Average American Kids vs Average European Kids - How Do They Compare?

  • Published on Aug 2, 2018
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    We’ll start today’s show with a bit of a disclaimer. We understand that all European kids from all 50 European countries and transnational nations can’t all be lumped into one. That’s not our objective today. What we will try to do is take a look at how kids from some European countries compare to American kids in certain respects. How are their lifestyles different, how is schooling different, what kinds of habits do they have, who seems to have a better standard of living, who gets arrested more, who drinks alcohol with abandon and is not yet out of their teenage years, who gets married young or has kids at a young age? Things like that, and more. So, without further ado, welcome to this episode of the Infographics Show, American Kids vs European Kids.

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Comments • 8 033

  • Meg Meg
    Meg Meg 3 minutes ago

    And with belgium I mean west flanders. Well on televisions when a west flander person is on screen they alway put on subtitles bc we speak in dialect. Srry 4 bad english
    Well this comment is a bit random.

  • Meg Meg
    Meg Meg 8 minutes ago

    Lol Im a 16 year old kid living in belgium and there is a kid from New york in our Class trelling that the school system is totally different. Its interesting

  • Miss Immaculate
    Miss Immaculate 2 hours ago

    Most American kids stay inside all day lol

  • Mia K
    Mia K 2 hours ago

    Why Crimea is yellow? IT IS PART OF UKRAINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7:37

  • Max Sheridan
    Max Sheridan 2 hours ago

    Irish jouniercycle bitches

  • KillSpy
    KillSpy 3 hours ago

    In slovakia u can smoke at any age but u cant buy it until 18

  • Tobia Lapanje Golob
    Tobia Lapanje Golob 4 hours ago

    He mentionded mu little country.... Slovenia😫😫

  • Soviet Republican
    Soviet Republican 4 hours ago


  • seán whelehen
    seán whelehen 21 hour ago

    No irland):

  • Luka Lukunic
    Luka Lukunic 21 hour ago +1

    I want to go to school in America

  • Luka Lukunic
    Luka Lukunic 21 hour ago +1

    Europians steal memes
    Not me

  • FavouredSafe5
    FavouredSafe5 22 hours ago

    You say Glasgow as glazgow

  • Sander Van Sant :P

    Age off legal sex in europe: 14-16 yo
    Wait im 14...
    HELL YEAH!!!

  • Karlah Middlemass

    So wait, Americans can buy guns at 18 but can't drink till 21!


  • cjxsnos
    cjxsnos Day ago

    Turkey is NOT an EU country...it even belongs in another continent

  • Karlah Middlemass

    Is it just me or are any other Scots cringing at the way he said Glasgow... 😁

  • jakob nebel
    jakob nebel Day ago

    Bruh i never Kissed a girl

  • GaMister
    GaMister Day ago

    Now i wanna live in finland lol.

    Cuz of sch💩💩l

  • Smix
    Smix Day ago

    When you are in 6th grade in Sweden and no ones a virgin except you...

  • Alex Wales
    Alex Wales Day ago

    You really don't end up having to pay much of what they say you do for uni in the UK. After you graduate, you only pay a small amount each month that's taken from your pay check, and that's only if you're earning more than a certain amount, and the debt is cleared if it's still not paid off within 25 years.

  • james k 09
    james k 09 Day ago

    Im irish

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover Day ago

    Beautiful graphics. Props to the artist :)

  • FatDoggo HD
    FatDoggo HD Day ago

    in germany we are allowed to drink beer, wine and other "soft" alcoholic drinks with 14 but are allowed to buy alcohol with 16 and hard alcohol with 18

  • lucaremo
    lucaremo Day ago

    Hello from Estonia!

  • Noah Langrehr
    Noah Langrehr Day ago

    Turkey is part of Europe

  • Drakon332
    Drakon332 Day ago

    mental health in finnish schools, esp higher education is pretty big problem

  • Riley Smith
    Riley Smith Day ago +1

    It’s funny how Americans think Europe is just one place , like are you talking about London or fucking Berlin!!

  • Sasha eink
    Sasha eink Day ago

    Americans kids or teens are o bunch of alcoholics and stoners with no education and their hobbies is guns, racism,weed,dab and school shooting, if you smoke weed you are "soo cool" the girls start they sex life at 13,14 and if you reach the age 16 and you still a vigin they will laugh at you and call you a virgin,because they are sluts and their dreams is to became a popular strippers and the boys the future pedophiles on fox news,i mean thas the real truth

    • Un-Ironic Productions
      Un-Ironic Productions Day ago

      That's not at all what we are maan. We are alright. We like guns and freedom.

