High School DxD HERO Episode 11 Moments - Issei Awakes


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  • 100% Anime
    100% Anime  7 months ago +87

    When i said "a little different from Manga" that meant the Light Novel.
    Apologies for the Mistakes.

    • AS 34
      AS 34 7 months ago

      Karlo Alković i have been reading at mangakakalot.com, you can suggest me another website tho.

    • Karlo Alković
      Karlo Alković 7 months ago

      100% Anime where can i read the manga

    • wata pak
      wata pak 7 months ago

      AS 34 👌👍🙌💓💓

    • AS 34
      AS 34 7 months ago

      No problem man, glad to help.

    • ImagineBreaker777
      ImagineBreaker777 7 months ago +2

      They didn't include the part where Sairaorg kicked the lake in half

  • Aztracion Gaming
    Aztracion Gaming 6 days ago

    Season 5 finna be lit asf when it comes out

  • YT_ RiseOfIkaros
    YT_ RiseOfIkaros 8 days ago +1

    This is a awesome anime #1 imo due to the character traits. They need to make more of this anime and have longer seasons, it shouldn't take 3yrs or if 2 to make more. Keep it coming and everyone who wants more like this and comment your reasons?

    DBFIGHTER 13 days ago

    How dare you cut it off like that

  • andrew duda
    andrew duda 14 days ago

    With the shit u added u fucked the video up

  • Chorlox Bleach
    Chorlox Bleach 18 days ago

    this is the same as dbs broly animation smh!!!

  • 煌崎ハガネ
    煌崎ハガネ 22 days ago


  • great whiteshark
    great whiteshark Month ago +1

    This anime show has lots of nudity lol

  • Vincent Vi Britannia
    Vincent Vi Britannia Month ago +1

    Whose pissed about Issei not using the true JUGGERNAUT DRIVE?!

  • Fiddle Rammus
    Fiddle Rammus Month ago

    code geas xD haha

  • Jack Papalii
    Jack Papalii Month ago

    Just love this anime....Damn!!!
    Hope for new season👍👍👍

  • Shiny TV
    Shiny TV Month ago

    The boob chant is kinda cringe lol

  • RW The Overlord
    RW The Overlord Month ago

    It is beauty! it is Grace! It will punch Sairog in the face!

  • Lalit DrawingStuffs

    they made this so bullshit.. in some ways.

  • Luis Galvez
    Luis Galvez Month ago

    Issei got an op power , it’s still funny vali had a point about issei being nothing without that power 😂😂😂😂

  • Bartucian D'Faersyn

    That saint seiya copy. Lol

  • KSI hahspop
    KSI hahspop 2 months ago

    Can u please just not put text and just let it play

  • Oh Yeah Yeah
    Oh Yeah Yeah 2 months ago

    Dang I don't know who's weights are heavier Rock Lees or Ziraork(I don't know how to spell his name😂.)

  • Siti Aminah
    Siti Aminah 2 months ago


  • kris198921
    kris198921 2 months ago

    Video could have been so much better

  • UchihaSasukeMadara 12
    UchihaSasukeMadara 12 2 months ago


  • Straxy .
    Straxy . 3 months ago +2

    The people inside his boosted gear changed to gentlemen who started liking boobs. When everyone starts disappearing one of them says. "Asses aren't that bad either" I like it so much! It's better than this xD

    • Nematoda Rine
      Nematoda Rine Month ago

      yeah that mofo is that White haired guy in this video and the previous Hakuryuuko's host ~

  • Lux Krux
    Lux Krux 3 months ago

    Idk when he was pissed before his fight with Abbadon or whatever her name was when i read it in the light novel i pictured it like he would have his bangs cover his eyes and small red aura coming out of him something like that

  • Joselito Ramos
    Joselito Ramos 3 months ago

    I cant wait to watch the next season its been like forever to wait

  • emperor sean
    emperor sean 3 months ago

    when he was boosting i tought it was saying Boobs! Boobs! Boobs! Boobs! Boobs! Boobs! Boobs!

