90s Grunge & Supermodel Glam Makeup Tutorial

  • Published on Apr 19, 2015
  • I love the 90s so much that if you asked me to do a Furby inspired makeup I'd probably do it. To start simple and slightly less weird than that, here is my take on an inspired 90s grunge look, and an inspired glam look of the 90s supermodels. I took some other popular 90s makeup styles and mixed them with one of these two looks, so I could cover as many trends as possible. Mix and match the brows or lips you like the best, and dust off your beanie babies cause they gotta be worth something someday.
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    Products used--
    Nyx Cosmetics micro brow pencil in ash brown for those sexy sexy stick eyebrows
    Melt Cosmetics dark matter eyeshadow stack
    House of Lashes starlet lashes
    Tarte black clay pot liner
    OCC Anita lip tar
    @hairhegoes on instagram custom wig
    Supermodel Glam:
    Tarte poppy picnic Amazonian clay eye and cheek palette, clay pot liner
    Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow in chocolate
    NYX brow gel and brow mascara in espresso on top of the dipbrow to get a more natural hair look, high voltage lipstick in mirage
    El Dora False Lashes in m104
    Motives Cosmetics dusty rose lip liner
    MAC c-thru lipglass, Melba blush
    & I don't for the life of me remember who makes this wig- I bought it at Nigel Beauty Emporium in LA

    Kasger & Limitless - Miles Away [NCS Release]
    Tetrix Bass Feat. Veela - The Light [NCS Release]
    "Greta Sting" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
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  • Maddy Arana
    Maddy Arana 5 days ago +1

    Thanks Mykie,
    Now those hideous windbreakers are back. And they literally look like trash on all the teenagers with their mom jeans and oversized shirts.

  • Shanna Packard
    Shanna Packard 5 days ago

    Yeah... I apparently still wear my eyeshadow that way (grunge) DAMNIT OLD HABITS DIE HARD!

  • Lulu
    Lulu 8 days ago

    every year i give this video 8000 views

  • I'mNotCrazy JustALittleWeird

    I would like to point out that whether intentional or not the title "ironic" is actually ironic and therefore i do like it lol

  • mrs. guy fieri
    mrs. guy fieri 10 days ago

    i still am not over how gorgeous she looks, especially in the supermodel tutorial. she can’t be real

  • Kelsey Cutting
    Kelsey Cutting 12 days ago

    Mykie is always so pretty but in the super model look...OMG she is absolutely gorgeous💖

  • Orla Higgins
    Orla Higgins 15 days ago +1

    oh the green glitter run ins, now we are all going to have red glitter run ins instead

  • Mackenzie Mitchell
    Mackenzie Mitchell 16 days ago

    The 90s grunge look is PERFECT for Mississippi State fans that don’t wanna do a typical sparkly game day look. I come back to this video every college football season.

  • Amber Canedo
    Amber Canedo 17 days ago

    I showed my husband this and he was like....soooooo everything you do now is just from the 90s with a little bit of crazy glitter highlighter added in??
    Yuppppp. This made me so nostalgic!

  • Fuert Neigt
    Fuert Neigt 18 days ago

    it's weird how in some of her videos she is a solid 10, but in other videos she looks like a totally differnt person

  • Samantha Harper
    Samantha Harper 18 days ago

    Kinda miss the 90`s looks

  • Amelia Derek
    Amelia Derek 25 days ago

    Expept in the 90s my country was bombed and a averaged paychech was 50€ 😅

  • Anaston Barnes
    Anaston Barnes Month ago

    Ha! Let’s bring back the 80S!!!🤩😍

  • PerrBear
    PerrBear Month ago

    You should do 80s cuz they are kinda coming back cause stranger things :p

  • We Are Come in Peace

    The first one was my mother so hard. Then in the 2000s she immediately switched to looking like a mix of the second and a chola.

  • Rose Hernandes
    Rose Hernandes Month ago

    What about early 2000's? Early 2000's had some of the best music. Sadly now it's all pop and rap, and heavier music is frowned upon.

  • Bethany Smith
    Bethany Smith Month ago

    She's right the 90s were the shit!

  • Ana Guillo Hernandez

    Looks great!

  • Jeanette Lendorff Rosenlind Andersen

    4 years later and i still do this brows EVERY DAY. im 18 now, ive does my brows like her bc of her

  • AlExAnDrIa DeClUe
    AlExAnDrIa DeClUe Month ago

    I've watched this video atleast 679 times

  • Abbeney Moeller
    Abbeney Moeller Month ago

    In your supermodel glam you look like Meghan Markle

  • Angel Love
    Angel Love Month ago +1

    I love the song 1985 from bowling for soup, also love scrubs, genie in a bottle and that's all I can think of

  • Angel Love
    Angel Love Month ago

    I agree and I was born in the 2000s

  • Madusa V
    Madusa V Month ago

    Always will love the 90's

  • Getmypastamasta
    Getmypastamasta Month ago +1

    90s supermodels were so much prettier than now and natural

  • Nina Narvaez
    Nina Narvaez 2 months ago

    Are you an Aquarius 😅

  • Denny Rep
    Denny Rep 2 months ago +1

    "i love kurt Cobain and kurt Cobain and food roll ups and kurt Cobain"
    Kinda sounds like me😂😂👌👌

