Halloween - Official Trailer (HD)

  • Published on Jun 8, 2018
  • This October, Michael Myers returns. Watch the #HalloweenMovie trailer now.
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    Universal Pictures will release Trancas International Films, Blumhouse Productions and Miramax’s Halloween on Friday, October 19, 2018.
    Jamie Lee Curtis returns to her iconic role as Laurie Strode, who comes to her final confrontation with Michael Myers, the masked figure who has haunted her since she narrowly escaped his killing spree on Halloween night four decades ago.

    Master of horror John Carpenter executive produces and serves as creative consultant on this film, joining forces with cinema’s current leading producer of horror, Jason Blum (Get Out, Split, The Purge, Paranormal Activity). Inspired by Carpenter’s classic, filmmakers David Gordon Green and Danny McBride crafted a story that carves a new path from the events in the landmark 1978 film, and Green also directs.
    Halloween is also produced by Malek Akkad, whose Trancas International Films has produced the Halloween series since its inception, and Bill Block (Elysium, District 9). In addition to Carpenter and Curtis, Green and McBride will executive produce under their Rough House Pictures banner. Ryan Freimann also serves in that role.

    Halloween will be distributed worldwide by Universal Pictures. www.HalloweenMovie.com
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  • The Hat
    The Hat 11 hours ago

    If that's Haddonfield then where are the palm trees?

  • Christian Gutierrez
    Christian Gutierrez 11 hours ago

    This movie is gonna be great! No doubt

  • Alley- ChanGacha
    Alley- ChanGacha 11 hours ago

    I just watch and its Boogeyman

  • Hugh
    Hugh 11 hours ago

    And how is he still alive?

  • wakeupscreaming
    wakeupscreaming 11 hours ago

    If it was a Dem household, the boogie man in the closet isn't Michael, it's....RUSSIANS!! :O! :O!

  • Karen Fredericks
    Karen Fredericks 11 hours ago +1

    Oh God! As soon as that music starts im transported back to a freezing cold cinema in the late 70's sitting on pre war seats, surrounded by cigarette smoke with my Mod Parker coat pulled up to just bellow my eyes. This movie frightened the crap out of me because he couldnt be killed, he had no soul....horrific. ive only seen it that one time although I love Carpenter's movies. But I will watch this sequel, Cant wait!!

  • anom alous
    anom alous 11 hours ago

    what is so appealing about a dude in a bleached captain kirk mask getting stabby that endless sequels and reboots were needed...just make new shit ffs

  • Greg Stallard
    Greg Stallard 11 hours ago +1

    Shes here to kick ass and eat Activia. And shes all outta Activia.

  • Fraaz Akhter
    Fraaz Akhter 11 hours ago

    Just came back from the cinema - this film is a brilliant return to form!

  • lilmoris1
    lilmoris1 11 hours ago

    Holy shit Michael must be old af now, 60's? 70's maybe?

  • Bryce Castle
    Bryce Castle 11 hours ago

    If they're not related anymore, why would he come back for Laurie? And how many 61 year olds do you know can move and be as strong as Meyers is? 😂

  • Con Cultura y Educación

    More Horror for Halloween:

  • Mike Hentges
    Mike Hentges 11 hours ago

    Dam curtis looks rough!

  • C Romero
    C Romero 11 hours ago

    Glad I didnt watch any trailers on it. The Vicky / closet scene wouldn't have been as scary as it was 😉 Love this movie.

  • Verieti
    Verieti 11 hours ago +1

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    GCSEDRAMAGROUPNYC 11 hours ago

    Anyone that’s seen the film - is it safe to watch with the parents? Or is there sex/nudity?

    • Aaron Lee
      Aaron Lee 11 hours ago

      There is a brief scene that contains nudity but it doesn't last more than ten seconds.

    • Average Joe
      Average Joe 11 hours ago

      There is one minor sex scene. There was no nudity but there are A LOT of swearing and some scenes that you may not handle. But I saw it with my mom and it was great. You don't want to miss it.

