• Published on Mar 9, 2018
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    Here we are! My Reactions and thoughts on the ENTIRE Nintendo Direct! Though we had a HUGE surprise at the end, I think that this Direct was a pretty decent one on its own! What are your thoughts? Let me know what you're excited for (besides Smash) down in the comments below!
    0:00 Herro
    1:33 Direct Beginning
    2:08 3Ds Lineup
    7:35 Switch Lineup
    7:52 Kirby Star Allies
    9:01 Okami HD for Switch
    10:07 Sushi Striker: Way of Sushido
    11:04 Octopath Traveler
    13:17 Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes
    14:22 Dark Souls: Remastered
    15:50 Mario Tennis Aces
    22:05 Captain Toad Treasure Tracker
    23:15 Undertale
    23:57 Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy on Switch
    24:53 Little Nightmares
    25:57 SouthPark: The Fractured But Whole
    27:07 Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition
    27:35 ARMS Invitational
    28:46 Splatoon Ver. 3.0
    30:03 Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion Trailer
    38:34 My Initial Thoughts
    40:31 Discord Discussion
    44:34 Thanks for Watching! ♥
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  • Mario Reality Shows 2
    Mario Reality Shows 2 8 months ago +1



  • A lizard
    A lizard 10 months ago

    You're weird, in a good way.

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation

    SMASH be like "No Waluigi"

  • Alessio Bianco
    Alessio Bianco Year ago

    23:15 undertale?

  • new world
    new world Year ago


  • mehdigeek
    mehdigeek Year ago

    love watching these vids

  • DavidGX
    DavidGX Year ago +1

    One of the best Directs ever :D

  • Blinky Montreal
    Blinky Montreal Year ago

    The best for last.

  • うだ
    うだ Year ago +2


  • Oliver Morales
    Oliver Morales Year ago

    Smash is coming.....

  • Uli draws
    Uli draws Year ago +2

    i love your reactions so cute jaja and when smash appears xD i was that excited too

  • Panos Ntop
    Panos Ntop Year ago +2

    You are a very cute girl with great content...keep it up...subbed!!

  • Pommy
    Pommy Year ago

    Her voice is too high pitched

  • Night Kat
    Night Kat Year ago +1


  • Alan1109
    Alan1109 Year ago

    Estube muerto ahora estoy vivo no sé si se acuerda de mi :'0

  • Fuze Fire
    Fuze Fire Year ago

    There's gonna be a tournament full of pro guy gamers kicking people's ass

  • ProfessorCreepyPasta

    I just subscribed to you

  • Slenderfoxx37
    Slenderfoxx37 Year ago

    At first I thought the splatoon thing at the end was gonna be a Splatoon 1 port lol I was like oh well okay but why?😂 and then I was very surprised. I thought the darkness part was gonna be the game case floating in the sky lol. Nope I was way wrong. I hope we get arms characters and more third parties!

  • Dangerfinder treasureseeker

    Loved your reactions !!! I was very surprised with this direct , did not ever expect to see Crash on any Nintendo system. That alone is awesome add Undertale ,Smash and an Expansion with Splatoon 2 is fantastic. There is a couple things that have been left out which I find interesting , no new news on Metroid Prime 4 , Yoshi new story plus no news on any mobile games. These could of been left out for E3 . E3 this year will be very cool!!! On a side note did you know there is a mini Portal game on Nintendos Game shop. Looks very nuts but fun.

    • DueMagician921
      DueMagician921 Year ago +1

      Crash was on the Gamecube and Gameboy advance

  • Connect to Soul
    Connect to Soul Year ago

    Thank you for all of your continuous experience, encouragement moreover training to assist my adventure to getting more consciously aware of the fact not to mention spiritually connected.

  • Kawa Murderer
    Kawa Murderer Year ago

    Not freaking out over undertale? Wow, you must hate good games.

  • Supermario24
    Supermario24 Year ago +1

    The x rank is xcelent

  • BiaxYT
    BiaxYT Year ago

    Yeah best Nintendo direct I've seen btw I was in a reaction mashup with you in it

  • SofiaSketches
    SofiaSketches Year ago

    That was my favorite direct EVER!!!!

  • Gちゃん
    Gちゃん Year ago


  • Joaquin Escobar
    Joaquin Escobar Year ago

    Your reaction to Mario and link woo😮 wahhh 😵 haha

  • トムソーヤ島の住人


  • TBIC 106
    TBIC 106 Year ago

    D'you think you said stop enough


  • Nathaniel Fernandez

    You sure love the word freaking

  • Godz29
    Godz29 Year ago +1

    my eyes are lucky

  • Ryu primeus
    Ryu primeus Year ago

    I even like the REACTION on people Faces when they see its coming out in 2018 lol:).

