I Ignored My Mom for 7 Years and Now She's Passing Away

  • Published on May 23, 2019
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  • The amazing Ballonmman

    i always try to ignore her but i cant control it

  • Kumail Vlogz
    Kumail Vlogz 9 hours ago +1

    Always listen to your mom fi not you donโ€™t want the slipper ๐Ÿฅฟ

  • Tears of dust
    Tears of dust 2 days ago

    It's hard when you lost someone that you loved too much even if is something that you didn't imagine, but you have to think about the things that you're mom has done for you, even if she was abusive, she loved you and you're sister more than anything else. Always thank your mom, no matter the problems, she will be always with you.
    (Sorry for my bad english)

  • 1900hoepatrol
    1900hoepatrol 4 days ago

    This was my story idea! It got through

  • Gaming with Pizza
    Gaming with Pizza 8 days ago +1

    I understand how you felt when your mom was dying my dad was dying when I was 10 but he survived

  • Kawaii Girls
    Kawaii Girls 8 days ago +1

    DANG! I *CRIED* at this

  • Ginah Smith
    Ginah Smith 8 days ago

    The hairrrrr ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  • Pro Gamer
    Pro Gamer 9 days ago +1

    I want you to be there for your mom

  • ์•„๋ฏธ๋ธ”๋งํฌ

    My eyes are sweating so much right now.

  • Bradley Costalunga
    Bradley Costalunga 10 days ago

    Iโ€™m sorry that youโ€™re mom died

  • UltimateGamingPlayz 960

    Is it just me or does the girl look like billie ellish withh brown hair?

  • Jefferson Brumfield
    Jefferson Brumfield 13 days ago +1

    Sorry about all that stuff , but I cant stand your voice .

  • Felix Pearce
    Felix Pearce 14 days ago

    Another Mithril role..

  • Khloe Supersaad
    Khloe Supersaad 14 days ago

    My dad drinks alcohol sometimes and I hope this doesent happen.

    1 like= 1 prayer

  • Luis Cabrera
    Luis Cabrera 15 days ago

    I can relate to this I was just 10 and my mom was so young she was 29 I miss her so much she had lever failure and she was addicted to alcohol and cigarettes she was sleeping on the couch then her breathing was weird she went to the hospital. Then they pulled me and my 5 cousins aside and said the usall that โ€œthey did everything they couldโ€ and she died they said she โ€œfelt no painโ€ but it sucks she held on at the house for me she lasty said how much she loved me and she was gone. My dad is sick and has kidney failure so he is sick just to think any day I can lose both parents kills me ๐Ÿ’”

    Thanks for reading all of my story ๐Ÿ’–

  • joseph aguas
    joseph aguas 16 days ago

    I was crying a lot of this story, my tears were coming out so fast, my emotions were very very sad, this is like the same of mine but my grandmother.

  • Rachel Hanson
    Rachel Hanson 16 days ago

    my mother made me attempt suicide. I understand all these nice comments about appreciating the things we have, but I don't think I will ever be able to forgive her for the hell she put me through. I plan on moving on and not looking back, and hopefully that can help me be the best person I can. My therapist said that she's glad I'm looking to other solutions other than death; instead of cutting me out of my life as a way to escape my mother's helicopter parenting, I need to cut her out of my life. And that's exactly what I plan on doing.

  • Basma Bashir 123 Sakina Bashir 456

    I am not watching this Becouse it sounds sad

  • wherearetheavocados xx

    i cried...

  • M u n Cookie
    M u n Cookie 21 day ago

    I ignored my mom for 7 day b

  • KrystalLight47
    KrystalLight47 22 days ago

    Well that one hurt.๐Ÿ˜ž

  • PillowFighter
    PillowFighter 23 days ago +1

    Then you see Morgz's mum


  • Le-Luna Studios
    Le-Luna Studios 23 days ago

    She kinda looked like billie eilish in the thumbnail

  • Jason Gilbert
    Jason Gilbert 23 days ago

    That is sooooooo sad that ur mom died right as u come back

  • Kim Tae Ra
    Kim Tae Ra 23 days ago

    I've lost contact with my mom for 7 years, bc my parents got into divorces. I've had trauma seeing my parents fought everyday in the past, i was scared but also at the same time, i really miss my mother and sister. This story really similiar to mine, but mom wherever you are right now, i will come and find youโ™ฅ

  • Ivquex Roblox
    Ivquex Roblox 24 days ago +1

    Wow, I must love my mother if I'm still in her house.