  • Pancake Pudding
    Pancake Pudding 2 days ago

    In the czech republic all levels of education are free.

  • Dušan Zdravković
    Dušan Zdravković 2 days ago

    Nije ti ovo trbalo pičko jedna raspala Kosovo je Srbija
    Why you do this you pussy
    Kosovo is Serbia

  • Pufy Cino
    Pufy Cino 2 days ago

    American kids are WAY FATTER.

  • Popdop007
    Popdop007 2 days ago

    GLASGOW!!!!!! NOT GLASS COW!!!!!!!!

  • Trash Lapiz
    Trash Lapiz 3 days ago +1

    Um not pronounced Glasgaw

  • Albert Vandame
    Albert Vandame 3 days ago

    Well I am 11 yo from Romania, and I stay at school 6 hours 2 days, 5 hours 2 days, 1 hour 1 day. :(

  • tricky_
    tricky_ 3 days ago

    The entire comments section is just Europeans shitting on America

  • Fryan
    Fryan 3 days ago

    You forgot about the uk on the alcohol one. U can drink when you’re 5 if it’s with a meal in your home

  • Ana ReVeluv
    Ana ReVeluv 3 days ago

    At least I’m not getting shot on my way to school

  • Theultimatepigeonlordofmortals JR

    I'm from Canada and I moved to France and I can say that school is cooler

  • Aaron S
    Aaron S 3 days ago

    Wish I spoke Finnish

  • Dark
    Dark 3 days ago

    U dissin my home town me and my boys will drive by and stab u up fam London ting

  • 3a3a3a
    3a3a3a 3 days ago

    Turkey is not europe

  • CharChar Animations
    CharChar Animations 4 days ago

    American’s schools are generally more stressful because the teachers are usually bad and make everything confusing.
    Idk how it is in Europe, though

  • Skites Rage
    Skites Rage 4 days ago

    But you've never seen growing up in our Balkan

  • Gabe G.
    Gabe G. 4 days ago

    USA is better because of the following:
    Diverse population: in a single day you have a chance of meeting people from 20 different countries
    Diverse landscape & climates - one country, with vast territories
    Top universities in the world: Majority of elite schools are located in the USA
    Leader in science, medical research, and high technology: no single European country is so advanced in these fields
    Overall friendly and hospitable people: some might argue usual American niceness is fake, but that's another topic. People in US are almost always friendly and quick to smile
    Affordable cost of living in most of the country: compared to Western European countries (UK, Germany)
    People here are relatively not afraid to take risks in life: This is one of the main reasons why majority of modern successful tech companies were born in US. Especially younger people in USA are more eager to take risks of founding a startup
    Most of the world's most popular and influential musical genres of the past 150 years started and flourished in the US
    The strong ability of American creations to influence the way people think and live all over the world: Hollywood has a huge say in this
    There is relatively little xenophobia compared to most European countries: especially due to recent political developments, foreigners are not always welcome
    You can be whoever you want, nobody cares about your past or where you come from: if you look at most US celebrities, successful people, many of them were not even born in US, or were born in poverty. In my humble opinion, it is not that easy to make a jump on a social ladder in Europe
    Nationality (or being an American) isn't based on your race or heritage like in almost all other countries
    Owning a car is affordable for most: in most western European countries, car is a high maintenance
    The quality of our health care, service, infrastructure is simply superb: before you speak up, I meant quality, not cost
    Bureaucratic stuff is mostly easier to handle in the US: many European countries still have not adopted digital world and are buried in paperwork (took me 3 months to set an appointment in German foreigners' office, because they accidentally lost some damn paper)
    Lower taxes
    Higher wages: US employers are often more generous

  • BrownyBear
    BrownyBear 4 days ago

    Europe is pretty good but you're making us look so bad.
    Really sick of you defending yourself like why not mention school shootings etc.

