Halloween - Official Trailer (HD)

  • Published on Jun 8, 2018
  • This October, Michael Myers returns. Watch the #HalloweenMovie trailer now.
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    Universal Pictures will release Trancas International Films, Blumhouse Productions and Miramax’s Halloween on Friday, October 19, 2018.
    Jamie Lee Curtis returns to her iconic role as Laurie Strode, who comes to her final confrontation with Michael Myers, the masked figure who has haunted her since she narrowly escaped his killing spree on Halloween night four decades ago.

    Master of horror John Carpenter executive produces and serves as creative consultant on this film, joining forces with cinema’s current leading producer of horror, Jason Blum (Get Out, Split, The Purge, Paranormal Activity). Inspired by Carpenter’s classic, filmmakers David Gordon Green and Danny McBride crafted a story that carves a new path from the events in the landmark 1978 film, and Green also directs.
    Halloween is also produced by Malek Akkad, whose Trancas International Films has produced the Halloween series since its inception, and Bill Block (Elysium, District 9). In addition to Carpenter and Curtis, Green and McBride will executive produce under their Rough House Pictures banner. Ryan Freimman also serves in that role.

    Halloween will be distributed worldwide by Universal Pictures. www.HalloweenMovie.com
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  • manuel1654088
    manuel1654088 5 hours ago

    I wonder If he's as durable and strong as he was 40 years ago.I mean it's still canon that he took 6 bullets and mutiple stab wounds right?

  • King Eriion
    King Eriion 5 hours ago +1


  • jibril abdi
    jibril abdi 5 hours ago


  • jibril abdi
    jibril abdi 5 hours ago

    june the 8th is my birthday

  • Fak3 One
    Fak3 One 5 hours ago

    I think the gun that Laurie had was the Winchester and that was a reference to Winchester pictures from the first movie or something

  • Jevon Jackson
    Jevon Jackson 5 hours ago

    Soo we gonna pretend like Lorie Strode didn’t have a son in H2O..🧐

  • MarvelFox Morty
    MarvelFox Morty 5 hours ago

    Wow! John Carpenter are proud of what he create 40 years ago... MichealMyers Rock!!

  • unknown assassin
    unknown assassin 6 hours ago

    WTF0.46 PINGU!!!!

  • Lyberti Espinoza
    Lyberti Espinoza 6 hours ago

    I like this

  • Mikayla Miranda
    Mikayla Miranda 6 hours ago

    This movie looks so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to watch it

    SAVAGEMATT 23 6 hours ago

    Does the girl investigator with the guy investigator die

  • tenwill90
    tenwill90 6 hours ago +1

    Wow this actually looks. Let's all get on our knees and hope Rob Zombie never ever, EVER makes another one! His fuckin sucked!!

  • David.
    David. 6 hours ago

    wow this movie looks creepy af

  • 8Dark Knight4
    8Dark Knight4 6 hours ago

    They should leave these Halloween movies alone already.

  • Izabelle Pasillas
    Izabelle Pasillas 6 hours ago +1

    Ya Michael is back baby

  • Mandy Hamacher
    Mandy Hamacher 6 hours ago

    I'm so fucking excited and this looks really good and intense but I can't stop laughing over the babysitter slamming the door into his face for 3 fucking times. I also can't stop laughing that he let her do this so he can have an more dramatic moment. The award for the biggest dramatic bitch goes to...

  • iWooR 54
    iWooR 54 7 hours ago


  • DarthMacchio
    DarthMacchio 7 hours ago

    Looks like a return to form. Hope that's the case. No more trying to be hip or experimental with these movies. Just give us that creepy son of a bitch stalking the innocent residents of Haddonfield.

  • Hairy_Baboon
    Hairy_Baboon 7 hours ago

    500 years after, when the chick fuckable turned into a deadmeat , they all oooking for the sicko, such creativity , impressive :D

  • George Rivera
    George Rivera 7 hours ago

    We All Want To See It Already

  • Htoo MCPE
    Htoo MCPE 7 hours ago

    Yes I can’t wait

  • TechnoScreamoFan
    TechnoScreamoFan 7 hours ago

    2:07 Silver Shamrock masks on 3 kids.

