Inside a Flat Earth Conference

  • Published on Dec 8, 2018
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    The one thing that I thought we all could agree on, was that the earth was round. Yet despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, there is a burgeoning movement of Flat Earth believers, and I got to attend one of their conferences.

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    Shot by Michael Coen
    Sound by Sam
    Bit's O Weirdness
    Katie Glover
    Erin Fiser
    Emily Zinsitz
    Robert Ottem
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  • Not Exactly Normal
    Not Exactly Normal  6 months ago +344

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    Thanks everyone for watching!

      ULQUIORRA SCHIFFER 18 days ago

      @Joel Henderson u are a moron.

    • The Imaginary Gallery
      The Imaginary Gallery Month ago

      @LaCervezaMasFina Yes, and you can also live on a plane that is generally FLAT but not exactly LEVEL. It is irrelevant. The main thing is that we do not walk around upside down on a spinning sphere. We are stationary. The powers of mind control are very strong though, unfortunately.

    • The Imaginary Gallery
      The Imaginary Gallery Month ago

      @Graham Rathbone Look lezbian Lady with a FLAT chest (55378008), first things first! You need to get your self out of the "uneducated" realm before ever even THINKING of attempting to participate in any kind of public discussion or debate that requires higher levels of intelligence you have yet to achieve! As I said, BABY STEPS!
      One day after that happens this information will resonate within you & you will lose all confusion regarding such matters: My "beliefs" & "feelings" are not a part of the equation. I only refer to common sense *facts* . If generalizing human beings based on one detail & then attempting to categorize them into specific groups that are compatible with your currently limited scope of wisdom is your thing & you have named such group "FEs" more power to you (baby steps). The Tennis ball of water was simply a clear & obvious example of how "gravity" does not hold pools of water within a ball that is spinning. Scale has nothing to do with it anymore than it would had you stuffed your poop pal dispenser full of extra jelly beans & pressed the release button or if you gorged yourself on McDonald's human flesh infused big macs then sat down on the toilet & relaxed your sphincter muscles then let her rip.
      I see reading comprehension is not one of your strengths. I provided you with an "official" or "authoritative" definition of the word *level* . One day you will get it down, but since you are still green I shall repeat:
      adjective: level
      having a flat and even surface without slopes or bumps
      I am not sure what you are attempting to refer to here: "another hing that's great to make you guys show everyone about your belief." Nor have I stated my current level of intelligence. The fact that we live on a plane has nothing to do with me personally at all or with my ability to provide a rational argument regarding matters of fact. You just haven't reached the level required to employ simply logic & observation. You will get there eventually! Hang in there!

    • The Imaginary Gallery
      The Imaginary Gallery Month ago

      GroovyDrifter You People "is" so retarded!

    • Graham Rathbone
      Graham Rathbone Month ago

      The Imaginary Gallery
      You posted about you and your belief and feelings again.
      "No one said there was any requirement o show anyone a water-filled tennis ball"
      Yet, you inferred one as some kind of asinine validation just a few hours ago:
      "believing that we are all on a spinning ball of water (that we cannot replicate when filling a tennis ball with water.."
      A problem with the concept of scale (ROFL) and he fact the model predicts the outcome correctly are just a couple of your logical problems... But FEs are typically not able to spot such.
      So, see how you were wrong about the term "level" because you were ignorant and haven't the stomach to admit nor discuss it? This is another hing that's great to make you guys show everyone about your belief.
      You can't actually make any cogent, supported intellectual propositions nor arguments for yourself - and you think you are above average intelligence. As with all FEs - this is ALL about you, and nothing about reality nor genuine curiosity.
      The need for distractions is so effortless to spot.

  • Presto-Change-O Wallitsch

    also, if the earth is flat, then what's the shape of the other planets.

  • Presto-Change-O Wallitsch

    Ok, also, if everything stays on because of some ice wall, everything would be falling off because of global warming. Jump up and down. You feel that force pulling you down. It's called gravity. Gravity is what keeps everything from floating away.

  • Presto-Change-O Wallitsch

    almost everybody in that meeting probably didn't go to school. I mean honestly, My little brother is in second grade and he even knows the earth is ROUND. I mean, I'm going to be mean to those people. I think NASA should send a drone into space just to show flat earthers the truth. Although, they will probably find a dumb reason to say it's fake (like most flat earthers). I feel like we are evolving to be dumber.

