American Things Europeans Find Weird | Reaction

  • Published on Nov 14, 2017
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  • marcius marciukas
    marcius marciukas 7 days ago

    Total nonsense

  • MMaya
    MMaya 18 days ago

    I'm European and I can confirm all this :)))))))) but not all Europeans are the same, there are 44 countries in Europe each with different culture and mentality...

  • siloPIRATE
    siloPIRATE 2 months ago

    Grumpy England? What?

  • BigNut
    BigNut 3 months ago

    "Europeans are still not used to paying with plastic everywhere" That is some pure nonsense right there that is the main thing people use to pla with in Europe, damn Scandinavia is almost cash free.

  • john kerr
    john kerr 4 months ago

    Mayo or any sauce can go on chips , even better add a load of cheese.

  • thetraveller0415
    thetraveller0415 5 months ago +1

    The US is also one of 3 nations that doesn't use the metric system and one of 5 that uses Fahrenheit to measure temperature (I dont understand Fahrenheit at all), it is also strange that you are the only 1st world nation that doesn't have universal health care, and many of you wear shoes inside, at least the visitors from the US did that when staying at my airbnb.

    • AJ
      AJ 4 months ago

      Fahrenheit is like 0-100 scale for measuring temp and celsius is like how water responds to temp idk but i think it's easier cause on the scale for fahrenheit 0 would be really cold n 100 real hot like celsius is supposed to be used for water right?? ?

  • DualNexus
    DualNexus 7 months ago

    we got commercials but they last like 1 minute 30 seconds at the most whereas the show itself last like 20 mins before the next commercial

  • A M
    A M 7 months ago

    Yikes the comment section is full of salty envious brits

  • Sub to Pewds
    Sub to Pewds 7 months ago

    We have commercials in Europe

  • ivy Strauss
    ivy Strauss 7 months ago

    Inaccurate af.. Made by an American lol

  • ivy Strauss
    ivy Strauss 7 months ago +1

    Wow wow wow who ever made that tried to say grumpy England, everyone's kind atleast when it comes to customer service or greeting people Even if you're in the shit mood you'll still greet people and be kind so don't listen to that nonsense

  • Wall Street meme trader

    If you wear jeans to bed, you deserve to be slapped on the buttocks.

  • Thomasi no relation
    Thomasi no relation 7 months ago

    that guy is full of shit..

  • messoussi ahmed
    messoussi ahmed 8 months ago +1

    Your clairely the most strange people in the world but we like you guys

  • cshubs
    cshubs 8 months ago

    I once watched a 70yo clerk card a 60yo man for beer at a baseball game. Stupid shit.

  • Omar webb
    Omar webb 8 months ago

    Some of that is pure shit

  • Ankle Assassin
    Ankle Assassin 8 months ago +1

    Don’t say England Scotland and Wales and then not say Ireland bro dats shady

  • H P
    H P 8 months ago

    Its crazy to me that Americans wears shoes inside. I know many Americans who dont do that, but i know alot who does too..Its BEYOND disgusting.

  • Valère Hirwa
    Valère Hirwa 8 months ago

    Why do Americans still build wooden houses? I'm from Africa and even the poorest people in my country build with bricks.

  • Sebastian Finke
    Sebastian Finke 8 months ago +1

    Europeans, particularly from western Europe, are generally a lot more reserved and stoic in nature than Americans. I'll give an example: when I went to America our plane was rerouted to a different airport due to a storm and the Americans on board panicked. They shouted at the cabin staff and demanded to be taken to the correct airport. After landing we had to wait about an hour for a gate to become available. After 30 minutes the American lady next to me phoned the police to report the airline for holding her against her will. That was my introduction to America. You people are intense. Friendly but prone to going over the top when something doesn't go according to plan. Its just not something I see here (I'm a German currently residing in the UK btw).