  • Brandon Michael
    Brandon Michael 7 hours ago

    This better be good, they better not F**k this up.

  • Aaliyah A
    Aaliyah A 7 hours ago

    They brought back a fucken CLASSIC !!! with the Jamie lee Curtis the OG actress bitch let me take a moment and breath

  • Banned
    Banned 7 hours ago +1

    They better not mess up this movie.

  • BB rae
    BB rae 8 hours ago +1

    Lovely isn't he

  • Adam Nicholson
    Adam Nicholson 8 hours ago

    He killed more than 3 people on Halloween in 1978. The guy that doctor loomis didn't see in the hedges?

  • Negan 666
    Negan 666 8 hours ago +1

    my guess is he won't die and they will make a part 2. they just don't stop with these movies

  • Erik Herrmann
    Erik Herrmann 8 hours ago

    Mere form directly teach new automatic port finance deliver purpose.

  • shlok Jain
    shlok Jain 8 hours ago

    I waited for this and he waited for us!!!!😍😍😘😘😅😅😲😲

  • Bailin Yan
    Bailin Yan 8 hours ago

    I can’t close the door of my room😭 What should I do 😭

  • DEADPOOL wrestler
    DEADPOOL wrestler 8 hours ago

    Halloween what? There's so many Halloween movies.

  • 212th Legion
    212th Legion 9 hours ago

    The second best legend is back.

  • Diesel
    Diesel 9 hours ago

    I'm going to miss Donald Pleasance character

  • creeperdragon
    creeperdragon 9 hours ago

    Does anyone know the horror movie where a little white girl with a tutu or princess outfit is trying to run away from people trying to kill her or make her turn into one of them. It's been so long since I've watched the movie.

  • Erik Nyberg
    Erik Nyberg 9 hours ago

    Wow. You might even beat Rob Zombie on how to do a terrible Halloween film.

  • Mrargh Studios ™
    Mrargh Studios ™ 9 hours ago


  • M Ross
    M Ross 10 hours ago

    I thought Lori was killed in Halloween Resurrection.

    • Rickey Cook
      Rickey Cook 8 hours ago +1

      M Ross oh my gosh! This movie is ignoring all the sequels to the first Halloween 1978 movie

  • xtian zone
    xtian zone 10 hours ago

    If it's part of blumhouse expect that it will be scary and explosive as he'll

  • moving on
    moving on 10 hours ago

    Im soo gonna watch this

  • Kristixlol
    Kristixlol 10 hours ago

    yo i thought lorie died?

  • Matthew Kittleson
    Matthew Kittleson 10 hours ago

    There's a good chance that Michael is still Laurie's brother. They could be "ignoring Halloween 2" because near the end of that movie, the fact that Laurie is Michael's brother is revealed. If you recall, that information was never supposed to be revealed to Dr. Loomis. The new movie can go off the premiss that the lady that was sent for Loomis with the police officer kept her trap shut as ordered (and lets be honest, only a person with a proven track record for keeping their mouth shut and following orders is given that job in the first place). They could then use the big reveal of them being related as a plot point/twist in the new movie but I don't believe that is the case. In the trailer we also see Laurie training and preparing for what she seems to think (or hopes) is an inevitable show down with Michael. If she just happened to be one of the kids living in his old neighborhood the night he returned to commit his murder spree, this type of behavior wouldn't make much sense. Sure, she could be some off the reservation (ah la Tommy Doyle in 6) weirdo who was so traumatized by that night, she became obsessed with Michael and never truly moved on from that night even decades later. She wasn't renting a room near the Myers house collecting every newspaper and online article about Michael she could find. She has children and grandchildren and her own house. In that house is what appears to be some kind of hidden arsenal/panic room hidden under her kitchen island. In my opinion, they are ignoring or claiming to ignore the second movie to avoid the way people initially found out about the relation of Michael and Laurie. Maybe it is something revealed only to Laurie that night or shortly after when she turns 18. Michael could have known that was something she would learn on her 18th birthday and wanted to get to her before then and before her guard was up. Maybe it was something kept between Loomis an Laurie for the same reason it was kept secret in the first place. For the protection of her and eventually her family. Her daughter may have had to deal with some intense bullying or rumors but 40 years later it is believable for the granddaughter to be able to brush aside such a rumor. Especially if she herself didn't believe it to be true. Maybe the big reveal of the relation is made to the daughter and granddaughter after his escape after decades of denial by Laurie herself. I just don't believe all of the obsession and preparation by Laurie makes much sense if she believes she was just a random teenager who happened to be lucky and got away that night. No matter which way it goes im excited to see what this production group has for us and im almost certain we wont be disappointed. Thanks for reading.