  • lana delrey
    lana delrey Year ago

    Love seeing everyone reaction at the end haha 😂

    CEROSER Year ago

    I'm gonna have to hustle for a switch now, oh god. A switch, smash, and online pass..lawwddd please give me a miracle

  • Alexander Radkee
    Alexander Radkee Year ago +4

    Not gonna lie, your Waluigi impression is spot on.

  • Drew Win
    Drew Win Year ago +20

    33:09 I guess you miss-clicked! Eh? Eh?

  • thesamuraiman
    thesamuraiman Year ago +1

    Smash 5 is gonna be amazing, but sadly, Smash2018 probably means Pokemon2019.

    • lana delrey
      lana delrey Year ago +1

      You don’t know that. Last year we got zelda and Mario.
      This year will be smash and Pokémon.

      CEROSER Year ago +1

      thesamuraiman im fine with that!

  • Juan Acosta
    Juan Acosta Year ago +17

    I guess time for me buy switch

  • Brenden Mullins
    Brenden Mullins Year ago +1

    "whose that Pokemon" oh mY GOD HELP 😂😂😂😂

  • JMIX0606
    JMIX0606 Year ago +1

    I like your reaction!! Perfect 10/10!! Smash will be AWESOME!!!

  • Creamboy
    Creamboy Year ago

    you're such a goof..
    i subbed

  • AceRay 24
    AceRay 24 Year ago

    why you arent excited for inside story?

  • McD5791
    McD5791 Year ago +1

    @ 33:06 - i thought i had accidentally pressed something at first!!

  • Saul Rodriguez
    Saul Rodriguez Year ago


  • m1n3 c7afty
    m1n3 c7afty Year ago +1

    That final trailer threw so many people off (I personally was thinking splatoon 1 remaster)

  • Batboy Carroll
    Batboy Carroll Year ago

    Count how many times she says cute

  • Jose Manuel Nuñez Hermida

    Si yo también me e emocionado con el final.

  • Vidal Moraza
    Vidal Moraza Year ago +48

    I saw like 15 reactions already, this is the most calmed and less girly so far, and the other 14 where man

  • Ron Perez
    Ron Perez Year ago

    I see Mario and Link saying "Okay, paint time is over... Let's see how well you do playing with the big boys..." :)

  • Cape
    Cape Year ago


  • OH NO NO!!
    OH NO NO!! Year ago +2

    Nice vid also you look adores girl hope your also having a nice day

  • Pixel Pasta
    Pixel Pasta Year ago

    RIP - ARMS

  • Sage Tan
    Sage Tan Year ago +2

    You look beautiful!

    • Sage Tan
      Sage Tan Year ago +2

      Meanwhile In bronze. Same

    • Meanwhile In bronze.
      Meanwhile In bronze. Year ago +1

      Sage Tan She is really pretty. One day I hope I can find a gamer girl like her.

  • Oscar Plays
    Oscar Plays Year ago

    Hey MissClick do you remember me from The yellow kazoo?

  • Thomas Vlekke
    Thomas Vlekke Year ago

    Kirby and undertale tho

  • mronissopwnage
    mronissopwnage Year ago +5

    34:33 if you want to see her reaction.

  • Terminator Juice
    Terminator Juice Year ago +21

    Girl didn't even know what an Octoling was until they said it at the end of the trailer...

    • BJGvideos
      BJGvideos Year ago

      Terminator Juice So to you, someone can't be a true fan unless they know every character a system has ever produced?

    • Me big boy Boy boy
      Me big boy Boy boy Year ago

      Terminator Juice what does it matter to you?
      Are you just complaining for the sake of complaining if so that’s kinda sad
      You’re watching a reaction video but you want you’re thoughts to be the same as hers that’s stupid and ignorant

    • Adrian Lee
      Adrian Lee Year ago +4

      Don't go down the whole "fake Nintendo fans" thing when you don't even know the person that well; you never know, seeing as Splatoon 2 is online focused, people may not have touched the single player content.

    • Big Ang Baracus
      Big Ang Baracus Year ago +11

      News Flash: You can be a big Nintendo fan and not know every little detail about everything. Simmer down.

    • Kolma
      Kolma Year ago +1

      This exactly. And then even going "cool cinematic" to the Splatoon 1 animation. Clearly someone that doesn't know what she's covering.

