Day 01 | Sri Lanka vs New Zealand 1st Test | Highlights

  • Published on Aug 15, 2019
  • Day 01 | Sri Lanka vs New Zealand 1st Test | Highlights
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  • shakeel ahmad swabiwal vine

    Good geam

    SK STUDIO 22 days ago +1

    Motherfucker country srilanka...... Lost by Newzealand...... Can't show

  • Ankur Bagde
    Ankur Bagde 25 days ago

    Why is srilanka saving karunaratnes wicket...he should lead the team from front.. or else you'll lose the 2nd test

  • Rahul Yadav
    Rahul Yadav 28 days ago +1

    Galle is beautiful cricket ground

  • Saima Khawar
    Saima Khawar Month ago +1


  • umang kumar
    umang kumar Month ago

    Very slow video , kindly make summarised & small video.

  • Pranjul Gupta
    Pranjul Gupta Month ago

    Proud for sl

  • Bonga Rozani
    Bonga Rozani Month ago +1

    Is it safe to play in Sri Lanka... terrorism is rife nowadays. What special security measures are in place to ensure the safety and security of players?

    • mcdelive
      mcdelive Month ago +1

      @Bonga Rozani This shows how ignorant some people are...!
      Sri Lanka Cricket team got attacked in Pakistan 10 years ago, not in Sri Lanka. Yes we all know about the Easter Sunday Terror attack in Sri Lanka. It was terrible. But its important to note its the only attack for over 10 years. Day-to-Day life in Sri Lanka is peaceful.
      However South Africa and Zimbabwe in particular are shitt-holes. Crime rates, murder rates, car-jacking, rape, kidnapping, farm attacks, roberries, gang violance, poverty has sky rocketed over the years... Must be a nightmare to live in, let alone making a visit...!

    • Lebron Son
      Lebron Son Month ago

      Zimbabwe fine. Same with RSA and SL. It is just Pakistan that suffers quite badly from terrorism. So badly that Pakistan’s home ground can’t be in Pakistan so it is in the UAE.

    • Bonga Rozani
      Bonga Rozani Month ago

      @mcdelive South Africa and Zimbabwe are safe to play though we battle to contain crime. Sri Lanka is being battered by insurgents... just 6 months ago over 200 people died on a terrorist attack. Teams are always reluctant to travel there especially after the incident where terrorists invaded the stadium shot players and had to be taken to safety by military chopper. You won't find those things in South Africa.

    • mcdelive
      mcdelive Month ago +1

      Its much safer to travel to Sri Lanka than visiting dumps like South Africa and Zimbabwe..!

  • Farhana Akhter Nila Farhana

    Kane Williamson haven't good day for him.His new birthday is not good

  • janga75
    janga75 Month ago

    Kane Williamson keeps getting all the love from the media while Ross Taylor keeps saving new Zealand's bacon

  • Jay Deshpande
    Jay Deshpande Month ago

    Russel Arnold is so annoying. Sri Lankan Sanju Manju (Manjrekar).

  • Jay Deshpande
    Jay Deshpande Month ago +1

    Great highlights. Unlike some boards which are focused on electing jobless people and counting money. BCCI, are you listening?

    ARJUN KHAREL Month ago +2

    Seriously this highlights time should be reduced. It's too long.

  • Saeed Productions
    Saeed Productions Month ago

    Akila really bowled well.
    Taylor had a good innings..

  • Raja Ali
    Raja Ali Month ago +1

    Pakistan win

  • Antonie Griezmann
    Antonie Griezmann Month ago +2

    Come on newzland let's crush that Lanka's 🤧🤧🤧🤧

  • Ramachandran Natarajan

    Would like new Zealand to be more brilliant or competitive

  • Ramachandran Natarajan

    Srilanka on top

  • Kishan Gupta
    Kishan Gupta Month ago

    It's too long video,it should be maximum 10 minutes

  • Firozsha Makandar
    Firozsha Makandar Month ago

    Total time can be reduced 19 is too large

  • Subeg Singh
    Subeg Singh Month ago

    Koi swaad ja n match da....

  • purna chandra naik
    purna chandra naik Month ago +3

    Bcci should learn from this. How to upload highlights... Pure HD... What a beautiful highlights

  • Shivansh Saxena
    Shivansh Saxena Month ago

    Ecb highlights r best

  • Lee Shunmugam
    Lee Shunmugam Month ago

    These two teams won't even matter in the test championship, there are major gaps in their game.

    • Lee Shunmugam
      Lee Shunmugam Month ago

      @Junaid’s TVclip I guess Sri Lanka is going to ignore the rankings and thrash this condition assisted team called NZ.

    • Junaid’s YouTube
      Junaid’s YouTube Month ago

      Lee Shunmugam lol NZ is second in ranking, u can’t ignore them 👌🏻

  • Silent Shooters
    Silent Shooters Month ago

    India is better than Sri lanka

  • Bohru Verma
    Bohru Verma Month ago

    Sony ka hlt hmesha slow hota h ye tik nhi lgta

  • Chris Gayle
    Chris Gayle Month ago

    Worst highlight due to every bowl show 3-4time what is it

  • Sam
    Sam Month ago +1

    Typical NZ.. plays shite when it's not a World Cup. Unlike South Africa, who plays brilliant throughout the year and chokes on big stage.

