Average American Kids vs Average European Kids - How Do They Compare?

  • Published on Aug 2, 2018
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    We’ll start today’s show with a bit of a disclaimer. We understand that all European kids from all 50 European countries and transnational nations can’t all be lumped into one. That’s not our objective today. What we will try to do is take a look at how kids from some European countries compare to American kids in certain respects. How are their lifestyles different, how is schooling different, what kinds of habits do they have, who seems to have a better standard of living, who gets arrested more, who drinks alcohol with abandon and is not yet out of their teenage years, who gets married young or has kids at a young age? Things like that, and more. So, without further ado, welcome to this episode of the Infographics Show, American Kids vs European Kids.

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Comments • 10 572

  • Rose-N
    Rose-N Hour ago

    Something that annoys me with these videos about Europe made by Americans is that they always use the EU flag to represent Europe. Europe is NOT EU!
    Still a good video overall.

  • Mira Horner
    Mira Horner 2 hours ago

    Atleast noone will tell me that Earth is flat and to make genders equal we need to kill all males in Europe.

  • Jeff Greg
    Jeff Greg 8 hours ago

    Wonder what the Americano think of all us wogs

  • kaksisarvinen
    kaksisarvinen 11 hours ago

    Torilla tavataan!

  • Sam Taillon
    Sam Taillon Day ago

    Europe doesn’t have


  • Chazy East
    Chazy East Day ago

    US kids also drinks illegaly duhh

  • Россия Россия

    Europe at least has rich children, and at least don't brag as much, as the american cringe children.

  • Goat E. Mcghee
    Goat E. Mcghee Day ago

    You cant lump all the kids in America the same either. People born on the east coast will be way more different than a Texas born kid.

  • I'mPanDuhhh
    I'mPanDuhhh 2 days ago

    Lol it is defiantly not the same in the UK, for UK citizens university is defiantly way more affordable then American university and if you aren't able to pay it back after 30 years then the government pays it off for you

  • andrei calin
    andrei calin 2 days ago

    i am from romania

  • Kaarmy
    Kaarmy 2 days ago

    UK didnt belong to europe. they never did.

  • Daniela Georgeta Calota

    our kids are poisoned with selfies, lip enhancements and libraries are closing. I do not need this culture without consent for my future generation.

  • DiamondTurtle
    DiamondTurtle 2 days ago

    Fucking Dutch always being so happy and different. It's so beautiful.

  • Dexter Spalding
    Dexter Spalding 2 days ago

    I want to get a Ireland accent so hopefully my children will be happy ther

  • -Sanada -
    -Sanada - 2 days ago

    If you don't want to pay more taxes, then stop complaining about free education. ( I literally have almost 12k when I graduated from hight school) WORK!!!!!!!!

  • Ivo Wiersma
    Ivo Wiersma 2 days ago

    In other words america sucks europe is best

  • Big Man
    Big Man 3 days ago

    How hard is it to fucking say Glasgow right

  • djebf Showmme
    djebf Showmme 3 days ago

    kids in europe dont die in school

    LMG PLAYS 4 days ago

    Germans kids are always kinder then usa kids (because in germnay kid is translated is kind

  • SCAR Bushido
    SCAR Bushido 4 days ago

    Europe gets bad grades because of those crappy eastern European countries.

  • General Goldy
    General Goldy 4 days ago

    I hate all these snobby canadians and europeans in the comment section acting like your so high and mighty been acting like it since the 1300s

  • Google User
    Google User 4 days ago

    Kids In the UK are the most lost😂😂

  • RyanairFuckhead
    RyanairFuckhead 4 days ago

    If i had to chose i chose europeans

  • bloodbaron1
    bloodbaron1 4 days ago

    didnt know asians and africans were europeans but ok

  • Tom Schilling
    Tom Schilling 4 days ago

    In Europe you start drinking at 14, most parents buy it for you because they’d rather you be safe and drink, that’s just the culture in Europe

  • Bumbles Pack of legends

    With achole In the English history children drank beer because it was the only thing to drink (apparently)🍺 my history teacher told me when we where learning about the battle of Hastings and Vikings by the was I’m English so if any English people find this a bit offensive (which would mean I’m offending myself) then I’m sorry but it is just boring old history

  • Sir Panda
    Sir Panda 4 days ago

    Europe isn't a country.......