  • Viola Lockhart
    Viola Lockhart 2 months ago

    Hah 90s grunge is my style plus killstar goth ;)

  • Ohh no he's hooot
    Ohh no he's hooot 2 months ago

    Ok so this won’t make sense but like if these two looks were characters they would be the perfect cast of lesbian Pretty in Pink

  • Xavier Frosth
    Xavier Frosth 2 months ago

    You're funny Mykie Loren :)

  • Jacob Hock
    Jacob Hock 2 months ago

    Not trying to hate, I love your channel, but Tupac was a convicted rapist. He was involved in a brutal gang raping of a girl.

  • Shae Garwood
    Shae Garwood 2 months ago

    Wow her eyebrow game has upgraded sooooo much

  • Brianna Mcclain
    Brianna Mcclain 2 months ago

    I would wear this everyday best super model look ever

  • Arceus Lord of Creation
    Arceus Lord of Creation 2 months ago +1

    “The hair, it’s so BIG, full of secrets”

  • Zumbo Jumbo
    Zumbo Jumbo 2 months ago +1

    The second brows are sisters

  • Antoinette Marlow
    Antoinette Marlow 2 months ago +1

    Mykie, you are SO beautiful - and I suspect you're the same on the inside! 💋💋

  • Alice Motionless Ledger 570

    I live 90s grunge! I'm not leaving.

  • Rebecca Striffler
    Rebecca Striffler 3 months ago

    who else caught the mean girls reference at 6:10?

  • Brooklyn Chester
    Brooklyn Chester 3 months ago

    Ok scrunchies are back in sorry 2006 kid

  • D B R H
    D B R H 3 months ago

    lmao the bill clinton part 😭

  • Vilma Velazquez
    Vilma Velazquez 3 months ago

    You are sooo talented! Love watching your videos :)

  • Miagracexox
    Miagracexox 3 months ago

    Best thing about the 90s was the sandlot

  • sally jones
    sally jones 3 months ago

    The supermodel looks reminds me of the emo girls in 2012

  • Diana Ruth
    Diana Ruth 3 months ago

    I to this day still love the smokey eyeliner look

  • Eileen Oneill
    Eileen Oneill 3 months ago

    Omg I wore green glitter for saint paddys day and it's June still find it everywhere

  • Hannah Ellis
    Hannah Ellis 4 months ago

    Where is this pretty brown wig from

  • Kimberly 1985
    Kimberly 1985 4 months ago

    Dam girl you are gifted!! This is first time I seen your channel and when you went natural to the makeup omg god! You look so different. You beautiful both ways but you are gifted and need to do your calling which looks like it be a makeup artist.

  • Michelle Gifford
    Michelle Gifford 4 months ago

    Born in 91 :) I miss the good ole days :(

  • Rhombicosidodecahedron
    Rhombicosidodecahedron 4 months ago

    Both of these looks are fricking awesome. Also, I did not know about making your eyebrows lighter than your hair, probably because my eyebrows are one to two shades darker than my hair and are relatively thick

  • snatched batch
    snatched batch 4 months ago

    I have the same GNR tee btw❤❤

  • snatched batch
    snatched batch 4 months ago

    Lookin like jamie lynn spears👀👏🙌💥

  • Jasmine Yi
    Jasmine Yi 5 months ago

    I love this video and you!! I had to come watch this again because I will be attending a 90s themed party tonight!! But can’t decide on glam or grunge!
    Anyways love you and have you noticed the 90s fashion trends are coming back??? 🍾🍾🍾

  • Nicole Fitzgerald
    Nicole Fitzgerald 5 months ago

    I'm proud to be born in the 90's

  • Candice Leila
    Candice Leila 5 months ago

    Omg your glam look makes you look exactly like Carmen Electra ...

  • billiejean bookout
    billiejean bookout 5 months ago

    In the grunge side you look like 90s Cameron Diaz

  • ellie bland
    ellie bland 5 months ago

    Is it just me or does she look like rachel from FRIENDS when she did the supermodel look

  • Piper Geise
    Piper Geise 5 months ago

    If I’m being completely honest the 80’s grunge rock scene is so underrated:( it’s all about the 90’s. There would be no 90’s grunge with out the 80’s grunge rock scene leaders like Mötley Crüe and Skid row. 80’s is the shit

  • Tiri Aran
    Tiri Aran 5 months ago +1

    Super late, but her grunge makeup look honestly looked a lot like a 1920's flapper's XD Looks amazing as always!

  • Meredith Hagan
    Meredith Hagan 5 months ago

    How was this four years ago already??!

  • Dark_drops_ Of_color
    Dark_drops_ Of_color 5 months ago

    When looking this up I typed in grudge and not grunge and got the actual shit scared of me
    It’s 3:07 am omg