First Take Crew Gets Into Heated Dispute On Durant Declining White House Invite | First Take | ESPN


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  • ESPN
    ESPN  Year ago +555

    Whose take do you side with on this debate?

    • M.R. 2018hater2004lover
      M.R. 2018hater2004lover 12 days ago

      Stephen on the Debate.

    • Billy Nguyen
      Billy Nguyen 16 days ago

      ESPN KD Kevin Durant

    • Scott Wright
      Scott Wright 22 days ago

      If you really think Trump is racist you're a moron. Trump supporters are not racist we don't hold rebel flags. We aren't Nazi's those people were past presidents cabinets. Democrats who own the Minorities votes as if they were plantation owners were the real true racists. Democrats started the KKK to keep black people from voting but you gotta learn your history something you obviously know nothing about Sephan A. Listen shut you mouth stop trying to sound more relevant about topics that actually matter and get back in the toy aisle of life where you belong. The world has enough uneducated loudmouths from the communist and socialist sides thay we're trying to deal with and kick the f*** out of the country right now we don't need you getting confused and mixed up in the minutiae because of your misunderstanding about life in the world in the country in which you live. Will is 100% correct Trump is not against anyone or for anyone Trump is for everyone in this country. He is dealing with th r demons you have confusingly come to love and trust you are wong about him like most of your predictions in sports. Stop trying to be the echo chamber of idiots that hate this country.

    • Can't Beat The BAY!
      Can't Beat The BAY! Month ago +1

      Did you bologna eaters get the ratings you were searching for?

    • John Jones
      John Jones Month ago

      ESPN will Cain us a straight JOKE...😑😑😑

  • Idontlikethatshit
    Idontlikethatshit 2 days ago

    They buggin

  • Chris Ellison
    Chris Ellison 2 days ago

    You know your wrong when you are upset the Whole debate 🤔
    Look at #Max Standing up for what's right 💯 We Got your back Bro 👊👊👊👊👊👊

  • Orijin's Lab
    Orijin's Lab 7 days ago

    Max Kellerman is a BITCH!!! He is a guilty white man!!!

  • octopibingo
    octopibingo 7 days ago

    He's got Stephen A. down. Anyone who has a different opinion ain't woke. But all of these athletes' protests are built are lies. "Trump's a racist." No, Obama was. "Hands up don't shoot." A lie that led to the racist BLM group and the burning of Ferguson. "Cops are hunting unarmed black men." Less than 20 unnarmed black men are shot per year. It's the Michael Browning of America, but Michael Brown deserved it.

  • G Bizzle
    G Bizzle 7 days ago

    Will Cain should just put the white hood on 🤨

  • Rafid Khan
    Rafid Khan 10 days ago

    fuck will cain

  • Arman Nafisi
    Arman Nafisi 10 days ago

    Will Cain finally exploded and shat out years of resentment Hahahhaa. That’s why some people need to deal with shit and get therapy

  • doubleDERPatron5 2xD
    doubleDERPatron5 2xD 11 days ago

    When was this I thought they were playin at first😂

  • Joshua Black
    Joshua Black 11 days ago


  • Corry DaKid
    Corry DaKid 12 days ago

    Will KKKaine says nigger alot in private. Stephen A. might pressure him to say it soon

  • M.R. 2018hater2004lover

    Dang Will ticked off 0:36 and Max 6:33 and 6:44 I Love Arguments! Go Max! and Stephen for the Win. This is my Own Opinion.

  • Kadeem A Thomas
    Kadeem A Thomas 13 days ago

    Smart guy debate😁 I love it👌🏿

  • jjboys215
    jjboys215 13 days ago

    Will "I defend the Confederate Flag" KKKain.....??? STFU!!!!