  • Jeniffer De Guzman
    Jeniffer De Guzman 11 hours ago

    Is that the same house in Stranger Things?!

  • Jett Butters
    Jett Butters 12 hours ago +2

    Damn Michael

  • Beatriz Rosales Sanchez

    Yo ahora mismo la voy a ver!!!!!!

  • Kim Akbari
    Kim Akbari 12 hours ago +1

    Should've send John Wick to kill this Boogeyman.

  • Jessie Wang
    Jessie Wang 12 hours ago +1

    Who else think Michael Myers is a Peeing Tom for going into a women’s bathroom?

  • Salman The DVL
    Salman The DVL 12 hours ago

    Happy halloween guys
    🎃 🎃 Btw here's a dwarf halloween costume that will make a great halloween costume 🎃 🎃

  • Salman The DVL
    Salman The DVL 12 hours ago

    Epiiiiiic movie guys
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    THE HELL YOU LOOKIN AT 12 hours ago +1

    I laughed my ass off when they showed that little black kid arguing with his babysitter in the movie 😂😂

  • Salman The DVL
    Salman The DVL 12 hours ago

    Such a great movie
    🎃 🎃 if you still didn't buy your costume here's a one that you will love 🎃 🎃

  • Eric Montaño
    Eric Montaño 12 hours ago

    The 2 detective die

  • Seek N Destroy
    Seek N Destroy 12 hours ago +1

    Saw it today it was amazing

  • Dakota Hampton
    Dakota Hampton 12 hours ago +1

    Seeing this Tonight
    1 like=1 prayer
    I hate scary Movies 😭😭

  • Kramer S
    Kramer S 12 hours ago

    This is reboot is actually a sequel to the original?

    • Average Joe
      Average Joe 11 hours ago

      This is a sequel to the first one. It is ignoring the other ones after that.

  • Paris Gul
    Paris Gul 12 hours ago

    2:19 - 2:21 - 2:23 was never in the movie. Laurie , keran and her daughter were never outside the house. They stayed in tbe basement the whole time.

  • Critical_Name Maggie
    Critical_Name Maggie 13 hours ago

    I saw the whole movie and my fav part was the black kid part btw sorry for spoiling it a bit :(

  • 7OF7
    7OF7 13 hours ago


  • Alex V
    Alex V 13 hours ago +3

    Amazing movie i just saw it, solid 9/10 and it beat all the horror movies that came out this year

  • Zackery Holderman
    Zackery Holderman 13 hours ago

    Could of been waaay better

  • Winston Smith
    Winston Smith 13 hours ago +2

    Just saw it great movie 👍👍

    BigKRITVEVO 13 hours ago


    BigKRITVEVO 13 hours ago


    BigKRITVEVO 13 hours ago


    BigKRITVEVO 13 hours ago


  • Patriotic American
    Patriotic American 13 hours ago

    What is happening in 0:23 to 0:50

    • Alex V
      Alex V 13 hours ago

      They showed his mask and he's supposebly a demon or w.e so all the people there got happy

  • Tony F
    Tony F 13 hours ago +1

    This movie is a real shame. Could have been great, but instead feels like fanfiction/rip-off of all the other Halloween sequels.
    Laurie Strode having a daughter? Halloween 4
    Michael being set on fire at the end of the film? Halloween 2
    Michael escapes from a vechile? Halloween 4
    The doctor goes after Michael? Halloween 2, Halloween 4
    The doctor rides with Michael while he is being transfered? Halloween 4
    Another doctor murders? Halloween 5, Halloween 6
    Laurie has a granddaughter? Halloween 6
    Michael kills a doctor? Halloween 6

  • Thanos Rosis
    Thanos Rosis 13 hours ago

    They should make a skin or a massk or even a set for the spu frim tf2 that is Michael Myers

  • Michael Myers
    Michael Myers 13 hours ago +2

    These bitches know damn well , I’m not dead #escapedthefire #Team no talking

    • Alex V
      Alex V 13 hours ago +1

      When is the sequel coming out my dude? Also next time feel free to run after people. your slow motion walking got you fucked over

    NERD GAZETTE 13 hours ago

    The babysitting kid stole the scenes he was in lol

  • Evelyn Jacome
    Evelyn Jacome 14 hours ago

    That movie was funny , it wasn't scary, but a bit suspenseful.

