10 Money-Saving LIFE HACKS To Try At Home

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  • mr nobodys_fool
    mr nobodys_fool 23 hours ago

    i dont see any issues what he showed if it helps some one out there more power to them good job showing these things to people

  • ancient dragon
    ancient dragon 10 days ago

    2:23 life hacks are supposed to help solve a problem with your everyday life, this doesn't seem to solve any issues so i must ask, why is it in a life hack video?

  • Husky Gamer
    Husky Gamer 29 days ago

    That egg hack does not help with dishes. You have to wash the shaker, the top for the shaker, the pan, the spatula, the fork to eat it with, and the plate to serve it on. Now without the shaker, you have the bowl, fork, pan, spatula, the new fork to eat it with, and the plate. It does not change the dish amount if you look at it like this.

  • HeyNikkie USoFine
    HeyNikkie USoFine Month ago

    The main thing I learn from most of these videos is that baking soda is basically a miracle cure all. It's like a edible version of duct tape.

  • Chris Farri
    Chris Farri Month ago

    You still have wash the cocktail shaker therefore not saving on washing up. Completely idiotic!!

  • KevinFryer
    KevinFryer Month ago

    Those are just life hacks for cheapskates.

  • Jonas consel
    Jonas consel Month ago

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  • Game Perfect
    Game Perfect Month ago

    I played gta 5 durng da intro

  • The AzurinBoyz
    The AzurinBoyz Month ago

    None of these save money.

  • Kent Loretta
    Kent Loretta 2 months ago +5

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    • Zeba
      Zeba 2 months ago


  • #kanepoe !
    #kanepoe ! 2 months ago

    Plumbers tape = Teflon tape

  • Taamz Heart
    Taamz Heart 2 months ago

    That sticky things hurt bees and such. Don't be a dick.

  • The Christman Sisters
    The Christman Sisters 2 months ago

    At 0:56 actually I have a box like "this"

  • Arielle Nichole
    Arielle Nichole 3 months ago

    Let me understand this right. To make a scrambled egg, you would use a bowl/cup and a fork. Your're trying to tell me that a cocktail shaker is a better hack? It still literally uses the same amount of dishes. A cap and a cup. LOL *Fail*

    NUCLEAR BLEACH 3 months ago

    Yur so cool

  • Wendy P
    Wendy P 3 months ago

    Great tips. Thanks!

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    Free Shipping Product 3 months ago

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  • Ethan Hanks
    Ethan Hanks 3 months ago

    there are a lot of great ideas on here and I'm posting a link to a company that has literally cut my electric bill by more then half and I'm loving the savings. I am not a part of this company or anything but they are amazing and it helps our planet too, I hope this helps even 1 person save money and energy 😋 tinyurl.com/y9uu3hg6

  • Ren A
    Ren A 3 months ago

    Why would you put fly trap outside? That is their natural habitat.

  • WestWard Pomona Gyrl
    WestWard Pomona Gyrl 3 months ago

    Some are cool tho'

  • WestWard Pomona Gyrl
    WestWard Pomona Gyrl 3 months ago


  • Mickey Coppercock
    Mickey Coppercock 3 months ago

    from money hack to life hack. get your shit together man.

  • l turner
    l turner 4 months ago

    water makes fluffier eggs not milk

  • Shannon Marable
    Shannon Marable 4 months ago

    As for cleaning pots and pans I just let them soak in soap and water...

  • c d
    c d 4 months ago

    I like your video

  • Snivy Sniper
    Snivy Sniper 4 months ago +1

    Ew. That spray paint looks like diarrhea. Honestly really disgusting. It looks like puke.

  • LOLSTER239 meh
    LOLSTER239 meh 4 months ago

    Yeah about that.....
    I took apart a gamecube controller and put it in my drawer
    It was messy

  • Fright Foo
    Fright Foo 4 months ago

    I hang toilet paper coming from bottom. Why? because theres less effort pulling it off. You even reach less to get to it.
    I dont need Milk for scrambled eggs. Nobody needs milk, its a myth.