  • leon earls,jr
    leon earls,jr 13 days ago

    Will's feelings are hurt😂😂😂

  • Thomas Ward
    Thomas Ward 14 days ago

    Wineing ass white boy shut up he is a ducked Stephen A is to

  • Ace Games ッ
    Ace Games ッ 14 days ago


  • Josh
    Josh 14 days ago

    Fuck Donald trump And Fuck Will cause he probably voted for him

  • Josh
    Josh 14 days ago

    Lmao he big mad

  • SOUTH PARK 520
    SOUTH PARK 520 15 days ago

    I'm on the fuck Donald Trump Side

  • Earl Antoine
    Earl Antoine 16 days ago

    Am on Stephen A... side hands down💯🇱🇨💯

  • Shak81
    Shak81 17 days ago

    will cain is a p.o.s clearly !!.. throwing a baby tantrum lol

  • Thomas Chandler
    Thomas Chandler 18 days ago

    Max the Man

  • Thomas Chandler
    Thomas Chandler 18 days ago

    Will shitting on Steven... Steve fired

  • deacon theseer
    deacon theseer 18 days ago

    Durant is a Mama's boy. Period. Just like Will Cain

  • Dennis L.P.
    Dennis L.P. 21 day ago

    Geez...Will incinerated First Take.....especially Screaming A Smith

  • geerob 77
    geerob 77 22 days ago

    Whatever happened to sticking to only "SPORTS"?

  • geerob 77
    geerob 77 22 days ago

    Max needs to get off S.A.S. nuts!

  • Cory Williams
    Cory Williams 23 days ago

    Aw this dude Will Cain is racist

  • Henry West
    Henry West 23 days ago

    Will Cain needs his own real sports getting tired of Steven a Smith.

  • gucci muthaphucka
    gucci muthaphucka 23 days ago

    I mean the warriors are probably gonna win the finals so he can always go next year....

  • Justin Jones
    Justin Jones 23 days ago

    They'll be expecting a run play, let's throw a slant to the inside.

  • Robert Jacobson
    Robert Jacobson 24 days ago

    Will Cain is crazy and I love it!! Never thought I'd see someone more crazy than Stephen A.

  • counting the pages
    counting the pages 24 days ago

    Will KKKain

  • NewviewsProductions
    NewviewsProductions 24 days ago

    First 43 seconds *looks around* dammmnnn

  • Scooter Duncan
    Scooter Duncan 24 days ago

    get em will show them what's up

  • Dj GT KING
    Dj GT KING 26 days ago

    Yeah Cain fuck Stephen A and Max Kellerman

  • Panzerkampfwagen IV
    Panzerkampfwagen IV 27 days ago +1

    “You know what, FUCK YOU STEPHEN!”

  • juan dela fuente
    juan dela fuente 28 days ago

    Durant, Curry disrespecting the U.S. President is so sad. The truth of the matter is these athletes disrespect the people who voted for Trump which are mostly white and low income workers. These athletes are racists because Trump is not black. By the way, Trump did not submit fake birth certificate; did not capitulate to Iran and gave Iran hundreds of million dollars; did not hide his school college records; did not sell U.S. Uranium reserves to Russia; Trump is not a fake American citizen; Trump is not complicit to the Clinton's crimes against America. He is not a bastard son. Trump is not gay. Trump did not violate the long standing tradition of marriage between man and woman. These athletes are silent about Obama's "peccadillos" because he is black. RACISTS!!!!!!!

  • Abraham Boodala
    Abraham Boodala 28 days ago

    Bro this got personal bad really quick.

  • jamey smith
    jamey smith 28 days ago

    Fuck that white boy in the middle

  • capricornmagic63
    capricornmagic63 29 days ago

    I think Will is angry.

  • Oscar Galeana
    Oscar Galeana Month ago

    They should have gotten Will instead of Max

  • Richard Taylor
    Richard Taylor Month ago

    Stephen A Smith goes off on Black Humans but, is calm and respectful to Will KKK Cain! Always bowing down to Master like he did with Michele Beadle! He did nothing to deserve how Will came as him! Will KKK Cain doesn't like the fact a black man is standing up to him and Max a white man stands up for black and brown humans. Stephen A let Will talk to him in a way I don't see him letting black and brown folks!

  • West Lawn
    West Lawn Month ago

    All them big words. Wtf

  • Chef Cycle Nigel
    Chef Cycle Nigel Month ago

    I like these 3. Wow.

  • Can't Beat The BAY!
    Can't Beat The BAY! Month ago +1

    ain't shit moral bout you, Will.

