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Billy & Lauren - Boogie Shoes


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  • Mila Kinnaman
    Mila Kinnaman Month ago

    This is my floor music

  • Micke B
    Micke B 4 months ago

    ok. I wanted more hand pair dancing

  • HTTYD or How To Train Your Dragon Edits

    My favorite dance as a kid and still is my favorite this brings back memories!♡

  • K Lewis
    K Lewis 5 months ago

    My favorite routine on sytycd....the best by makes u feel good!!

  • Mariah Eaves
    Mariah Eaves 6 months ago

    Wow I wish I can dance like that

  • Wiley Winter
    Wiley Winter 6 months ago

    I can’t watch this video enough

  • Dim Shaba
    Dim Shaba 7 months ago

    Better...doesn’t exist!!!!!!!!Wonderful!!!!!!!!!!

  • HotRodRay
    HotRodRay 7 months ago

    Id rather see them dancing together than a correographied dual dancing.

  • daniel rubio
    daniel rubio 8 months ago

    Se la lleva de calle la mujer al hombre baila excelente la guerita!!

  • Ashley Rhodes
    Ashley Rhodes 8 months ago

    Loooooooove this routine

  • Cosmic lobster
    Cosmic lobster 9 months ago

    Reminds me of Betty and Jughead lol

  • Jennie f
    Jennie f 10 months ago

    Still smiling ~ ) ******************** Billy did not win because of bias ? could be. Who knows (

  • Jessica Lyme
    Jessica Lyme 10 months ago

    Is it bad that I kind of want his shoes more than hers?

  • Sophie N
    Sophie N 11 months ago

    What style of dance is this?

  • Nisan su
    Nisan su Year ago

    Their harmony is amazing

  • Janis Argeswara
    Janis Argeswara Year ago

    one of my faves!

  • Gigi Calicchia
    Gigi Calicchia Year ago

    I've never forgotten this. This is great.

  • Tara
    Tara Year ago

    I have been watching SYTYCD since the beginning and this is one of my all time favorites. It just makes you instantly happy!!

  • Megan Fuller
    Megan Fuller Year ago

    Does anyone know who choreographed this?

  • Elmeromero
    Elmeromero Year ago

    50s to a 70 afro hit...stupid. Way off.

  • Alisha C
    Alisha C Year ago

    Omg her legs are goals

  • Naveed Akbar
    Naveed Akbar Year ago

    Every time i watch this routine, it gives me joy. Such a fun routine.

  • Suzy Wong
    Suzy Wong Year ago

    I would like to see at least one Mandy Moore routine like this every week. Her fun routines are just incredible.

  • Suzy Wong
    Suzy Wong Year ago

    I would like to see at least one Mandy Moore routine like this every week. Her fun routines are just incredible.

  • Lauren Wilson
    Lauren Wilson Year ago

    favorite routine

  • Ruby Hagrid
    Ruby Hagrid Year ago

    When do we get choreography like this again? We get the emotional contemporary, the sexy jazz, even Broadway but never something quite this style.

  • Kent fromwales
    Kent fromwales Year ago

    OMG, great performance! And, well, the guy is outrageously handsome.

  • BigWill4Christ
    BigWill4Christ Year ago

    What is that footwork dance they do at .41 to .42 seconds?

  • Jennie f
    Jennie f Year ago


  • Kathryn Yoder
    Kathryn Yoder Year ago

    I like the little Charlie Chaplin walk they do lol

  • 66flamer
    66flamer Year ago

    i wear a size 16 shoe. big boogie.

  • John Clarke
    John Clarke Year ago

    Our Song Skin :)

  • A. Q.
    A. Q. 2 years ago

    OMG obsessed! Im loving it!!

  • Rainer Kottke
    Rainer Kottke 2 years ago

    einfach Klasse...

  • Soul Sister
    Soul Sister 2 years ago

    Never gets old!

  • Mary Broadcast
    Mary Broadcast 2 years ago

    great video, check out my videos too. Thx! Cheers Mary

  • luis aguirre
    luis aguirre 2 years ago


  • jsmlMR
    jsmlMR 2 years ago

    no me canso de verlos

  • 458Gf jgv
    458Gf jgv 2 years ago

    "So you think you can dance" best programe ever..👍

  • lion solitaire
    lion solitaire 2 years ago


  • Emerald Ryder
    Emerald Ryder 2 years ago +168

    I wish there were more partner dances like this one. It seems like there's only ever super romantic, steamy dances when it comes to male & female partner dances. Why can't there just be fun, havin-a-good-time partner dances? Why do they always have to be romantic?

  • Silvia S.
    Silvia S. 2 years ago +1


  • Silvia S.
    Silvia S. 2 years ago

    krasny tanec

  • Sarah Veit
    Sarah Veit 2 years ago +5

    He's hot🔥

  • Mitt Obama
    Mitt Obama 2 years ago +186

    If I squint a bit, I could see Penny and Sheldon of Big Bang Theory dancing. .