  • steel ssstu
    steel ssstu 10 hours ago

    Not again

  • LastTourniquet
    LastTourniquet 10 hours ago

    what bullshit excuse are they going to make for him being on a bull, let alone a bull that crashes? Does he need to be transferred for some reason after "40" years? I am all for realistic horror, infact I prefer it to the supernatural stuff, but the convenient (or unconvenient) bus crash thing is going to urk me.

  • free man
    free man 10 hours ago

    1:06 Jurassic theme

  • Marshall Morales
    Marshall Morales 10 hours ago


  • Mike Lizewski
    Mike Lizewski 10 hours ago

    0:49 - 0:59 Jurassic Park?

  • Evan Pysher
    Evan Pysher 10 hours ago

    So pumped, but why the fuck is there British people in it? Kind of kills the whole American small town vibe the originals had.

    MICHAEL KURT W 11 hours ago

    mike myers meets the terminator tvclip.biz/video/9CMNMt3fLB4/video.html&t=1s

  • Coryn02
    Coryn02 11 hours ago

    I never really gave horror films a shot. This one might convince me, can someone explain why I might want to ignore my usual aversion to fear and watch this film?

  • EmeraldJade66
    EmeraldJade66 11 hours ago +1

    Ok enough is enough already! Die already Michael GEEZ!!! Next will be "HALLOWEEN : The Retirement" (where they're both going after each other in a Nursing Home where both are on the edge of death's door killing off all of the residents in their path as well) and the very last of the whole series will be "HALLOWEEN: The Resurrection of Michael" because finally he was killed once and for all in "The Retirement" or was he? 😵 Ugggggg!!!!! Sorry to say but after Dr. Loomis died (the legendary Donald Pleasence) that was the end of the Halloween sequels series for me. Love it all but come on truly enough is enough.

    • Roidnelius Mastertren
      Roidnelius Mastertren 5 hours ago

      just don't watch it, why does it bother and affect you so much that they make more movies about him? Clearly the people love them so they'll keep making more.

  • Thije Draad
    Thije Draad 11 hours ago

    Is it just me or does he look like the guy from CSI???

  • gregduncan4874
    gregduncan4874 11 hours ago

    I literally watched this twice because this so satisfying the part with all the trick or treaters was my favorite part

  • Anthony New York
    Anthony New York 11 hours ago

    I like Rob Zombies remakes. They go more into detail why Michael was so twisted as a kid and the killings were very brutal. This however is where it started and will always be my favorite. When you have something as good as this, there’s no need for shit special effects. This will scare the shit out of you more then anything today because of how realistic it is. Michael Myers will always be my favorite horror character of all time.

  • DacMnc4ever
    DacMnc4ever 11 hours ago

    Can't wait looks awesome

  • ahmed information
    ahmed information 11 hours ago

    i will show it

  • mamokitty 19
    mamokitty 19 11 hours ago

    this trailer isn’t very promising and yet i’m still so excited to hear that familiar soundtrack revamped and evil incarnate return to haddonfield

  • Kay Overthink
    Kay Overthink 11 hours ago

    i hope this be good cuz the way its looking

  • Brianna
    Brianna 12 hours ago


  • gebar
    gebar 12 hours ago

    You don’t believe in the boogeyman?