  • ImGodsSon 19
    ImGodsSon 19 Month ago

    I think these guys purposely say things to get a rise outta stephen A

  • Marsonis2ya
    Marsonis2ya Month ago

    man this is still one of the best moments this show ever had lol

  • Jojo Quin
    Jojo Quin Month ago +1

    Stfu will cain tired of u too bitch

  • D Tracey
    D Tracey Month ago

    Will Cain is a nut. Why is he even a guest. His arguments are wack and baseless. His only value is firing up Stephen A. and sometimes Max. That chic moderator is annoying too. Whining during the debates about interrupting. Her body language and facial expressions are irritating as well. Set up the questions an shut up. Stephen A. you need your own show period. Max is solid, he complements Stephen well but Stephen A makes that show what it is. period!

  • Cara Cultee
    Cara Cultee Month ago

    Will got beat by Max, SaS got played by Will.

  • M W99
    M W99 Month ago

    Will put on his big boy pants grew some donkey balls and chugged a fifth of vodka before he sat down there😂💀

  • Joselo Castelantorres

    You can tell who the professionals are and who’s the one that gets offended when someone has a different point of view from theirs. Let’s keep Stephan a and max to do the talking there fun to watch.

  • ktbeatty
    ktbeatty Month ago

    Rare time when the "embrace debate" crap wasn't fake disagreement. Will had his buttons pushed.

  • Jermaine Harrison
    Jermaine Harrison Month ago

    Will Cain is an asshole

  • killakam1
    killakam1 Month ago

    Will Cain's voice is annoying lol

  • Micah Harris
    Micah Harris Month ago

    This is why sports and politics shouldn’t be mixed

  • Jeff Berg
    Jeff Berg Month ago

    Will Cain is hilariously overmatched in this debate.

  • Richard Taylor
    Richard Taylor Month ago

    Will Cain is the Definition of White Male Colonist Privilege. This isn't aimed at white humans who are Non Racist. This is aimed at white humans mainly Males who are and hide behind it's MY BELIEFS. Well if your beliefs are racist in their foundations you support it and that means you are. Morally if any President or Janitor at a high school first ravenously speak against KKK and Nazis is Charlottesville VA he without saying or she without saying "I'm a racist " shows support in silence. White Males like Will Cain can't see beyond the white colored glasses . They only see what favors them. He doesn't ask,"why a millionaire like Durant and football player like Kap decided as they did. He can't see nor has he tried to see the black humans pain nor the brown. Will Cain and white Males like him are why racism persist! They claim they aren't racist and then do everything proving they are and yell and scream because they fear what they see coming. That's Non Racist white People FINALLY SPEAKING OUT. Once the playing field is even white Males like Cain fear losing. NonRacist white humans have no fear because they know peace between races means more joy, and less stress and love.

  • Julian Song
    Julian Song Month ago

    Q anon

  • Jamie Lane
    Jamie Lane Month ago

    Max looks like he is holding in a dump

  • logan king
    logan king Month ago

    Damn Steve get rekt

  • James Smith
    James Smith Month ago

    2:40 Molly telling everyone to stop interrupting when nowadays it's literally the only thing she does 😂

  • Mr. TymesUp
    Mr. TymesUp Month ago

    Will Cain family probably watched people hang back in the days....

  • jordan harrison
    jordan harrison Month ago

    Will does have good points but his tone & attitude paints him out to be sententious and pretentious!

  • Farnemo
    Farnemo Month ago

    JR thinks they're yelling because they're giving props to each other.

  • Imoh Griffith
    Imoh Griffith Month ago

    I'd seriously take Stephen A. and Will replacing Max.

  • Kevin Harris Sr
    Kevin Harris Sr Month ago

    What exactly is Kevin being dissident about, or protesting. Or is it just a matter of him and his dislike of trump. The conversation is extremely equivocal.

  • Will Blackburn
    Will Blackburn Month ago

    Who likes will Cain not me

  • Chris Flowers
    Chris Flowers Month ago

    Politics? Ugh.. Shit move on to sportd

  • myob94
    myob94 Month ago +1

    Will Cain just wants to openly support trump without heat from black sports

  • pvanganimare
    pvanganimare Month ago

    I'm taking a shit right now, it's really tough to push. I'm in awe lol.

  • Guyron Barnes
    Guyron Barnes Month ago

    Will Cain is a grade A asswipe... case closed...

  • Montague Music
    Montague Music Month ago

    Will clearly don't like black people especially Stephen A Smith... Max isn't racist....he just tries too hard to prove it.... I see what Will is saying tho... I'm black and i don't believe Trump is racist...its all a game but people are dumb sheep and falls right in the trap and plays along

  • adam death
    adam death Month ago

    I just like hearing people argue stupid shit lol.

