Keith Eats Everything At McDonald's Australia

  • Published on Nov 16, 2019
  • Keith ate everything at an Australian McDonald's and it was A LOT of bread! Aussie fans, what's your go to order from Macca's??
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 10 626

  • Audrey L.
    Audrey L. 15 minutes ago

    Keith talking about vegemite: "It smells like a vet's office."

  • Audrey L.
    Audrey L. 16 minutes ago

    This video made my stomach feel full

  • Taylor Clarke
    Taylor Clarke 3 hours ago

    Lol, these guys are such betas.

  • Isabella Cordelia Chua(:
    Isabella Cordelia Chua(: 7 hours ago +1

    Omg :) Lovin the Singapore's McSpicy represent there!

  • Person_with_a_camera
    Person_with_a_camera 9 hours ago

    Ok Grant from College Humor, you can stop calling yourself „Keith“ now!

  • Jess Greenley
    Jess Greenley 10 hours ago +2

    Alternate title: Keith realising that Australian meats aren't processed garbage

  • Pilot 08
    Pilot 08 12 hours ago +1

    What they should have done, Ham & Cheese Pocket, add a hash brown into it and dip in Maple Syrup, BOOM Salty and Sweet and Crunchy, and most important of all, Amazing

  • Lake N Land
    Lake N Land 12 hours ago +1

    I don’t think any aussies actually go to maccas and gets macaroons

  • Abe Coulter
    Abe Coulter 13 hours ago +1

    the maccas nickname was stolen from new so many other things

  • JustGacha Nstuff
    JustGacha Nstuff 13 hours ago +1

    hey merrel twins
    a thinner here

  • OzNix05
    OzNix05 13 hours ago

    They’re not sandwiches, they’re burgers.

  • Ethan Brown
    Ethan Brown 15 hours ago

    Your supposed 2 eat a little bit of Vegemite with butter

  • Pauline Bal
    Pauline Bal 15 hours ago

    Bruv wholemeal as in the bread is wholemeal 🤦🏾‍♀️😂😂

  • VladamirInhaler
    VladamirInhaler 16 hours ago

    FYI "Spider" is what Australians cann a "Float", so it's not a problem with thei advertising

  • Maiah Vande Hey
    Maiah Vande Hey 18 hours ago

    YYOU NEED TO EAT THE MENU AT CULVER'S! They started in the midwest (Sauk City, Wi) and have opened over 700 stores by now. I HIGHLY recommend them and I am DYING to know your thoughs, since I have trained around 100 of the franchisees that did their training at the first and third Cilver's stores. It's classic American food, they have a wide menu, and the buffalo tenders are fantastic.

  • YaBoiiiHarry
    YaBoiiiHarry 19 hours ago

    i thought it was a known fact every country has a better mcd than america

  • Corvandus
    Corvandus 20 hours ago +1

    "I'm just gonna put on a thin layer"
    Narrator: He did not. He spread it like nutella.

  • Jayden Seaton
    Jayden Seaton 22 hours ago

    why do americans allways think they know evry thing about australia

  • Jayden Seaton
    Jayden Seaton 22 hours ago

    wtf mcdonalds gravy is shit kfcs is legendary

  • Jayden Seaton
    Jayden Seaton 23 hours ago

    its prononced macces

  • KenzoBenzo 21
    KenzoBenzo 21 Day ago

    4:46 thank me later

  • ghosted and haunted

    Petition to rename this series to "keith ruins a fast-food worker's day and his stomach"? 😆 lol

  • Jill Stephenson
    Jill Stephenson Day ago

    *I just got word... That the network... Has cancelled candid competition*

  • Rachel Garcia
    Rachel Garcia Day ago

    it's funny to see all the Australians talk shit about Americans in this comment section, i just cackle

  • Atul Shet
    Atul Shet Day ago

    Love it when moonlight sonata 1 starts playing whilst he eats the Vegemite 😂

  • Allia Mesa
    Allia Mesa Day ago

    I hate Vegemite.