  • Tabletop Terrainer
    Tabletop Terrainer 4 days ago

    In Germany there’s two brackets, 14 year olds to 16 year olds, if you are 17 plus it’s still statutory rape for a twenty year old to sleep with a 14 year old so you can’t just “sleep around with 14 year olds”

    APPLE CUT RO 4 days ago

    I died at 3:50,do you know why,because I'm Romanian.....ARDEAL ROMANIAN LAND!SCREW HUNGARIANS
    Jokes apart we drink alcohol and smoke a lot and that is not good,as example the alcohol part leads to a lot of abuse and abandon against the children and that is not good,we fight against corruption by going outside and fight for our rights,even tough I am a kid I have to fight for my future children and a correct and honest political system without corruption,we need to be a united country

  • Dani Abadeister
    Dani Abadeister 4 days ago

    There's a typo in the title, they only talk about one American country

  • CoolestSeaOctopus m
    CoolestSeaOctopus m 4 days ago


  • Spideog of Highgate
    Spideog of Highgate 4 days ago

    The standard of education wasn't touched on here. The north american and European education systems differ in that the college level average in north america has the same education standard as that of secondary school in europe. Only beaten out by the average eastern Asian middle school education level equivalent to college level to europeans and... uh ... well there is no equivalent to north american education.

  • Joël Guezo
    Joël Guezo 4 days ago

    I defo can't argue that in Britain you have to work hard.. GCSE's weren't exactly a cup of tea and A-Levels now are even worse, I have to spend most of the day working and I've only just started the syllabus :( (I am doing some of the hardest subjects though)

  • Dat Boii
    Dat Boii 4 days ago

    In Europe we don’t shoot in schools

  • It’syeOOF
    It’syeOOF 4 days ago

    I turn 14 in a few months. I should move to Germany

  • Globaros The gamer
    Globaros The gamer 4 days ago

    Finland and no homework. NO homework??
    Pff, Let me laugh. Do you know how much homework we get!!

  • Neongreenlemon V . 0

    *sweats in Slavic teenager* wow....16 for drinking, yeet

  • Jesse Galloway
    Jesse Galloway 4 days ago

    The west is the best.

  • Patryk Games
    Patryk Games 4 days ago

    Im from Europa

  • AlexTheTurtle
    AlexTheTurtle 4 days ago

    We got Memes

    They Dont

  • pavlos the greck
    pavlos the greck 4 days ago

    Turkey is not a European country

  • CJ House
    CJ House 4 days ago


  • katiegrim
    katiegrim 4 days ago

    most teenagers in the US smoke weed or vape, it’s kind of a national thing. nobody smokes cigarettes

  • genorl bragg
    genorl bragg 4 days ago +1

    no offense but how many bigger cities does America have than Europe

    • Arun Salwan
      Arun Salwan 2 hours ago

      most of americas crime rate is related to the drug war. in fact the rate has gone down significantly over decades.

    • fan9775
      fan9775 Day ago

      +William Magnusson Depends on your definition of crime.

    • William Magnusson
      William Magnusson Day ago

      +fan9775 maybe not Rusky's and romanians but most of europe

    • William Magnusson
      William Magnusson Day ago +2

      +fan9775 depends which country as well as county but generally speaking the vast majority of the European countries have less crime rate combined to the US

    • fan9775
      fan9775 Day ago

      +William Magnusson Depends.

  • Antex
    Antex 4 days ago

    But the reason Swedes lose their virginity early it’s cus the legal age to have sex is 15

  • Aaro Pakarinen
    Aaro Pakarinen 4 days ago

    We have 4 hour school days in a row at thursday and friday and tuesday a.d monday are six hour days wensday is five hours

  • Broly
    Broly 4 days ago

    Where mah europeans at?

  • Jaak Saks
    Jaak Saks 5 days ago

    Eestil on parim kool, ja edukatioon. Tal on ka kultuur. Ainult sellepärast et ta on väike ei tähenda et see pole ilusaim maa Maailmas.

  • Jayden Mulgrew
    Jayden Mulgrew 5 days ago

    You said Glasgow wrong

  • eljost 512
    eljost 512 5 days ago

    Why dont have information about Spain?

  • JAIME Vildosola
    JAIME Vildosola 5 days ago

    Yeah just look at Spain...

  • A wrong channel
    A wrong channel 5 days ago

    2:54 and Hong Kong... Exam-oriented education.

  • Nikola Misic
    Nikola Misic 5 days ago

    what about serbia?

  • Cat Zilla
    Cat Zilla 5 days ago

    Says Scotland has free university, then compares U.S. university cost to Uk despite saying Scotland has free university, there's a shit hole called England

  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki 5 days ago

    Not so fair you count 1 country vs 10 of course Europe has more of some things

  • Stefan Jansson
    Stefan Jansson 5 days ago

    Sweden does also have free education, you even get paid to study.

