Hyderabad Case: All 4 Accused Shot Dead In Police Encounter | ABP News

  • Published on Dec 6, 2019
  • All the four accused in the Hyderabad veterinarian's rape and murder case have been shot dead by the police in an encounter. The four accused were taken to the crime scene in order to reconstruct events but they tried to run away and the police had to open fire. In this encounter, all four were shot dead.On November 27, a Hyderabad veterinarian was raped and then murdered by setting her ablaze
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Comments • 2 610

  • Lipun Kumar
    Lipun Kumar 13 days ago

    Truck driver road se har time mat ke sath ladte he ladki ko pehle sanman do uska bhi paribar he ho bhi dunime jine kelia aya he

  • luxmi kaur
    luxmi kaur 16 days ago

    Jai hind right kiya police ne


    Incredible video production, I delight it so much !!!! Surpassing part is 1:13. *I uploaded first dancing, Pls check and tell me your opinion* 💛 💜 💘

  • Yash Jadhav
    Yash Jadhav Month ago

    Really around on the police who encounter them

  • surbhi Verma
    surbhi Verma Month ago

    Or bhi Bura hota in logo ke saath ...

  • surbhi Verma
    surbhi Verma Month ago

    Bilkul sahi hua

  • shiakh kalim
    shiakh kalim Month ago

    chalo kisiko toh saja mili aur aasifa ke katilo ko kyu nahi mil rahi hai incounter ki saza kyoki oh rss aur bjp se aur anya kattarwadi dalose jude hue hai isliye kyo priyanka is desh ki beti hai aur aasifa kya pakistan ki beti hai justice for aasifa

  • lims 22
    lims 22 Month ago

    Very fishy, police trying to cover up something

    MINI JAMES Month ago

    Respect and salute sir for your right decision

  • Shishant Goswami
    Shishant Goswami Month ago

    Sahi kiya haidrabaad police ne
    aiso ke sath to aisa hi hona chahiye
    Tbhi ladkiyo ko insaaf milega!

    RAJAN KUMAR Month ago

    usko bhut jald an counter kar dena chahiye

  • Uddesh Sarkar
    Uddesh Sarkar Month ago


  • Sushanta Nayak
    Sushanta Nayak Month ago

    ABP news ghatia hai

  • Sharmila Das
    Sharmila Das Month ago

    495 लोग रेपिस्ट है जो unlike किए है।

  • Sharmila Das
    Sharmila Das Month ago

    हैदराबाद की पुलिस ने तो मिसाल दे दी लेकिन पूरे देश की पुलिस और कानून से यही कहना है कि अगर आप लोगो की औकात के बाहर है सज़ा देना तो ठीक है जनता के हवाले कर दीजिए इन दरिंदो को, जनता जरूर बखूबी से इन्हे सज़ा देने की हिम्मत रखती है।
    बल्कि पुलिस वालो को भी जनता के बीच इन दरिंदो को छोड़ देना चाहिए और अगर सिस्टम जवाब मांगे की तुम लोगो से मुजरिम सम्हाले क्यों नहीं गए तो पुलिस को सीधा जवाब देना चाइए की जनता ने हमें भी पीट दिया और out of control हो गई हम कुछ नहीं कर सके।

  • Mimosh Warring
    Mimosh Warring Month ago

    Bikau kuttey 🐕

  • Mimosh Warring
    Mimosh Warring Month ago

    Modi ka ak or kutta

  • Ramakant Rajbhar
    Ramakant Rajbhar Month ago

    The public does not want anything, the way the encounter took place in Hyderabad, in the same way, there should be an encounter in the Unnao case of UP and nothing else.

  • Ramakant Rajbhar
    Ramakant Rajbhar Month ago

    Why is the UP rape case getting delayed so much? In taking any decision because he is the son of the leader.

  • Sufi Siddiqui
    Sufi Siddiqui Month ago

    Aap news walo se meri riquest hai pls thoda dhyan you tube par prank vidio par bhi dalo itni gandi gandi prank vidio you tube par samne arahi hai jisse ladko ka sara dhyaan sex ki or jaye our kuchh ladke haiwaniyat dikhate hue aisa galat kaam kar rahe hai aap logo se hath jod kar gujarish hai jo jo mera comment padhe pls is baat ko age badhaya jaye aisi gandi prank vidio par rok lagaye jisse aage kabhi kahi kuchh galat na ho kisi ladki ke sath her gandi vidio movies par rok lagaya jaye jisse ladko ka man hamesha saf rahe our ladki ke liye ladko ke man me kabhi koi galat khyaal bhi na aaye