  • MalachiCo0
    MalachiCo0 Year ago +6

    Miss, I will literally buy you a 3DS if you;
    A: get a capture card, and
    B: Lp my copy of Fire Emblem when I get you the system

    • Joshua Calkins
      Joshua Calkins Year ago

      One of the Fire Emblem games are worth getting a 3DS alone. but there's three! I think they're the best looking games on the system in 3D too.

  • F11
    F11 Year ago

    Hi M.

    FACE OF BEAR Year ago +3

    Cuuute. No.

  • HTakara82
    HTakara82 Year ago +57

    Stahp! Stahp! Stahp! Stahp! Stahp! Stahp! Stahp!
    ...no! lol

  • Kayden 21
    Kayden 21 Year ago +1

    Best direct so far! Even not counting smash bros it was a amazing direct!

  • Pixel Game Squad
    Pixel Game Squad Year ago +11

    Stay rad click! ✅
    and again...SMASH THOOO!!!

  • Hydro_Tox
    Hydro_Tox Year ago

    um, MC? why does it say 3.3.18? is it because its the switch anniversary date? because its defiantly not todays date

  • Tynn
    Tynn Year ago

    I'm so excited for Smash!

    • thatRaGe
      thatRaGe Year ago

      You know you can take a screenshot of your switch to get a better profile pic. Thats what I did.

  • Metalpug79
    Metalpug79 Year ago +2

    Haha nice reaction! It’s funny, whenever we get an announcement for a new Nintendo Direct the first thing we all guess is always Smash, but at the same time we don’t really let ourselves believe it’s actually gonna happen... and then it did and my head exploded!
    The Inklings getting into Smash is one of the more obvious new additions, but despite that I’m still super happy to see its confirmed they’re in the new game. Interested to see how they play... but now my mind has been racing all day thinking of other possible new additions.
    That cinematic of the Inklings was animated super well, and now I kinda want a Splatoon cgi animated series/movie in that style

  • Fluffi Buni
    Fluffi Buni Year ago

    Another superb reaction video ... just loved the Smash eruption, lol.
    Funny to hear you talking about DK, Crash and Spyro ... that was why I bought Skylanders Imaginators, cos you can play the game as all three, and they all play quite differently :-)

  • Adrian Lee
    Adrian Lee Year ago +2

    Awesome Direct and awesome reactions throughout! 😊

  • julabard
    julabard Year ago

    Mario Ploter!!

  • Switch Fan94
    Switch Fan94 Year ago

    Smash Gang !!!!!

  • Big Ang Baracus
    Big Ang Baracus Year ago +3

    Favorite part: 1:56

  • Graphomite
    Graphomite Year ago

    Jerry for Smash?

  • GianCarlos X7
    GianCarlos X7 Year ago +6

    24:23 XXX 😈

  • Ryan's Channel
    Ryan's Channel Year ago +62

    What an amazing direct that was. Literally saved my crappy day.

  • Kevintendo
    Kevintendo Year ago +55

    INCREDIBLE DIRECT!!! Great thoughts MissClick :)) This was probably my top favorite Nintendo Direct EVER!!!!!!

  • Perfection Critic
    Perfection Critic Year ago +25

    You dont understand the glorious sun, praise it. The amiibo for dark souls.

  • JustAnotherPessimistic Optometristpsychocivic

    Hi Missclick!!! See the streaming is going Awesomely!!! :D I hope it continues to go great for you! Still love the channel And am so excited for your TVclip uploads. :]

  • Link Mountaineer
    Link Mountaineer Year ago +15

    This Direct was amazing! I'm looking most forward to Smash, Kirby, and the Bowser's Inside Story remake. Anyway, just found your channel. Looking forward to more videos from you!

    • Supermario24
      Supermario24 Year ago

      Also hope smash is released before to pay to play online

    • Supermario24
      Supermario24 Year ago

      Omg this was amazing the best direct I almost died when I saw bowser’s inside story I played that when I was 8 and loved it probably won’t get the remake though also I’m hyped for undertale and smash if only there was sunshine hd

    • Fabrice Hering
      Fabrice Hering Year ago +1

      Link Mountaineer i'm totally hyped for luigis mansion

  • Ducky's Realm
    Ducky's Realm Year ago +8

    The direct was so gooooooooood

  • Perfection Critic

    Second! Edit: Actually I was first but I deleted my comment saying first because I read another comment's timing wrong.

  • Ducky's Realm
    Ducky's Realm Year ago +2

    Yeeeeesss i was here live toooo