Birth of the Dragon - Movie Review

  • Published on Aug 25, 2017
  • The untold story of Bruce Lee's epic fight for honor!....kind of. Here's my review of BIRTH OF THE DRAGON!
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Comments • 987

  • Jeff Duarte
    Jeff Duarte 9 months ago

    Great fight scenes but the story wasn’t even close to what really happened in real life.

  • Rhino Thunder
    Rhino Thunder Year ago

    I actually really enjoy this movie although I have to say that the end of this movie is basically the last level leading up to a boss fight of every hack and slash button mashing beat him up video game ever

  • Full Comic Alchemist

    The movie is just a myth using the legend that is Bruce Lee to sell but make no mistake it is undoubtably complete fiction compared to the actual events it's trying to be based on

  • TheDano1947
    TheDano1947 Year ago

    Except that one inch punch was a four inch punch. It's impossible to generate any for from one inch away. 2, maybe and for sure 3 or better as long as the punch is generated from dead center to center of mass.

  • Sid Bhaduri
    Sid Bhaduri Year ago

    It was released by WWE studios. What more did you expect?

  • Gundy G
    Gundy G Year ago

    This is a truly fucked-up movie.

  • Boss_ Monster313
    Boss_ Monster313 Year ago

    This movie was soooooooo far from his story

  • H M
    H M Year ago

    You're boring.

  • Wonder Woman
    Wonder Woman Year ago

    The Movie was fantastic!!! Jeremy was in a bad mood!

  • Double Deeze
    Double Deeze Year ago

    The movie was a stinker. Didn't care about the story. The fights were 'meh'. It was just slow and dull. And I love Bruce Lee. Imagine they take something or someone you absolutely love and they make it dull.....and you have Birth of the Dragon.

  • christopher ode
    christopher ode Year ago

    Come on Jeremy, when you review a movie remember you are reviewing it for everyone who watches your channel.. the story and what you want a movie to be are 2 different things.. don't hate on a movie if you don't know anything about the character

  • cdowg187
    cdowg187 Year ago

    Just the fight alone with Bruce n Wong jack Mann in the trailer is enough for me to not see the movie.

  • Hh Hh
    Hh Hh Year ago

    Jeremy is annoying.

  • holycow343
    holycow343 Year ago

    god damn fking steve....

  • Phillip Malerich
    Phillip Malerich Year ago

    Ugh, sounds about as disappointing as The Grandmaster

  • Kev's Channel
    Kev's Channel Year ago

    apparently the actual fight between bruce and wong only took a few seconds, wong jack mon was a traditional martial artist but he wasn't a monk. and bruce lee won the fight with wong on the ground.

    CHACHO Year ago

    Grade at 3:03

  • ROW
    ROW Year ago

    It was about showing Bruce the limit of his kung-fu and how to be humble and surpassed that and be better not make it about money and fame. If you recall Bruce realized and said he have much to learn and this is where he adopt the new format of wing chung which they utilize in IP man series.

  • ericscarface
    ericscarface Year ago

    cant be a film fan if you dont know your Bruce lee

  • Marvel Knights
    Marvel Knights Year ago

    Enter The Dragon is a great one


    My fave movie is "Bruce Lee my brother" about his life growing up back home learning wing chun from iP man so good

  • Bayezid Al Samir
    Bayezid Al Samir Year ago

    if you do not know anything about Bruce,shut your mouth!

    DARXLITE Year ago

    I enjoyed it as a MARTIAL ARTS MOVIE. The actors read their lines right where I believed they portrayed "A" Character as appose to "The" character. None of us here really knows Bruce Lee on a personal level to know how he was really like off screen. Besides, people can mistake CONFIDENCE as being COCKY. Bruce Lee was confident in his skills... This movie was a different take on the events that happened in China Town. Dragon already came out with his Bio, so the director can't make another one, it will be redundant. We already know what his life was. Also, this movie gave a different angle to Wong Jack Mans point of view... Take into consideration any professional fight, each referee scoring may not have the exact score. Even in other professional sports like football, basketball, or baseball. So people watching the fight are going to have a different interpretation based on what angle they were watching at...I give it 3 out of 5 stars!

  • Campanisto Ferreira

    Watch Birth of the Dragon Full Series Streaming

  • Steve Main
    Steve Main Year ago

    Horrible movie

  • Chris Kimbrough
    Chris Kimbrough Year ago

    This movie was awesome!!! Your review is totally wrong!!!