  • Mona sharma
    Mona sharma Month ago

    Bilkul Sahi Kiya

  • simran maheshwari
    simran maheshwari Month ago

    I am delighted for the encounter of 4 accused of Priyanka reddy case, but unfortuanetly, they got an easy death. Their encounter was not even planned, it happened because they tried to escape, otherwise this case too would be there in the court for several years and then bail would have offered to them like nirbhaya's defendants. Encounter was a good step but not all rapists may face this because it is not an written rule. This rule should be a binding precedent, which means its should be written legal rule in the Indian legal system.
    I want our indian goverment to pass an act in which they form a new law for rapists and acid attacker. This law should suggest "whoever commits rape or acid attack shall be immediately after proven guilty burned alive." We should learn from arab countries where they kill rapists harshly in the public. This warns the people and encourage not to commit such crimes. Therefore it should not be surprising for us to know that the rape rate in India is 308 times more than UAE. Therfore, there should be amendments made by Indian parliament to punish rapists and acid attacker.
    In addition, I am certain that if they begin to use this punishment for offences such as rapes and acid attackes, then gradually within a year the rape rate in India will decline. All it takes is to establish new law. If Mr. Modi can overthrow 500 and 1000 rupees overnight and abolish section 377 overnight then sir can definitely pass this law within a month.
    Motive is not to kill rapists, motive is too vanish the idea and the thought of rape from criminal mind.
    - Simran

  • Neelam Yadav
    Neelam Yadav Month ago +1

    I dont think she got justice itni Aasan maut uske aatma ko shanti nhi de sakti use jis tarah torture kiya usi in kutto ko marna chahiye tha

  • Jasmine
    Jasmine Month ago

    No credit to Hyderabad police. Order was given from Delhi to execute them by firing squad. Hyderabad police could have saved the girl if they acted on time. But they didn't. Shame on them!

  • sugreev kumar
    sugreev kumar Month ago

    Nice judgement

  • angel space
    angel space Month ago

    Policewale un apradiyo ko pakdnese lekar shoot karne tak une milne nahi diya baat karne nahi diya akhir aisa kyu... Our do log gun cheen rahe the to do logo ko marna tha baaki do ko kyu mara.. Mara to mara unke under legs pe marne ka adhikar hai.. Une jaan se kyu maar diya.. Ho sakta hai wo apradhi ho ya ho sakta hai na ho.. Ya ye kaand koi our kiya ho... Jo apradi khule aam ghum raha ho..

  • Atul Kumar
    Atul Kumar Month ago

    Very good bilkool Sahi hoya jai hind

  • Bittu teak
    Bittu teak Month ago

    In sab ko 4 ko live dekhakar Marta bahut hi badiya hota aise log kyu paida kyu hote hai inko June ka koi hak nahi rahana chahiye 4 ka

  • Hina Danish
    Hina Danish Month ago

    Well done 👍

  • heer shah
    heer shah Month ago


  • RK GAMING yt
    RK GAMING yt Month ago

    In salo darindo ki tandur ki tarah jalake marna chahiye

  • rajan chobey
    rajan chobey Month ago

    Should we really celebrate this encounter??
    It shows constitution,law,police and judicial system has failed(i my self support DEATH of rapists...)

  • Virat Rub
    Virat Rub Month ago

    jis din india me saudi Arab jaisa kanoon ban jayega ush din se yahan rep hona band ho jayega me rep karne wala rep karna to door rep ke bare me sochega bhi nhi

  • Nazneen Choudhari
    Nazneen Choudhari Month ago

    Asli police officer ho aap

  • Nazneen Choudhari
    Nazneen Choudhari Month ago

    Heads office r

  • Basava Raju
    Basava Raju Month ago

    Are yaar encounter tho awaara uneducated logo ko kiya hai but other rape cases are pending isiliye hai vo log bade baap ke bache hai

  • Mayoi Ch
    Mayoi Ch Month ago

    "Tnk u n salute"2 Hyd police

  • vicky roy
    vicky roy Month ago

    Bhenchod agar ye ladke kisi netainister k bete hote to ghanta encounter nahi hota

  • Priya Shrivastav
    Priya Shrivastav Month ago

    It is really appreciable that Telangana police has done a very great job . And the people who are creating objection on their work should think of that if this would had happen with them then also the statement given by them would be same . And the worst thing of the politicians is blaming each others party instead of blaming each and other party they should work together . It doesn't matter which party is ruling the country it just matter how the people is helping others no one has stopped anyone from helping . Instead of blaming everyone should work together . It is responsibility of every individual .

  • Bhaskar Bhowal
    Bhaskar Bhowal Month ago

    Great salute to Hyderabad Police

  • Susanta Jena
    Susanta Jena Month ago

    I support the action taken by Hyderabad police. such action should apply for all rapists then the rape cases will come down.

