Inside a Flat Earth Conference


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  • Not Exactly Normal
    Not Exactly Normal  Month ago +194

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    • ba sillah
      ba sillah 5 days ago +1

      They are the same idiots that think everything started 5000 years ago and 95% are from the US it was started as a joke but they stupid enough to think it is real lol.

    • ba sillah
      ba sillah 5 days ago +1

      Normal promo code on a flat earth video haha.

    • Zenjedi99v2
      Zenjedi99v2 9 days ago

      If that's a party you can count me out. Are you saying that I can PAY dashlane to give a private entity to have access to all my id's & passwords? You'd have to be a flat Earther to be that stupid. It's called a brain. It has a thing called memory. If that doesn't work use a pen on a thing called paper.

    • YTCensorsMe Poop
      YTCensorsMe Poop 10 days ago

      Not Exactly Normal I’m 4:30 into your video... I just want to point out... it’s not a religious thing. There are a lot of religious people, thus there are religious flat earthers, but this new flat earth boom whatever you want to call it, was not started as a religious thing at all. In fact, the main person responsible for the current flat earth movement is named Eric Dubay. Heard of him? He’s only mentioned every other minute by Joe Rohan and Eddie Bravo. Eric is spiritual, he even teaches Yoga, but to say he’s religious couldn’t be further from the truth.. Eric has put out videos that Jesus isn’t real. Ok. Doesn’t get more unreligious than that.
      He’s either banned from TVclip for the Jesus vid or videos mentioning Jews as possibly being part of a larger conspiracy.
      Actually I’m not sure what he said about Jews I’ve never seen that particular vid, I just know he has talked about Jews, im claiming he said anything anti semetical.

    • infernovoid
      infernovoid 10 days ago

      Honestly seems like a big marketing scam based upon false beliefs/religion.

  • Bálint Molnár
    Bálint Molnár 6 minutes ago

    good good they are in a small place so we don't need too many bombs

  • oORodeaOo
    oORodeaOo 9 minutes ago

    pls meme this 9:23

  • oORodeaOo
    oORodeaOo 9 minutes ago

    This unfuriates me soooo damn much

  • Lucas Samu
    Lucas Samu 11 minutes ago

    I think anyone that thinks the earth is flat should be the first people to go to mars. they can have a look back on their way outta here and make a true opinion of whether earth is flat or not.

  • No Return
    No Return 27 minutes ago

    no way!! lol

  • Druna
    Druna 36 minutes ago

    Not a lot of attendees... maybe if the people there actually used science rather than bullying and mocking, may have more people listening. But all I see are people who don't understand basic 8th grade science (not being mean, but it's true because such simple science has disproven everything they have tried to claim) trying to get others into thinking like them by using no science but rather bullying tactics. How can anyone take you guys serious if instead of an intellectual discussion we keep seeing people making fun, or videos where people tell non flat Earthers to "suck my balls" over and over and over again? You don't think people going to videos to hear what flat Earthers say enjoy being told they are dumb, and to do raunchy things like that? They will immediately disregard all that is said and will never take you all seriously. DelanoTV, Flat Out Hero and the like are the reasons people will always laugh and walk away from you guys.
    Oh, other than because the Earth is round.. but still.. get some actual scientists in the proper fields to explain things, then maybe people will listen. May be hard though, since all science has proven it to be round. But there are hundreds of thousands of them around the globe, I'm sure you guys can find one.
    Once you guys show some science and can discuss rather than get defensive, aggressive and rude, then maybe some people may be able to respect your choices - even if they don't agree.

  • Davide Forlani
    Davide Forlani 2 hours ago

    So, are you saying you believe earth is flat because otherwise your holy book would be historically inaccurate?

  • Cthulhoo X
    Cthulhoo X 3 hours ago

    Robert needs to lay off the Crown Royal.

  • Nodir N
    Nodir N 3 hours ago

    Is there a psychiatric hospitals in USA?

  • ImmaSingWhatIWant
    ImmaSingWhatIWant 3 hours ago

    - Dylan Dubeau, 2018

  • Bogdan Florian
    Bogdan Florian 4 hours ago +1

    Why can't you see further than the horizon? Fog of war.