  • Latte Macchiato
    Latte Macchiato 5 days ago +1

    In Poland unis are free, this videos are so poorly made :/

  • toptomcat 101
    toptomcat 101 5 days ago

    Scotland is in the UK

  • Popcoll :D
    Popcoll :D 5 days ago

    Sweden has free education

  • hi hi
    hi hi 5 days ago

    I life in finland

  • colorbar.s
    colorbar.s 5 days ago

    European kids don't get killed in school shootings

  • jungkook kookie
    jungkook kookie 5 days ago

    Im finnish... I feel better about My self

  • CaptainKek69420
    CaptainKek69420 5 days ago

    We also have memes in america

  • Michiel
    Michiel 5 days ago

    Now do one on opioid addiction LOL

  • alex564
    alex564 5 days ago

    Here in greece we smoke cigarettes from 5th grade i know a kid that he do his first cigarette at 5th grade

  • Initial 1890
    Initial 1890 5 days ago

    Boi 18 year olds can get guns at 18 but cant drink till 21

  • John Heimdal
    John Heimdal 5 days ago

    say hello to the Nordic nations 4:26

  • SuperCunthunt
    SuperCunthunt 5 days ago

    In germany is university eduxction also mostly free.
    I have to pay 300 euro (per semester) and 200 are the costs for the included rail ticket

  • Tomás Moreira
    Tomás Moreira 5 days ago

    this video should be called american kids vs nordic kids

  • Emelie Alariksson
    Emelie Alariksson 6 days ago

    i live in sweden and we also have free education

  • ASTROfocs CZ
    ASTROfocs CZ 6 days ago +2

    You forgot the V4 (Czechia, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary) When it comes to free schooling

  • r i c h a r d
    r i c h a r d 6 days ago

    Isnt the uk higher placed in terms of education lmao?

  • Fetl TV
    Fetl TV 6 days ago

    Well im not supriswd in the alcohol and cigarette part because many european countrys are slavic and slavic people know alcohol and cigarettes the most

  • Gabthegamer Døvle
    Gabthegamer Døvle 6 days ago

    I live in norway

  • Ares the p0Tato
    Ares the p0Tato 6 days ago

    Hi I'm from SiNGaP0rE

  • inkey2
    inkey2 6 days ago

    "Binge drinking defined as drinking 60 grams or more of "PURE ALCOHOL" in the last 30 days."
    Where the hell are they getting "pure grain alcohol". It's banned in 18 states and in the states it's legal many liquor shops won't sell it for fear of being sued.

  • Darktrooper98 1
    Darktrooper98 1 6 days ago

    I can attest to this, or at least the not-illegal parts of this.
    I happen to have a friend who is my age (born almost on the same day in the same year) who lives in the Netherlands. I live in America. So far:
    -He doesn’t seem stressed
    -He has several hours every day with which to pursue hobbies
    -He takes more classes
    -He knows far more than I do about subjects in fields both of us want to pursue
    -Although I am not super stressed, most of my friends are
    -Me and my friends have little to no time to pursue hobbies
    -Some people I know get quite literally two hours of sleep per night
    -In the end, with the subjects I’ve taken (and some are pretty advanced), I don’t think I can reasonably match my friend from the Netherlands.

  • Taiwan Mapper
    Taiwan Mapper 6 days ago

    America: PEW PEW PEW
    Europe: School!!

  • daddy_coffee
    daddy_coffee 6 days ago +1

    Okay wow now hold up there american kids yes we Europeans get drink and smoke age 18 but lemme tell you something we drink alcohol because its normal thing around here because its like you go to sauna and you grab a beer bottle and sit in the sauna and relax but yeah we are the maybe the drunkes place youll see here.
    *Rolls away*

  • Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz

    I am 15.
    I am not virgin.
    I smoke.
    I drink.
    Am I wierd?