  • krystal foo
    krystal foo 25 days ago

    anyone else crying :โ€™(

  • Mel Pascal
    Mel Pascal 25 days ago

    I have gone through the exact same thing... I didnโ€™t stop talking to my father but in a way... I did. I kept talking to him but was never close again. He was abusive in many ways and since I am the oldest, I was the first one to realize that. So I left. I couldnโ€™t be close to him anymore and not of my family judged me too. Not understanding the wrong my father was doing to all of us because they were too young or in denial. And in the end... it happened almost exactly like the story. My sister was able to be close to him but not me... I couldnโ€™t be at his side like she was. I felt so much pain and anger but also loss and guilt... I just didnโ€™t know how to handle all those terrible feelings. And then he died. And now I talk to him like heโ€™s there and even though I have no way of knowing if he really is, at least I feel like I can talk to him without him being mean to me. He listens for once... but the pain doesnโ€™t go away...

  • Alexandra Anderson
    Alexandra Anderson 26 days ago

    Who also cried at the end

  • Sub to Jcbtrickshots
    Sub to Jcbtrickshots 27 days ago

    /;;/ ยง_\ {}

    ALLAHASSANE DIABY 27 days ago +1

    How come at 0:00-0:13 it feel she in the movie birdbox?

  • GuysImHere
    GuysImHere 27 days ago

    *Me before the video: well everyone dies*
    Me after the video: *hold on..what*

  • LazarBeem
    LazarBeem 27 days ago

    Brings back memories ๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ญ.


    I took a big fat L and now my wrist is my cutting board.............

  • Jackson Conley
    Jackson Conley 27 days ago +1

    Listen to me, your momโ€™s death was not your fault.

  • ษ ฤ…ฦˆษงฤ… ษ ฤ…ฦ–ฤ…าณแƒง

    Who thought the person in the thumbnail was Billie Eilish?

  • Straykids? more like Gaykids

    i could never ignore my mom, i would cry and hug her if i said something..
    i just take it to deeply after all she did to me, i payed her this..
    i feel guilty but its okay now

  • Foggy Pebble
    Foggy Pebble 28 days ago

    The woman in this looks a lot like me.
    I wish I could cut contact with people who were abusive to me but Iโ€™m too dependent do to bring sickly

  • YetiBear GD
    YetiBear GD 28 days ago

    0:00 headphone user warning

  • Alana Bachman
    Alana Bachman 28 days ago

    One of my classmates almost died from a boulder. In first grade we had a miracle Mikey shirt for him and sent him a picture of all of us wearing the shirts. Today me and him are in 7th grade and Iโ€™m just so Happy that he is ok

  • Alana Bachman
    Alana Bachman 28 days ago

    Minute videos: how much detail would you like
    The girl: YeS pLeAsE

  • The Best lol
    The Best lol 28 days ago

    This is talking about that you should love your parents cause one Day they be gone foreever enjoy your happy times

  • Kooki3 Monster
    Kooki3 Monster 29 days ago

    Her: I was soaking in sweat and tears
    Me: nAe pI thAM nuNmUl
    Sorry idk how to spell๐Ÿ˜…
    Btw its the song blood sweat and tears

  • memesking
    memesking 29 days ago

    The art is so detailed. Is this the MinutesVideos I know?

  • suck my dick nigger
    suck my dick nigger 29 days ago +1

    Narrator: "Who could it be now?"
    *sax starts playing in the backround*

  • Roblox Coder
    Roblox Coder 29 days ago +1

    Here is a sad story

    I once loved the name Heather for like a LONG time and still do so i asked my mom "Can you rename me Heather?" and she said without hesitation "No." I asked why and she said "Because Heather is a bitch name." The end.