  • nextpagepls
    nextpagepls Day ago

    U have yet to try double mcspicy 🤪

  • Katja Seles
    Katja Seles Day ago

    Vegemite isn’t that bad

  • lilah boohole
    lilah boohole Day ago

    Me clicking out of the video after the vegemite part

  • BRaNDeD BaNAnA
    BRaNDeD BaNAnA Day ago +1

    Bro half of this shit I have never heard of at Maccas

  • ZoieGirl09
    ZoieGirl09 Day ago

    Keith: *eh noises* I just got word that the network has canceled Candid Competition
    that phone call had me dying 😂😂

  • love live
    love live Day ago

    wheres the frozen coke?

  • MonsterGaming
    MonsterGaming Day ago

    Imagine disrespecting the lord and Australian savior, Vegemite. Haha just joking

  • Short, Sharp and Shit

    It's a BURGER, not a FKN SANDWICH

  • Romy Meilish
    Romy Meilish Day ago

    Us brits wanting them to try marmite😂

  • Simon Harrington
    Simon Harrington Day ago +1

    I allways make the apple pie flurry. Just buy one of each and smash the pie in there lol

  • Ian Montgomery
    Ian Montgomery Day ago

    No fillet of fish?

  • Ian Montgomery
    Ian Montgomery Day ago

    dumping a serve of ice-sream has historically been called a spider here in Melbourne so McSpider makes sense here

  • Elliot Strudwick

    Aussie? Orssy?

  • Alex Masson
    Alex Masson Day ago

    The South African McFeast is a true feast.

  • The Gaming Cheetah

    . . . Did you say you don't like banana bread OR VEGEMTE!???! AS AN AUSTRALIAN & A BANANA BREAD LOVER, I AM OFFENDED >:( BOOOOOO!!
    Read Underneath, Please!

    I'm just kidding, a Lil' mad but nothing too personal, I hope I didn't hurt anyone's feelings with this comment. :)

  • Paco Rodriguez
    Paco Rodriguez Day ago

    nuggets and a large frozen coke

  • Konnie Pan
    Konnie Pan 2 days ago

    keith next time eat vegimite on toast with butter like lots of butter

  • the emily project
    the emily project 2 days ago

    i just really want to see Keith eat the menu at tim hortons

  • rachel bell
    rachel bell 2 days ago

    theirs is so.. commercial quality and nice

    ours is so..

  • Cydney M
    Cydney M 2 days ago

    I think Keith was drunk this whole time

  • Ashlee Spendelow
    Ashlee Spendelow 2 days ago

    I’m so triggered, the first one was the snack wrap and the second one was the ceaser wrap 😂

  • NaytePlayz
    NaytePlayz 2 days ago

    Most of the stuff was dry, because you left it for hours after you bought it

  • Star Jakken
    Star Jakken 2 days ago +1

    He donkey lips every bite. It’s hilarious.

  • azrielic_
    azrielic_ 2 days ago

    We all know Vegemite is terrible

  • jelaaaaii
    jelaaaaii 2 days ago


  • Hello World.
    Hello World. 2 days ago

    Now sydney is in smoke. Help.

  • IIViperz-
    IIViperz- 2 days ago

    I’m Aussie and you putting vegemite on that bread makes me want to slap you

  • Lil Prince
    Lil Prince 2 days ago +1


  • Lorna Hanlon
    Lorna Hanlon 2 days ago +13

    I feel so bad for Americans when they try McDonald’s from counties that have stricter food regulations, meat always tastes better

  • Payplexes Randomness

    Keith eats Australia.

  • Ryley Kindler
    Ryley Kindler 2 days ago

    It pisses me off how he says aussie

  • Quinn Oliver
    Quinn Oliver 2 days ago

    A babyccino is just milk

  • Lorrie Turner
    Lorrie Turner 2 days ago

    I find it funny that they call burgers sandwiches

  • Bec Chilver
    Bec Chilver 2 days ago

    All drinks that are mixed with ice cream like that are called spiders in Australia it wasn't a maccas thing haha