Dave Chappelle's 23% Rotten Tomatoes Score Exposes Access Media Hypocrisy and Proves His Genius

  • Published on Sep 10, 2019
  • Dave Chappelle's Sticks and Stones Netflix Special has done all it set out to do. Entertain and trigger the Access Media. He's not the only comedian who has done this though the consequences were very different. Unfortunately we return to the irrelevant Rotten Tomatoes to show the bias in the Access Media and the Entertainment Industry over all.
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  • Dianne Adair
    Dianne Adair Day ago

    Social and political justice warriors destroy's everything they comment on....period
    Reverse psychology......... if a social justice warrior tells me NOT TO DO, SEE, OR LISTEN to something.
    It's the first thing I look for...thanks SJW'S for letting me know Dave Cheppelle had a special I most definately had to watch....😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 funny as hell.

  • Justin Meyers
    Justin Meyers 2 days ago

    I love Dave. Crowder isn't even remotely funny...

  • Kingsley
    Kingsley 7 days ago

    All he had to do is start his special off with "FUCK TRUMP!" Then he could say anything else he wanted after that and they would applaud his bravery and think he was amazing. Every show host or idiot actor could tell you that.

  • NekoGamiSamaa
    NekoGamiSamaa 8 days ago

    People in my country are afraid of a letter because all words finishing in 'O' in Spanish are referred to male nouns/adjectives and words finishing in 'A' are for female nouns/adjectives. So now, the establishment movements are trying to set up words with an 'E' instead of an 'O' (don't worry, words with 'A' are OK) because ir offends them... Everything's gone to shit.

  • Glenn edwards
    Glenn edwards 8 days ago

    I was disappointed after all the hype I was hoping for some hard hitting and funny social commentary there is after all a abundance of material. Sadly this was weak sauce at best I am not familiar with his work but he is certainly no Dennis Leary George Carlin Lenny Bruce or Bill Hicks. Not even a Richard Pryor or Eddie Murphy. Though he did discuss the issues of Equality etc and Kudos for that he was hardly going off the rails rather than a rabid attack dog he was more a poodle shagging its leg. He did have the right idea but sadly it was a 2 out of 10 score thought provoking rather than funny.

    • Glenn edwards
      Glenn edwards 6 days ago

      @keith Cheee I will try to watch it. I wasn't put off by his sticks and stones show jst disappointed in his so so soft peddling of the subject matter.

    • keith Cheee
      keith Cheee 6 days ago

      This wasnt his best stand up to me either
      If you never seen his other work
      Killing them softly is his best one and its on youtube you can watch it for free and its way harder hitting

  • Landry Prichard
    Landry Prichard 8 days ago

    Amy Schumer called uncle Chucky, and had Netflix change their ratings system that was working just fine as is. Case closed.

  • Mushroom Tea
    Mushroom Tea 11 days ago

    You cant be droppin the n word at a workplace, no matter who you are. Maybe America needs a little time to catch up to the rest of the world.

  • South Side Control Supply Co.

    It doesn't expose anything if we have the right to have an opinion. So do super sensitive people have the right to there's it just there opinion.

  • nikolygtx
    nikolygtx 12 days ago

    We it has rotten in name of site, so there must be something wrong with it

  • kinG iZZy
    kinG iZZy 13 days ago

    Furthermore, u can stop likening him to mediocre TVcliprs.
    DAVE Chappelle is a master of his craft and is in a league far above the slob you mentioned
    typical white dudes
    so disrespectful

  • denny dj
    denny dj 13 days ago

    Dave for president

  • Megan Ziegler
    Megan Ziegler 13 days ago

    Loved Sticks and Stones but surprised no one is talking about Paper Tiger by Bill Burr. Both kind of the same show. Both are amazing.

  • Ignacio Ruiz
    Ignacio Ruiz 14 days ago +1

    You know what, at first I wanted to be in agreement with al the 29-99% shit. But as a life long Dave Chapelle fan, I wouldn't give this special a 50%. It was full of cringe and non original shit. I believe I have never lauhgt so little in a Dave Chapelle stand up special.
    It almost sounded like my republican uncle trying to be funny with a lot of shitty jokes about trans and feminists.
    I mean, you have to be retarded af to laugh to that "I am chinese" joke. Wtf. Is that supposed to be funny? For real?
    Respecto to the Lebron James joke tho. I believe it was the only moment I rofled.