  • Cassie Thornburg
    Cassie Thornburg 4 months ago

    What is washing soda🤔

  • Samuel Z
    Samuel Z 4 months ago

    The egg scrambling one doesn't even create any few dishes lol, and the tissue one makes no sense. Otherwise they were decent

  • Priyanka Chattopadhyay
    Priyanka Chattopadhyay 5 months ago

    Absolutely love this video

  • Victor Gonzalez
    Victor Gonzalez 5 months ago +4

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  • Pallavi M
    Pallavi M 5 months ago


  • elijah mackey
    elijah mackey 5 months ago

    my mom's inpresed

  • Robert Solano
    Robert Solano 5 months ago

    Ohhhhg fuckkkk nooo never do then vinegar pan hack that shit smells like asss does not work wtfff

  • No One
    No One 5 months ago

    Oddly shaped glass? I use a baby bottle brush. Dollar tree! Your welcome.

  • Anxious Aesthetics
    Anxious Aesthetics 5 months ago

    "Pour your eggs in a shaker!"
    Or... Just... Put it in the pan...

  • Bandito Dorito
    Bandito Dorito 5 months ago +1

    when you somehow spill your ravioli on the carpet

  • Davide DW
    Davide DW 5 months ago

    LAN cable cat 8?!?!

  • Natasha Figueroa
    Natasha Figueroa 5 months ago

    Boy i sure do love muh pinterest

  • neosapiens
    neosapiens 5 months ago

    4:02 "melk"😄

  • Drāno drain cleaner
    Drāno drain cleaner 5 months ago

    the last one instead of masking the smell why not just clean it

  • Symon
    Symon 5 months ago

    The only thing I got from this video that I plan to actually use is "Egglicious Ecstasy"

    That's hilarious.

  • Saideepa Jayaram
    Saideepa Jayaram 5 months ago


  • Erin Lenox
    Erin Lenox 5 months ago

    Sooo instead of washing a bowl now you have to wash a 3 piece cocktail shaker? The fork doesn't count you just rinse it off and eat the eggs with it

    • Kelley TheNurse
      Kelley TheNurse 5 months ago

      Erin Lenox and frankly same could be done with the bowl if you use hot water so all in all cocktail shaker is a hack fail

  • LUNA
    LUNA 6 months ago

    you probably smoke a lot of weed to think of these ideas

  • White Wolf
    White Wolf 6 months ago

    My tp rolls they way where it doesn't touch the wall

  • Destiny Aul
    Destiny Aul 6 months ago

    This is greenbean :-)
    Greenbean has no friends:-( 1like equals 1friend

  • salahhe
    salahhe 6 months ago

    Tried the last one a while ago. Didn't work at all.

  • Betsy Archer
    Betsy Archer 6 months ago

    How is recycling toilet paper tubes saving money?

  • Betsy Archer
    Betsy Archer 6 months ago

    How is shaking eggs vs stirring them saving money?

  • Ramen Cookies
    Ramen Cookies 6 months ago

    I always knew over was the way

  • BadAss Revolution
    BadAss Revolution 6 months ago

    he has gta 5

  • Hunter Douglass
    Hunter Douglass 7 months ago

    or you could just get a dishwasher

  • Brett Dawson
    Brett Dawson 7 months ago

    0:58 now that's bad cable managment

  • xDarkIce
    xDarkIce 7 months ago

    Thanks for this man, in a household where we can barely afford the ewssentials tthis really helps :) thanks keep up the good work

    • xDarkIce
      xDarkIce 7 months ago

      especially the fly one (btw if mu tryping isnt very good its because my iphone is tiny

  • Reppin 12346
    Reppin 12346 7 months ago

    Life hacks are for poor people

  • Andrew Wallace
    Andrew Wallace 7 months ago

    The egg one was stupid just mix it in the pan

  • Donna Large
    Donna Large 7 months ago

    super poop

  • Bernadettes P0ST
    Bernadettes P0ST 7 months ago

    SERIOUSLY love your hacks!!

  • Alaskan Psyche
    Alaskan Psyche 7 months ago

    The one with the coffee grounds in the fridge would be a good idea if you like the smell of coffee.
    However, it smells like shit to me.

  • agarrison
    agarrison 7 months ago

    i think him and king of randm should join and make a vid like if you agree

  • huehuebrbr
    huehuebrbr 7 months ago +1

    Always add the salt a bit before the egg is finished cooking. This will ensure a nice rich fluffy and creamy texture in the egg. Adding it before even cooking it will make the egg very watery.

