Top 10 Anticipated Netflix Originals of 2019

  • Published on Dec 31, 2018
  • Top 10 Anticipated Netflix Originals of 2019
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    Coming to a streaming service near you. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Anticipated Netflix Originals of 2019.
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    List Entries and Rank:
    10. “Orange Is the New Black” Season 7
    9. “GLOW” Season 3
    8. “Seis Manos” Season 1
    7. “The Dark Crystal Age of Resistance” Season 1
    6. “Central Park 5” Season 1
    5. “Dolemite Is My Name”
    4. “The Umbrella Academy” Season 1
    3, 2, 1: ???
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Comments • 1 914

  • Nick Murphy
    Nick Murphy 5 days ago

    "Jur-elt" of Rivia...ugh.
    Huge fan of the Witcher but I don't have much hope for the series. I really hope I'm wrong

  • ChloeXianah
    ChloeXianah 13 days ago

    Who is 'Jeralt'? Lol

  • TonyDamazio
    TonyDamazio 23 days ago

    Avatar the last airbender!

  • Jalmari Nousiainen
    Jalmari Nousiainen 25 days ago

    El Camino

  • Discuss Dean
    Discuss Dean 27 days ago

    Stranger things 3 was not as good as the first 2 seasons...

  • Anselmo Perez
    Anselmo Perez Month ago

    Anyone in 2019

  • Brandon McDonald
    Brandon McDonald Month ago

    No love for Mindhunter

  • Mr. MustSee
    Mr. MustSee Month ago

    No Kingdom? Really?

  • dylan jordan
    dylan jordan Month ago


  • oh damn its that guy


  • Friesens Diecastcollection

    After the Star Wars desaster by Rian Johnson and Disney, I will hope to see new SciFy series. My greatest wish is, that Netflix will produce a Perry Rhodan science fiction series. A science fiction novelle series over 3000+ books from Germany. It's mostly unknown in the USA, but it's the biggest non-english science fiction series and science fiction universe worldwide since 1961, before Star Trek, Doctor Who, Star Wars........ was created. The series is available in two ways as the main novelle series Perry Rhodan ( actual Episode no. 3024in Germany ) or as modern reboot series Perry Rhodan Neo since 2011. I think , they should produce the rebooted Neo series with more than 200+ novelle episodes, now. or

  • R
    R Month ago +3

    Wait?? What about DARK? Dark is literally the best show on Netflix hands down...

  • Pig Head
    Pig Head 2 months ago

    So, in other words, there is nothing good coming out on Netflix.

  • Amiel Parham
    Amiel Parham 2 months ago

    She pronounced garelt's name wrong

  • stupid gamer2121
    stupid gamer2121 2 months ago

    13 reasons why season 3

  • moirhann
    moirhann 2 months ago

    What is the music used in the background??

  • Ayush Sunwar
    Ayush Sunwar 2 months ago

    Back to the Future did play a big part in stranger things 3 i guess

  • Proud Dreamer
    Proud Dreamer 2 months ago +3

    I just want another season of Elite and Umbrella Academy, The Order, The Society.

  • Kaidan Bee
    Kaidan Bee 2 months ago

    I’m just waiting for An with an E 😫😫

  • JimmyWatchingGames
    JimmyWatchingGames 2 months ago +1

    I swear, im gonna be kinda pissed if the netflix witcher gets massively popular and people start to fan girl over it desptie never reading the books or playing the games

  • erkand 04
    erkand 04 2 months ago

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  • sasse Brasse
    sasse Brasse 2 months ago

    to much gay

  • Gabriel Macchio
    Gabriel Macchio 2 months ago +1

    I already knew stranger things 3 was gonna be number 1

  • rich mindset
    rich mindset 2 months ago +2

    Guess watchmojo hasn't seen kingdom yet,its supposed to be in top 3

  • Phong The Hun
    Phong The Hun 2 months ago

    The Irishman??

  • Red Meridian
    Red Meridian 2 months ago

    No The OA or Dark when they both have new seasons and are the best Netflix originals in existence? I guess it just goes to show that hype comes from those willing to spend money on companies like yours to create false hype and biased reviews.

  • Johnlindsey289
    Johnlindsey289 3 months ago

    Can't wait for Castlevania, Dark Crystal Age of Resistance (big fan of the original since i was a kid!), Witchers and Stranger Things Season 3 and maybe next year we'll get another season of Bojack Horseman

  • Николай Ростов

    Profiter NetFlix v1.174 gratuitment sur : *VotreFlix* *.* *f* *r*

  • Николай Ростов

    Profiter NetFlix v1.174 gratuitment sur : *VotreFlix* *.* *f* *r*

  • Burt The Bard
    Burt The Bard 3 months ago

    Castlevania Season 3??

  • Sef
    Sef 3 months ago

    put it out there and let the viewers chose

  • Sef
    Sef 3 months ago

    who chose this scrap?

  • John Surguy
    John Surguy 3 months ago

    Orange is the New Black,watch it for Piper's boobies alone...

