First Take Crew Gets Into Heated Dispute On Durant Declining White House Invite | First Take | ESPN


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  • ESPN
    ESPN  Year ago +598

    Whose take do you side with on this debate?

    • Dr.finesse.
      Dr.finesse. Month ago


    • devon_wilson14
      devon_wilson14 Month ago

      Will Chain

    • R.C. Long
      R.C. Long Month ago

      Will and Stephen were wrong. Max was right. Will proved he's a lying hypocrite if anything.
      Will's argument was that morality is not a societal schema, it's a personal schema. That is fundamentally far from the truth as morality and ethics in an individual is commonly shaped by the society around them. Max supported Will's claims that people should not be judged for their decisions, passing on their sense of morality but Max is right entirely that society does have the right and should step up when something is morally wrong. Stephen was wrong and rude all the way until he proved the hypocritical lies of Will in the end.

      9INER EMPIRE Month ago

      Whomever agrees with Kevin Durant.

    • Edrow72 Sexton
      Edrow72 Sexton Month ago

      Kevin Durant's a douchebag and Max is a hater only way he would get invited to the White House as if it was invite a sucker day

  • Jdub
    Jdub 5 hours ago

    They should take this outside lol

  • Dumass -
    Dumass - Day ago

    Hahahah, oh man that was awesome. Cain sound educated and the other two just yelling. Stephen A. was so mad that Cain tells him how he really is he almost pop. I couldn’t hear what max said cuz really it’s just gibberish anyway. Max is like the step son “STFU MAX ADULTS ARE TALKING”

  • Alfred Mccoy
    Alfred Mccoy 2 days ago

    What am I missing here.....

  • nathaniel williams
    nathaniel williams 3 days ago


  • Jonathan Encarnacion

    This was fucking great👍🏻

  • Mr. Mikey Garcia
    Mr. Mikey Garcia 7 days ago

    Will Cain= pencil ✏️ dick whiteboy 😂

  • Señor Peña
    Señor Peña 8 days ago

    Molly shut up bitch get in the kitchen we hungry

  • Mikeman Jordan
    Mikeman Jordan 9 days ago

    Cain went off lol

  • Emiliano Pedroza
    Emiliano Pedroza 9 days ago

    These guys are fools 😂😂

  • GreezyMajor 17
    GreezyMajor 17 10 days ago

    Will Is Kinda Telling The Truth With SAS, He Calls People Dumb And Ignorant For Disagreeing With Him, He Always Barrel Anything Down To Either Good Or Bad, And If You Continue To Disagree He Begin To Question You Intellect And Sometimes Morality Depending On The Situation, But Its Lowkey Why We Live SAS And Never Considers Other Objectivities, Max On The Other Hand Is Morw Understanding

  • Aren Moore
    Aren Moore 11 days ago

    Dude, I think Will Cain got through here! At 0:45 look at Stephen A. This sounds really healthy actually. Good discussion, acknowledging his feelings.

    • Aren Moore
      Aren Moore 11 days ago

      Max was saying people of goodwill are against Trump. So half the country are people of not goodwill? Proves Will’s point.

    • Aren Moore
      Aren Moore 11 days ago

      Molly keeps this show together. 2:40. She’s good.

  • Thad Castle
    Thad Castle 13 days ago

    What tf is going on lol

  • NeoNitty
    NeoNitty 13 days ago

    Will finger waving lmao #EPIC 😂😂

  • Valerie Hobdy
    Valerie Hobdy 15 days ago

    Will u need to get on Stephan A everyday. You go will
    Stephan A eat rocks

  • Chris Mitchell
    Chris Mitchell 15 days ago

    Whenever someone says free throws I think of James Harden

  • Chris Mitchell
    Chris Mitchell 15 days ago

    Let's not hate Durant until next year when he joins the Clippers and they get World Record Free Throw numbers because their clutch strategy is " Win Free Throws"

  • Serial lova/MARCL
    Serial lova/MARCL 15 days ago


  • Saul TaMeZ
    Saul TaMeZ 15 days ago

    I will say that I agree with the Trump is only for himself statement. The man cares about nothing and no one but his money and himself.

  • Cheerioss -
    Cheerioss - 15 days ago

    Will lost badly

  • Mike Ekezian
    Mike Ekezian 16 days ago

    Wills an idiot

  • andre russel
    andre russel 16 days ago

    Me and Will would of had to throw hands...

  • OHarold118
    OHarold118 16 days ago


  • James Powell
    James Powell 17 days ago

    Will Cain is nothing but an arrogant and conceited individual that thinks he knows everything and also he has zero tolerance for any ideas or concepts.He talks like everything he says is right and everything that everybody else says isn't worth 2 dead flies.