  • Miha Kosir
    Miha Kosir 6 hours ago

    I wonder how much nikon pays them... I hope more than 65000000 😂

  • Matt Schafer
    Matt Schafer 11 hours ago

    Do flat earthers know about gravity?

  • ronan varghese
    ronan varghese 22 hours ago +2

    Flat earthers : earth is flat
    Also flat earthers: Mars is round.

    Listen up here why is earth flat and every other planet and star round? Just use your brains, fools

  • Tigerrizzy
    Tigerrizzy 23 hours ago

    God.... I think I understand now why you want the end of the world to come

  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker Day ago

    I like the part that they are skeptic towards things people say. But why arent they skeptic at all what these people on the podium say? i mean, what kind of evidence or information do they share besides all these gibberish they are talking? you can actually test it on your own if the earth is flat our a sphere. that they dont even test it on their own just shows how dumb they are.

  • Ayush Yadav
    Ayush Yadav Day ago

    After watching video
    You lose believe in humanity
    Go out and get some fresh air

  • Maste7898
    Maste7898 Day ago


  • LokiTeeVee
    LokiTeeVee Day ago +3

    earth: *breaths*
    Flat Earthers: flat
    other planets in solar system: exists
    Flat Earthers: ignore

  • Gianluca Manoli
    Gianluca Manoli Day ago

    These are just a bunch of ignorant people embarassing themselves. They can't see beyond the end of their own nose.

  • Rockettlockett 0724

    I love how they are disagreeing with the fact that nothing created everything but think that god just randomly came out of nowhere

  • Motor Boat
    Motor Boat Day ago

    It’s flat

  • JOEY D.
    JOEY D. Day ago

    If I believed the earth was flat, which I certainly do you think flat earthers would accept me as a gay flat earther...seeing as the basis of their argument is religious.

  • REVERSE2024
    REVERSE2024 2 days ago

    The real reason people do this is because they cant accept them and all of us arent special and arent the center of the universe

  • Haobros
    Haobros 3 days ago

    Watching this gives me self confidence that I actually have an IQ above 0

  • Sixtiese Wolfy
    Sixtiese Wolfy 3 days ago

    It's like a sect,I don't understand these people

  • Molestable Greek
    Molestable Greek 3 days ago +3

    Water doesn't stick to a sphere

    Gravity has left the server

  • TanakinSkywalker
    TanakinSkywalker 3 days ago

    Earth is flat but every other planet and moon is spherical

  • Jovon R.
    Jovon R. 3 days ago

    Let me get this right they only believe their own eyes unless they go into space and see a curvature then they don't believe their eyes but if you send up a camera and it shows a curvature then it's the lens that's creating the Curve. They don't like the idea of being on a ball floating through space however they're open to the idea that we are anAnt Farm under a dome. We're under a dome but there's proof that there has been meteor that struck the Earth the passes through the Dome. And the biggest thing of all is they have no proof whatsoever but try to come up with why the facts are not facts

  • Xtraterrestrial
    Xtraterrestrial 3 days ago

    Must have been so vexing being in the middle of all these people saying dumb things, and not being able to say anything except “yeah” and nod

  • Carl Pen
    Carl Pen 3 days ago

    Wait a minute... NASA is fake, all it's employees are liars so as to hide the flattard truth and then you continually quote the same NASA shill for telling us pictures are photo shopped ? Oh I get it... only the things that don't fit the flattard narrative are lies... hmmm

  • edmund blackadder coc

    Newton was an idiot...

  • christoforos meziriadis

    That's what happens when you leave the school

  • IMA.G. MF
    IMA.G. MF 4 days ago

    This. This is why I hate cratures without a tail.

  • Felix Roux
    Felix Roux 4 days ago

    8:33 especially seeing as they're flat earthers.

  • Eddie Boggs
    Eddie Boggs 4 days ago

    Does anyone know how FM radio signals can't go around the World?
    If earth were flat couldn't that be done? Just wondering.

  • fordlandau
    fordlandau 5 days ago

    The only thing flatter is their heads.

  • Eladio
    Eladio 5 days ago

    Everytime I feel stupid, this is my shit...

  • Mark Winter
    Mark Winter 5 days ago

    have any of these goofy bastards ever used a compass or taken a science class?