  • GodStephon
    GodStephon Month ago

    Will cain at the end couldn't hold up the argument, he started yelling and couldn't stay focus

  • Alex Holtzie
    Alex Holtzie Month ago

    2 months later and I still think will is a bitch. Sorry and shit.

  • ddcurtis21
    ddcurtis21 Month ago

    He’s ruining the show...

  • Hamilton44
    Hamilton44 Month ago

    Wow I can't believe I am 11 months late. Here is my quick take and hopefully others can understand where I am coming from...
    I admire Will Cain calli g out Stephen A Smith because he has constantly insulted Max especially after this was recorded (last 10ish months). I find it very rude to insult your colleges on live TV and to have no sincerity about your actions. Stephen A Smith is an asshole. He thinks he knows the most about the NBA while people like Skip Bayless (who is an idiot but at least is somewhat humble about his experience in analyzing the game of basketball) and more noticeably Chris's Broussard. For Max, there is not too much to be said however he seems more composed and less passive aggressive on the show than Stephen A Smith. Will Cain is unlikeable and I am confident that many people had a perception that he lacked some knowledge on certain topics but he still has a right to his opinion and shouldn't be verbally assaulted on TV. I respect Will Cain for doing this and my perception has changed a tiny bit. Undisputed > First Take.

  • Andrew Solomon
    Andrew Solomon Month ago

    I disagree with will cain politically, but I enjoy his show and his contributions to first take. And I respect his refusal to back down, even though I disagree with him a lot

  • Tristan Pastor
    Tristan Pastor Month ago

    man n d middle needs to shut up. Molly should be in there she's cute

  • Patrick Calvary
    Patrick Calvary Month ago

    I think this is the first time I've seen Stephen A Smith and Max Kellerman have each other's backs and not at each other's throats LOL it's like that annoying little friend you got but you always have his back cuz he's been down with you from day one outside our relationship is

  • Michael Callicutt
    Michael Callicutt Month ago

    Although Will Cain is a closet queen White Supremacist, I throughly enjoyed him putting his pet Slave Stephen A. Smith the Coon back in his place!! Guaranteed he will not be reprimanded!!

  • TJ
    TJ Month ago

    Molly is annoying as fuck

  • Goo The Guru Black One

    This is great......a great debate....i side with Will though......for once....

  • Jim Beam
    Jim Beam Month ago

    Ya lost me on this one

  • Smelly Web
    Smelly Web Month ago

    Will got woke.haha! 😁

  • Vanessa Lovin
    Vanessa Lovin Month ago

    Nice ...Stephen A Smith gets hammered..>Finally..

  • Trae Daddy Dollaz
    Trae Daddy Dollaz Month ago

    Bruh will just checked TF OUTTA SAS😂💀😭 DAMN!

  • James Carden
    James Carden Month ago

    This guys a legend

  • Mjuxtapose03
    Mjuxtapose03 Month ago

    Will Cain is the man. Real y’all. Realest analyst on ESPN.

  • Melanated God
    Melanated God Month ago

    Hate to say it, but I agree with KD.

  • Michael Pursey
    Michael Pursey Month ago +1


  • Fresh Nation
    Fresh Nation Month ago +1

    I hate how Stephen A Smith interrupts anybody who disagrees with him

  • Carlos G
    Carlos G Month ago +1

    Will Cain aint having it. This guy needs to on the show

  • God Status
    God Status Month ago +2

    I. A black MAN..... wears a Swastika. For those of you that are wondering to yourselves: Why does he wear swastika as a black man? Well... Right off the top... The swastika is African in origin. If there is anything that is a symbol of EVIL.....It is the American and Confederate flags. Both of which are drenched in the blood of my ancestors.

  • Richard Taylor
    Richard Taylor Month ago

    WILL KKK CAIN! Stephen A let's him talk to him and won't yell like he did at Jalen Rose! Smh! He gets quiet when a white Person that's clearly racist checks him but if black or brown he yells at them with disrespect. He's not going in on Will KKK Cain! He's dissing Stephen A and Stephen A is calmly letting him!

  • jerry TRAP
    jerry TRAP Month ago

    Told yall years ago
    Will is a straight up RACIST

  • Nicholas De Angelis

    Max is such a bitch