  • Soham Gade
    Soham Gade 4 hours ago

    Looks like they don't know the GRAVITY of the situation.

  • Zerenda
    Zerenda 5 hours ago

    internet trolls taking things way too far again

  • Mathieu Savoie
    Mathieu Savoie 5 hours ago +2

    I feel like a lot of the time its people who don't understand how small humans beings are; like of course everything looks flat, we are on a massive rock so much bigger than us so every perspective view of being on it will appear flat.

  • Forest Haviland
    Forest Haviland 5 hours ago +1

    I don't trust the guy who drank vodka for breakfast and smoked cigarettes in the shower to tell me the earth is flat

  • Forest Haviland
    Forest Haviland 5 hours ago

    Why is NASA their main enemy? Aren't there other space agencies? Did NASA prove the Earth was round?

  • Matthew Taylor
    Matthew Taylor 6 hours ago +1

    I once heard a phrase that seems fairly applicable for these people:
    Keep an open mind, but don't leave it so open that your brain falls out.

  • Suga Boi
    Suga Boi 6 hours ago +1

    Did he just said....... using a level on a plane to prove the Earth is flat?........... Right when I thought flat Earthers couldn't be worst...
    That just shows what little rationality these people have when it comes to this stuff. Since they dont have REAL proof they bring religion into it... disgraceful.
    Disrespectful toward religions and toward science. Well now we can all agree that for the first time, science and religion can agree on something.

  • Jason Moore
    Jason Moore 7 hours ago

    The Flat Earth conference. Where stupid people gather in large numbers so they can feel better about being completely stupid and wrong.

  • Kronus Exodues
    Kronus Exodues 7 hours ago

    It's amazing with how much respect you tackle this topic and how you actually listen to them. That's something I see way far too rarely. almost all youtubue channels that talk about flat earthers at all always use them as a target for easy laughter. Thank you a lot for a more respectful approach that actually helped me understanding their perspective.

  • cody mcintyre
    cody mcintyre 8 hours ago

    @4:41 did that shadow have lag wtf haha?

  • NoobieLandCity
    NoobieLandCity 8 hours ago

    I am trying to put myself in their shoes.. but it never fit.

  • Tarquin Farquhar
    Tarquin Farquhar 9 hours ago

    I can't be the only one who wanted to roll a cannister of CN20 in there and nerve gas the whole fkin nest. Or we nuke the site from orbit ... just to be sure.

  • Norru
    Norru 9 hours ago

    I bet like 95% of that crowd voted for Trump

  • Xtreme darkjoy
    Xtreme darkjoy 9 hours ago

    how can you be miss flat earth with all those sexy curves!? don't be dishonest

  • Enoch Immanuel
    Enoch Immanuel 9 hours ago

    "I am not ashamed" is a four word statement .....1:52 this proves their primitive behavior.

  • Thuglife
    Thuglife 10 hours ago

    Religion supposed to help humans to become social , tolerant and forgivable but its other way around .. No difference between a jihadi belief to get 72 virgins if he blowup himself in a crowd and these cult members ...

  • Gabriel Agbese
    Gabriel Agbese 11 hours ago +1


  • Black B
    Black B 11 hours ago

    Funny how they point to the ground (south) when they say Antarctica..

  • Nitasha Johnson
    Nitasha Johnson 12 hours ago

    90% of these people gotta be American.
    Our education system is trash.
    I would have never imagined in the 90s that we'd be so stagnant in building our civilization.
    But here we are asking questions that would seem ignorant 100 years ago, today.
    And the last thing we're concerned about is this clear gap in knowledge.
    We need better funded education and art programs is all this tells me.

  • Aditya Banerjee
    Aditya Banerjee 12 hours ago

    Nice asylum

  • bikebudha01
    bikebudha01 12 hours ago

    I don't know if I couldn't have bit my tongue like the interviewer did... I most likely would have started beating people brains in...

  • bikebudha01
    bikebudha01 12 hours ago

    Funny about Antarctica, I wonder how they feel about the 2 civilians who just crossed it solo/unsupported this year.... kinda puts the kibosh on the 'only military or scientists' line...