  • Hem Raj
    Hem Raj 3 months ago +1

    No mention for sacred games ?!?!

  • Snowflakes Falling
    Snowflakes Falling 3 months ago

    Woah...I wasn't even thinking about stranger things. When is it coming out? Does anyone know?

  • John Dee
    John Dee 3 months ago

    How can u not have black mirror series 5 here!

  • alex cooper
    alex cooper 3 months ago

    Wait a minute, the dark crystal?! Tbh prob gonna watch it.

  • Bradyn’s Haunts
    Bradyn’s Haunts 3 months ago

    I’m excited for the dark crystal and Stranger Things season 3.

  • neurosci guy
    neurosci guy 3 months ago +1

    Central Park 5 series is amazing, and Trump is one more year closer to his golden escalator ride to hell.

  • Ashhub Rana
    Ashhub Rana 3 months ago

    Stranger things on number 1? Pathetic! :/

  • Nyeko Joseph
    Nyeko Joseph 3 months ago

    cant wait, it's gonna be a gud yr

  • Chris Mavics
    Chris Mavics 3 months ago

    Fuck game of thrones

  • Cantara Bella
    Cantara Bella 3 months ago

    Clicked on this and saw an ad for Amish drug dealers... interesting flex, but ok

  • Kyle G
    Kyle G 3 months ago

    Dont you mean season 2 of the umbrella academy? I saw season one months ago

  • Scratch Pictures Digital

    The guy in the thumbnail looked like sephiroth for a second

  • Jacob Currin
    Jacob Currin 3 months ago

    Jessica Jones??

  • Aaron Tyler
    Aaron Tyler 3 months ago +2

    It is NOT pronounced JERALT but Geralt with a hard g.

    • Red Merlin
      Red Merlin 3 months ago +1

      Lmao that made me cringe so hard. Nothing makes you think somebody doesn't know what the hell they are talking about than mispronouncing the main characters Fucking name lol

  • DancesWithMonkeys
    DancesWithMonkeys 3 months ago

    Umbrella Academy was SO GOOD! I really hope they make more!:-)

  • Cocothe Fox30 x
    Cocothe Fox30 x 3 months ago

    If people wanna know how this comment is here what I was looking up the dark Crystal and I found this and I decided to see if WatchMojo wanted to see if people have been waiting for the dark Crystal age of resistance

  • Rob Bagel
    Rob Bagel 3 months ago +2

    Weres altered carbon season 2!!!!!!!

    HOTWHEELSCOTT 3 months ago

    Netflix is a cesspool of crap.... Movies I’ve seen a million times...
    Original shows that wouldn’t make it on over air tv.... Or appeal to the SJW crowd... 🤮

    • Johnlindsey289
      Johnlindsey289 3 months ago

      I've enjoyed some of Netflix's shows like Stranger Things, Castlevania, Voltron Legendary Defender Bojack Horseman, Love Death and Robots, Punisher, Daredevil and Luke Cage as they are showing some creativity.

      I'm looking forward to Stranger Things season 3, Witcher and Dark Crystal Age of Resistance as looks like Netflix is making some winners of streaming shows.

  • Marxine St.Arline
    Marxine St.Arline 3 months ago

    I wonder what modern right wing Movies would be like?...Movies with no Political Correctness, feminism or SJW crap?

  • RetroTawka
    RetroTawka 3 months ago +2

    Absolutely terrible reviewing. Far too many irrelevant clips linked to what you are trying to review.

  • esteban ruiz
    esteban ruiz 3 months ago

    When is the Witcher coming out?!?

  • Rhiannon Phoenix
    Rhiannon Phoenix 3 months ago

    Geralt's name is pronounced Gerald with a hard G and instead of a D at the end it's a T. What I mean by a hard G is sounds as in Gizmo or Gadget not a soft G as in Giant or Genre
    Get it right Watchmojo!!!

  • Steven Murphy
    Steven Murphy 3 months ago

    Dark Crystal!!! ❤️

    • Steven Murphy
      Steven Murphy 3 months ago

      Johnlindsey289 yes man and I loved it. I didn’t realize Jim Henson had developed so much more of the world or that they had comics released.

    • Johnlindsey289
      Johnlindsey289 3 months ago

      Did you see the trailer?

  • Mean Mugger
    Mean Mugger 3 months ago +1

    Central Park 5 is more race baiting bullshit and Our President Donald Trump is INNOCENT. Look at the democratic party, hollywood and the liberals....THEY are the rapists, the pedophiles and the mindless sickos.

  • Mean Mugger
    Mean Mugger 3 months ago +1

    GLOW is NOT like that trashy show Orange Is The New Black

  • Corvus Delicti
    Corvus Delicti 3 months ago

    What a fucked up compendium of clips from other films in order to provide background to projects not yet released. WatchMojo is shit.

  • prashant singh
    prashant singh 3 months ago

    So we gonna ignore 13 reasons why season 3???