  • cucumber
    cucumber 5 days ago +1

    I believe that 1+1=3

  • Riza Hussaini
    Riza Hussaini 5 days ago

    The earth is flat even the NASA knows the Earth is flat but it's a big shame to accept now the Earth is flat

  • Doug Gibson
    Doug Gibson 5 days ago +1

    Water won't stick to a ball

    There's something called gravity boom.

  • tew tadle
    tew tadle 6 days ago

    Funny thing is you could prove it yourself, I have been at observatories and photgraphed the ISS through a lense. My father is a pilot and we have a plane, and you can see the curve from up there. I find it rediculous how people can think that because a glass of water wont stick to plastic it wont stick to the earth. The fact is that I just find it rediculous.

  • J R's Place
    J R's Place 7 days ago

    Did they contract a fleet of short tour busses?

  • Zayn Sharif
    Zayn Sharif 7 days ago

    P9000 😂😂😂😂 p100

  • Silas Cole
    Silas Cole 8 days ago +1

    There is no where in the Christian King James Bible that says anything about earth being flat. This flat earth nonsense is completely separate from the Christian faith.

  • Silas Cole
    Silas Cole 8 days ago

    Welcome to the new religion of "flat earthism."

  • John Legion
    John Legion 9 days ago

    Flat earthers are nutcases plain and simple.

  • zizoboy heaven
    zizoboy heaven 9 days ago

    am a flat earther ..

    • IMA.G. MF
      IMA.G. MF 4 days ago

      The correct term for that is RETARD!

  • DaniBot 3000
    DaniBot 3000 9 days ago

    Thanks for being there and reporting. While many people like to use smaller movements like the flat earthers for their own jokes things like that are not a joke to those who believe in it.

  • Undercover Agent
    Undercover Agent 9 days ago +1

    I'm a Christian and this makes no sense for Christians to indulge in. "I don't believe we float through space. " Alright how about JOB 26:7 "He stretches the northern stars over empty space, and suspends the Earth over nothing. " The Bible even mentions earth is a sphere in another quote.

  • ItsMeMax312
    ItsMeMax312 9 days ago

    2:17 genius.

  • Fletcher V
    Fletcher V 9 days ago

    Nobody could be this stupid. This conference never took place, and you can't convince me that it did.

  • Disco Biker
    Disco Biker 10 days ago

    It astounds me how seemingly intelligent people waste their money on such bunk. Look at the sky at night. The moon is round. Look at the sun (carefully). It's round. The planets in our solar system. They're round (spherical). Why would God make the earth flat? He didn't, because it makes no sense. Explain how the sun rises in the east, sets in the west, & Alaska has 6 mo. of darkness?! Impossible on a flat earth. So, if I dig through to the bottom of flat earth, would I fall out into space? If it were flat, there wouldn't be room to contain the deepest sea beds, chambers of hot lava, etc. If there's a protective dome over flat earth, what's protecting the bottom of it?? I'm sorry, but the idea of flat earth is utterly & absolutely ridiculous. God didn't put a "frisbee" in a system full of "basketballs"!

  • Mr. Burns
    Mr. Burns 10 days ago

    Why don't they just attach a go pro to a high altitude balloon and just send it up? Then they can show all of us just how wrong we are.
    But, seriously. If they are not hurting anyone then I do not see the problem with them believing the earth is flat. As long as they are having fun, and it seemed they were, then let them be.

  • Tigerjunge
    Tigerjunge 10 days ago

    OMG 🙈🙉🙊

  • ana Thediftofz
    ana Thediftofz 10 days ago

    Omg , so many people , so many idiots. It’s
    Really stupid and sad. .

  • Mischelle
    Mischelle 11 days ago

    Let’s argue fairly I won’t run out of reasons and I’ll prove you wrong.

  • Mischelle
    Mischelle 11 days ago

    Your the biggest idiot of the slave race I’ve seen. Explain to me how does the sun sit in the dark yet and shine on something trillions of miles away no light can sit in a room and not light the room it’s in yet light up another room. Morons a created slave race!

  • Der Alvin Stuards
    Der Alvin Stuards 11 days ago

    Imagine needing to reprove to humanity something that people of the 18-19th century already knew.

  • Jory Adams
    Jory Adams 12 days ago

    Colorado is the centennial state, florida is the sunshine state.