  • ItzAshHere
    ItzAshHere 4 months ago

    3:17 uhhh...😅😅😅😅

  • ondank
    ondank 4 months ago

    In s4 issei becomes op but thats ok. For 4 seasons we have watched him earn this shit. That is why DxD is such a good anime IMO. Yes its silly, yes its ecchi but it manages to develop its characters better then most "serious" shows.

    • KGB
      KGB 28 days ago

      Most of the characters in this show have very little to no character development, the main character is still the same from season 1 and has worse character development than sao (ok maybe not that level of terrible) but shows like jojo have alot of character development like joseph seeing his friend's grave after screaming for his name to find him, or josuke learning to trust joseph and see him as a father or jo2uke learning more and more about his former identity and people who associated with them

  • gaojun huang
    gaojun huang 4 months ago

    issei went all in fosure

  • OompaLoompa211
    OompaLoompa211 4 months ago

    Such a shame that they fucked the anime so hard.

  • c00l kidd
    c00l kidd 4 months ago

    W0W so weak l0l even yamcha can beat them

    DRAGON X 4 months ago


  • Hendra Darmawan
    Hendra Darmawan 5 months ago +1

    Sairaorg's Balance Breaker reminds me of Saint Seiya Armor.

  • Pain Game
    Pain Game 5 months ago

    Name of the song please? 4:12

  • Sir Zechs Lucifer
    Sir Zechs Lucifer 5 months ago

    Hit that like if you wanted to see him destroy sirog in juggernaut drive lol

  • very uncreative
    very uncreative 5 months ago

    Rip we have to wait a while till season 5

  • DeLEET Titan
    DeLEET Titan 5 months ago

    I'd never thought I'd see a multitude of kids chanting "Oppai! Oppai!" in an anime

  • Toxic NB
    Toxic NB 5 months ago

    4:10 omg He looks so over 9000

  • MadNuKeZz -
    MadNuKeZz - 5 months ago

    What was the Music at 4:14 can someone pls tell me? owo

  • Judith Rios
    Judith Rios 5 months ago

    Look Issei, you can keep the Boob Dragon title, but not the Red Dragon Emperor. That title has LONG been taken. So does the Perverted King title.
    Pretty sure Dark Schneider still holds the title

  • Fangs200615
    Fangs200615 5 months ago

    Perverted Kids LMAO

  • Brian Vargas
    Brian Vargas 6 months ago

    What kind of saint seiya I just saw

  • tyler fking one
    tyler fking one 6 months ago

    The new art looks autistic

  • badass sam
    badass sam 6 months ago

    He's like sitama

  • Rando merchat DUDEomega

    boob dragon

  • grim ripper
    grim ripper 6 months ago

    Perverted Kids XD

  • bob117ism
    bob117ism 6 months ago +3

    how could you leave out the incantation for his queen's promotion?!?!?!

  • 飛鳥文化アタック


  • Chris Weber
    Chris Weber 6 months ago

    Perverted kid

  • Crazy gameplays
    Crazy gameplays 7 months ago +1

    That super red dragon emperor in the final remember me of Satanael in Shin Megami Tensei Persona 5.

  • Ghost Gider
    Ghost Gider 7 months ago

    um yaa Shalba learned that lesin i meen he was so pissed of he went in to Juggernaut Drive

  • ThaKing Goat
    ThaKing Goat 7 months ago

    this season was complete trash makes me sad cause i remember watching all 3 seasons in 1 day thats how good it was now i cant even watch a episode

    • Mattinator95
      Mattinator95 7 months ago

      in japan point of view season 3 was trash . as it didn't follow the story they read and was expecting .

  • XSG
    XSG 7 months ago

    Am i the only one that thought the past few episodes were just shit and lazy writing?