  • Green Monsta
    Green Monsta 12 hours ago

    Sometimes I wonder how do these killers have their mask in good condition

  • LeGoat to Rockets
    LeGoat to Rockets 12 hours ago +1

    No one noticed the second person in the window where the old lady was aiming her gun

  • Leif Haakonsson
    Leif Haakonsson 12 hours ago

    Torstein from Vikings!

  • F U K I N J E E S U S
    F U K I N J E E S U S 13 hours ago


  • TheGemmy/HalloweenGuy 914

    The intro looks like a behind the scenes intro.

  • eya
    eya 14 hours ago

    oh god

  • Fiani Shabilla
    Fiani Shabilla 14 hours ago

    i want this now 😂

  • ken shifflett
    ken shifflett 14 hours ago

    Even the dogs are bad actors in this. The bitches!

  • BlueScyther
    BlueScyther 14 hours ago

    I really hope that kid at the end doesn’t die

  • Amy Cherry
    Amy Cherry 15 hours ago

    This is a demonic movie. Some of you’re questioning why you had nightmares and feels like someone is at your home. Stop watching this type of movies ! This is the devil’s tricks to get to you !

    • Amy J. Delevingne
      Amy J. Delevingne 14 hours ago

      Just fiction to get you into the Halloween season for those who are adult enough in mind. I certainly agree with you when it comes to parental discretion for the urchins. That's its own separate thing that requires care and seriousness to filter such harmful material.

  • John Kirk
    John Kirk 15 hours ago

    uhm Micheal burned to death in halloween 2 so cant figure out how he ws shot and taken into custody

    • John Kirk
      John Kirk 5 hours ago

      Guess they have to do something.. kind of wrote themselves into a corner with the second one

    • Amy J. Delevingne
      Amy J. Delevingne 14 hours ago

      Watch the trailer once more, and turn up the volume.
      I seemed to have missed it as well, this timeline, has nothing to do with the events beyond part 1, it's why Laurie has a daughter instead of her hunky dory son. It's an altered timeline. Its like 40 years after the 1st one.
      (And all semiautomatic sporting rifles have been banned.)

  • I Hate Google FU
    I Hate Google FU 15 hours ago


  • keycanoe 9502017
    keycanoe 9502017 15 hours ago

    Omg 😐😐

  • -_SOUL SKULLZ98_-
    -_SOUL SKULLZ98_- 15 hours ago

    this is were we see michael myers real face

  • Mirza Aga
    Mirza Aga 16 hours ago +1

    John Carpenter

  • Juan Gomez
    Juan Gomez 16 hours ago

    I can't wait for this movie in theaters

    STATUS SONGS FAMILY 16 hours ago +1

    0:58 Jurassic park music 😂😂

  • l xxxRAGE147xxx l
    l xxxRAGE147xxx l 17 hours ago

    He too small

  • Mostafa hesham
    Mostafa hesham 17 hours ago

    I subscribed for your channel / subscribe back

  • Michael Kauler
    Michael Kauler 17 hours ago

    Gatdaymmmm... feel these nips ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • Julian Guzman
    Julian Guzman 17 hours ago


    RJ MRLA 18 hours ago

    14M people go see this movie 😂 this movie is going to make A LOT Of money

  • Saucy Biscuit
    Saucy Biscuit 18 hours ago

    Incredibles 2 has really ditched old school animation.

    • Amy J. Delevingne
      Amy J. Delevingne 14 hours ago +1

      Dude on your on the wrong channel, this is a Halloween (2018) trailer.

  • Tyrell Molson
    Tyrell Molson 18 hours ago

    I never looked at the first Halloween as a horror, more like a heavy and scray suspense. That always made it good. I hope this is a true sequel like two and 4 was. 4 was the closes to 1&2 oit of tje entire series. Except for the mask.

