Inside a Flat Earth Conference

  • Published on Dec 8, 2018
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    The one thing that I thought we all could agree on, was that the earth was round. Yet despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, there is a burgeoning movement of Flat Earth believers, and I got to attend one of their conferences.

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    Shot by Michael Coen
    Sound by Sam
    Bit's O Weirdness
    Katie Glover
    Erin Fiser
    Emily Zinsitz
    Robert Ottem
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  • Not Exactly Normal
    Not Exactly Normal  3 months ago +303

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    • Johnny Two Hands
      Johnny Two Hands 2 days ago

      +wayne Patrick You calling anyone fool with that flat earth map as your profile pic is rich lol

    • Bart Schellekens
      Bart Schellekens 2 days ago

      Dude, why is the VA panned slightly to the right? It's turning me crazy! other than that, great video ^_^

    • Sherman Peabody
      Sherman Peabody 13 days ago

      The problem is if you believe this video, then there also needs to be a "SPACE" and an"INNER SPACE" and your "OUTER SPACE". Space = nothing between something, therefore you need something between nothing or nothing would be the only thing to exist. Plus we have to account for time.

    • Lynne Benson
      Lynne Benson Month ago

      i learned a lot! thanks

    • Jason Yorlang
      Jason Yorlang Month ago


  • Kassie
    Kassie 38 minutes ago

    Flat earth theory is old school..
    The new hotness is earth is 2d and all living creatures on earth including humans are 2 dimensional with dilusions of being 3d get woke humans are 2d!

  • Adolfo López
    Adolfo López 2 hours ago

    8:14 I... well... ok.

  • Mike Richardson
    Mike Richardson 5 hours ago

    How about that flat Earthers from all over the globe😂😂😂

  • Arlen Mlg
    Arlen Mlg 7 hours ago

    The earths not flat or round it’s a cube

  • Mich Dax
    Mich Dax 13 hours ago

    a group of idiots protesting to globe. sounds like american inbreeding incapable of identifying reality. I'd like to go and protest the flat earth. Teach them the Earth is a sphere (Not Flat)

  • Dan Graham
    Dan Graham 15 hours ago

    These people are proud to be dumb

  • Bulkislove Bulkislife
    Bulkislove Bulkislife 16 hours ago

    I dont think that the earth is flat, we would have to go with what we think us know, now this is an exagerated example however im just pointing out that we only know what we humans think us know, when in reality a lot of things may not be that way. We discover new things all the time that the population earlier "agreed" upon to be something else. If we cant challenge the mind with big questions and instead just laugh it off we will never move forward, especially when people are fine believing everything they are told because they are thought that way. Again the earth being flat is an exageration of my point. Being a sceptic is fine however this seems more like a cult to me lol.

  • gabe juhasz
    gabe juhasz 18 hours ago

    what whos "they"?

    • gabe juhasz
      gabe juhasz 18 hours ago

      10:56 11:07 11:16 11:29 11:36 ...

  • Clockwork S
    Clockwork S 20 hours ago


  • Loveless Cosplay
    Loveless Cosplay 22 hours ago

    I think all that vodka in that guy's breakfast cereal killed his brain cells.

  • Natalie Brown
    Natalie Brown 22 hours ago

    I live in Colorado...... I'm ashamed that they had this conference here.

  • KazeTheForsaken
    KazeTheForsaken 22 hours ago

    lol, Americans are so silly

  • Sir Gwayne
    Sir Gwayne Day ago

    Humanity is doomed.

  • Yoaz Menda
    Yoaz Menda Day ago

    Ultimate example of confirmation bias

  • Meep Meep
    Meep Meep Day ago

    We need to start a new movement: The earth is 1 dimensional

  • Erza Scarlet
    Erza Scarlet Day ago

    _God is a Woman_

  • Mocha Maniac
    Mocha Maniac Day ago

    2:42 oh no those poor children

  • Noscul Grab
    Noscul Grab Day ago

    what does flat earth mean if we have mountains and curvatures of the earth?