  • Desdichado
    Desdichado 14 days ago

    Crowder is pretty mild. You want a comedian who's faced repercussions for being edgy and telling the truth in a way that's funny, Owen Benjamin is the guy you want to reference.

  • REY
    REY 14 days ago

    Fuck rottentomatoes

  • Ethan Chan
    Ethan Chan 14 days ago

    Yeah, there is no comparison that can be drawn between Stephen Crowder and Dave Chappelle. One is political analyst and social comentarian and the other is a comedian that specializes in smart comedy that pushes back on the pc culture. I subscribe and watch Stephen Crowder and if there is one thing I don't think of when I watch his videos is, "damn he is one hell of a comedian". Chappelle's sticks and stones in my opinion said everything people want to say while being humorous but it was by far not his funniest standup. In the end, let's call it what it was, a great punch in the face of the pc culture that we now have to deal with, and because he is a black man, the SJW's don't know how to deal with it. They can't lob all of their usual epithets at him because he is wearing the best armor of all when it comes to SJW friendly fire, the great cloak of invisablackaty. His super power is being immune to the sis gendered white male infections, they can not call him a sell out because he is not a fan of the president, and, he has always been this type of comedian. Their problem is that instead of his comedy being based mostly on black culture, it is now being used to lampoon the SJW's. Gotta love when it when that happens. lolz

  • James Bob
    James Bob 14 days ago

    check out jeff dunham

  • Danny M
    Danny M 14 days ago

    the second you say something is off limits in comedy, you open the door for everything to be taken away. hell, the tourettes episode of South Park was applauded by tourettes groups for being willing to make them part of the joke

  • Monica Chelagat
    Monica Chelagat 15 days ago +1

    Dave Chappelle opened his Sticks and Stones show with Michael Jackson character assassination. He discredited the two liars who have no evidence and I was pleased Dave dropped that bomb so precious for yruth seekers. Bless him! I notice you too make no mention of that portion of the show whatever your opinion is. Not being American Dave C. for me was just one of many unknown persons but thanks to MJ's unversal fame I discovered another King, Dave C, indeed a new King of Comedy. There was also George Carlin who was just as brilliant.

  • Beige Devil
    Beige Devil 15 days ago

    Good job with the Monty Python guy, 1984 was meant to be a warning not an instruction manual.

  • FreekShow
    FreekShow 15 days ago

    His new shows are getting weaker tho

  • Cristian Morales
    Cristian Morales 16 days ago

    honestly imo, all subjects are fair game for comedy, and if you can't find something funny about anything, even a liiiittle bit, fuck you

  • Dm Gray
    Dm Gray 16 days ago

    Gotta disagree with comparing Crowder to Chapelle.
    It's not SIMPLY a talent thing, because talent is irrelevant, comedians shouldn't have special privileges everybody else is denied... BUT, Crowder is PRIMARILY MOTIVATED by politics (at least it seems so)
    I don't think he should be attacked or demonetised, but he IS a partisan hack deserving of as much derision and mockery as the SJW morons he hates on (he's not much different from them, imo. He just clutches pearls for different reasons)
    I think a LOT of Crowder fanbois and other right leaning people decrying "muh left wing" are hypocrites who have NOTHING to say when the free speech of those they dislike is under attack. I feel safe saying this because it never fucking comes up. Indeed, most of the time it's CELEBRATED by the "free speech" crowd when the left gets suppressed, if they bother to comment at all. (it's a cycle that repeats. Some conservatives are targeted on some platforms and it becomes a victim complex where "the far left" is blamed, despite the actual far left typically being subjected to much the same. SJW liberals and their useful shills are no more "far left" than Crowder, Peterson or a whole host of others are "far right" no matter how odious they are)
    Fact is Crowder and those like him are happy sucking establishment dick. So long as they're on the "same side"

  • Andrew Williams
    Andrew Williams 16 days ago

    Jeff Dunham even had some jabs at SJW cancel culture, and I didn't expect that. I think all the comedians are starting to stand together on this.