  • Kaylyn Kelly
    Kaylyn Kelly 29 days ago

    Wow. Oh and if you still feel sad about it, just think of how she's not in pain.

  • fanfan lingo
    fanfan lingo Month ago

    My mum had this problem she left the country and in a few months my grand mothers passed

  • Sara 2004
    Sara 2004 Month ago +1

    Am I crying?No...my eyes are just taking a quick shower...

  • ลฝeljko Vukoviฤ‡

    Your mom iz in haven


    I canโ€™t understand how all find a way to make funny comments even in a story of death, cancer or whatever

  • jasmine robertson
    jasmine robertson Month ago +1

    What do you mean you don't understand why she was you gentle to her mom. THAT'S HER MOM!

    NOLA SAINTS Month ago

    Shit she looks like billie eilish

  • Mason Wyberg
    Mason Wyberg Month ago +1


  • a x
    a x Month ago

    the thumbnail looks like billie eilish

  • mrs D vapes 2 bfmv
    mrs D vapes 2 bfmv Month ago

    I wish my dad would stop drinking his brother died the same way her mom did but I can't help him stop we don't talk much and my mom and I don't really get along neither it's OK to cut ties if they are abusing you or did when you were a child you grow up to hate them for what they do to you im now a adult I cut ties with both my parents because of how they treated me as a child and now I grown to hate both of them my dad just drinks heavy my mom just argues with me I just need that in my life or my kids life I'll never be like them ever๐Ÿคง

  • Benicia Zhu
    Benicia Zhu Month ago

    She did the right thing. If she kept in contact with her mom, she could be dead by now...

  • SkyDefender
    SkyDefender Month ago

    The longest time i ignore my mum is 2 seconds because I canโ€™t say iโ€™m hungry

  • Aniyah Mahoganyy
    Aniyah Mahoganyy Month ago +1

    I love my mommy

  • Emma's roundhouse
    Emma's roundhouse Month ago

    My mom is an acholic but she would never EVER abuse me. She's very sweet drunk, or not.

    EMMA MONTAS Month ago

    "my moms name was heather" me: "heather, heather,heather, and heather"

  • Unikitty808
    Unikitty808 Month ago

    I cried during this

  • Anton Poropudas
    Anton Poropudas Month ago +1

    When your loved ones die, its okay to be sad.
    But always remember, you should be happy for them, as they wont need to suffer and feel the pain they're going trough anymore.

  • Minttu
    Minttu Month ago

    This is just like from my life... but my mom is dying by cancer.. I'm such a horrible child... I never said, ' I love you' properly and now when it's too late I'm thinking about this๐Ÿ˜–

  • Nevaeh Lyttle
    Nevaeh Lyttle Month ago

    Sometimes you never notice what you have till it's gone. D:

  • Nando Henriques
    Nando Henriques Month ago +2

    Never saw something so true, definitely true and totally not fake.

  • anmol manzoor
    anmol manzoor Month ago

    Never ignore your mom because she raised me and you she probably uses her time all on you so never ignore your mom

  • Angelina Bauman
    Angelina Bauman Month ago

    this is why we need to love our moms :3 ;-;

  • Txmaradb X
    Txmaradb X Month ago

    My grandad died this year two days before my birthday

  • avocado
    avocado Month ago +2

    Never ignore your mom

    Not because she'll pass away

    Because she'll whoop you.

    And nobody wants that, right?

  • Mrs Tubee
    Mrs Tubee Month ago

    Ho ever draws these storys is very good at it ...

  • Sneperde Sammy
    Sneperde Sammy Month ago

    My dad was a pisaico and hรจ killd himself

  • Luda G
    Luda G Month ago

    Alcoholism is a mental sickness that needs distance between you and alcohol

  • Gamer Guy
    Gamer Guy Month ago

    After hearing that the mother's name was Heather I wanted to cry (again) because MY mom's name is Heather

  • Gamma Blast
    Gamma Blast Month ago

    Who else searched up the song

  • st6ezy
    st6ezy Month ago +1

    this shit is sad an all but , they intro got to me ๐Ÿ˜…
    - i got scared ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Carl Anthony Esperancilla

    Its hurt...