  • Michael Dow, Jr.

    How do they explain day and night? And the seasons?

  • Zack Tribs
    Zack Tribs Day ago

    "Nothing created everything" - wtf? Which scientist or science text book is making such a ridiculous claim? That sounds completely unscientific.

  • green tree
    green tree Day ago

    1:37 Holy sheet, is that John Krasinski?


  • Luuk Swinkels
    Luuk Swinkels 2 days ago

    Accept god if FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE or make your one rocket to see the earth yourself!!!!!

  • Johnny Two Hands
    Johnny Two Hands 2 days ago +2

    Call it a hunch but im gonna go out on a limb and say the vast majority of Flat Earthers are Trump supporters too lol.

    • Mike Contente
      Mike Contente Day ago

      Well youd be wrong since denying blatant evidence is what the far left does

  • Johnny Two Hands
    Johnny Two Hands 2 days ago

    Ask a flat earther to quantify their theories mathematically and watch their pea sized brains explode lol. They immediately call into question the "truth" of mathematics lol

    • djstcroix
      djstcroix Day ago

      Exactly, they will say math doesn't prove real life.

  • Johnny Two Hands
    Johnny Two Hands 2 days ago +1

    They talk about nasa's budget...You should have asked how much money the Flat Earth convention runners made hosting that scam lol

  • Atlien4eva3000
    Atlien4eva3000 2 days ago


  • Reczardi Xohm
    Reczardi Xohm 2 days ago

    Batman and office reference to start it off good ahit

  • Zachary Mesecke
    Zachary Mesecke 2 days ago

    The earth being a globe in no way implies evolution or the big bang.

  • DayStar 36
    DayStar 36 2 days ago

    @ 13:40 unbelievable! 😂. These people wouldn't even believe their own eyes they said. There is NO hope for these idiots

  • Cyberdragon
    Cyberdragon 2 days ago

    I have officially lost faith in humanity

  • Sam Lee
    Sam Lee 2 days ago

    this world is dumb.

  • The K Channel
    The K Channel 2 days ago

    Logan Paul saw this and Shane Dawson’s conspiracies and got an idea lmao

  • just a random guy
    just a random guy 2 days ago

    Shit I guess that's why the TSA never let's you bring water

  • Ohbother 17
    Ohbother 17 2 days ago +1

    I'm younger than some of these people and in my brain I can disprove some of there theorys but I can't communicate it to them.

    • djstcroix
      djstcroix Day ago

      They are rather difficult to talk to.
      I like to make them mad and run away from the comment section.
      Just ask them to explain why no flat earther has or will go to Antarctica.
      And when they say, "we can't go because of the Antarctica treaty",
      Ask them for the specific paragraph in the treaty that specifically state we can't go or no travel is allowed in certain areas.
      They will probably run away then.

  • ZxCv XNightly
    ZxCv XNightly 2 days ago


  • Nick Martin
    Nick Martin 2 days ago

    Once you go flat you're open to attack. Shoot em down boys-it's a turkey shoot.

  • ChaosVeiler
    ChaosVeiler 2 days ago

    Just remember:"They have members all "around" the world...enough said XD Is humanity getting more stupid...I'd say there's the answer.

  • Bsharporbflat
    Bsharporbflat 2 days ago

    Si I guess Global warming is out of the question

  • Formicidae Inc.
    Formicidae Inc. 3 days ago +4

    yeah, the water doesn't stick to that ball because it's being pulled towards the bigger ball that you're standing on

  • ArgoBoyBG68
    ArgoBoyBG68 3 days ago

    0:00 - FBI, open up!

  • Nykaitcha
    Nykaitcha 3 days ago +1

    Jokes aside, it really hurts seing kids in a convention like this...

  • ReclusePhayder
    ReclusePhayder 3 days ago

    HOW did you manage to keep your face straight through all this?!