  • JustGame
    JustGame 8 months ago

    The thing I find weird is how strict Americans are on alcohol, in the UK me and my friends were caught by the police drinking on a field when we were 14 usually they just say go somewhere else and make a poor attempt at confiscating our alcohol, where as in America you would have probably been arrested or at least given a warning, another thing is the American driving test is laughable compared to the UK test, also why does know one is the US know how to drive a manual car probably 95% of UK drivers learnt in a manual or “stick shift” as you call it

  • I’m not Obama I just scroll through comments

    I live in Britain and I find it weird that America doesn’t have NHS (national health service) meaning you don’t have to pay for operations and check ups

  • SpreadTheMemes 666
    SpreadTheMemes 666 8 months ago

    We go to jail if we defend our self when someone is trying to murderer u or getting robbed

  • Kunoichi4ever4
    Kunoichi4ever4 8 months ago

    These things I find weird:
    -commercials..dont misunderstand we do have commercials, but the first time I watched an american show I wanted to pull all my hair out ...
    -superficial kindness-I am from one of those more "grumpy" countries, you just do not smile unless you really mean it...We find it manipulative if sb is fake nice -and degrading that they beleive they are manipulating us
    -guns politics - you just cannot carry guns here, and even to buy it to only keep it home you would have to go through a lot of testing....even many police officers don t carry guns...which results in a really low homicide rate...

  • Nyarlathotep Flagg
    Nyarlathotep Flagg 8 months ago

    Generalising the EU is just not working out. The EU is not like the US. The EU is more like a collaberate enterprise that any country can leave at will(at the loss of the trade agreements, and tull exempts). You can't compare east Europe to north Europe, they're nothing alike. The customs are as different, as the US customs are from China. You could for example compare it to northern Europe, as they're about as similar as the various states of US are to one another. But there are FAR too many conflicts in terms of perspectives when it comes to the generalization of Europe in its entirety, it's a hopeless endeavour.
    EU is actually pressing down so hard on it's non-third world countries to distribute resources that most have been considering leaving it for years. There was a vote on it in for example Sweden some years ago, and it came pretty close to leaving, due to being the country that redistributed the most per capita by a pretty hefty degree.

  • Linus Lind
    Linus Lind 9 months ago

    im swedish and this video doesnt make any sense

  • Mr. T Mr. T
    Mr. T Mr. T 9 months ago +1

    I'am European and for me America is like a nother world.But i want to visit America but not to live in America. I think it's too dangerous for.

  • Kimo ComeOn
    Kimo ComeOn 9 months ago

    I understood Bruh

  • Kurosaki Ichigo
    Kurosaki Ichigo 9 months ago +1

    As a European, the only thing that surprises me in the US is that some people believe in more than two sexes (genders). What's going on here for God's sake? Fortunately, you have people like Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson and many other wise people. Oh yeah and this flat earth thing. But this is global i thing. Idiots everywhere ;D
    In my country when you look young, dude in liquor store will ask you about your ID. That's normal.
    I can pay with my Visa everywhere. WTF? Even without a pin (code). Just proximity - beep. Shop are open from 6.00 to 22. My government came up with the idea that on Sunday the stores will be closed. Thank you for the fact that many people will lose their job but ok. Democracy. Cool!
    I heard that in Greece most purchases are made with physical money.
    In my country commercials can take even 15-20 minutes. I even forgot that im watching Lord of the Ring. This film lasts over 3 hours. Such ads will be 4-5. But who is watching TV now. Everything is online. Netflix is in Europe so...
    Old saying repeated over and over. Let's not generalize. It is not healthy. There is a lot of countries in Europe.

  • mr cattington
    mr cattington 9 months ago +1

    Us Europeans find it weird you drink from plastic bottles

    • stevige huink
      stevige huink 4 months ago

      Well me, as a European, think it's not weird to take a bottle of water with you when you're going somewhere where you can't get water. But when we're home we usually drink water from the tap.

  • RockSolitude
    RockSolitude 9 months ago

    I find it weird how Americans have sugar in literally *everything*. *everything* has to be sweet.

    • Pezfeo
      Pezfeo 5 months ago

      Sugar? the US uses high-fructose corn syrup (it's cheaper, and possibly less healthy).

  • Future Thoughts
    Future Thoughts 9 months ago

    I'm hafe italian and ummm in Italy where hafe my family is they all think I am beautiful that I am the spitting image of a beautiful person in the sisilian culture but here in America I'm considered ugly... I have extemly small lips and little to no boobs. I never ever want big boobs or lips due to the fact that I am more pritty in my family's eyes.

