10 Banned Episodes of TV Shows You're Not Allowed to Watch!

  • Published on Jul 6, 2018
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Comments • 2 111

  • Gerardo Hernandez
    Gerardo Hernandez 6 hours ago

    This guy is like if Michael Scott made top 10 videos.

  • Leland- BoB Palmer
    Leland- BoB Palmer 18 hours ago

    Tiny toons had one where the kids in it drank beer & stole a car..it was banned

  • Belinda Woods
    Belinda Woods 22 hours ago

    I love your lists and you are very entertaining!!!!

  • Fargo The Elite
    Fargo The Elite 3 days ago

    I have seen that episode of Buffy.

  • Jason Porras
    Jason Porras 6 days ago

    Crybaby Puerto Ricans

  • Marnisa Muses
    Marnisa Muses 10 days ago

    I'm oddly attracted to Matthew's humor and weirdness. Well, I guess it's not odd, I appreciate the same creepy ish 😁

  • Blanca Cantu
    Blanca Cantu 12 days ago

    Quote. Unquote.....accidently set the flag on fire.

  • Allison Grace
    Allison Grace 13 days ago

    the episode “yellow” in the twilight series should’ve been included as well. that one traumatized me as a kid and we were forced to watch it my senior year of highschool in psychology class.

  • Bret Daley
    Bret Daley 17 days ago

    This video should be banned for the background music

  • ben trimble
    ben trimble 19 days ago

    At which point, you do what I do and tell the "authorities/officials" to f@*k off and play the episodes anyway.

  • Shea Goff
    Shea Goff 22 days ago

    Everyone’s here saying why would a 5 year old watch Bevis and Butthead but the real question is why would a 5 year old watch SOUTH PARK!!!!

  • Crystal Johnson
    Crystal Johnson 22 days ago

    Parents : Your not allowed to watch
    Kid : goes and watches

  • mikitz
    mikitz 22 days ago

    If basically an entire nation is offended because of a comedy show episode, maybe some of what was depicted in it might not be so factually wrong after all. Case at point, the Simpsons, Seinfeld and Borat.

  • Sharon LeAnne Miller
    Sharon LeAnne Miller 26 days ago

    Actually the original eps of buffy banned were Graduation parts 1 and 2, they may have originally not shown earshot, but someone misunderstood the internal plot of the student in the episode; the student involved, nerdy picked on freshman Jonathon was plotting to kill...….. HIMSELF!! NOT the whole student body. Buffy's fight with a demon at start of the episode gave her the capability to actually HEAR the thoughts of every person she was around; and naturally, teachers dislike and hate students, students hate teachers, and other students (especially bullies) and every person has constant wishes --internalized--but never acted out!! to want to kill their personal hated enemies.

  • Lollipop Puppy
    Lollipop Puppy 29 days ago

    Oh god home scared the hell out of me when I watched it. I had nightmares for a week.

  • Life With Tina B
    Life With Tina B Month ago

    I REMEMBER watching the witch on Sesame Street! Omg my brothers and I cried 🙈 We were so scared! My poor parents! Lol

  • EveryThingGirl238
    EveryThingGirl238 Month ago

    Kids scared of the wicked witch? Yet these same kids were allowed to watch Wizard of Oz? Gods people are stupid...

  • Ezequiel Cabrera
    Ezequiel Cabrera Month ago

    You forgot about Sailer Moon woeman named Uranus was in a lesbian relationship and Kinsoisato and Zoisato were gay in the Japanese version

  • Denice Campa
    Denice Campa Month ago

    Lol papa pig 🐷 tik tok always use papa pig :) 😇😊

  • Georgi Georgiev
    Georgi Georgiev Month ago

    Who says racism needs to go away?

  • KingVmw
    KingVmw Month ago

    Me waching TVclip: looks at tv peppa pig is on that is banned O_O

  • ugonda Knuckle
    ugonda Knuckle Month ago

    Any one think he’s v sauce

  • Grey Warden and Champion of Kirkwall

    I don't get it why people wanted the Mr Rogers episode about bombs to be banned. So you want your kids to live in an overly protective world of make-believe until the day they are old enough to realise the world isn't all sunshine and butterflies and drop into a deep dark hole from that sudden realisation rather than teach them gradually and with care that the world can be a bad place sometimes?

  • Philphilly 5.0
    Philphilly 5.0 Month ago +1

    You are my favorite TVclip channel hands down

  • romello hill
    romello hill Month ago +1

    The ending was pure gold 🤣🤣

  • weirdwizzard 72
    weirdwizzard 72 Month ago

    I have that Simpsons episode on DVD.