  • Dirk Rembrandt
    Dirk Rembrandt 16 days ago

    Steven Crowder is not like Chappelle. Chappelle is way funnier. Crowder is too narcissistic and egotistic to compete with the great comedians. He has his place. Outside of this convo

  • Dirk Rembrandt
    Dirk Rembrandt 16 days ago

    Comedians are not modern philosophers. They are comedians. Funny.

  • Dirk Rembrandt
    Dirk Rembrandt 16 days ago

    Comedians aren't supposed to stir controversy they are supposed to be funny

  • ckying29
    ckying29 16 days ago +9

    the difference beetween Dave Chappelle and Steve Crowder:
    Dave Chappelle is funny

  • Nagaraj Veer
    Nagaraj Veer 16 days ago +4

    And the funny about it was he predicted the backlash in his special and media fell right into his trap which goes to show his genius.

  • Jude Chauhan
    Jude Chauhan 16 days ago +1

    Dave Chappelle is now an official Antidisestablishmentarianistic comedian

  • Roman 3MP1R3
    Roman 3MP1R3 16 days ago

    aight but crowder is actually a dick though lol

  • Team HJ
    Team HJ 16 days ago

    why do people even listen to critics? can´t people think for themselves? or do they need a sense of approval to enjoy something because others told them it is good?

  • midnight toker
    midnight toker 16 days ago

    we live in an outrage culture people, lifes failures with nothing better to do but become an online bully...….sticks n stones people.....words will never hurt us

  • Hakime Hamdouchi
    Hakime Hamdouchi 17 days ago

    I am so sorry I forgot as black on while watching this video
    I tried watching it over but no adds at all
    have you gone demonetized ??
    Edit:naaah it's cool i got adds the 3th time

  • dean jones
    dean jones 17 days ago

    my dude

  • Matthew Forte
    Matthew Forte 17 days ago

    Who really looks to rotten tomatoes for insight on anything? Make up your own mind

    DOMINICK 18 days ago

    i identify as a black hole i just suck information in and do not give a fuck if it is offensive ,a joke liberal conservative, whatever i take it all in and go on with my life ....ZERO DAMAGE...

  • Giovanni P.
    Giovanni P. 18 days ago

    The weaponisation of search algorithms and 'review' sites like Rotten Tomatoes will backfire on those who aren't 'Woke' - as the 'Aware' people will look to other systems.

  • aseale seak
    aseale seak 18 days ago

    That's the problem it's not Western Civilization these people are pushing. they're trying to change Western civilization's culture and not just don't say gay it's a complete power play to control everything in your life they will not stop

  • samuel mollen-dupuis
    samuel mollen-dupuis 19 days ago

    No spawn figurine ?? WTF

    MISHIT KINGS 19 days ago

    All of these people hating on Dave are pussies and hypocrites. These are the same people who talk about other people behind closed doors and in the open , they pretend to care.. HAhaa.. Your people watch movies on the same shit it speaks about and likes it. Now that he puts it into his comedy. your want to be bitches about.. Everyone has made fun of some one...

  • Khalid Ibn Alwaleed
    Khalid Ibn Alwaleed 19 days ago

    steven crowder is a zionist racist

  • TooLateToTheParty
    TooLateToTheParty 19 days ago +1

    Venom wasn't nearly as dramatic, but the rating there are also very telling, when the critics go low but everyone still loves it to bits.
    Critics don't understand what really makes things good.

  • L Lawliet
    L Lawliet 19 days ago

    Dave Chappell supporting the establishment? Ah yes that’s why the establishment had such a positive response to his special, while audiences just hated it.
    God media is such a joke today.

  • Riki Vera
    Riki Vera 20 days ago

    Steven Crowder isn’t a comedian. He’s an alt right troll.....
    There is a big difference between what and how and why Dave says things, and why Steven says things.

    • Sam
      Sam 19 days ago

      With that logic would you agree that Stephen Colbert is an “alt left troll” and not a comedian?

  • MrTruthAddict
    MrTruthAddict 20 days ago

    Dave's doing lazy comedy now. He's more interested in defending his rich friends than anything else. He's always been funny because he was punching up, now he's punching down. Using trans people and other marginalized people as fodder for his jokes. Most of his fans are too stupid to get that and that's what these numbers prove. Nothing more.