  • blue roket
    blue roket 6 days ago

    Romanian ads? Short romanians flags? Hmmmm

  • John S Patton
    John S Patton 6 days ago

    You forgot in the EU more kids are being gang rape i know it's sad and the police cant do jack shit or they will be called a racist. Muslim are raping the kids just to let you know. I don't think the news cover it sadly

  • LupusAurora
    LupusAurora 7 days ago +4

    I'm latvian :D (I get happy whenever my mini-country gets mentioned anywhere)

  • Charmedsweet
    Charmedsweet 7 days ago

    greek universities are free too

  • Florenz
    Florenz 7 days ago

    European kids will never taste memes

  • Chair
    Chair 7 days ago +5

    *Teen pregnancy in Bulgaria and Romania is because of gypsies* and muslims sometimes( DO NOT fight me on this one, my school has lots of muslims.) Muslim girls sometimes are married off around 15 and get pregnant sometimes even before that. But gypsies are a lot worse cause they stop them from school even earlier and get them pregnant right after they prob get their periods... Anyone that has been for a while in either country knows this.

    • Tudor B
      Tudor B 4 days ago +2

      True. In romania gypsies "marry" at 12 years.

  • gericoom
    gericoom 8 days ago

    European parents trust their kids and let them drink,im 16 i often go out with my friends and my gf,we are having fun and drinking a couple cans of beer.

  • Arwen marlies
    Arwen marlies 8 days ago

    In Europe or at least in the Nederlands whe get tough and HEVALY warnd about drugs and alcohol there is even program in school for it and that in high school (12-16)

  • It’s me, Alisa
    It’s me, Alisa 8 days ago +4

    Responding to your thumbnail:
    We are Americans. No, we do not live in the jungle and go around shooting people. Yes, we exist.
    I am disappointed in you, The Infographics Show
    Thank you.

    • The Viper
      The Viper 6 days ago

      It’s me, Alisa otherwise smartass

  • Jorge Castro Esteban

    8:23 Who has sex in the Vatican City, huh.

  • a fucking commenter
    a fucking commenter 8 days ago

    Russia and Ukraine probably have most cancerous propaganda scattered all over, I've experienced it myself. Could as well rename them to Propagandssia and Propagandaine.

  • Hadizoer - Daily Item Shop

    In sweden you cant buy alcohol till you're 21.

  • hurtig heinz
    hurtig heinz 9 days ago

    Doesn't point 2 and 3 contradict themselves? When all children are taught in the same classes (I assume it means smarter and dumber students in the same school/class) how can the gap betweenweakest and strongest kid be the smallest in the world? That doesn't make snese because humans are different.

  • MiniSniperBG
    MiniSniperBG 9 days ago

    I'm from Bulgaria and I'm not drinking and not smoking

  • ray the person
    ray the person 9 days ago

    Britishland sucks

  • Danielle Lucas
    Danielle Lucas 9 days ago +1

    The uk is not a country 😡

    • Danielle Lucas
      Danielle Lucas 9 days ago +1

      Also it’s not Glasgow it’s pronounced like Glasgo not gow

  • Nick Lazarac
    Nick Lazarac 9 days ago

    I am European and I think America is the bestest!!!

  • Lazar Trunk
    Lazar Trunk 9 days ago

    Wer fand es auch so nice, dass das video von Wix möglich gemacht wird?