  • Manish Ranjan
    Manish Ranjan Month ago

    Bahut baniya khabar nhi marte to hm mar dete

  • renuka sahu
    renuka sahu Month ago

    Well done Hyderabad police we proud of you agree or no

  • Azaruddin Jakati
    Azaruddin Jakati Month ago +1

    Good work telangana home minister

  • Mausami Das
    Mausami Das Month ago +3

    This what we except from police.....do right at the right movement....do not wait for court n all.....long live Hyderabad police.....

  • harit rajasthan
    harit rajasthan Month ago

    Mhipal madrena ka bhi ankauntr krna chahiye

  • Abbas Shaikh
    Abbas Shaikh Month ago

    Main ab keh sakta hoon ki mujhe police services mein hi jaana hai kyunki aisa kaha jata tha, Police netaao ke dalle hai, Police rishwatkhor hai aadi wagerah, is incident ke baad mujhe nahi hum sab deahwasiyon ko garv hona chahiye ki abhi tak humare paas nek aur sachche policewale hai aur woh apni taaqat jaante hai
    Bas yeh sanwaad khatam karke ek hi shabd kehna chahunga JAI HIND 🇮🇳

  • Rajdeep Srivastava
    Rajdeep Srivastava Month ago

    Don't you guys think ...... That this is planned murder .... because who the hell keep kerosene with himself at night.... may be there's someone involved in this murder .... Because the way she killed it seems like ..... they've any personal issue with that girl....and maybe police is trying to save someone who's involved in this case....if there is availability of FasTrack court so, why don't they file that case...... And we all know that this encounter is pre-planned. Because 4 person will not retaliate at same time.

  • Shweta Lale
    Shweta Lale Month ago

    It is good news

  • Sachin pawshe
    Sachin pawshe Month ago

    Nirbhaya accused should also be taken for reconstructing

  • Arshi Ansari
    Arshi Ansari Month ago


  • Abdul Kareem
    Abdul Kareem Month ago

    Jai Hyderabad police

  • arsh khan
    arsh khan Month ago +1

    Well done police I'm proud of u.. But there is one problem dats guyyss is criminal it's poor people then u will done encounter how about rich people doing rape why u will not done encounter those people

  • Riya Sharma
    Riya Sharma Month ago

    Just listen how the parents of Priyanka's rape accused were talking...They were calling Priyanka a BITCH and were blaming her asking why she was roaming late night and why didn't she go to near by toll booth.
    How do you expect a man coming from such a family would be sensible when even women are behaving and thinking soo immature and insensible

  • Tabrez 2277 shaikh
    Tabrez 2277 shaikh Month ago

    Tit for tat 😀😀😀😀 aaj mai bahut khus hu laikin ye saza bahut kam mila in logo ko is se bhi bura hona chahiye tha

    DURGESH KUMAR Month ago +1

    क्या police के पास sufficient proof था कि यही वो criminals थे l
    इतना जल्दी encounter कर के इस केस को close कर दिया जाएगा l
    अगर ऐसा नहीं है तो असली criminal अभी तक इस समाज में घूम रहे होंगे वो भी आजादी से l
    सोचिए :-
    1. अगर ये लोग असली criminal थे तब जब Public इतना हंगामा कर रही थी और cctv footage चेक हो रहा था और ये सब news public मे जा रही थी कि पुलिस ये सब काम कर रही है criminals को पकड़ने के लिए तो ये criminals अपने घर में क्या कर रहे थे कि पुलिस आये और इन्हें पकड़ ले l
    2. अगर high profile लोग इसमे शामिल हुए तो l
    इस देश में कुछ भी हो सकता है l
    3. इनलोगो ने truck से doctor को ले गए थे तो क्या truck का forensic जाँच हुई और report क्या निकला l
    4. कहीं असली criminal कोई और, और पकड़ कर किसी और का encounter kar दिया गया l
    इस केस का cbi जांच होना चाहिए कि इन्हीं चारो ने वो crime किया है या किसी और ने l

  • mousumi jana
    mousumi jana Month ago

    guys I'M requesting u all to see my earlier comment......there is a boy farhan siddique......just check his comment

  • Aditya Mohite
    Aditya Mohite Month ago +1

    So there is no respect for Indian Constitution huh, very bad decision by Hyderabad Police. No place for law, no chance for accused, no proof, I know some are saying they confessed but who told you that or you just read it on social media? A shameful act by Police by taking Law in hands.

  • Sam creation
    Sam creation Month ago

    kya khaak right decision garib log dekh ke encountered kr diya waha jo widhayak sahab khulla sand ki terha ghum rahe hai rape krke victam ke baap ko mar mar ke jaan leliya unko toh chune mein v fat rahi hai. sabke sath ek jaisa hona chahiye.

  • saqib ali
    saqib ali Month ago

    Great Hyderabad CP aesy logon ka aesa hi Hal hona chahiye India Pakistan nhi world me agar koi kisi larki ki izzat kharab Kare usko mar Dena chahiye love you CP Hyderabad love from Pakistan