  • Flightsimpm
    Flightsimpm 12 hours ago

    Few days ago i have seen a post on facebook saying "Flatearth society has member all over the globe" ...muhahaha

  • Flightsimpm
    Flightsimpm 13 hours ago

    i'm here only for the comments

  • bikebudha01
    bikebudha01 13 hours ago

    People who 'choose' to be ignorant shouldn't be allowed to breed...

  • Dunkare Tomorrow
    Dunkare Tomorrow 13 hours ago

    What's the harm? The harm is if people start denying facts and science and this kind of being stupid gets socially accepted we're on the way straight back to the Dark Ages.

  • Simplerway
    Simplerway 13 hours ago

    Yeah, these same folks constitute a large chunk of the Trump support. There's always a conspiracy. Yup, here goes another one.

  • DIO
    DIO 13 hours ago

    When Rome had a better education system than the U.S.

  • Kevin Yu
    Kevin Yu 13 hours ago

    my eyeball is round, why am I seeing flat images?

  • Matthew Degray
    Matthew Degray 13 hours ago

    I know how we can resolve this issue. Let's start a GoFundMe page. Everyone donate some money and we will send the most trusted Flat Earth Society member to space with a camera where he or she can see it in person and viewers can watch it live. When this person returns to Earth he or she can explain to us the shape of the planet.

  • Erwin Kunze
    Erwin Kunze 14 hours ago

    This is what happens when we go decades living in peace, we need another world war to annihilate these conspiracy theorists, it’s a Darwinian world out there and the weak and low IQ people have to go, they most perish.

  • Edens Keeper
    Edens Keeper 14 hours ago

    So the government would never lie and this genius has been to outer space and seen it for himself. I don't know what the earth looks like from space I've never been out there. However, I think these people are just waking up and they are in the infant stage of awakening. They know things are not right and this is thieir journey to becoming fully awakened adults who is anyone to judge. t makes me sick to see so many people still feel the need to exalt themselves by putting their fellow earth folk down. I feel sorry for this guy. He is truly lost if he believes all the bull shit he has been fid all his life is good for him. Keep up the good work drone. You are doing exactly what they programmed you to do. You get a gold star and get to stay after class for some pizza before you hit the gate.

  • moenbase
    moenbase 15 hours ago

    It does raise an eyebrow if you want your follows to say "I'm not ashamed" lol. It kinda hints towards the opposite of what is said and all.

  • Joseph Burnash
    Joseph Burnash 16 hours ago

    The fact that people use Christianity as an excuse to be flat-earthers makes me, as one with a biblical studies degree, makes me aANGRy

  • Ari Okubo
    Ari Okubo 17 hours ago

    how did this guy keep a straight face during these interviews lmao I wouldn't be able to control myself

  • Alumy2460
    Alumy2460 18 hours ago

    Some writers classify creationists into three varieties, discussed here in descending order of sanity. The most numerous are the ones who, though condemning evolution and geological deep time, do accept that the Sun is the centre of the solar system, with a young Earth and the other planets revolving around it. This position is deplored as unbiblically heretical by those others - the geocentrists - who must reckon that Galileo was let off lightly for having the presumption to deny that the Earth is the true pivotal celestial body around which all others including the Sun revolve. But the completely off-the-planet position (awful pun, sorry) is that advocated by the flat-Earth creationists, to whom both the young-Earth heliocentrists and the geocentrists are a lot of apostates. They won't entertain any notion of our home being a spherical - or, strictly, _spheroid_ - object, regardless of whether it is stationary in space or fixed in the Sun's orbit.
    In pre-internet days I naturally if naively assumed, as I think did just about everyone, that the attribution of silly or quaint ideas on any subject to the proverbial "Flat Earth Society" was just a jocular way of dismissing them, a lighthearted rhetorical allusion to a long-extinct belief without any modern-day adherents. But ironically the mainstay of twenty-first century communication shows that there really are still people out there who will take inordinate pains to advance this Dark Age nonsense. You have to wonder what sort of Pythonesque experience it would be to watch the rival groups of creationists try to argue and debate with each other: the mind boggles just at the thought of it.

  • Ashley Goggs
    Ashley Goggs 18 hours ago

    i think what needs to be done is get the biggest FE influencers and organise a trip to the antarctic and see this "edge".