  • LadExploitz
    LadExploitz 3 days ago

    ashamed is 2 words **A**Shamed

  • Guerra dos Bichos
    Guerra dos Bichos 3 days ago

    Marvelous respectful and informative!

  • sdasd aasdasda
    sdasd aasdasda 3 days ago

    i..... i...... thought they were just trolls....... and they are having conventions? dafuq

  • Joseph Hasson
    Joseph Hasson 3 days ago

    Listening to these people gives me a headache!!!!

  • Shahar C
    Shahar C 3 days ago +8

    I hear too much the word "Believe". I Believe , We Believe, Etc..
    Beliefs have nothing to do with science. Science is based on FACTS.

  • silwerangel
    silwerangel 3 days ago

    well its how they say, stupidity is the biggest problem on Earth

  • chahalele
    chahalele 3 days ago

    if the earth is flat then explain the movie around the world in 80 days???

  • C r i n g e
    C r i n g e 3 days ago +1

    If I share the same religion with these folk I am deeply apologetic to anyone who had to deal with them

  • Alumy2460
    Alumy2460 3 days ago

    Some writers classify creationists into three varieties, discussed here in descending order of sanity. The most numerous are the ones who, though condemning evolution and geological deep time, do accept that the Sun is the centre of the solar system, with a young Earth and the other planets revolving around it. This position is deplored as unbiblically heretical by those others - the geocentrists - who must reckon that Galileo was let off lightly for having the presumption to deny that the Earth is the true pivotal celestial body around which all others including the Sun revolve. But the completely off-the-planet position (awful pun, sorry) is that advocated by the flat-Earth creationists, to whom both the young-Earth heliocentrists and the geocentrists are a lot of apostates. They won't entertain any notion of our home being a spherical - or, strictly, _spheroid_ - object, regardless of whether it is stationary in space or fixed in the Sun's orbit.
    In pre-internet days it was natural, if naive, to assume - as I think just about everyone did - that the attribution of silly or quaint ideas on any subject to the proverbial "Flat Earth Society" was just a jocular way of dismissing them, a lighthearted rhetorical allusion to a long-extinct belief without any modern-day adherents. But ironically the mainstay of twenty-first century communication shows that there really are still people out there who will take inordinate pains to advance this Dark Age nonsense. You have to wonder what sort of Pythonesque experience it would be to watch the rival groups of creationists try to argue and debate with each other: the mind boggles just at the thought of it.

  • p n
    p n 3 days ago

    hey everyone im opening up a round earth convention and its gonna be located next to the flat earth convention,come join.

  • Ali Reyes
    Ali Reyes 3 days ago +1

    So flat earthers are at it's core very ignorant christians... that explains everything. From believing the earth is flat to believing there's an invisible man in the sky there's just one small step.

  • MrStrikecentral
    MrStrikecentral 3 days ago +5

    A literal echo chamber. (slow clap)

  • MB vigario
    MB vigario 3 days ago

    yeah hi hello
    i would like to sue for the mass loss of brain cells during thus video

  • E. Lew
    E. Lew 3 days ago

    I think the flat earth movement started as a joke by a couple of frat members that STILL remain anonymous. Now, it is growing into a religious mindset and comfort pot for the lonely and less inclined to think for their selves. In twenty years, we are looking at another terrorist community,

  • Feriztio Januar Abda'u

    This conference is so scientific

  • A2B
    A2B 3 days ago

    Like their brain, flat.

  • Mohomod Bilol
    Mohomod Bilol 3 days ago

    How are you doing bro you okay?

  • chaosshadow11
    chaosshadow11 4 days ago

    Wow, the flat earth movement has grown so much, they now mave members all around the globe.
    Edit: Flat earthers: Moon? Spherical Mars? Spherical Earth? ..... Flat?