  • Fuzzy Pickles
    Fuzzy Pickles Year ago

    Gots to be fists of fury

  • James Pyle
    James Pyle Year ago

    Isn't this same fight in Dragon: The Bruce Lee story?

  • ¡Elias!
    ¡Elias! Year ago

    MartialClub's review brought me here. Also, their "what really happened" video gives you a good background in all of this.

  • Atom Manhattan
    Atom Manhattan Year ago

    As a Bruce fan, the Legend of Bruce Lee on Netflix has been really good. Covers a lot of ground in regards to his past prior to stardom.

  • Lameboy Advance
    Lameboy Advance Year ago

    Tbh compared to other martial arts movies it was pretty great good, i liked it

  • DAF21films
    DAF21films Year ago

    wong jack man Isnt even a monk.... he is a kung fu master based in cali, dont know if he is still active...but he is still alive...this concept was so stupid.

  • Nerrad Kitsul
    Nerrad Kitsul Year ago

    I actually liked Birth of a Dragon. Yes, the ending was contradictory to Won Jack Man's ideals, but the movie had messages, insight, and some lessons about life. I don't care what people say, it was not that bad.

  • criminal one
    criminal one Year ago

    wow i didn't realize so many people on here commenting were actually there and were sooo close to Bruce Lee that they know everything I'm honored to be in such company haha

  • Bryson Bukoski
    Bryson Bukoski Year ago

    Horrible Movie

  • Andrew St. Wilson

    ABSOLUTELY historically INACCURATE! Bruce whipped Wong Jack Man's ass in a few minutes! Documentary "I am Bruce Lee" - his widow Linda explains who won and why!

  • N McCormick
    N McCormick Year ago

    Still better fight than Mayweather vs McGregor.

  • Aylimas music
    Aylimas music Year ago

    Why the fuck is it always for a girl, why can't someone make a movie where a dude wants to do something for himself, no girl involved.

  • Casimir1100
    Casimir1100 Year ago

    Bruce Lee is literally a modern myth. I don't need the truth about him. I love that about him. Legends are so much more awesome than the real thing!

  • Body Health Massage Clinc

    During the 60s-70s, China was closed to the USA because of Cultural Revolution and political alliance. During that period, people were getting locked up for learning English because the government thinks English is the language of the enemies. Thus, making it nearly impossible for a Shaolin monk to travel all of the way from China to US just for some kung Fu fight. Another thing is Shaolin was not even popular during the 60s-70s. The whole shaolin-kung fu craze did not even started till the early nineties because of Jet Li's shaolin temple. This movie is made for the stupid gringos who do not know junk about recent history.

  • SevenStarSamurai
    SevenStarSamurai Year ago

    It sucked ass in 2016 when it was first released and it still sucks ass as expected in 2017.

  • Gabe Jim
    Gabe Jim Year ago

    Dude you gotta do a movie review for "Wind River!!!!!!!"

  • BlimpCityFeeder
    BlimpCityFeeder Year ago

    Felt weird being 1 of 2 people in the theater at 2:30pm in NYC to see it. Made me miss Taimak & Shogun. Good but not Great.

  • Matthew Lawson
    Matthew Lawson Year ago

    So it is basically cars 2 with the batten switch

  • C Level Rashad
    C Level Rashad Year ago

    Your facial hair makes you look like Jaime Kennedy

  • TheFlickinCritic
    TheFlickinCritic Year ago

    Why see this and not LOGAN LUCKY?

  • John Berzins
    John Berzins Year ago

    You made time to see this instead of Logan Lucky?

  • Rejuvenating Rhythms

    Damn it jeremy where is the IT review

  • ChiliContestWinner

    Why would they have some dumb white boy be the main character in a Bruce Lee movie.... hmmmmm....

  • bin1127
    bin1127 Year ago

    The left side of Jeremy's hair is trying to fight the right side. to the death.

  • 1banryukyu
    1banryukyu Year ago

    If Mr. Bruce Lee started training in 詠春(Wing Chun) when he was around 16 yrs old under Mr. Ip Man. And Mr. Ip Man was the only Martial Arts teacher Mr. Lee had. Then he went to America when he was 18 yrs old. Mr. Lee opened his first school in Seattle in 1963 at 23 yrs old. In the 日本の武道 or Japanese Martial Arts one needs to have their 免許(めんきょ) Menkyo or Martial Arts teaching license to teach and promote people in a given style of Japanese Martial Arts. Does anyone know if Mr. Ip Man gave Mr. Lee a Martial Arts license to teach Wing Chun? Like I've stated in the Japanese arts one needs to have their Menkyo to teach a given style of Martial Arts such as 極真会館空手 Kyokushin Kaikan Karate I am not 100% for sure if it is the same in the Chinese Martial Arts.

