• Published on Jul 13, 2019
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  • Keanon Karnein
    Keanon Karnein 8 hours ago

    Do the same thing but throw them in a gas station😂😂


    Xbert are u black not trying to be racist but u sound like u are

  • Exposed
    Exposed 4 days ago

    Can u play on Xbox 1

  • Abner Lozada
    Abner Lozada 6 days ago

    Hey xpert do a video on finding the secret gun

  • Chicken
    Chicken 6 days ago

    Xpert:I’m on ur side
    Human player:okay
    Xpert: **hits truck with landing thing**
    Human player:wut

  • Apxze
    Apxze 6 days ago

    Expert dies of laughter at literally anything

  • Karoui Arwin
    Karoui Arwin 6 days ago

    F**k cargo griefer man

  • Ricardo Chavez
    Ricardo Chavez 7 days ago +1

    Noob: THNKXS EXPERT !!!
    Expet: I gotta pretend like i'm a good guy sometimes

  • steven andrews
    steven andrews 8 days ago

    If you take the pegasus. Carbob into you’re hanger and customize it wont blow up so easy

  • ethannorm2006
    ethannorm2006 8 days ago

    each like equals one more new version of gta

  • ethannorm2006
    ethannorm2006 8 days ago

    try stealing a police copter

  • ethannorm2006
    ethannorm2006 8 days ago

    xpert u should put sticky bombs on cars pick them up and drop them on people with the cargo bob

    NEHAN 9 days ago

    U r fking awesome

  • Ashlei 191
    Ashlei 191 9 days ago

    15:19 my whole heart dropped when it came at my screen

  • Dayzz YT
    Dayzz YT 9 days ago

    Almost 5mil 🙏🏼🙏🏼

    BROOKS HODSON 10 days ago

    6:03... when thanos snaps his fingers in infinity war

  • Don Dianduakila
    Don Dianduakila 10 days ago

    but you can all me xt tripple og

    man i love how u say that xd no homo ;-;

  • Harris Adedeji
    Harris Adedeji 11 days ago

    2:46 the helicopter landed on the car

  • MiniNutt
    MiniNutt 14 days ago +1

    Says that he will be nice but the title is shooting car off roof or somthing like that

  • zynthriGD
    zynthriGD 15 days ago +1

    everyone needs to stop harassing turtle official, he just wants to play with xpert, there’s no harm in that so shut up and stop being salty that you all don’t have the chance to play with xpert

  • tubi switch
    tubi switch 17 days ago

    Can I have a shout out pleas

  • Noob Troller465
    Noob Troller465 17 days ago +2

    Did he forget the reveal all players option?

  • PeelAHotBox
    PeelAHotBox 18 days ago

    Whenever someone doing a gunrunning supplies or anything I always have to kill them

  • ItzMeNazis
    ItzMeNazis 19 days ago

    Play fortnite again before it ends

  • Johnston Steiner
    Johnston Steiner 19 days ago

    Whelp: xpert didn't drop him off in midair. He just blasted him off is all


    Expert should do this:
    He should do a GTA RP Video like something different for ONCE
    Those RP servers

  • Yaamen Othman
    Yaamen Othman 23 days ago +1

    13:17 is what you came for

  • grant hornyak
    grant hornyak 24 days ago

    Oh shoooooooot mayday mayday!!!1

    LOE BABY DRACO 25 days ago +1

    How he get all that money I’m tryna get hella money I need some tips on what to do

  • Casey Lane
    Casey Lane 25 days ago

    Xpert you can't buy chips with shark card money, thats why it wasn't working for you.

  • Connor Hawkins
    Connor Hawkins 28 days ago

    use the rocket bike mark 2 and kill rob stores

  • Hammer Dragon
    Hammer Dragon 28 days ago

    Try taking them up as high as you can and drop them

  • Butter Boi
    Butter Boi 28 days ago

    You should get a personal cargobob get people trapped in the back then jump out so they are trapped in a cargoboband falling to the ground

  • Coax
    Coax 28 days ago

    How did u get those sounds?

  • Michael Jacobs
    Michael Jacobs 29 days ago

    Bro Turtle on you like that dude in Happy Gilmore trying to take Shooter to Sizzler.