  • Fraggle Rock
    Fraggle Rock 14 hours ago

    dat movie like gay as fuuuuck -white booooy

  • Alicia
    Alicia 14 hours ago

    As a huge fan of the Halloween franchise I can say this movie was DOPE

  • Michael Myers
    Michael Myers 14 hours ago

    I’m coming for you Laurie

  • Faith H
    Faith H 14 hours ago +1

    Going to see this tomorrow. Wish me luck😂😱

    • Alex V
      Alex V 13 hours ago

      It's really good

  • FakeNewsBot
    FakeNewsBot 14 hours ago +1

    I really liked this movie

  • olimpiakos gia panta maik

    Good movie halloween👏❤️

  • epic racing
    epic racing 15 hours ago +1

    Just left the cinema very underwhelmed 😞

  • Theo Encarnado
    Theo Encarnado 15 hours ago

    I’m watching this trailer on a bright sunny day in Hawaii sitting on the beach and it still scared the living daylights out of me! Can’t wait to watch the movie... watching the first one traumatized me my whole life, lol...

  • Danny Irish Greene
    Danny Irish Greene 15 hours ago

    AWSM MOVIE PEOPLE...VERY SPOOKY..Can't wait for another..one last sequel next year

  • Marion Knight
    Marion Knight 15 hours ago +1

    It was brilliant for a 2018 reboot.
    Lived up to the expectations.

  • Dai mon
    Dai mon 15 hours ago

    I watched it today what dump of a movie, they had a master piece and ruined it

  • xyzangeel 12
    xyzangeel 12 15 hours ago

    I give it a 7/10. I get scared easily and I barely got scared in any of the scenes in this movie. Could have been more bloody too. The Rob zombie version scared me more and creeped me out tbh.

  • Aaron
    Aaron 15 hours ago

    Yea don’t watch the Trailer as it gives a lot away 😂

  • Ben Richards
    Ben Richards 15 hours ago

    the worst thing about this film is the lack of a replacement for a donald pleasance character. they should have hired someone like kennath cranham.

  • Pedro Silva
    Pedro Silva 15 hours ago

    Algum br

  • vanity rose
    vanity rose 15 hours ago

    Just saw the movie and imo it was just ok....I liked how they flipped a few things around from the original and put the shoe on the other foot....to be honest movies like this shouldn't be placed in modern times.....with the technology that we have today it's hard for a slasher to sneak up on people and do what we want to see in a film.....just my 2 cents

  • Kevin Peixoto
    Kevin Peixoto 15 hours ago

    Great cant watch it because its rated r of cource

  • Taylor_ Marie1523
    Taylor_ Marie1523 16 hours ago

    I’m gonna see this movie today and I’m super excited

  • Simple Communist
    Simple Communist 16 hours ago

    Thus today marks the day I sold my soul for more secure door locks

  • Jme Dean
    Jme Dean 16 hours ago

    *just saw it last night*

  • darlene simmons
    darlene simmons 16 hours ago

    Nobody can do it better than Miss Jaime Lee Curtis !!

  • Yoga shibe 976
    Yoga shibe 976 16 hours ago

    I already have seen the movie but I watched it anyway

  • Charlie Hustle
    Charlie Hustle 16 hours ago +2

    this movie was absolute garbage.
    michael myers and Laurie Strode are old. She's rich and has a mansion set up specifically just to kill Michael even though he's like 65 or some shit, and has been locked up since the late 70's...
    and only 5 fucking kills...5!

    • Charlie Hustle
      Charlie Hustle 12 hours ago

      +Abraham i think Jason had a bigger kill count before the movie title popped up on the screen...