  • Legend
    Legend 7 months ago +2

    The thing that bothers me is the author has kind of thrown Issei relationship with Rias to the side after they become a couple in vol 10 in a way to do that.
    Some of the stuff the author has written since then has caused me to wonder if issei really loves Rias.
    Down below are some examples of things that really make me question this.
    In the stories following vol 10 his interaction with the other girls consist of him saying stuff like he willing to make babies and stuff with them. Shouldn't that be kind of reserved for Rias instead? I mean seriously the next volume after Rias and Issei become a couple he saying he willing to have babies with konako and also take her as his bride! What the hell is up with that!
    Also In one of the short stories he discusses what he imagines his future plans will be. He talks about how most the girls will follow him and become part of his peerage when he becomes a high class devil but he never even once talks about his future with Rias.
    He always will save her and what not but, he would do that for any of the girls.
    What has Issei really done to show that he loves Rias?
    What sets their relationship apart from the other girls except he tells her he loves her.
    How can they call each other boyfriend and girlfriend when he seems not treat her more special then he does the other girls. The fact he talks about having kids with the other girls shows no loyalty to Rias standing as his girlfriend or future wife. Look at Rias parents for example Rias dad only had children with his legal wife. This gave her a special place above the rest of his harem and it least show some resemblance or commitment to his wife. In this world what is in fact the real definition of boyfriend and girlfriend.
    the more i read the light the novels the more disgusted i get with issei. Rias deserves better.
    In terms of Rias role in the relationship there is no doubt of her love and commitment to issei however the author has made her a total doormat when comes to her relationship with issei and his harem. I mean seriously the author won't even let the poor girl have the desire to have issei treat her in a more special way then the other girls. Instead of her rightfully having that right as his girlfriend the author makes her feel ashamed saying feeling that way is wrong and thinking that way is just being selfish. This was demonstrated in the short story Rias in wonderland at the end of the story. when Issei apologized for not realizing her feelings.
    The story makes me feel sorry for Rias and sad. It also leaves a bad taste in my mouth and takes away some of the enjoyment of the story.How can they call each other boyfriend and girlfriend when he seems not treat her more special then he does the other girls.
    Read LN 18? Thats one of the examples. Rias and Ise do a lot together, couple stuff you know. Off screen probably even more. (he takes other girls on dates offscreen as well)
    And now to my very own 2 cents
    Ok ok, lets be real here. Maybe i will earn some downvotes with this but it has to be mentioned. In DxD we dont really get a good introduced into a relationship that well. What i mean is, Ise fell in love with Rias because of her good look. She was adored by everyone at the school, so Ise is not even something special. That really bothered me for a long time. I dont know in other animes they fall in love after they went through many obstacles together. Dont get me wrong, the further development is all good. Its decent but acceptable. But the way he gets introduced is kind of lame. Lets take Xenovia as an example. She wanted his genes, thats all. Thats the start of how she joined the harem. She followed him and fought for him with the other girls because she wanted his genes at the very begining. Ofc they got closer to each other after that and she got many more reason to follow Ise now, but the intorducion was like that. Not very creative, considereing that Kuroka got introduced the same way.
    I feel like in DxD the Deus ex machina hammer falls down quiet often. Ishi manages to fix and tie many things together in the end, but there is still this bitter taste sometimes.
    Did you read 24 at the Occult club? Or however that shorts name was. Rias and Ise list their reason why they love the other. Despite having real reasons listed such as Ise is caring etc there are a awful lot of things like Your oppai is the best. Dont get me wrong. Its a good short overall, and they also mention that the other one smells good, which is also cute.
    But the reason why he loves her is questionable. Im not a really big fan of fallin in love just because of the look. But that implies in real life as well, and i would lie if i said i dont chose my girlfirend by her look. So yeah. Kind of a fuzzy. She's not a door mat that has no feeling who lets issei do whatever he pleases without her feeling anything. do you think it wrong for her to want something from issei just for herself? she his girlfriend after all. If she really ends up that way i will lose some respect for her because she will officially become a weak doormat and let issei run free do whatever he pleases with girls without any consequence or impact on their relationship. How selfish do you think that is on issei part. Making Rias sacrifice all her rights to a normal relationship and get nothing special only she can have for her sacrifice? just so he can have his selfish desires. I get its a harem but it really make him look like a selfish prick sometimes.

