Ed Sheeran - Take Me Back To London (feat. Stormzy) [Official Lyric Video]

  • Published on Jul 12, 2019
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  • Evie Davies
    Evie Davies 3 hours ago

    Sick song

  • Lee Ratchford
    Lee Ratchford 19 hours ago

    Add cdcdcrcr ededdfghjltcdleejnbvm,.cd

  • Boxer Dog 777
    Boxer Dog 777 21 hour ago +1

    I do love this ting Bruv

  • kamil sokolski
    kamil sokolski Day ago +1


  • kamil sokolski
    kamil sokolski Day ago +1


  • Daniel Tarique Gilgeous

    The dislike button is probably the most worthless thing on earth

  • Daniel Tarique Gilgeous

    This is like his song take 'it' back.

  • Sila Gumus
    Sila Gumus Day ago

    00:45 😮🔥🔥🔥

  • Muhammad Khan
    Muhammad Khan Day ago +1


  • Farts Among
    Farts Among Day ago


  • Flo Oracle
    Flo Oracle 2 days ago

    thoroughly repulsed by this absolute shit

  • Morgan ROBERTS
    Morgan ROBERTS 3 days ago +1

    also stornzy is sooo cool

  • Morgan ROBERTS
    Morgan ROBERTS 3 days ago

    best song ever

  • KaokaoTanker
    KaokaoTanker 3 days ago

    "I wanna try new things they just want me to sing, because NOBODY thinks I *WRITE* rhymes"
    This songs proved he's shown us he can.

  • edgar kijo
    edgar kijo 3 days ago

    Who here after that Jay Z story

  • David Smith
    David Smith 3 days ago

    Something about it sounds a lot like Supplies by Justin Timberlake.
    Anyone else agree?

  • daaze
    daaze 3 days ago

    americans are so annoying can they just have their own comment section

  • Positivity In Progress
    Positivity In Progress 4 days ago +5

    Three things happened to me today!
    1. My mate said he hates Ed Sheeran
    2. He got hit by a car
    3. I lost my driving licence

  • Ana-Maria-Alexandra Steinbaum

    I LOVE IT ED SHEERAN is the best like si j'ai raison

  • L S
    L S 5 days ago

    This one is much better than the remix

  • Amberjade Stirk
    Amberjade Stirk 5 days ago


  • Andy W
    Andy W 5 days ago


  • uzma kayani
    uzma kayani 5 days ago

    this is like the best song ever I'm just a kid and this song is more for teens but I love raps so I love this
    it's my favourite song

  • Kaizy Stewart
    Kaizy Stewart 6 days ago


  • Asger Ebdrup Kjær
    Asger Ebdrup Kjær 6 days ago +1



    this a shitty song that only would’ve made more money if jay z had a verse in it

  • _DKR_
    _DKR_ 6 days ago

    Jay Z was supposed to be on this.

  • T
    T 6 days ago +1

    I need to know what Jay z's verse was

  • Yxng Hus
    Yxng Hus 6 days ago +6

    Who’s here after finding out Jay Z was supposed to be in this song?

  • Redondowarrior
    Redondowarrior 6 days ago +1

    So this is the song they didn’t let Jay Z be on? I thought it would have been some deep poetry about London like Jay Z Empire State of mind. Nah this ain’t it for sure, but I’m sure I will get crucified coz this sort of pop is what rules the charts. Smh 🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Jorrit kuipers
    Jorrit kuipers 6 days ago


  • Invisibilly
    Invisibilly 7 days ago +1

    The remix is cool but the chemistry between these two are unmatchable. Best song on the album for sure

  • Veronica M
    Veronica M 7 days ago

    Ed Sheeran - Take Me Back To London (Sir Spyro Remix) [feat. Stormzy, Jaykae & Aitch] (Music Video) tvclip.biz/video/XJQy_R9CYR4/video.html

  • Thomas Beckham
    Thomas Beckham 7 days ago +1

    I love this ❤💪

  • Dubai Memes
    Dubai Memes 7 days ago +2

    Don’t take me back to Sweden ft. ASAP Rocky

  • Antony Kerautret
    Antony Kerautret 7 days ago

    I have already been to London.So can you take me back please?

  • Kalah King
    Kalah King 8 days ago +3

    I wish Jay-Z was on this ...it would have been epic .

  • Gregory Montesino
    Gregory Montesino 8 days ago

    Muy buena la musica

  • William Nez Margo
    William Nez Margo 9 days ago +3

    I know Ed and stormzy SHOULD make a wole album for 2. I will like it

  • Fly Agaric
    Fly Agaric 9 days ago

    packet of crisps and my pint. thats hardcore ed. what a load of shite.

  • Charmie upadhyay
    Charmie upadhyay 9 days ago +1

    Me:listens to song
    Mum: have you done ur homework
    (Song goes to 0:58)
    Me:for not making me do my homework can you do it for me

  • chris williams
    chris williams 9 days ago

    Stormzy was right. Jay Z wouldn't be a good fit on here. Respect, Salute, standing your ground to a legend

  • Flavius Covaci
    Flavius Covaci 10 days ago

    Respect from Romania

  • Flavius Covaci
    Flavius Covaci 10 days ago

    Very nice song

  • Veronica M
    Veronica M 10 days ago

    Stormzy said in a UK tv show that Jay-Z nearly ended up featuring on this song as well. Ed told him about it but Stormzy didn't want him on it because he wanted it to be more about grime music and London.

  • Rosie Vidios
    Rosie Vidios 10 days ago

    Love this song 😍❤️

  • juwan palencia
    juwan palencia 10 days ago

    The beat at the beginning sounds like iann Dior's strings

  • The Epic Gamer Far Cry lover and Animal lover.

    Honestly, I really need Stormzy and Snoop Dogg to rap a song together! 🙏

  • Caitlin Xx
    Caitlin Xx 12 days ago

    England is their city

  • Gus Klemp
    Gus Klemp 12 days ago

    2 non musicians. Proper bad song

    • XL Leona
      XL Leona 11 days ago

      Gus Klemp : are you sure you are talking about this song?

  • Gary Hevey
    Gary Hevey 13 days ago +1

    I love this song thank you so much I always put this song on when I am said and it make me Happy

  • kaydn herring
    kaydn herring 13 days ago +2

    great beat

  • Use code Alia
    Use code Alia 14 days ago +2

    Such a good song👍(^o^)

  • unkonow
    unkonow 14 days ago

    "so take me back to London"の"London"の所好き

  • ささみ肉
    ささみ肉 15 days ago


  • Zak Baynham
    Zak Baynham 15 days ago

    Me i dont like ed sheeran
    Ed wot about take me back to london
    Me hmmmmmm
    Also me has it on repeat while playing cod

  • Sara Tasnim
    Sara Tasnim 15 days ago +1

    One word : Legendary