  • minmorphasis
    minmorphasis 4 days ago +1

    I like how they say "We believe" and not "we know"

  • Jager245
    Jager245 4 days ago

    if they were actually serious, they would fly to the edge xD

  • Tim Lim
    Tim Lim 4 days ago

    What on earth did I just watch?

  • winter thorne-kaunelis
    winter thorne-kaunelis 4 days ago +1

    People need to stop suggesting that flat earthers are disabled. A disability is something uncontrollable to you. These people are just very unintelligent and choose to believe what they do. It’s quite rude to compare any person with a disability to such narrow minded individuals

  • SMTHUseless
    SMTHUseless 4 days ago

    Why are the voices only on the right side? :D

  • Ryan Gooslinger
    Ryan Gooslinger 4 days ago

    So by their logic, there is a giant ice wall containing everything. Shouldn't they be really worried about global warming?

  • John Smith
    John Smith 4 days ago

    hi Dylan. Congratulations for your amazing actuation in front of these illuminated sages, vodka breakfasters and shower smokers.
    Flat earthers and antivaxers have one thing in common: a radical disbelief of every establish public institution, which they seem as greedy and abusive.
    I guess it's harder to have these amazing intellectual groups in other regions which invest more money on their educational systems and which have a less radical divide between the haves and the have-nots

  • Kizaru Borsalino
    Kizaru Borsalino 4 days ago

    US of A, the birthplace of ignorance and extreme stupidity.

  • Marshall Muffin
    Marshall Muffin 4 days ago

    well my eyes are curved fu@# mum get the bleach

  • Quantum Crab
    Quantum Crab 4 days ago

    My one comfort is that many of these people don't actually believe this, they just want to be a part of something.

    • complexadaptive
      complexadaptive 4 days ago +2

      dont' be too sure, these idiots are the creme de la creme of stupid......and stupid knows no bounds

  • Owen Wilson
    Owen Wilson 4 days ago

    Wait but if the earth is flat how would compasses work

  • Jason H.
    Jason H. 4 days ago

    Wow, this is a special time in human history. I wish I could go to one of these conferences and see for myself. These people are attempting to reject thousands of years of scientific observations to create a new mythology based on no facts whatsoever. I wish I had kids so we could sit down and discuss these crazy people and how best to handle them. *edit* no, this is the most amazing thing I've ever seen. Never in my wildest dreams did I think humans would do something like this in full public. Are they even human? Are they a new species?

  • Ireneu Geba
    Ireneu Geba 4 days ago

    I was entertained, and it really made me laugh. I want to respect these people and their believes but find it hard because they can't prove it with facts and truth. Mathematics and physics can prove that the Earth is round just like the Moon, Sun and the planets around us.

  • Flacons
    Flacons 4 days ago +2

    Stupidity of this caliber genuinely angers me, am i the only one?

    • complexadaptive
      complexadaptive 4 days ago +1

      Nope, the arrogance, smugness and chastisement of others enrages me to no end....

  • Nicolez04
    Nicolez04 4 days ago +1

    And this ladies and gentlemen is how humanity is getting dumber

  • 10 pea em
    10 pea em 4 days ago +3

    The collective IQ in that conference is at most 70.

    • complexadaptive
      complexadaptive 4 days ago +1

      I didn't know where to find the conference so I just followed the trail of drool and knuckle scrapes right to the conference centre....smfh...

  • MrMisterock
    MrMisterock 4 days ago

    he is too chubby for his age. He should quit eating sausages.

  • Admiral Juzzo
    Admiral Juzzo 4 days ago

    They need to stop bringing Christians into this all of us (except them) believe the earth is round and have for thousands of years

  • Lindsay Dale
    Lindsay Dale 4 days ago

    If your scraping for evidence then maybe you’re wrong

  • GDI
    GDI 4 days ago

    Haha idiots wasting money on cameras

  • IDK
    IDK 4 days ago +1

    okay, i'm religious and I can't really see how the earth being round would prove the big bang, I mean, the creator (using that instead for obvious reasons) made the earth exactly how it needed to be made to support life with the rules of the universe, and he made the laws of the universe a certain way.