    • DawnStealer
      DawnStealer 2 months ago

      I saw this on Reddit too and well I only just finished season 4 but imo they do love each other and I would do anything to be in his place, I sometimes too wish that Issei just payed more attention to rias. She deserves more attention.

  • Indoraptor King/ Power Balance

    ...is this in English? It's awesome!

  • Steven Kirlrin
    Steven Kirlrin 7 months ago

    If u guys want to watch anime go to Animeheaven it has highschool dxd all seasons and dubbed to English

  • Yoshi Super saiyan 2
    Yoshi Super saiyan 2 7 months ago


  • ʏᴇʟʟᴏᴡ ғʟᴀsʜ

    I wanna kill the people tht thought it was a good idea to make this the new animation

  • Arfeen Janjua
    Arfeen Janjua 7 months ago

    Kya bakwas bolay ja raha ha yeh pagal

  • Afwan Nasution
    Afwan Nasution 7 months ago

    Oppai lol😂😂😂😂😂

  • CloudWHAT
    CloudWHAT 7 months ago

    It is fucking more beautiful than that

  • Koma- san
    Koma- san 7 months ago


  • hi
    hi 7 months ago

    Why Are Kids Screaming Opai Opai...

  • Mohd Roslan
    Mohd Roslan 7 months ago

    Power Up! : Booster Mode Activation. Boost! Boost! Boost! Kaboom.!!!!!!! lol

  • Mattiadf 520
    Mattiadf 520 7 months ago

    When the next season?

  • Reverse Flash
    Reverse Flash 7 months ago

    Where’s the SUBBED episode 12 can’t find it in any website

  • Lee Simon
    Lee Simon 7 months ago


  • AidrianeM
    AidrianeM 7 months ago

    Lmaooo, “Thanks to these perverted kids” xDD

  • Le Grimey
    Le Grimey 7 months ago +1

    Everyone and their mom has a sacred gear now..

  • Crimson Bloodfallen
    Crimson Bloodfallen 7 months ago

    I was really looking forward to juggernaut drive ;(

  • Tae-Bop Production
    Tae-Bop Production 7 months ago

    This episode was so fucking AWESOME

  • Vulcarios
    Vulcarios 7 months ago

    Boobs! Boobs! Boobs! Boobs!


  • slayer 19
    slayer 19 7 months ago

    One of my favorite parts about DxD is the chant the character says before using a power up
    Not only issei and vali but there are many other characters that have cool chants(mainly other Longinus possessors) some of the chants are like curses and others are like songs
    For example the chant for this new armor goes like this:
    "I,who is about to awaken,am the red dragon emperor who holds the truth of the king up high.
    Holding infinite hope and indestructible dream, walking the path of righteousness i shall become the king of the crimson dragon.
    And i shall take you to heaven glowing in deap crimson light"
    [Cardinal Crimson FullDrive]
    I jusy can't wait till season 5 so i can hear them

  • VFadeaway •
    VFadeaway • 7 months ago

    The kids sound like they're saying o pie

  • YaBoyLekk
    YaBoyLekk 7 months ago


  • EoFallen
    EoFallen 7 months ago

    where can i find the light novel?

    • slayer 19
      slayer 19 7 months ago


  • Fire Knight
    Fire Knight 7 months ago

    This ep is not the end right? I hope soo

    • F BI
      F BI 7 months ago

      One more EP and pray for another Season.

  • Admin End
    Admin End 7 months ago

    Why does everything looks so light and bright in the new series?

  • Maverick Lampano
    Maverick Lampano 7 months ago

    Cardinal Crimson Promotion

  • Dark Era
    Dark Era 7 months ago


  • Dark Era
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  • Marko Nullsiebenelf
    Marko Nullsiebenelf 7 months ago

    When comes the next Video brooooo?

