• Published on Sep 22, 2019
    Watermelon is the best choice when it’s hot outside. In this video, you will find lots of ideas ho to cut and serve watermelon. Besides, we prepared a new collection of incredible dishes you can make not only from watermelon but also from watermelon rinds. Yes, it sounds crazy but you can make super-delicious desserts from watermelon rinds that all your family will love.
    The first idea may sound crazy but we will show you how to grill watermelon. Grilled watermelon could be a side dish, you can add it to salads or even it could be a delicious dessert as it has a delicious smoky flavor. Another cool idea is to cook meat in a watermelon. The process is very easy: take a big watermelon and cut off the top, scoop out the flesh. Put meat inside and add onion and spices. Place watermelon on the grill. You can easily make a watermelon ice-cream from watermelon juice. All you need is to freeze watermelon juice. Check out a beautiful way to serve this dish.
    The next dessert idea is cool: cut watermelon rinds in squares and put into the pan. Add sugar and water and stew. After rinds become yellow, remove water, cover a baking tray with parchment paper. Cover the baking tray with sugar and place rinds. Dry for 3-4 hours in an oven.
    If you look for new cocktails you haven’t tried before, we know a cool recipe! You will need salt, chili pepper, lime, watermelon juice, lime juice and a bit of alcohol. Your friends will lovethis cocktail idea! This dessert looks very cool and will be a great addition to the party table. Make a watermelon volcano! Make a whole and place inside some Mentos and pour soda. Enjoy!
    00:09 Grilled watermelon slices
    00:42 Meat grilled in a watermelon
    01:28 Watermelon sorbet
    03:35 Cut a watermelon using a coin
    07:19 Watermelon volcano
    07:47 Coke watermelon

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