  • M.B dwt
    M.B dwt 9 months ago

    That's all bullshit

  • fifth estate
    fifth estate 9 months ago +1

    das waycis. i dindu nuffin

  • noob snoob
    noob snoob 9 months ago

    He looks better with out the beanie

  • SkyletonGaming
    SkyletonGaming 9 months ago

    I really don't get how every American has so bright white teeth. I mean... u bleachin' everyday? Because with just tooth brushing and some floss u won't get 'em that white. Pls tell us ur secrets !!!

  • 김신쥬
    김신쥬 9 months ago

    Eating dinner alone at a restaurant is weird in South Korea

  • Cupcake Pooper
    Cupcake Pooper 9 months ago

    If you wanna eat mayonnaise, go to a Hispanic store like El Rancho and buy yer self a jar of McCormick mayo, the one with lime

  • Martin G. da Silva
    Martin G. da Silva 9 months ago

    i fergot health care in europe is waayyyyy dirferent in the usa, in europe, if you have to get an operation there is no bullshit of, i payed healthcare for so many years and they refuse to pay for my operation! there are so many cases of europeans going to the usa for vacation and coming with debt because in tha usa, healthcare and medical treatment in first place is a business! thats some bullshit! to ensure thats not the case if i want to go to the usa, i have to get an insurance for that shit so i dont get fucked in the us if i have to get medical atention!

  • Martin G. da Silva
    Martin G. da Silva 9 months ago

    One fact about tipping in the USA as for in europe is: Mostly of the waiters, employes receive some bullshit pay and rely on tips to make ends meet. in europe normally you get payed per hour and with the taxes and all you still manage very well. im portugees but live in belgium and i get normally 13 euros per hour neto, with taxes payed. and every european country is diferent than the other, in portugal you get normally as a worker shity pay!

  • Wedge Antilles
    Wedge Antilles 10 months ago

    This is not entirely true I might ad.

  • Erik Finch
    Erik Finch 10 months ago +1

    I have a teacher and she is Jamaican . she says that its weird for americans to say bless you after someone sneezes

  • CrazyCircles1
    CrazyCircles1 10 months ago

    Tips are the biggest mystery for me. Here in Germany, you give a tip for good service. Not for normal service. Normal service is backed up by the paycheck. And I don't get the "you have to give a tip because they earn below average" problem. That's not my problem, I'm a customer, don't bother me with your stupid shit. If you earn below average, complain to your boss, not me! Don't make it the customers problem, that's the fastest way to lose customers if you ask me.

  • Mafiks
    Mafiks 10 months ago +5

    When i was in London trying to buy shoes i got approached by store workers 8 times in the same store, i just had to leave. In Norway u say no once and they leave u alone :p

  • maya summers
    maya summers 10 months ago

    We hate commercials too y'all. And can also agree that they are too damn frequent.

  • Simon Lup
    Simon Lup 10 months ago

    I eat my fryes with mayoneese and I am European, so this study must be preety accurate.

  • Tarik Bosnian
    Tarik Bosnian 10 months ago

    Bosnia still has a lot of weapons from the war

  • Dane
    Dane 10 months ago

    they ask for ID cause you might be a "bad grandpa" (for those who don't know how persuasive johnny knoxville can be)

  • Flower Girl
    Flower Girl 10 months ago +1

    We have commercials but they’re not as frequent and as long as they are in the USA

  • Joe Masters
    Joe Masters 10 months ago

    "Friendliness of staff"? Yeah right. Cashiers & bartenders are the rudest a**holes ever. XD

  • filip kazmierczak
    filip kazmierczak 10 months ago

    Please React to eurovision 2018

  • Dorset Footballers
    Dorset Footballers 11 months ago

    Being from the south of England I would say we’re also very patriotic

    • Pezfeo
      Pezfeo 5 months ago

      The impression I get from UK tv is that it's ok for the Scottish and Welsh to display their flags, but the English get called racists if they display the English flag.