    PHAGE 7 months ago

    yo fam does he die next episode since it was rumored tht he was gonna die, and he used the phoneix tear on rias

    • slayer 19
      slayer 19 7 months ago

      Only if something wrong happened

    • Mattinator95
      Mattinator95 7 months ago

      slayer 19 people can die in rating games

    • slayer 19
      slayer 19 7 months ago

      No it's a rating game man,no one dies in rating games so rest assured he won't die next episode
      But i can't say that he won't die at all😉

  • Jermaine Brooks
    Jermaine Brooks 7 months ago +1

    What are the songs you use at the end please someone help me the one about "you make me want to love hate every part of you" and the song after that?

  • Akshay Parmale
    Akshay Parmale 7 months ago

    What is happed in manga in this scene

    • Akshay Parmale
      Akshay Parmale 7 months ago

      slayer 19
      Ok 🤔😅

    • slayer 19
      slayer 19 7 months ago

      Akshay Parmale
      Light novel not manga
      Tomorrow is the next episode just wait one day😅

  • Bobby Crowder
    Bobby Crowder 7 months ago

    That juggernaut mode?

  • yousef 04
    yousef 04 7 months ago

    Where are you now Vali😏

  • Zenoxs 0
    Zenoxs 0 7 months ago

    New animation is horrible

  • Antony M.M.F
    Antony M.M.F 7 months ago


  • hiumanliti meme
    hiumanliti meme 7 months ago

    get power...?? when you about to lose became more stronger??? if you lose again you get the more power ???? and again?? what?? if you lose you lose..why need more power??? you have power and you want more power?? tefuq

  • Adrian Cristopher Cardino

    if most viewers of the series likes this armor, wait for his latest armor form to be animated... its an absolute beast xD

  • AllenKagami
    AllenKagami 7 months ago

    My cringe whenever he says oppai...
    I love it!

  • Insane Anime Gamer
    Insane Anime Gamer 7 months ago

    Imagine a parent walking in on there kid watching this. Mercy I'm dead within 5 minutes from laughing!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Anime Lover
    Anime Lover 7 months ago

    4:07 Holy Shit, This is gonna be Badass Right There

  • Ashton Browning
    Ashton Browning 7 months ago

    I’m so sad today’s kids aren’t screaming; Boobs! Boobs!

  • Alan Giudice
    Alan Giudice 7 months ago

    I'm I the only person who is really creeped out by all the parents who are ok with there children calling him "Boob Dragon"...?

    • slayer 19
      slayer 19 7 months ago

      Well they are devils after all😂
      Saying something pervert isn't a big deal for them(in this story that is)

    • Mattinator95
      Mattinator95 7 months ago

      They in the underworld dosnt see the problem

    • Daku Shirosaki
      Daku Shirosaki 7 months ago

      Alan Giudice No you're not the only one.

  • Konoe Touta
    Konoe Touta 7 months ago

    Damn i laugh so hard when i heard them cheer boobs boobs boobs😂.....ISSEI AWEKENS YESSS!!! DAMN IT MAN WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU!GOOD JOB!ALL OF YOUR HARD WORK PAID OFF!😁

  • Patrick Butler
    Patrick Butler 7 months ago

    Why is it pink!?

  • Arik Nickel
    Arik Nickel 7 months ago

    Sairaorgs Form Reminds me of saint seya (idk how to write this anime)

  • Elite Toxic Gamer
    Elite Toxic Gamer 7 months ago

    I started this anime with the mentality of, hell yeah nudity, first 4 episode I was entertained by the story and now I want to see the development of the characters and story.

  • F BI
    F BI 7 months ago

    Everyone's gettin mixedup about the Ep's this is ep 11.
    0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12.

    • Mattinator95
      Mattinator95 7 months ago

      F BI yea

    • F BI
      F BI 7 months ago

      Mattinator95 well that what should have really happened.

    • Mattinator95
      Mattinator95 7 months ago

      F BI yea but retcond

    • F BI
      F BI 7 months ago

      Mattinator95 its actually a Born Ep.

    • Mattinator95
      Mattinator95 7 months ago

      F BI no we just don't count episode 0 as episode 1 as it's not the start of season