  • zion boss ahdi boss
    zion boss ahdi boss Month ago +1

    Whos just here for the South Park thumbnail 😋😂😂

  • Ezequiel Cabrera
    Ezequiel Cabrera Month ago

    How about Top Ten Banned Pokemon Episodes In USA.
    You like it

  • fredworthmn
    fredworthmn Month ago

    Margret Hamilton's portrayal of the wicked witch traumatized me for 2 decades even when I was old enough to figure out she was not actually wicked. I think she (her portrayal) was too much like my mother ….

  • Izzy Mansell
    Izzy Mansell Month ago

    5:18 and the UK

  • Tasha Musgrave
    Tasha Musgrave Month ago +1

    Matthew! Love your channel. And your jokes. You're awesome!

  • Chris S
    Chris S Month ago

    They show that Simpson's episode on tv still

  • Anna Nicholson
    Anna Nicholson Month ago

    Fred Rogers is the man

  • Jordan Thistle
    Jordan Thistle Month ago

    I'm pretty sure Matt just whipped his peepee out

  • belgacem jlaouet
    belgacem jlaouet Month ago +3

    Who let's a kid watch south Park and Simpson's

  • Kaleb Wieland
    Kaleb Wieland Month ago

    Number 1: Racism
    Number 2: Racism
    Number 3: Racism
    Number 4: We're all witnessing racism!

  • I am the sun in a box

    I watched that x files episode when I was a child, and I was traumatized. Not because of the incest but because of how creepy and disturbing it was overall. When you said X files I immediately knew it would be that episode lol.

  • Stephen Wilds
    Stephen Wilds Month ago

    Jesus Christ that spider scared the hell out of me

  • PrincessWithAPistol

    Matthew: Number 9 is South Park.
    Me: How bad does it have to be for an episode of South Park to get banned?
    *watches video*
    Me: Oh...

  • Jennifer Campbell
    Jennifer Campbell Month ago

    Jonathan WAS NOT planning to kill other students in "Ear Shot." He does go to the clocktower, but he only plans to shoot himself. He is the red herring in that episode. The lunch lady is the real villain. She plans to poison the students at lunch.

  • Sammy Danger
    Sammy Danger Month ago

    Rod Serling not sterling. I just felt like being obnoxious at 3:30 am

  • Poseidonsgrief
    Poseidonsgrief Month ago

    I saw that Simpson’s episode on tv and I was born in 98, so idk if they actually fully banned it.

  • Afro Atheist
    Afro Atheist Month ago

    "South Park," was very inappropriate......

  • Börkur Elí
    Börkur Elí Month ago +1

    Number 9: South Park
    Me: what that is one of my favorite shows

  • Hayley Calassa
    Hayley Calassa Month ago

    Episodes 200 and 201 are my favorite episodes of south park and you can find them online if you look really hard lol

  • rvoostler
    rvoostler Month ago

    I've been watching and subbed since the first 50 amazing facts. Keep it up Matt the content is awesome!!!!!

  • steffon Go-getter
    steffon Go-getter Month ago

    Due to the Mandela effect,The wicked witch of the west doesn't say fly my pretties

  • Lil Peanut
    Lil Peanut Month ago +1

    south park is not for kids dude

  • heyitzhan
    heyitzhan Month ago

    Love South Park.

  • Jessica Re
    Jessica Re Month ago

    Ive seen the X Files episode. Its creepy, but no worse than any of their fare.
    I can see why it was removed from sydication.

  • Phoenix Drake
    Phoenix Drake Month ago +2

    Seriously, who lets a 5yo watch MTV let alone Bevis and Butthead

  • Chase
    Chase Month ago +1

    Matt is right, as long as the democrats are allowed power we will never end racism..

  • Godless Heathen
    Godless Heathen Month ago

    I saw that episode of Buffy when it aired. I didn't even realize they pulled it. I binged the entire series a few years ago and completely forgot about that one

  • Spencer Dunn
    Spencer Dunn Month ago

    He should really say the season and episode number

  • Rich Hard
    Rich Hard Month ago

    Lol I thought this was going to end with Kramer's"fork in the ass" comment

  • Dabunny Rabbit
    Dabunny Rabbit Month ago +1

    I love the melancholy music.
    it has such a delicious gloom to it.

  • Dabunny Rabbit
    Dabunny Rabbit Month ago

    old gym socks?

  • CherryFlavoredMoth
    CherryFlavoredMoth Month ago

    10:19 umm...matt, that episode is considered lost media

  • Beth Gardner
    Beth Gardner 2 months ago

    The friends episode around 9/11 got changed.

  • Logan Chambers
    Logan Chambers 2 months ago

    mandela effect alert! He said it's a beautiful day in (the) neighborhood. This is how I remember it but its / It's a beautiful day in (this) neighborhood.