  • Trizzy Mayne
    Trizzy Mayne 18 hours ago

    Im not a flat earther or anything but tbh if you think about it, the "big bang theory" that everything came from nothing is just as silly isnt it?. And technically illogical... something came from nothing, flat earth.. were all nutbags

  • rattyeely
    rattyeely 18 hours ago

    These people really don't know how levels work at all

    JUSES CHIRST 19 hours ago

    it's a religion

  • Foduy
    Foduy 19 hours ago

    ok, i have question for flat earthers...
    Prove that earth is flat, the icebergs around it...
    but go to the end of earth...
    if you can't so earth is round.

  • Ork Trukk Drivah
    Ork Trukk Drivah 21 hour ago

    Wait - Scientists write books. Books are made of paper aaaaaahaaaand *paper is flat!* There we have it fellows!

  • Krenico Studios
    Krenico Studios 22 hours ago

    these people probaly droped out of kintergarden thats whay they are stupid and think the earth is flat even though... its round

  • daexion
    daexion 22 hours ago

    I feel stupider for having listened to this. I award them no points, and may god have mercy on their soul.

  • wymsic
    wymsic 22 hours ago

    Flat Earthers enjoying talking bullshit to each other.

  • Eminem #Stan
    Eminem #Stan 22 hours ago

    Flat Earthers Vs Square earthers

    Who do yall think would win?

  • Maxim Compeers
    Maxim Compeers 22 hours ago

    This makes me annoyed

  • Eminem #Stan
    Eminem #Stan 22 hours ago

    Can anyone of them find the end Of the Earth?

  • Aaron Litz
    Aaron Litz 23 hours ago

    Ah. that makes sense.
    "Why do you believe this absurd idea that contradicts all scientific evidence from throughout human history?"
    Of course.

  • Meliodas
    Meliodas 23 hours ago

    guys quit being mean its their opinion they cold say the same to you but they don't (not saying i'm into flat earth i believe in the sphere) but it's their belief its basically like calling your religion stupid

  • John Stedy
    John Stedy 23 hours ago

    Why don't you just put them on a helicopter and get them high up? I don't get it

  • rvs1
    rvs1 Day ago

    Holy flying f*ck. I just get super outraged by the insane dumbness of these explanations i just cry.

  • Aarif Khan
    Aarif Khan Day ago

    my query with the flat earthers, if the earth is flat why moon and other planets are spherical?

  • Choctaw468
    Choctaw468 Day ago

    My neighbor is a complete idiot, but even he doesn't believe the Earth is flat.

  • Florian Kastner
    Florian Kastner Day ago

    stopped at 4:38, need to buy that moon

  • Big Lenny
    Big Lenny Day ago +1

    Have they debunk how can Scientists predict when theirs going to be a eclipse and they’re right? Is been proven what is their response?

  • E A
    E A Day ago


  • HCsailingon
    HCsailingon Day ago

    Thank you flat earthers for never failing to make me feel intelligent

  • Mauktik Tiwari
    Mauktik Tiwari Day ago

    there are other space organizations than just NASA. how they explain day and night system is completely bs.The answer to most questions would be I don't know.
    Here's an idea start a funding but your own plane and go beyond the WALL

  • Badarau Iulian
    Badarau Iulian Day ago

    Place a level on a FLAT table, in a stable and straight plane and concluded the earth is flat!!! Damn'. No science argument can beat that - there is simply no brain for it. The other idiot: wear of round helmets might distort the image of the earth and make it appear round!!!! LOOL!!!

  • Honda Havoc
    Honda Havoc Day ago

    Like it or not, your government/NASA is hiding things from all of us. Wake up.

  • Mosheer
    Mosheer Day ago

    I just want to kill myself

  • Joako Plis
    Joako Plis Day ago

    thanks for sacrificing braincells to bring this pice of beautiful content to us

  • Tanya Von Degurechaff

    Stupidity is contagious. Burn it while you still can.

  • Gonzalo Nieto
    Gonzalo Nieto Day ago

    How can there exist such dumb people?
    Just asking

  • camelCased
    camelCased Day ago

    When you go flat, you should just charge up. Or inflate. Whatever suits you.
    Songs about astronomy? Can we have also songs about physics, chemistry, anatomy, politics?