  • Fatsnatch Muffdiver

    I like Fei Long from "Super Street Fighter II Turbo" or Dragon frorm "World Heroes 1,2,3, versions video game characters. Great tribute to him IMO!

  • Angel Nevarez
    Angel Nevarez Year ago

    Review wind river!!!!
    Hawkeye scarlet witch and the punisher in one film!!!!

  • YourMy Hope
    YourMy Hope Year ago

    This movie should be taken shittyyy. Im the biggest bruce lee fan. I loved the actor though and good action scene but shitty story and characters.

  • banuna1989
    banuna1989 Year ago

    ali wasn't an egomaniac he was a showman

  • Anthony Festo
    Anthony Festo Year ago

    My favorite Bruce Lee movie is enter the dragon the Bruce Lee Story it's a good story about Bruce Lee as a man

  • Pantsalonis
    Pantsalonis Year ago

    I like his very first movie,The big boss.

  • Nathan Smith
    Nathan Smith Year ago

    I thought the movie was better than your review of it.

  • JasonTheMagnificent

    So in a move about Bruce Lee, the main character is still a Caucasian? Well, I guess I should be grateful they actually hired an Asian guy to play Bruce Lee

  • MeldThe Steel
    MeldThe Steel Year ago

    Why do people think that the guy who plays Bruce is white?

  • Ace
    Ace Year ago

    the trailer made this movie out to be way better than it was. the movie also went in a totally different direction than the trailer.

  • Jim Bones
    Jim Bones Year ago

    Jeremy you should grow out bruce lee hair for this review. Damn too late

  • The D A Experience

    Straight up Bruce Lee movie Fist of Fury. Movie about Bruce Lee I highly recommend Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story stylized and exaggerated but a fun movie about his life.

  • John Lewis
    John Lewis Year ago

    The end of Rocky ... what? Three?

  • Harrison Campbell

    I don't even care. I enjoyed the shit out of this

  • MrAlski1986
    MrAlski1986 Year ago

    Hey Jeremy, check out Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (1993). You'll enjoy it a whole lot more

  • G Richard Yamagata

    Very good review! Thank you for saving me the money I would have spent to see this thing. The trailers were enticing, but it sounds like a jahner, er yawner;^)

  • Mexicanjesus3000 Defelippo

    Dry weekend nigga come to houston its flooding

  • Michael Fang
    Michael Fang Year ago

    Fist of Fury. Great Bruce Lee movie!

  • Ace Diamonds
    Ace Diamonds Year ago

    birth of the dragon, bitch!

  • Mikey Lee
    Mikey Lee Year ago

    Watch the legend of Bruce Lee on Netflix it's all in subs but it's a deeper look into the life of Bruce Lee I'm on episode 40 right now and if possible can YOU PLEEEEEEEEASE do a review


    this movie is based off a rumour and the story is Fictional ! and you my friend an ignorant movie Buff . how in the hell you dont know anything about bruce lee ? Dude He Changed Kung Fu Movies and made the western audience know the word Kung Fu ! he is the first asian martial artist to star in a hollywood movie with the biggest company Warner Bros . this movie is a disgrace

  • Mad Buskin'
    Mad Buskin' Year ago

    Bruce Lee moved to America teaching wing chun (which he was never a master he had only finished about half of his training) he gained a name for himself because he was teaching gung fu ( not kung fu because that's northern style where wing chun is a southern style) to westerners and people of different backgrounds and that upset the martial arts community in the San Francisco area. Lee was only 23. Wong jack man was no monk he was a talented wushu teacher who wanted to beat Bruce to make a name for himself. The fight lasted three minutes but Bruce was disappointed that he let the fight last that long so he decided to incorporate other styles into his art like boxing, tkd, savate and judo and created his own style known as Jeet Kune Do the art of the intercepting fist. Absorb what is useful, disregard what is useless and add what is essentially your own.

  • Marcos Danilo
    Marcos Danilo Year ago

    Birth of the dragon? HA! Bore of the lizard more like.

  • Uncle Ryan
    Uncle Ryan Year ago

    I had hope for this movie

  • PelenTan
    PelenTan Year ago

    Thanks for the warning. I had a feeling Hollywont was going to screw this one up too.

  • Daniel Cuevas
    Daniel Cuevas Year ago

    Guys remember Bruce Lee was a quarter white.

  • Christian charles

    F*** Hollywood
    They've butchured Bruce Lee's History.
    They adapted a Stephen King series by taking place AFTER??
    And they made a film of text Icons.