  • al_ x421
    al_ x421 5 days ago

    That's the European Union flag not the European flag😂😂 stupid American

  • Vienkāršs Skatītājs

    Nice joke when you said that latvian kids drink the least.

  • M0jo67
    M0jo67 5 days ago

    In Europe there are less school shootings

  • blaž pirš
    blaž pirš 5 days ago

    I live in Slovenia so i'm free 😄😄😄😄

  • the potatoviking
    the potatoviking 5 days ago

    Lmao i would like to see an american kid go to a european school in my country we learn 4 languages dutch french german and english and here in europe its not like in america where the parents get mad at the teacher my parents get mad at me

  • john cataluna gaming

    how about you include in the problems nextime drugs

  • Crashius
    Crashius 5 days ago +29

    How to trigger a european ? Turkey is europeeee

    • Soviet Republican
      Soviet Republican 4 hours ago

      Turkey is in Asia and Europe

    • Sub for Sub
      Sub for Sub Day ago +1

      Did i just see ur comment about fortnite switch platform and now ur here?

    • etozevol4ok
      etozevol4ok 3 days ago +1

      Its kinda hard to trigger Europe. England is no longer in EU ? higher life expectancy meaning you suffer more... Damn, okay this should be good, Universal health care, free education, travelling SHIT.
      But damn easy to trigger Americans: School shooting gallery, Endless racism, Crime/Violance, police brutality, college up to 200K, Health bills that can bankrupt whole family.

    • Crashius
      Crashius 4 days ago

      +Mildly Grumpylemme say you western half of turkey is tottaly european , eastern half of the turkey is middle eastern with a %50 percentage of non-turkish citizens.

    • Mildly Grumpy
      Mildly Grumpy 4 days ago +4

      turkey is its own weird thing. some of the people look european but the overall culture is middle eastern.

  • IzJusMe
    IzJusMe 6 days ago


  • ezgi
    ezgi 6 days ago

    "school isnt too stressfull in the Netherlands"
    hahahah stop, it fucking is

  • искусство
    искусство 6 days ago

    You get paid to go to school in sweden

  • Natalie Reiss
    Natalie Reiss 6 days ago

    “Are American kids all that wild”
    *75% of my old Middle School has lost their virginity*

  • The gaming T-rexes
    The gaming T-rexes 6 days ago

    I’m European italian and australian

    THESKETCH_MONSTER 6 days ago

    sponsored by Europe ( im European)

  • Raphaël D
    Raphaël D 6 days ago

    in Europe we don't elect a surly, nasty, rude and stupid child as our president...

  • tankBG
    tankBG 6 days ago

    in bulgaria female gypsies get pregnant at the age of 14 :D

  • Crazy Kayori
    Crazy Kayori 6 days ago

    Finland schools are happier because their teachers let let them make choices and be them self
    B-but ar-are tea-teachers are the b-best
    **camera positions behind me to reveal a teacher with a whip**

  • itscanadagoose !
    itscanadagoose ! 6 days ago

    american kids have memes

  • BlueKnight /B.K
    BlueKnight /B.K 7 days ago

    I'm romanian and i can tell you,only the kids influenced by gypsies smoke... Gypsies came in our country and teared it to shreds destroying youth and everything in our country. And the government instead of fighting with this problem they are trying to legalize corruption. Then they ask why we are leaving

  • Adam Gillespie
    Adam Gillespie 7 days ago

    Europe is too diverse for this stuff.

  • Leszy
    Leszy 7 days ago


  • lil saquito
    lil saquito 7 days ago

    I know it seems weird, but to many europeans, drinking more and at a younger age is something we are not ashamed of as it is a big part of our culture

  • Amelia princess
    Amelia princess 7 days ago

    In my country is not legal to buy cigarettes or beer or even alcohol they don't care

  • SB 394
    SB 394 7 days ago +1

    You put Kosovo as a country!!? 😡😣😤😠😖

  • Robert H. Goddard: The Father of Rocketry

    American Kids: killed in school shootings
    European KIds: run down by trucks of peace.

    BACON DAVID 8 days ago

    Buuuut... Turkey isn't in the EU

  • Tracey Smith
    Tracey Smith 8 days ago

    Merica derm