• Published on Sep 21, 2018
  • HI SISTERS!! For today's new video, we take a trip down memory lane... to my FIRST EVER TVclip VIDEO. It's been a long 3 years and a crazy journey but I thought it would be so much fun to see how much my personality, video quality, and makeup skills have improved. I recreated the original look using my favorite products now. Enjoy!!
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    EDITOR: Louis & Anthony Gargiula
    WRITER: Eros Gomez
    GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov
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  • Super Love
    Super Love 26 minutes ago

    I just realized this vid was out in my birthday ahhh it was last year goodbye 2018....

  • little shadowkitten
    little shadowkitten 2 hours ago

    Sister sh00k

  • Czari 's mah name
    Czari 's mah name 3 hours ago

    This is the second or third time I clicked on this and I just noticed that he was wearing a safety pin on his ear.

  • Janet Lira
    Janet Lira 7 hours ago

    It's not that bad.. lol you grew, you're doing great.

  • Izz Duzzy
    Izz Duzzy 7 hours ago

    XD i love how hes blushing so much XD

  • Emma The Great
    Emma The Great 9 hours ago

    he keeps talking while he's spraying his whole face he's eATING HIS SETTING SPRAY STOP HIM

  • Opal M
    Opal M 9 hours ago

    Can't wait to come back 3 years from now to watch your video trashing this one and the first one ❤️❤️❤️

  • Omar Quiroz
    Omar Quiroz 9 hours ago


  • Darla Akins
    Darla Akins 10 hours ago

    Wait hold up guys can I just say *puts hand up to mouth* he literally has 10 MILLION views....ok I’m going to go wrap my brain around this real quick and maybe have an anxiety attack but you know what I’m all for it

  • Bianca Dos santos
    Bianca Dos santos 11 hours ago

    Bruch this is the funniest video the way hey reacts to it is so so so funny

  • Khatima Arbabzada
    Khatima Arbabzada 11 hours ago

    james what rings are you wearing? theyre so pretty

  • Smokey cat
    Smokey cat 11 hours ago

    Who’s watching in 1968?

  • Bethzahely
    Bethzahely 12 hours ago

    I love that blue on you!!!!

  • Ivey Like The Plant
    Ivey Like The Plant 12 hours ago

    8:45 his brows looked like dookie logs 😆🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂

  • Keith Kogan
    Keith Kogan 13 hours ago

    Can u react to make up fails please!!! I love your vidoes so much and would LOVE to see u react to make up fails

  • Faith Carolann
    Faith Carolann 15 hours ago

    This is how all of us react when we see ourselves from the day ago.

  • Annelise Grant
    Annelise Grant 15 hours ago

    Sister James: hi sisters
    Me:I wish

  • Serena Peterson
    Serena Peterson 15 hours ago

    You blush alot James!

  • Shelby Acre
    Shelby Acre 15 hours ago

    At least he used brushes. I used my fingers for everything when I was 16. Eyeshadow, contour and everything. I have no idea how at this point.

  • ladymaice Sinclair
    ladymaice Sinclair 16 hours ago

    Ahaa,, absolutely love all your videos but this is 1 of my favs

  • John Popova
    John Popova 16 hours ago

    he looks uglier now with the lip filler, he looked so much better when he was younger #wasacutie

  • amavii
    amavii 17 hours ago +1

    can i just say i miss you with septum piercings you looked hella good in them bring them back sis ):

  • Emmaline Hawthorne
    Emmaline Hawthorne 17 hours ago

    I started watching your videos like a week ago because I recognized you from cover girl. But after this video I googled the cover girl cover again and I am just like..... "how the fudge did I recognize you?" You literally don't look like the same person. Wtf.

  • N O V A E D I T S
    N O V A E D I T S 18 hours ago

    *i can see james’ beard and moustache hair marks from shaving*

  • amara graham
    amara graham 18 hours ago

    Not Hating: If you put the speed on 0.75 in settings,he sounds his old self. :]

  • Allison Shields
    Allison Shields 19 hours ago

    RIP headphone users ⚰️

  • Regina Animations
    Regina Animations 19 hours ago

    Sister you have change alot!!! But that's good take that hate and transform it into support! Keep on slaying girl!!

  • Aimee Xox
    Aimee Xox 19 hours ago +1

    James i luv your vids soooooo much xxxxxx Please do another Red Carpet look for under $100 xxx

  • Iftesum Raisa
    Iftesum Raisa 20 hours ago

    is he wearing a safety pin in his ear

  • Omer Nuredini
    Omer Nuredini 21 hour ago

    Brows could be thicker, beacuse is a recreating video 😊

  • grah gd
    grah gd 21 hour ago

    the way he said tiny brush, not a wide inch brush for his nose 😂

  • Awatif Abdulrahman
    Awatif Abdulrahman 23 hours ago

    Why does old James hair look like Jughead hair from Riverdale

  • kaminska. xv
    kaminska. xv 23 hours ago

    Who watching in 72661029816571 ?

