impressed that the markers didn't run ot of ink...

  • SquiDgy Ayo
    SquiDgy Ayo 5 days ago

    Lol i use these pens # when your mum wount by you art supplies

  • BTS Fan
    BTS Fan 5 days ago

    The black marker is still better then mine from an 10 dollar pack... (btw I’m from Germany)

  • Ilovezec
    Ilovezec 6 days ago

    Hey you talk to much jazzy.

  • Annuschka Bailey
    Annuschka Bailey 6 days ago

    In south Africa these markers are used for out lining not colouring 😌

  • Lps Annan
    Lps Annan 6 days ago

    You make the bad pens look AMAZING

  • Alex Weikert
    Alex Weikert 6 days ago

    4:55 with the bad markers it looks like the Apple logo

  • Damon Collins
    Damon Collins 6 days ago

    Could you get drunk from alcohol markers

  • PEPI
    PEPI 6 days ago

    the background kinda looks like its raining

  • Maigeru
    Maigeru 6 days ago

    So cool!!

  • Nikstachio
    Nikstachio 6 days ago +1

    I had those exact markers growing up! My mom said they were great and I remember getting frustrated by the papers ripping that I would draw on XD

  • angel's art
    angel's art 6 days ago

    The thing is some people have to use the cheap markers bc the can't get the good markers

  • Gwen Emmerich
    Gwen Emmerich 6 days ago

    Obnoxious but consistent