    • Abraham
      Abraham 12 hours ago

      +Charlie Hustle well that's your opinion I like almost all halloween movies so I don't really care but the point of this halloween movie is not to show a demon of Michael Myers instead we see a human , rob zombie's the first one from 2007 was good but the second one turned out to be bad with the stupid mother's ghosts or whatever following michael and her sister and telling michael what to do was just bad since the first movie they never said what he was and what it made it so scary because we didn't know anything about him but then they did that horrible movie from 2009 if I'm not wrong it was pure trash this movie was what the fans were looking for and I'm 80% sure there's gonna be a sequel of this movie since at the end Michael don't actually die on fire.

    • Charlie Hustle
      Charlie Hustle 13 hours ago

      +Abraham wtf are talking about? So you think Michael Myers is realistic and that there's nothing about him that is unreal?
      all im saying is that the younger Michael Myers is better. Knowing he's old just makes him less scary. Even if Laurie is old, as long as we only see him in the mask, his age wouldn't be questioned, as the mystery behind the mask transcends anything about him that is human, which is what makes him who he is. I just dont think its useful to totally humanize him. it doesnt work. Especially since RZ's remake has Michael as a young man slingin Joe Grizzly around like a dead cat. Now had we been left only with the Ressurection ending where Busta Rhymes beats Michael with Kung Fu... i would probably not mind it, but i believe Rob's Halloweens were better.

    • Abraham
      Abraham 13 hours ago

      +Charlie Hustle what you saying is just dumb he is one of the few old men who can still be in shape and strong to kill nothing out of this world he escaped that's just a simple thing I don't understand why you don't get it.

    • Charlie Hustle
      Charlie Hustle 14 hours ago

      +Abraham didnt say it wasnt possible... but im saying its highly improbable.
      he more than likely wouldn't be healthy enough to resume right where he left off so long ago and never miss a beat. And if theyre gonna age him so dramatically, then they should have addressed certain issues as such; otherwise, why make him such an old fuck? It makes no sense for him to be that old unless it's to introduce struggle and vulnerability to him

  • Shania Grace
    Shania Grace 16 hours ago +11

    🔴 *Already watched ^HaIIoween 20I8^ fiIm* t.co/cyOEDOCijj
    Unglaublicher.. film! Sehr zu empfehlen.. es auszuprobieren!

  • darksteelyurius
    darksteelyurius 16 hours ago

    Not making fun of the movie or anything...
    Closet door scene. I would have opened the door and seen Michael Myers, abruptly closed the closet door as best I could and wedge my foot between the bottom of the door and the floor as best I could to prevent Michael from opening it. Then I would've been like, "Hey kid, hand me the door wedge in the hallway and then call the police."
    Then after that! When I do finally move my foot and door wedge Michael would emerge to kill only to find a fucking swat team waiting on him. Then I would bring his skull to Laurie Strode and ask if she had a cup of coffee.

  • emiiee cx
    emiiee cx 16 hours ago

    boutta see this movie by myself this upcoming week, as a horror movie fan this shit better be good!

    • Abraham
      Abraham 15 hours ago

      I already watched the movie the only thing I will say that it was a bit too short but still was good

  • Justin XXX
    Justin XXX 17 hours ago

    How to kill mr Micheal

    T pose

  • Justin XXX
    Justin XXX 17 hours ago

    Friday 13th vs October 31st

  • Ruben Azul
    Ruben Azul 17 hours ago

    The movie takes place 40 years after the events of Halloween H20, so this movie is basically Halloween H40.

    • Joseph Daniel
      Joseph Daniel 11 hours ago

      Ruben Azul 40 years after the original 1978 film. H20 was retconned because of this movie. This movie is a sequel to the original ignoring all sequels.

  • Zyzzus Christ
    Zyzzus Christ 17 hours ago +3

    horrible movie. the ending was so stupid. don't waste your money.