    • Junaid’s YouTube
      Junaid’s YouTube Month ago +2

      Sam they did not play that bad, did u see the pitch? Like that spin and bounce, it’s not easy for a batsman even for those who r in form to bat really long on that pitch, especially with quality spinners that Sri Lanka has

  • Rueben Lambert
    Rueben Lambert Month ago

    Did Tom Latham, edge that??

  • Sourabh Kumar
    Sourabh Kumar Month ago

    Too long video

  • mohammed shoeb
    mohammed shoeb Month ago

    Please cut the highlights to 10 minutes.
    It s too boring!!

  • Indus Pro
    Indus Pro Month ago +2

    Williamson : i will be no 1 in test rankings after this series
    Kohli: you see my batting in the windies test bro
    Smith: wait for me ashes is still going on😁😁

    • Shoaib Memon
      Shoaib Memon Month ago +3

      bro Williamson is very down to earth so as Kohli and Smith, none of them praise themselves 🙂

    JAFER SHAMEEM Month ago

    Its Not A highlights its a full match

  • Saad Hhh
    Saad Hhh Month ago


  • tharusha stephan
    tharusha stephan Month ago +1

    If you guys can proceed this live streaming for each and every much telelecasted with the original commentary and actual sound in ground that helps to keep the thrill and feeling of the match constant.

  • Hafiz Bilal
    Hafiz Bilal Month ago +1


  • Alvi Ahammed
    Alvi Ahammed Month ago +3

    I thing srilanka not win from New zealand 😀😀😀😀

  • spy kid
    spy kid Month ago +1

    sri lanka looks good after bad world cup

  • Pooja Vekariya
    Pooja Vekariya Month ago +1

    Very big highlights

  • We Are YouTuber's
    We Are YouTuber's Month ago

    Did u noticed the Ground out field 😑 how cheap are they.. SL you are hosting an international match not a club match please focus on ground field too.

    • We Are YouTuber's
      We Are YouTuber's Month ago

      Yeah i know but they should at least be able to make few but well prepared ground for international matches

    • badarul muneer
      badarul muneer Month ago +1

      They don't have money like England AUS or India

  • Awesome tech
    Awesome tech Month ago

    Test is best

    MOHD WASEEB Month ago +5

    Day 2 Sri Lanka vs New Zealand test highlights jaldi uploude karo

  • Mariswar K
    Mariswar K Month ago

    This game not win singala cricket team win by new Zealand

  • شیخ ذیشان حسن

    Great bowling Akila love from #Pakistan 🇵🇰👍

    • RoadRash NT
      RoadRash NT Month ago

      Who cared from which geography you are ?! Wish it and bullshit away...

  • Dinuka  Malith
    Dinuka Malith Month ago

    Can you guys cut the highlights down to 8 minutes? Or atleast make this the extended version while you upload another shorter one?

  • one 2three
    one 2three Month ago

    Make video short is too long

    MOHIN MOZUMDER Month ago +13

    Akila Dananjaya he most talented player. ❤❤❤ love from Bangladesh for him❤❤❤

  • juwairiyah butt
    juwairiyah butt Month ago +1

    Akila is maa shaa Allah. Hope srilanka will not lost his. In shaa Allah

  • anvesh reddy
    anvesh reddy Month ago +5

    Good video by sri Lankan cricket , i like the length of the highlights, keep continuing posting good work.

  • Noman Rehman
    Noman Rehman Month ago +3

    Tooooo long highlight this is
    Not more than 7 mint highlights we want

  • vishal tailor
    vishal tailor Month ago +2

    Sri lanka getting good in test slowly I wish they become like old sri Lankan team when they had Jay surya mahela sanga arvind de Silva atapatu and many more legends sri lankan cricketer

  • Laughing Hippie
    Laughing Hippie Month ago

    Honestly 19 min highlights is way too long..
    5 min highlights are enough to sum up the day

  • askar ali pdk
    askar ali pdk Month ago

    I love nz frome india

  • zia ullah
    zia ullah Month ago

    this is first time i see de shirt nmbr and names wiw

  • Be Happy
    Be Happy Month ago +2

    Taylor is Underrated ! He is too good,, never disappointed his team !

  • Kanchana Rashi
    Kanchana Rashi Month ago

    Wooooow akila 👌👌👌👌👌

  • Ayesha Youtube
    Ayesha Youtube Month ago

    Free Kashmir free khalistan

  • Amer Syed
    Amer Syed Month ago +2

    Sri Lankans, got their second Muralitharan.

  • tushar panigrahi
    tushar panigrahi Month ago +1

    Initially I thought with the huge size of the ground, the boundaries could have been longer/farther, but with the slowness of the outfield the boundary size was justified.
    Spin already dominating Day 1🙊
    Will be interesting to see how the Game progresses
    Good video Sri Lanka Cricket Board 👌👌👌..... Wonder when BCCI will start doing this 🙆‍♂

    • Saif Ullah Khan
      Saif Ullah Khan 27 days ago

      Literally almost every cricket board (except Bangladesh) have their own TVclip

  • Moorthy ayyasamy
    Moorthy ayyasamy Month ago

    Ravel super opener congrats rovel