  • Mad Dog Murdoch
    Mad Dog Murdoch 22 days ago

    Yea this new Chappelle standup was soft and not hard hitting at all IMO, I dont think it was funny, I was expecting edgy at least a little bit. I didn't laugh out loud at all. It was like sitting in his car as a passenger when he was having a bad day after I asked his political opinion. Nothing in it was offensive, nothing in it was funny that I can remember- bottom line. Remember this is only my opinion and I like the guy.

  • Mad Dog Murdoch
    Mad Dog Murdoch 22 days ago

    I like Dave Chappelle, I liked his sketches, Rick James, Prince etc...THIS SPECIAL WAS NOT FUNNY!!!!!!! NOT FUNNY!!!! IT WAS SHYTE TO BE HONEST. BE HONEST WITH YOURSELVES!!!

    • texasbell
      texasbell 20 days ago

      everyone is entitled to their opinion and in some countries you are allowed to voice your opinions. the day that we let the opinion of some dictate what everyone can see or do is the day that we are no longer America!

  • dikobrazpaul
    dikobrazpaul 22 days ago

    What a gross coparison. What Chappelle does is in the context of an art form, stand up. What crowder does is inherently political and meant 100 percent seriously (not to mention that he's not funny). You did well with Chappelle but comparing him to crowder is like comparing miles davis to rush Limbaugh.

  • Veronica Vasquez
    Veronica Vasquez 22 days ago

    Love John and Dave.

  • Alpha Strong42
    Alpha Strong42 22 days ago

    I’m pretty sure it’s Rotten Tomatoes that’s irrelevant. Their numbers lost all meaning to me a long time ago.

  • Fak A Yu
    Fak A Yu 22 days ago

    RT is trying to bring that critics score up just to look better but they actually were a 0%. These POS

  • Dave Fischer
    Dave Fischer 23 days ago

    Was enjoying and agreeing with your take on things....but u dont need to add in the " or girls" when ur quoting Chappelle. Everyone knows "guys" means both sexes but it just kinda rubbed me the wrong way. A little to PC and i actually had to pause to check if u added that in. Maybe i nedd some sleep idk

  • Christopher Ponchock
    Christopher Ponchock 23 days ago

    Dave Chappelle's Sticks and Stones wasn't his best work, but it was honest about outrage culture. It was a good political statement, but it's not as entertaining as comedians like Bill Burr or Tom Segura. I think people should be able to make offensive jokes, but it just wasn't entertaining. Hannibal Buress is also extremely under-rated.

  • HERBavoree
    HERBavoree 23 days ago

    what a nerd

  • congomob74
    congomob74 23 days ago

    Those who were offended have a hard time facing the reality of the times we live in. Chappelle puts your intolerances out there and forces them to deal with it.

  • congomob74
    congomob74 23 days ago

    Does anyone really care what any of these hypocrites have to say. These "critics" who can NEVER do what Chappelle, Bill Burr, Carlin, Dice Clay can do. They can kiss my ass.

    DUTY FREE 23 days ago

    it's more the fact that people think they are reviewing anything and it's really just about their negative point of view based on their feelings getting hurt rather than enjoying anything. Hey let's be sensitive because we totally and unequivocally respect and love everyone's lifestyle when everyone's lifestyle has no effect on their personal life.

  • congomob74
    congomob74 23 days ago

    A brittle spirit.

  • MAGICVibes
    MAGICVibes 23 days ago

    Also check that bullshit mockumentary Leaving Neverland which has 98% critic score and audience score is 24%. They'd do anything to keep their biased narrative going. Michael Jackson is used as a scapegoat to overshadow the real pedophiles in Hollywood. Why I don't see the hype for real documentaries such as Surviving R Kelly or Untouchable?? Why these real documentaries didn't get the award they deserve for their hard work exposing these REAL predators and giving the real sexual abuse survivors a huge platform to come forward not opportunists and serial perjurers like Wade and James. Why the media is not giving airtime to the lies and fiction of LN mockumentary? Why not investigate people who are alive than people who are dead and can't defend themselves? The media need to be taught a good lesson for all their hypocrisy.

    • John Scon-Burgerish
      John Scon-Burgerish 16 days ago

      Americans are in denial that MJ was a man who had pedophilic tendencies. A man who self-admittedly let children who were not his own sleep in his bed with him while their parents where nowhere to be seen, all behind a locked bedroom door: all of this is known substantiated fact. GL defending that behaviour. Where there's smoke there's fire