  • Johnny NiteTrain
    Johnny NiteTrain Year ago

    This movie should've been so much better. I wanted to see a story about Bruce Lee, not some bland white dude who really couldn't even act. Definitely NOT awesometacular.

  • Trinidad The Island Man

    A weak weekend? Yeah, I felt fine skipping this movie, but there were some other great shows; Ingrid Goes West, Brigsby Bear, and still Wind River all got "Shaka Thumbs Up" fom me Jeremy. As for my Bruce Lee choice; as much as I love Enter the Dragon - The Game Of Death is my fav! I even ejoyed Dragon withJason Scott Lee! :D

  • Claes Ronnenberg
    Claes Ronnenberg Year ago

    WTF? Screw you, writers!

  • Draven
    Draven Year ago

    Definitely deserves to be on anyone's top 10 list of worst movies of 2017.

  • zeusbacchushades
    zeusbacchushades Year ago

    I love them all but Return of the Dragon where Bruce beats Chuck Norris is da best

  • The Fishin' Dad
    The Fishin' Dad Year ago

    I was really hoping this would be the next IP Man movie. I hope that franchise transitions into a Bruce lee movie with Donnie at the center as it should be

  • Andrew Goode
    Andrew Goode Year ago

    Hey Jeremy you should talk about the mayweather vs honor McGregor fight since you talked about mayweather in the past. I would love a video on that

  • MovieFiendz
    MovieFiendz Year ago +1

    I totally agree. The gangster melodrama was just there to pad out the running time. The American character bland, not due to the actor but the lack of backstory or motivation. Worth a rental for the last two action scenes, easily could have been a way better film.

  • chris Frazier
    chris Frazier Year ago

    Could you do Death Note? the Netflix original one.

    EVAN REID Year ago

    Enter the dragon is my favorite Bruce Lee movie.

  • pvanganimare
    pvanganimare Year ago

    A movie about Bruce Lee but not really Bruce Lee because it's about a white guy in a Asian Bruce Lee movie who likes an Asian girl instead of Bruce lee.........

  • Nytellem
    Nytellem Year ago

    So...this is not a Netflix movie? damit

  • Matias
    Matias Year ago

    I wonder if Jermey went to go see the re-release of T2? I know it's one of his favorite movies.

  • Patrick isaac
    Patrick isaac Year ago

    Ok dude being a true fan of master Lee I will just say this it's not about winning or losing its the road to enlightenment, at the time we meet master Lee, he opened a school , among his many students were Steve McQueen who tells part of the story, he is warned not to teach blacks or whites, this is the source of tension in Oakland California , but for Master Bruce Lee he would teach who wanted to learn, now in real life 18 people saw the fight, to this day their are 18 versions of what was scene that night, Master Wong Jack Man, as he states came from China to see the growth of the Art in America when his path came into contact with, Lee the film is I retelling of there meetings, this is what the film is about, if you don't know say you don't know, to dismiss it with out trying to understand it is wrong, and your manner in how you looked at it greatly shamed and showed no Honor to Master Lee,I hope you read this and pause because if someone said your beloved Star Wars was pure shit, you would take notice!
    To think I thought you were cool!

  • Miles Trombley
    Miles Trombley Year ago

    I bet the real Bruce Lee would be pissed.

  • DevilKiller994
    DevilKiller994 Year ago +1

    Oh wow .... totally forgot about this movie.

  • Old-Guy-Rants
    Old-Guy-Rants Year ago

    The character "Steve" was nothing more then studio interference...Hollywood has gone to SHIT...

  • TechWarriorz
    TechWarriorz Year ago

    What did you expect from a WWE movie? LOL

  • Fiercecuppincake
    Fiercecuppincake Year ago

    Great review as always. 👍🏻
    On a side note: I'd be interested in seeing a review of the new Netflix original Death Note movie. (I myself was never a fan of the Anime), however it was the casting of the live action film as well as the presentation and visuals in the trailer that piqued my interest (i.e. Willem Dafoe as Ryuk).
    Personally , I thought it was a bit, well, underwhelming. Not a terrible movie mind you, just not quite on par with what I expected. Anyways, I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts/perspective on the film.

  • Gabriel Barrett
    Gabriel Barrett Year ago

    You should do a review when you're drunk! :)

  • Kevin Vo
    Kevin Vo Year ago

    Not to mention the actor doesn't even look like Bruce Lee

  • Dominic Lendsey
    Dominic Lendsey Year ago

    Way of the dragon!!!