  • Janie Oakey
    Janie Oakey 7 months ago


  • REAL4G *official* l
    REAL4G *official* l 7 months ago

    this video is so cheesey

  • Logan Palmer
    Logan Palmer 7 months ago

    Darth Vader shower head is best shower head

  • SugaDontPlay
    SugaDontPlay 7 months ago

    Instead of wasting money on Alka tabs, just....buy a bottle scrubber.

    SPYRONINE 7 months ago


  • sanaya tv
    sanaya tv 7 months ago

    I have plumbers tape my dad is a plumber

  • Ryan Palani
    Ryan Palani 7 months ago

    that egg one really doesn't help u need a bowl and fork and a pan. the life hack u say only saves a fork which isn't anything

  • Ellen Slattery
    Ellen Slattery 7 months ago

    0:45 for cum and squirt stains

  • Joobie Joob
    Joobie Joob 7 months ago

    I think when it comes to helping with weird odor in fridges to just use baking soda.

  • Strawberry Cream
    Strawberry Cream 7 months ago +2

    no one has a boring tissue situation. wtf. lol

  • Shams Ahmad
    Shams Ahmad 8 months ago

    4:13 did he just call our suggestions garbage

  • slimvvy
    slimvvy 8 months ago

    stop using your dishwasher!!!

  • Eddie Simpson
    Eddie Simpson 8 months ago

    That moment when my uncle is a plumber so he does have plumbers tape lying around

  • JokeswithJosh
    JokeswithJosh 8 months ago

    u shouldnt season your eggs until aftet they are cooked.

  • A Hernandez
    A Hernandez 8 months ago

    cheap ass

  • Irene Lee
    Irene Lee 8 months ago

    Oh so I get it.

    I need to put milk with my scrambled eggs.

  • khushi Chishti
    khushi Chishti 8 months ago

    I love all vedioes he makes

  • MrCooj92
    MrCooj92 8 months ago

    money saving was not the right title cause like only one or two were about that

  • Razzlewolfflight
    Razzlewolfflight 8 months ago

    Trying to figure out how the tissue one saves any money.

  • Maxston Kaoorn
    Maxston Kaoorn 8 months ago

    Wht ur PS4 name???

  • Amobadboy Mytablet
    Amobadboy Mytablet 8 months ago

    Vinegar Vinegar Vinegar

  • Mine Sports
    Mine Sports 8 months ago

    Do you see the super famcom romote

  • potatoguy 77
    potatoguy 77 8 months ago

    Season eggs at the end so they do get all watery

  • BellaMetallicA
    BellaMetallicA 8 months ago

    Was that a Darth Vader shower head? lol

  • Labib
    Labib 8 months ago

    GTA 5

  • Shiki Aura
    Shiki Aura 8 months ago

    #1 Blew my mind, even without using it. I forgot that dishwashers even existed.

  • CheezyPig
    CheezyPig 8 months ago

    my shower head connection popped open and flooded my house...

  • mirko terzic
    mirko terzic 8 months ago

    who caught batman arkham asylum 0:57

  • EmeraldStarryEyez
    EmeraldStarryEyez 8 months ago

    How is the tissue holder money saving??? You buy it in a cardboard holder!!

    87CUMALICIOUS 8 months ago

    very useful

  • Allison Mecha
    Allison Mecha 8 months ago

    That shower head is awesome!

  • Monica Dharmadhikari
    Monica Dharmadhikari 8 months ago

    im going to try the hack for steel pans and funky smell

  • Alkas Engineering
    Alkas Engineering 8 months ago

    always kindly write in the side of the items you are adding so we can try it..

  • Brayden Justice
    Brayden Justice 8 months ago

    Who is watching in 2018... yeah I said 18

  • Suzzette MacKay
    Suzzette MacKay 8 months ago

    Boiling vinegar can burn your airway so be careful. Also the less dishes trick isn't actually saving any dishes. You still have the top and bottom on the shaker.

  • Teagan
    Teagan 8 months ago

    I thought you put Salt and Pepper at the end of cooking.