  • ankit sharma
    ankit sharma Month ago +1

    Mom is mom

    I love you mom

  • Jade West
    Jade West Month ago

    I am now going to grow up with a mom at least you didโ˜น๏ธ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Darci H.H.
    Darci H.H. Month ago +1

    You: OH HEY SIS I JUST LANDED โ€ฆ YA HUH โ€ฆ MMHMM โ€ฆ YEH YEH ok OK ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ˜€

    Dat smile do

  • Cupidy Angel
    Cupidy Angel Month ago +1

    I cried when her mom cried.

  • Vloop Doop
    Vloop Doop Month ago

    My moms an alcoholic
    And her names Heather...

  • Vloop Doop
    Vloop Doop Month ago

    My moms an alcoholic
    And her names Heather...

  • Luca Weiland
    Luca Weiland Month ago

    i think she deserves that. nobody deserves to be misstreated by anyone

  • kim sia
    kim sia Month ago

    My Asian mom: leaaaa!!! Can you clean the tableee
    Me: (ignoring)
    Asian mom: holding a strange stuff i told you!!!! to clean the table did you hear me!!!! (throwing the stuff the she was holding)

  • F3ARNOGaming Vlogs
    F3ARNOGaming Vlogs Month ago

    hey sometimes me and my mom dont get along we still remember how to talk nicely after sometimes there maybe darkness around us but there also can be light sometimes u gotta spend more time with your family even when they disrespect u i had that happen to me alot non stop i lost my grandma and bc of my fmaily they see me as the villain but i tried to prove them wrong but they still continue too do same thing over and ove ri guess what im tryna say here is spend more time with your family bc one day we wont get that chance toast too appreciateing what we have how ever long we may have it for u know.

  • Curvy Fan Girl
    Curvy Fan Girl Month ago +3

    I love this style of art

    MARIE PYHTILA Month ago

    Did anyone else cry or at least tear up???

  • Mrs KawaiiGal
    Mrs KawaiiGal Month ago +12

    What's the music name?? It's Soo beautiful...๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜„

  • It'z Jillian :0
    It'z Jillian :0 Month ago

    Am I the only one who thinks she looks like *Billie Eilish* in the thumbnail except her hair is blond?

  • snipecat05
    snipecat05 Month ago

    I... I... I... this is just sad...

  • random osoba
    random osoba Month ago

    I am not crying...

    My eyes are j-just sweating...

  • Syed Khalil
    Syed Khalil Month ago +2

    I sort of wished I hadnโ€™t been so close with my mom. She died 6 months ago, and Iโ€™ve been grieving since then. Ur mom is very special. She went through the pain to be pregnant for 9 months, and took care of u since then. Donโ€™t take advantage of ur mom. ๐Ÿ™

  • Sukriye Bayar
    Sukriye Bayar Month ago +2

    I lost my grandfather in 2018 November. Itโ€™ s the

  • Serenity Walker
    Serenity Walker Month ago +1

    And that's why you don't ignore your mom true story

  • Killer Queen
    Killer Queen Month ago +1

    I was the eleven thousandth like

    Sorry I didnโ€™t know what else to type

  • Emily Garcia
    Emily Garcia Month ago +2

    Me: *has volume turned all the way up*

    Her: *screaming* HELP THEY-

  • eะผะผa perez
    eะผะผa perez Month ago +2

    this makes me cry so hard it's been exactly a year since my grandmother passed away. i was never very close with her but one day i just remember hearing she's in the hospital and that she only had 3 days left to live. i remember seeing all my family cry and sitting in the hospital for hour every day. i wasn't there when she passed away but i wish i would've spent more time with her and i hope she's in a better place now.

  • bunnydino hi
    bunnydino hi Month ago +1

    I think it is true that when people die they die when a lone or with someone they need because right when me my sister mom dad and aunt lelf my grandma die when her hands were with her husband

  • ninjagogeorge0 games
    ninjagogeorge0 games Month ago +1

    Oof rip mom dying