STREET FOOD Tour in Indonesia | CRAZY EGGS + BEST BREAKFAST + PAINFUL Spicy Chili Peppers!

  • Published on Sep 16, 2017
    Street Food in Indonesia is INSANE! There’s these crazy egg stuffed intestines and some of the BEST breakfast street food around the world, and some super SPICY chilies! Join us for a full on Indonesian Street Food tour in DEEP Sumatra, in the little town of Bukittingi. We found a huge variety of delicious and cheap Indonesian street food, only a couple hour drive north of Padang in West Sumatra! We traveled to Bukittinggi specifically to eat and taste the recipes from a ton of different street foods, and found so many SPICY and extremely delicious street food! In this street food tour video, you can travel with us and experience tons of different flavors and spicy street food recipes made right on the streets of Indonesia, in Bukittinggi, West Sumatra!
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    We were travelling and living in Indonesia for a month, and found the Street Food in Indonesia to be so delicious! Indonesian Street Food in West Sumatra is definitely some of the BEST in Asia! We travel for Street Food around the world, and you definitely need to watch these street food tours we’ve made.
    This is part 4 of our Indonesia Street Food Series
    Watch part 3
    Watch Part 2 here:
    Watch Part 1 here:
    Over the past few years, I’ve been making street food around the world street food tour videos, and we’ve filmed street food in Indonesia, Street Food in China, Street food in Turkey, Street food in India, Street food in Malaysia, and more, and we are going to keep making delicious street food tour videos for you! So far, some of favourite street food is Indonesian street food and Chinese street food along with Indian street food! And I couldn’t forget the variety of Malaysian street food! There’s just too many delicious street food around the world recipes to eat!
    In this Sumatra street food tour video, I ate a lot of delicious Indonesian street foods. Here are the addresses for the street foods, for the next time you visit Bukitttingi, Indonesia:
    -Lontong Sarondeng - a super flavourful rice cake boiled in a banana leaf and covered in a light gravy/soup that tasted a little bit like red curry with a ton of coconut milk. It was super flavourful and covered with noodles and crackers and tempeh soybean cake! Found in the morning market known as Pasar Bawah.
    2) Patai Stink Beans - These are found all over Southeast Asia and add a stinky mushroom flavour like aroma to all the dishes they are added to. I found them super delicious when in sambas! Also found at the morning market of Pasar Bawah.
    3) Extremely painful chili sambal - Also found at Pasar Bawah morning street food market.
    4) Sate Padang chicken skewer - Found inside the morning street food market at Pasar Bawah.
    5) Nasi Kapau - this is the most beautiful array of street food dishes you can try in the world! All these different spicy curries, stews, meats covered in sambal, vegetables, jackfruit stew, all over rice is available for you to choose from!
    Found at Nasi Kapau Hj.Mes At Los Lambuang , bukitttinggi, Indonesia
    6) Super spicy green chili sambal baby duck - This is the famous Itiak Lado mudo dish! Found at Itiak Lado Mudo Ngarai, Jalan Binuang, Darma, Kayu Kubu, Guguk Panjang, Kota Bukittinggi, Sumatera Selatan 45562, Indonesia
    7) Beautiful rice fields - Found right behind the Itiak Lado Mudo Ngarai place!
    8) Amazing street food martabak - beef and onion stuffed inside a beautiful grilled pancake! Found at
    Martabak Kubang Simpang Yarsi, Bukittinggi
    My name is Trevor James and I'm a hungry traveler and Mandarin learner that's currently living in Chengdu, Sichuan, China, eating up as much delicious street food that I can!
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    The Food Ranger  Year ago +622

    Follow me on Insta for behind the scenes:
    I hope you enjoy the crazy stuff we tried in this video! West Sumatra truly is a food heaven, and we barely scratched the surface! Please let me know what you thought about this video down below, thanks a lot! Hope you’re doing well!

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      kum madi Month ago

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    Fadhlan Akbar 9 days ago

    The price for nasi kapau & itiak lado mudo is wrong. The real is 25.000 idr and 30.000 idr respectively. But, it's so nice watch you visited my hometown ☺

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