  • Jason percy
    Jason percy 12 days ago

    600 crayons ,14 lbs of paint chips were consumed during the making of this film . I would not be able to keep my composure while surrounded by this group of people . They act just like weird cult followers.

  • LordKellthe1st
    LordKellthe1st 12 days ago

    Religious freaks being conned by sociopaths and well, conmen. So much for the educational system.......
    Basically a cult, aka a small religion.

  • Its _ClipStar
    Its _ClipStar 13 days ago

    Nasa is not lying everyone is .... the earth is clearly a piramid😁

  • NotUsingMyName
    NotUsingMyName 13 days ago +1

    "I dressed up as a cat this year"
    ... perfect response and great way to end the video.. bravo!

  • jamesk kuhn
    jamesk kuhn 13 days ago

    P.eace oh chit 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

  • Firebrand VOCALS
    Firebrand VOCALS 13 days ago +1

    But they don’t believe NASA when they say the earth is round, but believe them when the say the earth was photoshopped? 😫⛏

  • Steve Jarvis
    Steve Jarvis 14 days ago

    Brain washed morons listening to idiots that have no business getting rich off brainwashing more people. The worlds brightest minds throughout history have time and time again proved that earth isn't flat. People even before NASA came into the picture have done this.

  • nun ya
    nun ya 14 days ago

    the bible does NOT say the earth if flat... not in any context. i PROMISE you. these ppl twist scripture. Jesus created a spherical earth... not a flat disk... ughi hate it when those ppl say this

    • faith ful
      faith ful 10 days ago

      @nun yai'm not going to respond to your 2nd comment but all i'm going to say is you are a hypocrite for calling me ignorant lol you actually believe in galaxies?

    • faith ful
      faith ful 10 days ago

      @nun ya it said 4 corners of the earth in the bible i'm not twsting scripture? I wouldn't feel the need to do that sir also it clearly says "circle" it looks like you're the one that's twisting here also what is a circle how can god even sit on a ball this is common sense which I guess isn't common anymore also "the circle" it's referencing the dome firmament because it looks like a circle.. can you sit on glass? And that's exactly what it's talking about noone can sit on a "ball" there's pillar things that's holding up the earth and the heavens it says that somewhere in the bible I don't remember where it's at exactly you believe satan exists so wouldn't you think he would try his hardest to hide god from the public let me tell you exactly what they did to do that first off a ball earth literally proves no god because of what he said in the bible but they said the big bang created everything they said we evolved from monkeys what they tell us is a absolute joke i have proof the moon landing was fake if you want me to tell it I will nasa literally admitted that they could only go beyond earth's orbit so how they hell did they find out it's even a ball in the first place?? Nasa means to decieve in hebrew and they have the serpent's tounge in their logo and the serpent "never tells" the truth and where did we learn about the earth's form from.. Look up flat earth images that's what we are living under with pillars underneath us why do you think in freemasonary they have pillars?? They are mocking it lol

    • nun ya
      nun ya 11 days ago

      @faith ful you are stupid
      the IN the firmament... if the firmament is a dome of glass like your foolish mind seems to actually believe...(insane) then how can a bird fly INSIDE a piece of glass. oh hat's right... ITS NOT A DOME.... a firmament is an expanse... the sky, the atmosphere, the air between the earth, and space... the first heaven is the air that the birds fly in..... second would be space. third heaven is God's throne room. why would Jesus make the universe expand, as he says he stretched/'s out the heavens over 30 times in the bible... given that the universe is expanding (bc we observe that galaxies are moving away from us... we also know through our own human discovery of the universe that if it wasnt expanding, then everything would collapse in on itself. get off the drugs. i broke up with my ex bc he was ignorant on purpose. and nothing you say to this dude mattered. he wouldnt even let you finish your point he was soooo ignorant i just cant stand that. you need to detox all the metal from your system, and get off the drugs. bc your are getting into bed with demons not even ones that would sound tempting. you have given up knowledge an therefore you are a fool.