  • It's S.G.A
    It's S.G.A Month ago

    I have been requesting this for a while Use a uber stromberg and pull out people in the shark area.😁😁

  • Mahdi Aljebury
    Mahdi Aljebury Month ago

    Honestly xpert just place sticky bombs on people

  • patrick Couch
    patrick Couch Month ago

    Ironically I got the new casino dlc trailer ad on a gta vid

  • Jaja Binks
    Jaja Binks Month ago +1

    11:12 watch in 0.25 playback speed lol 😂

  • kickit danb
    kickit danb Month ago

    how is your sniper so good

  • Armond Itah
    Armond Itah Month ago

    16:51 lol when you realize the guy that stabbing everyone is called Ahmed 😂

    BRADEN BA Month ago

    Anybody else watching GTA videos because there not allowed to have it 😤

  • sponge bob
    sponge bob Month ago

    U hear about the Diamond casino

  • GoofyBoy Omar
    GoofyBoy Omar Month ago

    19:10 what’s that beat? I love it so much someoneplease andwer

  • Rohan Patel
    Rohan Patel Month ago

    You should drop cars on people AFK or doing noting.

  • NM Aguilar
    NM Aguilar Month ago

    Why not drop them off on top of construction tower. Put sticky on them.. Then shoot them off with the alien gun, as they fly off detonate sticky!!!

  • XxPNBroxX
    XxPNBroxX Month ago +1

    Hey xpert do the tower thing but when your about to knock them off you should put a sticky bomb and explode it as soon as they hit the ground!!!!!!

  • Silverblood 5991
    Silverblood 5991 Month ago

    Xbox one or 360?

  • Mary Murphy
    Mary Murphy Month ago

    Do u still play fortnite

  • Kobe Marceaux
    Kobe Marceaux Month ago

    Somebody plz tell this dude to play red dead 2 again. Feeding ppl to gators is hilarious😂😂😂😂

  • Dalton Lanstrom
    Dalton Lanstrom Month ago +1

    I love your gta videos can you make a video where you rob 5stores in a row with just a ray gun thank you from dalton

  • Johnny McCray
    Johnny McCray Month ago

    I hope that XTurtle guy won't be on every video you make. He kind of annoying.

  • Jahquontei Whaanga
    Jahquontei Whaanga Month ago

    high lighting you

  • Jahquontei Whaanga
    Jahquontei Whaanga Month ago

    lol were u come from

  • Bad Times
    Bad Times Month ago


  • Diane Burrell
    Diane Burrell Month ago

    Seiresly xpert

  • mxrengold
    mxrengold Month ago

    The white car exploded because of your helicopter crashing into it and THEN u got run over by it? 😂

  • The Cooke u ate
    The Cooke u ate Month ago

    Xturtle is reading all your guys comments hating on him for wanting attention and folllowing xpert wich I understand why you r doing it

    ALLCURRY12 Month ago

    @expert can I join your crew

  • The Cooke u ate
    The Cooke u ate Month ago

    Why do people get mad at him for destroying cargo when he’s playing the game how he wants and having fun when they most likely do it

  • S S
    S S Month ago

    What's the name of the song that started playing at 7:25

  • ikonic kid
    ikonic kid Month ago

    start to play fortnite xpert

  • Thomas Logan
    Thomas Logan Month ago

    I don’t understand why u think it’s so funny by using explosive rounds to kill someone

  • CrazyCars Nation
    CrazyCars Nation Month ago

    I liked it

  • Taps14
    Taps14 Month ago

    Use the Cargobob to lift a car that has rocket boosters into the air. Once at a reasonable height boost, and see what happens

  • Nelson
    Nelson Month ago

    I dont think the xturtle guy has any friends

  • Ardis
    Ardis Month ago

    There's an option to reveal players if they go off the radar

  • luke james
    luke james Month ago

    are you on pc or controller

  • luke james
    luke james Month ago

    hi kevin i love your vids and i hope that you take this support and make a ton more vids

  • TheLinkHelios
    TheLinkHelios Month ago


  • BasedGodLegends
    BasedGodLegends Month ago

    I fucken love these videos bro ❤️ you the only person I can watch who plays gta 🔥💯

  • RaiN Rexre
    RaiN Rexre Month ago

    Your looking for 13:16

  • Purple M!nds
    Purple M!nds Month ago

    Put sticky bombs on money trucks and bring it to someone, then when they get close blow it up

  • Zlatty doggie
    Zlatty doggie Month ago

    thsi xturtle guy is such a dickhead

  • Carmen Herrera
    Carmen Herrera Month ago +1

    The turtle guy knows were you're at bc Lester I think has a thing were you pay to reveal players location