  • shanker2010
    shanker2010 17 days ago

    Look like Stephen A and Max is undressing this well dress lair, who is a racist cunt

  • Buck Nekrid
    Buck Nekrid 17 days ago +2

    Will Cain basically summarized the entire left wing of American politics

  • Noah Gonzalez
    Noah Gonzalez 18 days ago

    Will Cain is such a bitch 🤣🤣

    THEREALP0L0 18 days ago

    I love seeing trump follows cry and make themselves believe alternate realities 😂😂where THE FUCK did will win this debate? It's hilarious that trump supporters call others snowflakes but look at the comments😂😂🤣😂🤣inbreds, all of them. Will, take a fucking seat😂

  • gerry kline
    gerry kline 18 days ago

    Whats the issue...?

  • Jordan Moore
    Jordan Moore 18 days ago

    Did a few players from the Chicago Blackhawks not go to the White House when Obama was there?

  • Jason Scott
    Jason Scott 19 days ago

    Here they go again adding politics to our sports thank you

    SQUAD BOSS 19 days ago

    Moly please stfu

  • carlos caro
    carlos caro 19 days ago

    I’m waiting for Steven A to rock this white boy

  • Andres Rojas
    Andres Rojas 20 days ago

    Lmao CHUMP is a Saudi loving trick that's jealous of Obama, the MAN his mail order baby momma truly desires

  • Kaptain Tripz
    Kaptain Tripz 20 days ago

    Will the biggest pussy I've ever seen

  • Max Kellerman
    Max Kellerman 20 days ago +2

    Hot Take- Will is a complete FOOL. I might have to box this fool to knock some sense into him.

    • Dale Vance
      Dale Vance 15 days ago

      Max Kellerman Eat a bag of baby dicks

  • MrZahsome
    MrZahsome 20 days ago

    People out here claiming he took down Stephen A. Yet all failed to realize that Stephen A and Will both basically agreed with each other towards the end of the video. How did he do it exactly? Tell me again. Smh yall just wanna hate lmao brainless idiots in the comments.

  • David Horne
    David Horne 21 day ago +2

    Cancel his contact now this dude is a KKK

    • Cascadeski
      Cascadeski 9 days ago

      David Horne why cause he doesn’t take a liberal stance on everything?

  • Certified/late nite muzik

    Let this be heard.. WILL AINT NO BITCH💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿

  • cort hofler
    cort hofler 21 day ago

    THEY WERE Гμ©¥!\@ WITH WILL !....and he fell in...MOST black folks don't like trump...there are a lot of them in sport...WILL ! get over it !

  • David Rocha
    David Rocha 21 day ago

    You go will

  • bodean superhateriffic

    Will cain went HARD!!!!!!!

  • Luis Alvarez
    Luis Alvarez 22 days ago

    I’d smack Will Cain dead in his mouth, no cap. Just because.

  • Jr Woodson
    Jr Woodson 22 days ago

    Y'all fake hell

  • travistar
    travistar 22 days ago

    3 stooges

  • Mo Bruh
    Mo Bruh 23 days ago

    Stephen a Smith a douchebag

  • ah-in-nist sipes
    ah-in-nist sipes 23 days ago

    That dude is angry

  • Nam Yi
    Nam Yi 23 days ago

    Props to Will Cain holding his own ground against both Max and Stephen A. I like the fact he stood his ground. I didn’t like Will Cain because at first he made some nonsense opinions about cowboys. In this segment he was going off on Max and SAS

  • James Kirt
    James Kirt 24 days ago

    Did they really need Max?

    BOB MASTER 24 days ago +1

    This is a type of argument to occur in a fucking sociology class. Can these espn fucks ever do their job correctly?

    BOB MASTER 24 days ago +1

    Will is right. Everything he said is facts about Stephen and Max. Except he sounds whiny haha

    BOB MASTER 24 days ago +1

    Here we are watching an opinion about an opinion about our president

  • darkangelsoaps
    darkangelsoaps 24 days ago

    wont be watching these two pieces of shit ever again

  • Jeremy James
    Jeremy James 25 days ago

    Why is max bringing up the Nazis in a sports debate? When a Jewish person brings up Nazis I guess he feels everyone should cave in to his view

  • Aayan Russell
    Aayan Russell 27 days ago

    The one who speaks with the most anger in his voice is the clear loser.

  • Mahad Rana
    Mahad Rana 28 days ago

    Will is budget ben shapiro

  • illusive_nezzy88
    illusive_nezzy88 29 days ago

    I wish molly would shut the fuck up!!!!

  • Brandon Morgan
    Brandon Morgan Month ago

    Will Cain for douche bag of the year @ ESPN

  • Sans the skeleton
    Sans the skeleton Month ago

    I like will Cain lol speaks his mind n don't care

  • Seth Berger
    Seth Berger Month ago

    Will Cain Is a rising star

  • David Joseph
    David Joseph Month ago

    Once again, i love when all of them are on there together. They be going at it, great debate & great tv. Only one missing is damien woody. It's perfect when all 5 of them are there: max, stephen a, molly, will & damien. They are better than FS1's "undisputed" during these segments.