    • nun ya
      nun ya 11 days ago

      @faith ful i cant agree with you or we would both be wrong....stop twisting scripture. this is a good opportunity to GO BACK and learn proper/better english. there are 4 directions. 4 quadrants this is basic... novice info...he sits on the circle(meaning sphere or a ball in the hebrew) ...he hangs the earth upon nothing. he SPOKE and it held fast. who exactly taught you this? did u read it for yourself and superimpose 21st century meaning terminology and context on a 1611 document? dont try and argue. if you do not understand this, you cannot even offer any useful information. so dont share your ignorant opinions. sorry to be so forward and even rude about it. but it makes m sick when morons twist scriptures... your a fool..... that is not from me.....that is from Jesus. Jesus called you a fool you are letting ppl spoil you through vain deceits and convince you of ignorant on purpose doctrines of devils. PLEASE understand. i dont play with the devil. i stand on the truth and i cast down everything that exalts itself above the TRUE knowledge of God. you wanna b ignorant, and blind yourself willingly against very simple basic novice info........even a moron could get this stuff.... DO NOT plaster your garbage and call it a reply, and expect to not be called out. DEAF DUMB BLIND Spirit, be gone in the name of Jesus!

    • faith ful
      faith ful 11 days ago

      He reference the "4 corners of the earth" last time i checked a ball does not have 1 corner god created a land mass with a firmament how the hell can a ball have a firmament it's simple space does not exist they have been lying lol

  • John Doe
    John Doe 14 days ago

    I’ve always wondered what a psych ward looked like

  • rradtke815ify
    rradtke815ify 14 days ago

    Walk to the edge and prove it! No excuses no bs about you can't go to the edge...prove it.
    There's years of space exploration by more than nasa!
    Btw... God is the creator.

    • faith ful
      faith ful 11 days ago

      If u know that god is the creator then you will know he created a firmament around the earth I find it funny because a long time ago people with planes were in antartica but suddenly they crashed into a solid wall thing they thought they were under attack or something but they made some kind of excuse i forgot but how come this kind of stuff isn't on the news? They want to keep us under deception and "spaced out'' that's where they got the concept "space" from btw but anyways that was god's firmament they crashed into there is no edge there's a ice wall and they are guarding it heavily

  • Duke Skookum
    Duke Skookum 14 days ago

    1:52 Those are actually 4 words. Or who knows, counting is probably a conspiracy too.

  • melaza 809
    melaza 809 14 days ago

    God has created the Flat earth NASA has created the infinite space ...

  • ponduus
    ponduus 14 days ago +1

    Why am i not surprised that this is happening in America?

  • stevetager69
    stevetager69 14 days ago

    Lost Souls ....

  • J H
    J H 15 days ago +1

    hairspray sticking out... :D holy shit this is the new level of retardism, ffing hairspray haha

  • Clock Tower Prison
    Clock Tower Prison 15 days ago +1

    these people vote just an fyi

  • Regular Player
    Regular Player 15 days ago

    Wena el dylan

  • Mr Casa
    Mr Casa 15 days ago +1

    "I' m not ashamed" is 4 words not 3. He is not even able to count

  • TSP
    TSP 16 days ago

    How many G's does a pancake troll do when going very fast around a corner I wonder? Maybe gravity on looney flat world is like a spinning record and it feels faster on the arctic and slower on the antarctic? Some very interesting physics that.

  • sipo70
    sipo70 16 days ago

    Too long of an intro.

  • NightWaves
    NightWaves 16 days ago +2

    No lawyers to force NASA to give them a ride?

  • Faiz Faizar
    Faiz Faizar 16 days ago

    flat earther not exactly normal

  • g2macs
    g2macs 16 days ago

    Ok flatties, a well know YT channel worked out that to prevent anyone going near the edge, Nasa would have to deploy 40, 000 patrol ships to cover the flat Earth Ocean/s. (that's 24-7) ......And.......explain.....

  • wonfeather
    wonfeather 16 days ago

    Nobody knows the real shape of our world. Nobody can go to space to get a real look. The earth might look like a pretzel for all we know. Now stop chasing this rabbit because nobody will ever catch it. The monsters that run the world want you to waste your time chasing the rabbit. But if we realize that we have the power to create our reality then we can change everything and find out the truth.

  • Jon Weems
    Jon Weems 16 days ago

    Robert was definitely drunk.