  • Düşünen Adam
    Düşünen Adam Day ago

    I think communities like flat earthers are result of today's free speech right. if there wasn't any different idea We wouldn't really want to know Which one is really true. it's a good sign there are different ideas on earth. Even the most silly ones are valuable. Please love flat earthers.

  • Pronto Musique
    Pronto Musique Day ago

    The earth changes shapes depending on our moods, it's so simple can't believe no one sees that : D

  • knight of cydonia
    knight of cydonia Day ago +1

    *shows very specific, zoomed in shots of the twenty people at the entire convention, which is in a room smaller than the size of a school gymnasium*

  • Abduh Mohammad
    Abduh Mohammad Day ago

    8:14 that is not a proof, in fact it shows earth is round. Sense if it was flat, the center of mass would have changed during the flight, hence the poeple would move. But sense it is a ball (or an oval shape) staying at a fixed hight fixes the center of mass (almost).

  • Abduh Mohammad
    Abduh Mohammad Day ago

    5:04 I don't think that is accurate. At least not all. But it is true. Scientists have agenda. I work with some and read about famous ones through the writings of their colleagues. Anyways, I don't care if you are really dogmatic.

    Also, I know the earth is a globe. So, don't come to me with insults.

  • kad 13000
    kad 13000 Day ago

    10:52 oh my god there are CHILDREN there, this is the problem with flat earthers they infect our youth 😔

  • vdotme
    vdotme Day ago

    09:22 - I just laid some heavy truth on you what are you gonna do with it? I'm gonna quit my job and start spreading the word with a spirit level, a globe and lots of water.

  • Arief Santoso
    Arief Santoso Day ago

    we can make anime out of that edge story

  • Arief Santoso
    Arief Santoso Day ago

    i knew American bad at geography but it goes to another level of stupid

  • Freddy Izaguirre

    But Florida is the sunshine state

  • John Doe
    John Doe Day ago

    I USED to believe in science, then there was Pluto...

  • Armydillo 101
    Armydillo 101 Day ago

    These people aren't really stupid, just delusional.

  • Mr. Panda
    Mr. Panda Day ago


  • Ivy Gonzo
    Ivy Gonzo Day ago

    I don't understand science so it must be a lie...Wtf the ego of these people blows my mind!

  • Ben Sweet
    Ben Sweet Day ago

    I liked your end point where you assured us they were a great bunch for a party; I think we are too quick to demonise those we don't agree with in this world atm, and it's a lovely refresher that we can get along with those we don't agree with

  • Aradir
    Aradir Day ago

    "The treaty ban anybody who wants to go to antartica"
    Yeah sure.

  • konmong lo
    konmong lo Day ago

    I think i lost about 1,000 Brain Cells watching this.

  • Daniel Duckmeister

    If the earth was flat, why do different parts of the world have different day and night cycles.....oh wait I can't argue against a brick head

  • Sam K
    Sam K 2 days ago


  • Kimchi Noodles
    Kimchi Noodles 2 days ago

    Rounded astronaut helmets apparently make what you see spherical. Someone get that man a box helmet.

  • Laminati s
    Laminati s 2 days ago +4

    Flat earth society has members all around globe !

  • Bad Beard Bill
    Bad Beard Bill 2 days ago

    Well, according to special relativity all inertial reference frames are valid.
    Now, interesting things happen near the speed of light. Many people are already familiar with time dilation, but the truth is more than time dilation happens. There's also length contraction, among other effects. This effect is an interesting one, as it means that if we were travelling on a spaceship at 86.6% of the speed of light relative to Earth, we would measure it having half the length if we were moving at a relative speed of 0. Now, this measurement would be a valid one. But there are faster things in the universe.
    One such thing is the Oh My God particle, which was a single particle with about 48 joules of kinetic energy. It was so close to the speed of light that one year for the particle would be 320 billion years for us. If we were to hitch a ride on such a particle and fly by Earth, it would be as thin as a piece of paper. Or, for all intents and purposes, flat.
    So Earth is flat in the reference frame of high energy particles.
    But in our reference frame it is quite round.