  • Joshua Shorey
    Joshua Shorey 4 days ago

    Flat Earth Man? sounds like a wannabe superhero......
    what's his superpower? the ability to deny anything, despite the proof.

    • complexadaptive
      complexadaptive 4 days ago +1

      to play lousy tunes that every fluffer buys because they can;t listen to anything else....

  • Silver Paladin
    Silver Paladin 4 days ago

    wow it would be kinda scary to be in such a large croud of idiots, like I'd feel like I was in some cult and if they knew I wasn't one of them they'd pull out my heart and offer it to the flat god

  • Yagami Laitoo
    Yagami Laitoo 4 days ago

    lol, I am laughing with my ass!

  • Ace Blackler
    Ace Blackler 4 days ago

    I want them to take some of the most hardcore Flat-earthers to space, show them the earth, and send them back

  • Tritchet _
    Tritchet _ 4 days ago

    This people are so stupid...

    • Tritchet _
      Tritchet _ 4 days ago

      +SpiderPig NYC But thank you for the comment. I try always to improofe my english skills.

    • Tritchet _
      Tritchet _ 4 days ago

      +SpiderPig NYC Sorry my english is very bad becacuse i'm from switzerland and had only english in scool.

    • SpiderPig NYC
      SpiderPig NYC 4 days ago


  • Eeasy GamerTV
    Eeasy GamerTV 5 days ago

    Ok, so thousands of Nasa employees are keeping quiet about the entire world being flat, that sounds hard to believe. If I knew for sure that the earth was flat with evidence, I wouldn't be able to keep quiet. Also, how do you explain live footage of space, how could that be faked so well?

  • Ryan Leaman Lindahl
    Ryan Leaman Lindahl 5 days ago

    8:22 Lord Jesus Christ, someone gets me my respirator

  • joel wilson
    joel wilson 5 days ago


  • XSilentGraveX
    XSilentGraveX 5 days ago

    Wait... whats the harm you asked? JUST believing in it is no harm, but these people are trying to spread false information. And the disbelief that NASA is one of the most important organisations in WORLD history is complete and total horseshit. NASA has invented so many things that we just take for granted. So yeah.. lets just let people spread false information on an already struggling organisation and maybe we can remove ALL the funding!
    By the same logic: If these people what to carry on believing WWII didn't happen, whats the harm?

  • 3ds max
    3ds max 5 days ago +1

    All flatards use the phrase "cognitive dissonance"'s their "go to" backup debating tool.

  • 3ds max
    3ds max 5 days ago

    Mad Mike will blow himself up soon enough.

  • 3ds max
    3ds max 5 days ago +1

    Worse part is that they were all once round earthers, but now since they are so much better than you, they insult you when you prove to them the earth is still round.
    Also, flatards have no conception of scale whatsoever.(this is mostly due to the fact that all their research consists of watching YT videos and don't even go outside)
    Also, I watched one video trying to prove it flat using 2 gates in his driveway LOL!!!!!

  • Nathan Sandberg
    Nathan Sandberg 5 days ago

    time to bring the guns

  • Smol Noodle
    Smol Noodle 5 days ago

    The earth is a triangle 👌👌 👌👌 👌👌

  • Amanda
    Amanda 5 days ago


  • P1k3l U.O.A
    P1k3l U.O.A 5 days ago +3

    Well, at least the disabled have their own conference to go to. It is fun seeing how these morons think, and their absurd theories.
    Wow, they're even dumber than I thought!

  • Nick Macleod
    Nick Macleod 5 days ago

    I just can't. I doubt things, I'm a skeptic, but the falsehoods that flat earthers espouse are absolutely mind mindbogglingly stupid.

  • Dang dude2.0 Yolo
    Dang dude2.0 Yolo 5 days ago

    It’s the toilet water guy