  • Baba Wodna
    Baba Wodna 23 hours ago

    Lol u looked so much better then xD

  • K Pop
    K Pop 23 hours ago

    Everybody says he talks fast but he talks at a normal speed to me it runs in my family to talk at his speed or faster so i watched his videos sped up just a little

  • Drew Daniels
    Drew Daniels Day ago

    Omg I just watched that last night!

  • Sairandhree Sukharamwala

    What the heck how do u look so amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️u r so beautiful

  • Tihema Stewart
    Tihema Stewart Day ago

    Your teeth have always been great

  • Lindsey Carver
    Lindsey Carver Day ago

    Your foundation shade looks so good! It was a good match, IMO.

  • Kayliz Huston
    Kayliz Huston Day ago

    Is that a hicky on James neck

  • Bailey Calhoon
    Bailey Calhoon Day ago

    Sister James I love you but that foundation....

  • Elaina Cash
    Elaina Cash Day ago

    I’m really good at matching my foundation. I just pick the most pasty pale white shade I can find.. perfect match everytime

  • Jayana Ortiz
    Jayana Ortiz Day ago +1

    you are not looking "okay" are are looking and ALWAYS looking sister snatched

  • Jayana Ortiz
    Jayana Ortiz Day ago +1


  • Zoe Peters
    Zoe Peters Day ago

    Sister yes

  • Jayana Ortiz
    Jayana Ortiz Day ago +1

    you better be still doing makeup by my wedding because sister i want YOU to do my makeup

  • Daniela Renteria

    James is me reacting to myself everyday 😂🤣

  • Teanna Craig
    Teanna Craig Day ago

    Omgsh James I legit love you so much. When is your palette going to restock I never get to purchase in time I want to be ready. ❤️

  • Evie Snel
    Evie Snel Day ago

    Honestly that was better then I will ever do my makeup. Go baby James

  • Isabel Humphrey
    Isabel Humphrey Day ago

    He can literally NEVER set himself up for failure. If he knows it won’t look good, IT AINT HAPPENING SIS.
    Such a good attitude to have lol ❤️

  • Fuzzy Pig AG
    Fuzzy Pig AG Day ago +1

    James with a yellow face gave me a bit of a jump scare! OMG!! Sorry but I still love you!! Sister forever.

  • Emo Blueberry
    Emo Blueberry Day ago

    now you need to do a reaction of this video in 2 years lol

  • Emily Ayala
    Emily Ayala Day ago

    When did James start saying sister

  • ko'u aloha
    ko'u aloha Day ago

    8:13-8:25 James turning red

  • Colleen Snider
    Colleen Snider Day ago

    This makes me laugh sooooo hard😝😝🤣🤣🤣

  • Megan Nova
    Megan Nova Day ago

    Maybe a bad makeup tutorial, but the music was on point 😏 stressed out by twenty one pilots AAAH love you james!

  • Paradise Slimes
    Paradise Slimes Day ago

    Love you I’m your biggest fan please like this 💗💗💗💖💖💖❤️❤️❤️

  • Heather Robinson
    Heather Robinson Day ago +1

    When the old you was putting foundation on you looked like Sebastian Bails

  • Wiktoria Sikorska
    Wiktoria Sikorska Day ago +2

    ...all that pouting, James honey...

  • Jovial Jordan Marbz

    Is James eye are originally brown.. Let me know brow Or grey is a colour contact lens

  • Hailee Fuerst
    Hailee Fuerst Day ago

    Already did***

  • Hailee Fuerst
    Hailee Fuerst Day ago

    I’m pretty sure you already do a do my makeup with ryland and Shane Dawson but you and Shane should do a calab like conspiricy theory’s or something lol

  • Hailee Fuerst
    Hailee Fuerst Day ago

    I love you James and I hope you see this I have watched all your videos from the start and I love you you always make me so happy when I am going through a tough brake up, drama at school, really every thing and I know there are a lot of hate comments about you but you are perfect the way you are

  • Daga Luv
    Daga Luv Day ago

    I'm surprised James doesn't trim his eyebrows. Where are the sisters to help sister James?

  • h a z e l b a b y ッ

    Was this before lip fillers?

  • Master Speller
    Master Speller Day ago

    I’m the news editor for my school newspaper and that sentence killed me.