  • Johnny R
    Johnny R 17 days ago +1

    So the Earth is flat but the Atmosphere is a ..... Sphere! Hmmm

  • Johnny R
    Johnny R 17 days ago

    Can't wait to see your report on the "Tiny Penises are Better" conference

  • Moth Gaming
    Moth Gaming 17 days ago

    Most of the people in that conference look like junkies

  • Chainblade Alliance
    Chainblade Alliance 17 days ago

    It sucks having been military intelligence and having actually seen life through a satellite, you know it's round and satellites are real, but any flat-earther will immediately dismiss your statements as "one directly from from the pocket of the man himself" so fuck em. It honestly doesn't even matter what anyone thinks. Life goes on. I just wish I was actually paid to lie about something, that'd be nice.

  • zappelfry100
    zappelfry100 18 days ago

    ..they cant be that stupid.
    it is just business.. a few lure some undereducatet with an "enlightening truth" and draw money out of them..
    ..just like all the other esoterism stuff..

  • truth seeker
    truth seeker 18 days ago

    A Fact is an absolute truth. A theory is not a fact. A theory is an "educated" guess... a belief. Too many people proclaim scientific "theories" to be facts. If a theory has been absolutely proven, it is no longer referred to as a theory... it is then a fact.

  • Peter John
    Peter John 18 days ago +1

    Plot twist:
    Alex's father is.....


  • Peter John
    Peter John 18 days ago

    They are all dropouts!!!

  • dee w
    dee w 18 days ago

    Jeez, their mental acrobatics to try to get out of actually seeing if literally anything they believe is true, is astonishing. They all deserve some sort of medals at this point. it's almost an Olympic sport.

  • Albert Chow
    Albert Chow 18 days ago


  • showcase
    showcase 18 days ago

    earth would be a very boring place if everyone believed it was round. let all birds chirp.

  • Alumy2460
    Alumy2460 19 days ago

    Some writers classify creationists into three varieties, discussed here in descending order of sanity. The most numerous are the ones who, though condemning evolution and geological deep time, do at least accept that the Sun is the centre of the solar system, with a young Earth and the other planets revolving around it. This position is deplored as unbiblicaly heretical by certain others - the geocentrists - who reckon that Galileo was let off lightly for having the presumption to deny that the Earth is the true pivotal celestial body around which all others including the Sun revolve. But the completely off-the-planet position (awful pun, sorry) is that advocated by the flat-Earth creationists, to whom both the young-Earth heliocentrists and the geocentrists are a lot of apostates. They won't entertain any notion of our home being a spherical - or, strictly, _spheroid_ - object, regardless of whether it is stationary in space or fixed in the Sun's orbit.
    In pre-internet days it seemed natural to assume - as just about all of us did - that the attribution of silly or quaint ideas on any subject to the proverbial "Flat Earth Society" was just a jocular way of dismissing them, a lighthearted rhetorical allusion to a long-extinct belief without any modern-day adherents. But ironically the mainstay of twenty-first century communication shows that there really are still people out there who will take inordinate pains to advance this Dark Age nonsense. One has to wonder what sort of Pythonesque experience it would be to watch the rival groups of creationists try to argue and debate with each other: the mind boggles just at the thought of it.

  • Galexii Sims
    Galexii Sims 19 days ago

    Why would all these nations secretly agree to lie about the earth being a sphere??

  • Marchant2
    Marchant2 20 days ago

    "Once you go flat you don't go back." Well how the hell DOES one go flat against all common sense, evidence and logic? You throw those things out the window because your own everyday experiences as obtained by your senses are all the science you need? I'd like to see you get through a geometry class using just those things.

  • Aurimas Galvelis
    Aurimas Galvelis 20 days ago

    If there is something really really stupid it is mostly in America....

  • Worcestershire Sauce

    So their major enemy is gravity. That's why they think water is proof of flat earth. That makes me think that they think that gravity doesn't exist.


  • Xiortras
    Xiortras 21 day ago

    Could you imagine that you send all these “Flat Earthers” into space and then they are blown away because their so called theory was debunked.

  • CAPE Z
    CAPE Z 22 days ago

    i can even believe im one of these spiecies jeez so dumb

  • John Neuman
    John Neuman 23 days ago

    Scientist on far left: Are you thinking what I’m thinking?
    Me: errrrrrrr yup.

  • GTAV FAILS &more
    GTAV FAILS &more 23 days ago

    10:50-10:40 , bulls#?t

  • GTAV FAILS &more
    GTAV FAILS &more 23 days ago

    Flat earth sponsered by NIKON, they sponser thier beliefs, thats y its dumb