    • Alondra M
      Alondra M 17 hours ago +1

      Zyzzus Christ lol why

  • iSuRRendeReDuK
    iSuRRendeReDuK 17 hours ago

    Sat through this rubbish today wished id just watched the original at least its got jump scares this is dull dull dull dull dull and a complete waste of time
    Verdict 1/10 utter crap

  • hermosita 21
    hermosita 21 17 hours ago

    I already see it is not scary and i have 10 years

  • JMD Nelson
    JMD Nelson 17 hours ago

    Question about Jefferson Hall, the guy who plays Aaron Korey, the male podcaster. What color is his hair?? (I'm only asking because I'm not good with specifics.) Plus I'm writing a story and basing a character on him, so I'd really love to know, thanks. I can't tell if it's light brown or some type of really dark blonde??

  • juanito16824
    juanito16824 17 hours ago

    the fight scene at 2:22 never appeared in the movie maybe this scene it is from the sequel they are working in.

  • - Kripton 92
    - Kripton 92 17 hours ago


  • Kim Zabala
    Kim Zabala 17 hours ago

    3 days to gooooo!

  • Mike Kenney
    Mike Kenney 17 hours ago +2

    Movie was good asf

    • Kpop Snake
      Kpop Snake 16 hours ago

      Awesome! Thats what I like to hear! Long live Michael Myers

  • dolph3nator WWL
    dolph3nator WWL 17 hours ago

    1:55 the hype begins

  • Nazerath Myers
    Nazerath Myers 18 hours ago +5

    That movie was litt asf 🔪🔪🔪

  • Андрей Кум
    Андрей Кум 18 hours ago

    Кто нибудь из России смотрел этот фильм?

  • Андрей Кум
    Андрей Кум 18 hours ago

    Кто нибудь из России смотрел этот фильм?

  • Fap3k
    Fap3k 18 hours ago +1

    ale nudy

  • Emerald Games
    Emerald Games 18 hours ago

    Is there going to be nudity

  • Ryan Grifa
    Ryan Grifa 18 hours ago

    awww. shyt. will the finally end it all.

  • Kirrith Kovacs
    Kirrith Kovacs 18 hours ago

    it went a bit SJW who let the girls out towards the end. Should have just been Laurie and him.

  • juniogeminis17
    juniogeminis17 18 hours ago

    0:46 is pingu is this sanitarium?


    It was the best movie ever 🤝 i feel like they’re gonna make one more last one, not to give it away to the ones that haven’t seen it yet, but, when they locked him in the basement and tried catching him on fire, he wasn’t there anymore. he was gone. i really enjoyed the movie, the only thing was that they showed everything in the trailer and it gave a lot of stuff away..

  • Kirrith Kovacs
    Kirrith Kovacs 18 hours ago

    Here's his sequel knife. tvclip.biz/video/NYAwwnxSO6k/video.html?t=1435

  • Dana
    Dana 18 hours ago +1

    DO NOT watch this movie. It is probably the worst movie I have seen in my entire life. There is no plot and everything that happens in the movie made me think.... what was the point of that? Seriously. Don't waste your money.

    • Ruben Azul
      Ruben Azul 17 hours ago +1

      Halloween H20 was better.

  • Get Real
    Get Real 18 hours ago

    1:44 Michael tried ASMR

  • Acacia Pierre
    Acacia Pierre 18 hours ago

    I so fed up Michael and his senseless killings y he ain't go kill all the criminals for once lolol

  • Claudia Lozano
    Claudia Lozano 18 hours ago

    La fuerza de Michael es como la de uno de 20 años. Pero está buenisima la película.

  • Little Reborn Cuties12
    Little Reborn Cuties12 18 hours ago

    Going to see this today!anyone else?

    • SChome100
      SChome100 16 hours ago

      Don't listen to the Haters. It's a good movie you will like it!

    • MoonwalkerSans
      MoonwalkerSans 16 hours ago

      Don't watch it. It's bad.

    • Dana
      Dana 18 hours ago +1

      it's not good. at all.

  • Mike TV
    Mike TV 19 hours ago

    1:45 "Remember the last time you used a public restroom?"

  • ChillonJayyy
    ChillonJayyy 19 hours ago

    Micheal better kill this bitch I’m not playin😂😂😂