  • Katie Akehurst
    Katie Akehurst Day ago

    I actually love this video and you, mainly your dedication to your fans

  • Heleen Ghafour
    Heleen Ghafour Day ago

    Does anyone else think that the makeup is really good ??? WEIRD 😖😍

  • Mackenzie Collins

    James:right eye
    Me: left eye but worse😂

  • zazi xx
    zazi xx 2 days ago

    3 years later James will react to this video and will say *Hello? Use code James for 10% off? More like use code James for 100% off*

  • Chanly Ratnaransy
    Chanly Ratnaransy 2 days ago


  • Haneen Hy
    Haneen Hy 2 days ago

    13:37 wtf did he just say??

    BTS KOOKIE 2 days ago

    I want you to do my makeup for prom and sweet 16

  • Júlia
    Júlia 2 days ago

    He’s 18?????????

  • Karissa Griffith
    Karissa Griffith 2 days ago

    #sister snatched
    #setting spray
    # gorgeous ❤

  • Karissa Griffith
    Karissa Griffith 2 days ago

    Your eyebrows are gorgeous and stop hating yourself about them!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • malix_ 25
    malix_ 25 2 days ago +1

    Tbh, this is the best foundation shade match I’ve ever seen on him. He doesn’t look burned lol 😹👌🏻

  • Queen of Slime Allen

    James I love you so much and I AM a sister I just wanted to ask why in the thumbnail the old you looks likes colleen ballinger

  • Eva May Cactus
    Eva May Cactus 2 days ago +2

    Hi I was wondering if anyone could tell me,
    Do you put your concealer before or after your foundation?
    I don’t wear makeup a lot but I have to wear it for dance, when we’re performing. I would be grateful to anyone who could tell me this!!
    Thanks, from me xx ♥️

    • Eva May Cactus
      Eva May Cactus Day ago

      Jasmine Waind, I need to start colour correcting, they’ve changed all the makeup looks 😂
      Thank you very much xx ♥️

    • Eva May Cactus
      Eva May Cactus Day ago +2

      Ninur thank you so much
      I hope that luck pays off xx 😊

    • Ninur
      Ninur Day ago +1

      people typically put it on after their foundation. when they're blending out their foundation they leave some exposed skin under their under eyes for the concealer. they do this so only concealer goes under your eye and not foundation + concealer, which could look cakey or dry. goodluck with your makeup and dance!!

    • Jasmine Waind
      Jasmine Waind Day ago +1

      Eva May Cactus colour correcting before but normal after x

  • Rubin Chavarria
    Rubin Chavarria 2 days ago

    Why was it so Orange 🍊

  • Heidi Whiteman
    Heidi Whiteman 2 days ago

    this looks so good omg better then before

  • Lydia Dykes
    Lydia Dykes 2 days ago

    Yellow foundation and orange concealer?!?!? WHAT😑

  • Maria Gazzola
    Maria Gazzola 2 days ago

    omg you do talk so fast. I can't even tell what the codes are for 😂

  • Haley Harmon
    Haley Harmon 2 days ago

    3 years ago James is still be better than this sister trying to do her makeup! You have always been amazing to me and always will be! ❤

  • Asiyah Marshall
    Asiyah Marshall 2 days ago

    O wanna see Ian more PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS u rarely show him

  • Ava Millili
    Ava Millili 2 days ago

    James has a new saying; wish I were kidding

  • Sara Kirsch
    Sara Kirsch 2 days ago

    I just have to say you are so inspirational

  • cheyenne schlotman
    cheyenne schlotman 2 days ago

    Hey sister James, I am not certified in anything but I consider myself and you an artist, I love your style I have one critique, just don’t be so hard on yourself and calm down your perfect stress creates wrinkles ❤️❤️

  • Mirette Alber
    Mirette Alber 2 days ago

    Actually it's a beautiful look.
    For me i'd like the eyeshadow on the bottom lid a little less or to more fine. But it's still really a good look.
    Way to go james.

  • Betsaida Garcia
    Betsaida Garcia 2 days ago

    This videos so long i forgot what a was seeing

  • Donna VandeLinde
    Donna VandeLinde 2 days ago

    Donut worry James🍩😊😄 your brows and nose look *AMAZING*

  • Naomi Goodman
    Naomi Goodman 2 days ago

    Who's eyebrowes are better 16 year old james or his mom's eyebrow stenceal😂😂😂

  • Millie Troy
    Millie Troy 2 days ago

    I think the old look was okay but the eyebrows could have been shorter but that might just be my opinion x

  • Millie Troy
    Millie Troy 2 days ago

    Who else noticed the bobby pin earing

  • Frisk Dreemurr
    Frisk Dreemurr 2 days ago

    Well you are glamorous now and forever, Sister James!

  • Channel Name Pending

    skincare please!❤️

  • Hyl _ix
    Hyl _ix 2 days ago

    I love you SO much sister James, if you

  • Ava Wuchte
    Ava Wuchte 2 days ago

    lol dis is lit af sisster slay

  • Joselyn Ibarra
    Joselyn Ibarra 2 days ago

    James should recreate this lol