  • Uneedtonoscope
    Uneedtonoscope 11 months ago

    nah man yall normal af

  • SloARMY
    SloARMY 11 months ago

    Accualy all of these are pretty accurate, I'm from Slovenia, a small country in EU

  • Dwayne wade
    Dwayne wade 11 months ago +1

    1 thing they forgot. Americans are ignorant and have little common sense

  • Taltin1
    Taltin1 11 months ago

    was waiting for shoes indoors lol #weird

  • dakrisis
    dakrisis 11 months ago +1

    Europe does have commercials my dude, we just don't run them every 5 goddamn minutes.

  • Adam Grimes
    Adam Grimes 11 months ago

    When ever i hear blocks in movies I haven’t a fucking notion what distance that is 😂 so confusing

  • Wardeni
    Wardeni 11 months ago +1

    Thing is, different parts of Europe are just completely different from others. For example if you were to compare Italy or Greece to Sweden or Finland, there is literally _nothing_ they share in common. Europe consists of 51 independent _countries,_ and every single country has their own history, their own culture, their own laws and policies, most of them even have their own languages. Probably the most unified area in Europe is the Nordic Countries, because they're all basically the result of a single culture that spread, and even they've had wars between each other and have changed individually over the years.

  • Melvin Jansen
    Melvin Jansen 11 months ago

    Where i'm from you are concidered an idiot if you smile for no reason.

  • Delta3340A380
    Delta3340A380 11 months ago

    I’m from Kentucky

  • Mia Noel xx
    Mia Noel xx 11 months ago

    In England the only time you ever see police carrying guns is in airports and people shit themselves lmao

  • Ameer Khan
    Ameer Khan 11 months ago

    Is this hoe always grumpy 😂😂

  • Purple Ninja
    Purple Ninja 11 months ago

    Basically a vid just picking at the uk..first the moody comment and about the teeth..dick heads

  • begging for attention
    begging for attention 11 months ago

    Why the fuck americans wear shoes inside?

  • Anton Tonchev
    Anton Tonchev 11 months ago

    The vid seems out of order, like everything in the video that they said was a bit off.

  • Maria C
    Maria C 11 months ago

    What... We use cards everywhere in Europe, using cash is pretty much dying out

  • velt vexron
    velt vexron 11 months ago +1

    To be fair Americans do speak funny in comparison to me in the uk but then again u have take out language and changed it but the us accent is cool on the most part

  • TheGamingFox YT
    TheGamingFox YT 11 months ago

    Im from denmark🇩🇰

  • Emperor Constantine 1.
    Emperor Constantine 1. 11 months ago +2

    I work at a store that gets LOTS of foreigners from literally around the world, Indonesia to China, Canada to Russia and Spain to Poland, etc.
    One customer had me rolling on the floor, when I asked him the difference between American and Siberian shopping.
    He said ‘In Siberia, no one smiles when shopping. They basically throw your change at you then grunt for the next customer.’

  • The Transporter
    The Transporter Year ago

    I find Canada better than Europe and America except the snow issue lol cuz Canada feels like half Europe and America mixed as a single nation and its doing pretty good. The people in there are way from friendly than their American neighbours and the ones living across the Atlantic. There are not much racists, xenophobes and hate groups compared to the Conservatives who are turning fascists at an alarming rate. God have mercy!!

  • Deadstar 85
    Deadstar 85 Year ago

    what did you do she is pissed about you

  • Da Bossman
    Da Bossman Year ago

    We have ads

  • Liam Reidy
    Liam Reidy Year ago +2

    What I find weird is that Americans actually believe that this is all true. Some of it is, but to believe everything you're told without checking for your self shows how lazy you are

  • Mike Porecki
    Mike Porecki Year ago

    Actually, most of those American things are common in 90 percent of European countries, Europe just wants to pretend otherwise so it can say it’s not Americanized. The shopping hours thing makes me mad though. Germany, Austria and Switzerland basically ban Sunday shopping and restrict the times on other days. Norway, France, Spain (especially Catalonia) and most recently Poland are not much better. And it’s a paradox, because some (like in parts of Germany, Spain or in Poland) may say this is because of religion it is basically because of the demands of... leftist trade unions. I mean sure, depending on country small shops, gas stations etc are open 24/7 but the closed supermarkets and shopping malls need a lot of getting used to (and yes, I know most malls are “open”,but when it’s just the cinema and food court it doesn’t really mean “open”). I mean I don’t understand these restrictions. You won’t go hungry in Barcelona, Berlin or Warsaw on a Sunday, but you will have a limited choice and higher prices. Like in Warsaw, what is the sense of a closed shopping mall and an open Shell/BP/Circle K or local gas station plus shop nearby? So weird

  • SteinbrecherBack
    SteinbrecherBack Year ago

    Everybody but Muricans eats their fries with mayonnaise, you fucking uncultured swine. You haven't tried it even once is my wager. Fuck off.