  • Nike Rowan
    Nike Rowan 18 hours ago

    Time to Watch all he Halloween's again

  • Master M
    Master M 18 hours ago

    40 years of anniversary i still got the movie from 1978.

  • Shreeshay Desai
    Shreeshay Desai 18 hours ago

    Fuck the trailer is damn good

  • TraXXXtar
    TraXXXtar 19 hours ago

    blacklist whoever wrote that final scene

  • Keith B 444
    Keith B 444 19 hours ago

    Hangry since 1978!!!

  • Lovely Angélique
    Lovely Angélique 19 hours ago +1

    I’ve been waiting for this movie for so long, Damn I wish it was already October!!

  • Albus Severus
    Albus Severus 19 hours ago

    I,t. .ring. .now is coming the Death toll free and open source software and services for you Baby girl in my room.. I loving «Halloween»

  • Jackson Backwell
    Jackson Backwell 19 hours ago

    2:00 the secret Jason Bourne reboot

  • Jackson Backwell
    Jackson Backwell 19 hours ago

    1:23 is the best scene. an army of escaped insane people.

  • Nick Taylor
    Nick Taylor 19 hours ago

    at 2:13 I feel like the music got creepier from there. so excited for this. 🔪👻🎃🔫

  • Garsh
    Garsh 19 hours ago

    1:47 When you have to take a massive crap straight outta chipotle and your sibling is using the bathroom.

  • Jr Hammah
    Jr Hammah 19 hours ago

    How tf does this reboot actually look sooo good?

  • Cobrah Klutch
    Cobrah Klutch 19 hours ago

    To me the entire concept of Michael Myers is so much scarier when it’s just him killing no explanation to it I love how they r taking him back to being a force of nature that defies logic or reason is so fckin dope can’t wait to see this

    • Amy J. Delevingne
      Amy J. Delevingne 18 hours ago

      I just wish Danielle Harris could meet Laurie, because JLC is going to probably retire after this one. I can't imagine she'll do another film after this one.

  • Asma Zeeshan
    Asma Zeeshan 19 hours ago

    Michael myers

  • Adam Nelson
    Adam Nelson 20 hours ago

    Another one.....

  • K Trigs
    K Trigs 20 hours ago +1

    Michael has been shot multiple times with a shotgun before plummeting into a well.
    He's been stabbed, set on fire, blown up and been shot in BOTH eyes.

    • Amy J. Delevingne
      Amy J. Delevingne 14 hours ago

      +Khalid Quesada Folks who went to the 25 Years of Terror Halloween Convention in Pasadena, asked Danielle: why wouldn't the studio place her with her mom in a flick? And that frequent question always gets a response like "I can't speak for the studio, I don't call the shots, but I would love to meet JLC."
      And damn man, it won't happen in our lifetime. Or in the 50 year anniversary? And what bothers me so much is horror movies are up and operational on such small budgets, and they always make money, so what's the problem?

    • Khalid Quesada
      Khalid Quesada 16 hours ago

      +Amy J. Delevingne Danielle Harris is not in it at all. She wanted to be, but when they decided to basically ignore everything after the original, she was not needed. John Carpenter basically came back on board because he liked the idea of ignoring the sequels, most of which he had no part in. And yeah, most likely this will be Jamie Lee Curtis' last appearance as Laurie.

    • Amy J. Delevingne
      Amy J. Delevingne 16 hours ago

      That would mean, he did have an origin story, and Danielle Harris is not going to share the same frame with her. And I'm sure this is Jamie Lee Curtis last film.

    • Khalid Quesada
      Khalid Quesada 16 hours ago

      +Amy J. Delevingne I guess. If it was directly related to previous Halloween movies, Laurie would be dead. They are ignoring everything after the original, hence why she says she's been waiting 40 years.

    • Amy J. Delevingne
      Amy J. Delevingne 16 hours ago

      +Khalid Quesada Halloween 2 in a Rob Zombie mask?