    • Kyla King
      Kyla King Year ago +1

      Oh crap you're right!!!

    • Catey Fifield
      Catey Fifield Year ago +1

      I watched this video in class and that was the first thing I thought of😂

    • allison cleveland
      allison cleveland Year ago +1

      Mitt Obama me too😂

    • Jeremy Bee
      Jeremy Bee Year ago +1

      Mitt Obama top comment.

    • VeeNeks Jibelito
      VeeNeks Jibelito Year ago +1

      Mitt Obama I thought I was the only one who saw that😂😂

  • Michelle Osborne
    Michelle Osborne 2 years ago +1

    MANDY MOORE? That's KC and the Sunshine band

    • Morgan S
      Morgan S 2 years ago

      lol mandy moore choreographed it.

    • Jen S
      Jen S 2 years ago +5

      Choreography by Mandy Moore, Emmy nominated too!

  • Laura Kenney
    Laura Kenney 2 years ago +7

    this looks like a lot of FUN!

  • Mmogamerfr
    Mmogamerfr 2 years ago +1

    damn 6 years ago

  • Andres Villegas
    Andres Villegas 2 years ago

    wow, its a great thing they interpreted the song COMPLETELY wrong. Wow good job on knowing your genres and how to dance them. I need to contact youtube to find out how its possible to place more thumbs downs

    • Rebecca Elise
      Rebecca Elise 2 years ago +11

      yes! How dare an artist think they can put their own style and creativity into their artwork! After all, we all know that art is all about following the rules!

  • Rohini G
    Rohini G 2 years ago +5

    Is that the Flash dancing? :D

  • Ghost
    Ghost 3 years ago +2


  • Quinn Pascal
    Quinn Pascal 3 years ago +3

    This is so cute

  • Naveed Akbar
    Naveed Akbar 3 years ago +5

    Love this Routine.

  • RememberRox
    RememberRox 3 years ago +28

    1:31 Lauren didn't position herself correctly there it seems so he had to scootch over

    • Annisa Ali
      Annisa Ali 2 years ago

      +RememberRox Yeah, I know shit all about dance and even I replayed that simply because it seemed a bit off for some reason, like one of them made a mistake in the routine.

    • Madi Snakeu
      Madi Snakeu 2 years ago +3

      +RememberRox I know this was 3 months ago but... I love ur pic ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • RememberRox
      RememberRox 3 years ago +1

      +Prakticunt Isn't it obvious?

    • Prakticunt
      Prakticunt 3 years ago +2

      +RememberRox wow are you a elite detective?

  • ACMommy26
    ACMommy26 3 years ago +11

    must. find. those. SHOES!!!!

  • Alyssa Trujillo
    Alyssa Trujillo 3 years ago +16

    How. This is literally perfect. How

  • D Lovely
    D Lovely 3 years ago +12

    That dance was really cute! #HappyFeet

  • Desi Tsvetkova
    Desi Tsvetkova 3 years ago +18

    Season 7 is my favourite so far! So many brilliant dancers - Lauren, Billy, Alex, Kent...

  • Ibpn
    Ibpn 3 years ago +99

    the people that dislike this don't have boogie shoes

  • Miss Iva
    Miss Iva 3 years ago +1

    This and "Ordinary Day" with Jakob and Mollee from season 6.

  • Chelsea
    Chelsea 3 years ago

    Really fun routine. Enjoyable:)

  • anho lee
    anho lee 3 years ago


  • Gabi Eash
    Gabi Eash 3 years ago +6

    I really love this routine!!!!!

    • Grunthos The Flatulent
      Grunthos The Flatulent 2 years ago

      +epicaventure indeed

    • epicaventure
      epicaventure 2 years ago +1

      +Kevin Russell YES

    • Grunthos The Flatulent
      Grunthos The Flatulent 3 years ago

      +Gabi Eash I'm watching 2015 and I still think this is one of the best ever routines I've seen on the show. Billy and Lauren were perfect together but this kicked it into the stratosphere

  • Daisy Lopez
    Daisy Lopez 3 years ago +4

    Groovy moves... I really like it. I wish I could have a partner who's willing to dance boogie with me.. It looks so fun :)

  • Gian2812
    Gian2812 3 years ago

    fantastic duo ;)

  • OK
    OK 3 years ago +4

    Lauren made a mistake in the end which Billy corrected. But i think that he was a little pissed bc of that. At least thats how i interpreted the look on his face when they are done

    • p
      p Year ago

      tartfuel I mean, they could just changed it after this happened ... who knows?

    • tartfuel
      tartfuel 3 years ago +13

      +dancerozzie Nope, no mistakes. I saw a video of them performing on tour and the end part was exactly the same.