  • QualityContentEveryday

    The reason we have "bad teeth" is because we don't get them bleached at the dentist we actually have the best dental records in the world

  • Jack Doherty
    Jack Doherty Year ago

    So much of that video was bullshit, there’s no way you don’t get asked for ID if you’re under 18

  • Dario Cipo
    Dario Cipo Year ago

    Forgot to mention the dumbnes of Americans.

  • lalala ayee
    lalala ayee Year ago

    So sleepy fucking all night long

  • rubikfan1
    rubikfan1 Year ago

    We do have commercials. But 10min commercial to a 60min show is normal

  • M. gReY
    M. gReY Year ago

    Things are very different from state to state, let alone from a different country.

  • sadath ahmed
    sadath ahmed Year ago

    Why does your name starts with BRA 🧐

  • sarah siajibckx
    sarah siajibckx Year ago

    they forgpt tp say yall american are loud as fuck damnnnn

  • Helene L.O.
    Helene L.O. Year ago

    We do have commercials in Europe, but not every other minute.

  • Me big boy Boy boy
    Me big boy Boy boy Year ago +3

    Just wanted to say also, in a survey it showed British people actually have on average better teeth.
    That rumour was spread ages ago so the Americans could insult the brits in some way because they were ‘jealous’

  • Me big boy Boy boy

    I’m sorry but the American accent is really annoying;-;

  • Me big boy Boy boy

    The only reason European houses are smaller is because they are built better costing more,
    Most Americans houses have a wood structure leading to termites etc.
    That can also be easily destroyed by a storm

  • Bri Goose
    Bri Goose Year ago

    Chips(fries) with mayo is nice, just American mayo is nasty

  • Mat S
    Mat S Year ago

    "europeans".. boy, there are over 50 countries in europe...

  • Marcel Kurz
    Marcel Kurz Year ago

    Some of the things in the video are just straight-up bs

  • baylessnow
    baylessnow Year ago

    We have ads in the UK (not on the BBC though) but they're not as long and much funnier. Have a look at these with Peter Kay, a famous British comedian.

  • Taylor Force Quinn

    4:14 BRUH

  • Justsomekid12
    Justsomekid12 Year ago

    And mayo in europe is super delicious

  • Justsomekid12
    Justsomekid12 Year ago

    Yeah marijuana is legal where i live we sell them in coffee shops that dont even sell coffee only weed

  • jeffrey
    jeffrey Year ago

    Fries with mayo is the bomb

  • Flippers
    Flippers Year ago

    Erm, what? I'll have you know that white is not the natural colour of teeth, the natural colour is a has a darker but partially yellow tinge and these are often more healthy and stronger that pure white teeth

  • Rafgravity Man
    Rafgravity Man Year ago +1

    I’m from the netherlands🇳🇱 (small country) and when I moved to the USA 2 years ago everything was sooooo big

  • Jakobs
    Jakobs Year ago

    ireland is the most patriotic country in the world not Thailand the fuck is that

  • Leon Saputra Boersma

    I’m dutch (The Netherlands)
    And I find it weird that clothes like ‘Supreme’ is so famous out there.
    And why it’s calles ‘designer’.
    The only design is a the color and the basic ‘Supreme’ logo.
    Out here when wer’e talking about designer clothes we talk about Gucci, Louis Vitton, Balmains, Louboes, Armani, CanadaGoose, Moncler, Northface, ect.
    And we also throw some Nikes
    Addidas and other sportsware to spice it up.
    But you Guys ONLY wear sportsclothes and call it ‘Designer’ whith your ‘Hypebeast’ spending hundreds and thousands on the most simpelest clothing with a brand name on it.
    Like Supreme Trasher.
    I like that sometimes.
    But I find it weird Americans tend to call it ‘Designer’.