  • Robert Poole
    Robert Poole Month ago

    Kevin Durant is a racist

  • David Murphy
    David Murphy Month ago

    Somebody help molly they got my baby scared 😂😂

  • Jesus B.
    Jesus B. Month ago

    Will came on here like an upset girlfriend 😭 “I’m fed up, you don’t respect me”😭😅

  • Ocean Bob
    Ocean Bob Month ago

    This is why sports and politics don't mix

  • Jaden B
    Jaden B Month ago

    I disagree with Will’s overall point and politics, however when he was raging at the beginning he SHIT on Stephen A and Max☠️☠️

  • Martin Jackson
    Martin Jackson Month ago

    Heart land simply means white land...

  • Boog Thomas
    Boog Thomas Month ago


  • Katrice Staggers
    Katrice Staggers Month ago

    Will kame at SAS krazi n I love it Durant did have his rights Will was sippin Shannon's Henny

  • comeonman
    comeonman Month ago

    Smith is a loud dumba$$ man....max is a troubled man....Will is THE MAN!!!

  • Da'Vontae Washington

    why he started cuttin up on both of them niggas😂😂😂

  • David Hinshaw
    David Hinshaw Month ago

    Will cane is to much he needs to calm down

  • Jaden Waters
    Jaden Waters Month ago

    Like cloaking and morality 😂😂😂

  • Jaden Waters
    Jaden Waters Month ago

    They be using the biggest words 😂😂😂

  • John Dillinger
    John Dillinger Month ago

    Max is a fucking moron

  • D Mill
    D Mill Month ago

    LMAO 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Y'A Chicago Nigga
    Y'A Chicago Nigga Month ago

    I mean anyone who agrees with someone who says fuck trump... no matter who it is.. snake or not I agree with

  • Daniel Dimino
    Daniel Dimino Month ago

    Will cain is mad annoying and his fuckin teeth bug me 😒

  • tyerell070992
    tyerell070992 Month ago


  • Aaron cook
    Aaron cook Month ago


  • King Cruelty
    King Cruelty Month ago

    Will Cain is right.

  • Eric meng
    Eric meng Month ago

    Will is so full of shit max an Stephen a smith are tellin true fuck will c

  • Kash Kane
    Kash Kane Month ago

    "fucc donald trump.. boom boom.. yea nigga fucc donald trump.." *YG voice*

  • George Lamb
    George Lamb Month ago

    Steven A religiously calls people stupid for their comments 😂😂

  • Mike Melino
    Mike Melino Month ago

    who cares tim thomas for the bruins did not see obama in 2011 from their stanley cup win. why did these guys talk about it then? like who gives a shit lol

  • Micheal Johnson
    Micheal Johnson Month ago

    Dude a dick head Cain is the worse

  • Yhb Tay
    Yhb Tay Month ago


  • Jaime Acosta
    Jaime Acosta Month ago +2

    Will fake tough guy loves fake president has fake teeth

  • jjames 1993
    jjames 1993 Month ago +1

    I love will Cain but I'm a max guy though. I wanna see them fight lol

  • Protest this You loser

    Hats off to Will for bringing it!

  • Christopher Swain
    Christopher Swain Month ago

    A lot of bs being said

  • Michael Lee
    Michael Lee Month ago

    1:10 MAX~~ LOLOLOL!!!

  • Andrew Todd
    Andrew Todd Month ago

    So basically all I got from this was is that the guy in the middle is educated and the guys on the outside are brainwashed by leftist media sources and think Trump is racist and a white supremacists. What a fucking group of morons. Keep it about sports.

  • Sandor Clegane
    Sandor Clegane Month ago

    Will Cain is like a confederate skip bayless lol

  • Jason Grenier
    Jason Grenier Month ago

    So these 3 dill holes are arguing over stupid shit.

  • Lee Hatch
    Lee Hatch Month ago

    Will is the white men answer to Stephen a smith

  • Pete park
    Pete park Month ago

    He's cuckoo cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs

  • jerry kowalski
    jerry kowalski Month ago

    How silly is it that in this day and age, higher ups for some sick reason, still think they are advancing humanity, just by inserting a female into an obvious mans world with this Molly character? Whom, as ironic as it may sound, sticks out like a stiff dick on this show.

  • jerry kowalski
    jerry kowalski Month ago

    Wow. I love watching middle aged white men trying to virtue signal to their detractors because they don’t have the stones to stand on the courage of their own conviction. They are just trying to placate to the side that’s the loudest and most aggressive, because why? Because political correctness tells them they have no right to be an outlier in an industry like professional sports where 80% of the multi million dollar athletes are black. That’s called a majority by the way. But why would we highlight such obvious ironies when we can just slide into the comfort zone of conformity and group think?

    9INER EMPIRE Month ago

    Will, you know you're a Trump supporter with your guilty ass. So stop front'n!! You scared shit too.