  • Sibby Martin
    Sibby Martin 3 years ago +4

    The dance is amazing too

  • Sibby Martin
    Sibby Martin 3 years ago

    I want his shoes so bad

  • O MO
    O MO 4 years ago

    this looks like it was so much fun

  • jerry jones
    jerry jones 4 years ago

    i like a lot of the dance steps but most of the running and rolling around on the floor and things of that nature distract from the real dancing.

  • Nural Mohammed
    Nural Mohammed 4 years ago +2

    did he almost drop her at 0:14?

    • Annisa Ali
      Annisa Ali 2 years ago +1

      Well spotted! I didn't even notice that. Yeah he did because as soon as it happened they both looked at each other for a second, but Lauren kept doing the foot work so people didn't notice.

    • Alison Park
      Alison Park 3 years ago +3

      No that's how the dance is supposed to be

  • Jessica Somarriba
    Jessica Somarriba 4 years ago +8

    This routine is too cute!! Love it!

  • Marina Troxell
    Marina Troxell 4 years ago +3


  • Gloria Sheen
    Gloria Sheen 4 years ago +27

    such a happy dance :D

  • Samson Tuiolosega
    Samson Tuiolosega 4 years ago +2

    Why does it say by Mandy Moore?

  • GregoCatal
    GregoCatal 4 years ago +5

    Actually pretty fun dance. Glad they had a great time with it.

  • jmds88
    jmds88 4 years ago +229

    words cannot properly express how much i love this routine.

  • Wilbert Mayo
    Wilbert Mayo 4 years ago


  • Wilbert Mayo
    Wilbert Mayo 4 years ago


  • Wilbert Mayo
    Wilbert Mayo 4 years ago


  • Amori P
    Amori P 4 years ago +2

    SO GOOD!! #newfave

  • Samantha Ortiz
    Samantha Ortiz 4 years ago +3

    I absolutely LOVE this routine

  • MemorieMaria
    MemorieMaria 4 years ago +1

    What's the name of this kind of dance?

  • Larissa Andrade
    Larissa Andrade 4 years ago +4

    loved loved loved loved, OMG! PERFECT!

  • Shirley Wharepapa
    Shirley Wharepapa 4 years ago +3

    that was soooooooo awesome!!!

  • drakkar fov
    drakkar fov 4 years ago


  • koiboyy
    koiboyy 4 years ago +9

    And Billy finally not doing a depressing ballet piece. yess

  • koiboyy
    koiboyy 4 years ago +8

    How can anyone not love Billy finally doing something less strenuous than his usual routine, but still going all out and making it great to watch??

  • OrganicFreshArtificialSyntheticVitamins

    lmao I love Cat's laugh hahaha!

  • Namo Unbekkant
    Namo Unbekkant 4 years ago +3

    135 Arabs disliked this display of decadent immoral Western filth...
    ...but still are waiting for their refugee applications to Britain to be accepted.

    • youssra fathy
      youssra fathy 4 years ago +9

      is this is comment even relevant ?? i mean i am an Arab who have watched this performance so many times , u r such an idiot.

    • bayann kherfan
      bayann kherfan 4 years ago +4


    • layla alami
      layla alami 4 years ago +3

      So what ? Maney britidh go to arabia saoudia for work even if they don't like teir culture or religion it's about money

  • Norman Agudelo
    Norman Agudelo 4 years ago

    Otro baile.

  • Celosia Ganaha Priskos

    I really like Lauren's dress!

  • Jesus Moncada
    Jesus Moncada 4 years ago

    Love the routine but it doesn't look polished enough

  • fiorela chambihilasaca
    fiorela chambihilasaca 4 years ago +3

    my boogie shoes!!!

  • Walter Schumate
    Walter Schumate 4 years ago +1

    reminiscent of A couple of mating North American Loons (Which I find way cool too).

  • Brianna Belland
    Brianna Belland 4 years ago +6

    My favorite kind of choreography.

  • MrReed314
    MrReed314 4 years ago +8

    I wonder how she has been doing...

    • Yazmin Cuevas
      Yazmin Cuevas 4 years ago +1

      I actually met her a couple weeks ago she is the nicest person ever she is so pretty

    • Juliette Turpin
      Juliette Turpin 4 years ago

      hehehe :)

    • rayva1
      rayva1 4 years ago

      +Juliette Turpin Really? I would've thought she'd choose the other guy Kent. Just kidding. ;-)

    • Juliette Turpin
      Juliette Turpin 4 years ago +2

      you can see her on dtrix's youtube channel, they are bf and gf just incase you didn't know :)

  • Taylor Royal
    Taylor Royal 4 years ago +3

    Awww so cute!!!!!

  • glen avalos
    glen avalos 4 years ago +1

    You can see her underwear

  • Leah Loves tacos
    Leah Loves tacos 4 years ago +11

    As always, one of my favorite SYTYCD routines!