  • Lazar Trunk
    Lazar Trunk 9 days ago

    In European schools there are way less shooting

  • Issam Insanity!
    Issam Insanity! 9 days ago

    My school has never hired a strict teacher in its entire time and is constantly the highest rated school in our area. It has only ever came 2nd twice... the thing is.. My school is in the Uk

  • perkele warrior
    perkele warrior 9 days ago

    1:58 Poland - Error 404 - Black People not found

  • Lazo 100
    Lazo 100 9 days ago

    Greece also have free education

  • Damian Ramon
    Damian Ramon 10 days ago

    Uhm, also education is free in other countries, until university and at that point if you obtain good result, you don't pay that either. Only US puts their students in debt before they even start working, hey I guess gonna get them used to how their lives gonna be, I mean after all the whole country in in huge debt, that they will never be able to pay ( that's why you guys start wars around the globe to get resources)

  • Stone cold stunner
    Stone cold stunner 10 days ago

    I was born in Singapore but I am from Italy and Tennessee

  • Stone cold stunner
    Stone cold stunner 10 days ago

    I am European and America and if your Italian your ment to stay with your parents all your life or most of it but don’t live in Italy just visit

  • Stone cold stunner
    Stone cold stunner 10 days ago

    I am European and America and if your Italian your ment to stay with your parents all your life or most of it but don’t live in Italy just visit

  • Francis Ledwidge
    Francis Ledwidge 10 days ago


  • DarkSoul 303
    DarkSoul 303 10 days ago

    oh c'mon Romania is only bad in Europe >:( ****** it

  • Kevin Burciaga
    Kevin Burciaga 10 days ago

    Interesting, but it's hard to compare a continent to the US as a whole. There are HUGE differences between Alabama and New Hampshire, for example, when it comes to everything. My point is there are more differences between states than between the US and Europe as a whole.

  • Ash Westbrook
    Ash Westbrook 10 days ago

    I love the way he says that all European kids can't be lumped into one group, but doesn't say anything about lumping American's into one group.

  • Culmets Holmes
    Culmets Holmes 10 days ago

    I just wanna correct the thing with the HDI the US is on place 13 not place 4

  • Jonathan Palmer
    Jonathan Palmer 10 days ago

    He just used vox as a reference, no longer watching this show

  • Jesse Sarkkinen
    Jesse Sarkkinen 10 days ago

    We do have tests in Finland.

  • Genie1 X
    Genie1 X 10 days ago

    Imagine not being allowed to buy drink until 21. Like not even a WKD

  • Genie1 X
    Genie1 X 10 days ago

    Who had the bright idea? “I know, let’s make a video comparing several different countries with different laws against several other states with different laws!!”
    This was never going to be accurate...🙄

  • SyohH Tasonoh
    SyohH Tasonoh 10 days ago

    4:52 Guilty

  • Salman The Nub
    Salman The Nub 10 days ago

    europe is way better historically
    and culturally
    from an asian btw

  • cr4yv3n
    cr4yv3n 11 days ago

    UK is more America than Europe.
    If you keep comparing the US and UK then you won't see much difference

  • XblRat
    XblRat 11 days ago

    America is better cus of are will power and are strength

  • Santeri V-L
    Santeri V-L 11 days ago

    People saying that finland has one of the happiest people , Thats a small part. We have gangshit

  • _Upr15inG_
    _Upr15inG_ 11 days ago

    9:35 smooth transition riguy there

  • Geert Den Hartogh
    Geert Den Hartogh 11 days ago

    Okay letts compare america with WEST europe

  • Willow Mellet
    Willow Mellet 11 days ago

    We can go to school without being shot

  • Zalden N
    Zalden N 12 days ago

    lol, i lost my virginity at 15 but with hooker for 30 $

  • TheWorldLaughsAtYourPain

    You know it's kinda weird that America has more school shootings then Europe even though Europe is made up of a ton of different countries

    Note:Europe might have had more school shootings though I'm not sure

  • Atomic JT
    Atomic JT 12 days ago

    It’s pronounced Glas-go not Glas-gaw.

  • Non anlique
    Non anlique 12 days ago

    Did you forgot Luxembourg? The school is more expensive an high school is more

  • Sunlol
    Sunlol 12 days ago

    America isn't more violent then Europe, thats False. However! The violence in the USA is much more deadly then what it is in Europe (Typically because weapons of different kinds are much more available in the US then Europe. This of course doesn't mean we don't have some shootings and stabbings in the EU). Netherlands has more breaking and enterings then the US.

  • Azboykulit Animations
    Azboykulit Animations 12 days ago

    Phillipines vs USA?