DODGE CHALLENGER - Everything You Need to Know | Up to Speed

  • Published on Nov 21, 2019
  • Thanks to Dodge for sponsoring this episode!
    The Dodge Challenger is the legendary muscle car that’s been turning heads since 1969. From the 426 Hemi to the 707 HP SRT Hellcat, this drag strip scorching DEMON continues to be an American icon! Join special guest Bruce Greene of Funhaus fame as he tells you everything you need to know about the Dodge Challenger. This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the Challenger! Dodge will be celebrating this huge milestone at this year’s LA Auto Show! Go say hi, and tell them Donut sent you!
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  • Donut Media
    Donut Media  17 days ago +5439

    Everyone, be sure to leave your get well message for James here and also big thanks to Bruce Greene for subbing in today!

  • Mr Q
    Mr Q 3 hours ago

    Get well james 🤟🤟✊

  • ParrisOTurner
    ParrisOTurner 10 hours ago

    So he just ran thr red light....

  • ParrisOTurner
    ParrisOTurner 10 hours ago


  • Osvaldo Salesk
    Osvaldo Salesk 19 hours ago +1

    F#CK!!! Now I want a show with Bruce as a host 🙃😂
    (Hire him pls 🙏🏻)

  • Ooga And booga inc

    My life has been completed

  • Eddy Diaz
    Eddy Diaz Day ago

    First of all tell James Scotland wishes his ass well, tell his heart to stop trying to pump him more HRRRRPRRRSSSS! Good job to Mr Greene on today's class but there is a BUT!!!! You never mentioned the SRT 10 Challenger concept that had the V10 engine.

  • Wolfie moon 620
    Wolfie moon 620 Day ago

    I have an Galaxy Challenger pretty much that's what it look like

    HORSEDICKoMPEG 2 days ago


  • Zach Bowles
    Zach Bowles 2 days ago

    TBH - Bruce is better at Up to Speed than Nolan is
    But... nobody can beat James

  • Jadeyn Barrientes
    Jadeyn Barrientes 3 days ago

    Why didn’t we do a rule 34 on the challenger *Bruce* ?!

  • Rigby Jones
    Rigby Jones 3 days ago


  • LèCitizen
    LèCitizen 3 days ago

    B For Bruce
    B For Brave!

    Please have Mr. Greene on here more. He's a good guy.

  • The Keto Chief
    The Keto Chief 3 days ago

    its funny to look at a challenger and think all that power then you look at the sub model or sister model of it and it like wow that's a huge difference. buy the way for people who do not know th edodge journey is the sub model or sister modal it was going to be sold with the option for a v8 but they never did it they desided to change the way they looked at things even tho its still considered part of the dodge mushal care family and still is called on paper work the doge journey jc witch stands fore journey charger. keep in mind tho it did have a v6 with 286hp and 260 torque with the option fore a turbo and both the v6 and v4 are underated buy dodge setting the ecu to under power them to that for less wear on the engine the true full power of the engine is 190 for the v4 and the 46 is 315 is I rember right from the specs sheet last time I red them I did round up leaving points out.

  • Blue Roads
    Blue Roads 4 days ago

    Well done Bruce! I hope James is recovering quickly.

  • Mr FirmTeacher
    Mr FirmTeacher 4 days ago


  • Joetime90
    Joetime90 5 days ago

    We love you James! Totally bromo.

  • Chris
    Chris 5 days ago

    Get well soon, Uncle Pump!!!!

  • Donteeezy21
    Donteeezy21 5 days ago

    That weak ass “More power baby”🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Signal Light Productions

    James, get well soon you Buff Horse!

  • GT3jack
    GT3jack 6 days ago

    NO WAY! I I thought my mind was playing tricks when I saw Bruce in the thumbnail

  • TheTyler8848
    TheTyler8848 6 days ago

    Dam I haven’t seen Bruce since inside gaming 😭😭

  • Jimmy L
    Jimmy L 6 days ago

    VTEC kicked in in James heart

  • Cameron Pitcher
    Cameron Pitcher 6 days ago

    NOS Energy Drink, it'll stop your heart lmfaoooo

  • GodTierLotion
    GodTierLotion 7 days ago


  • Coty Orsbun
    Coty Orsbun 7 days ago

    Fuck this guy where's moh Powa baba

  • Samurai R31
    Samurai R31 7 days ago

    Oh no! James please get better quick bro.
    The Challenger is one of my favorite cars in existence, paired with my favorite TVclipr host. Damn, too perfect of a combo.
    Ehlovyoo! Pop-pop-poppe'm up headlights!

  • TheFbjj
    TheFbjj 7 days ago

    Bruce: More Torque Homey

  • Carlos Anderson
    Carlos Anderson 7 days ago

    Bruce did good. 👍

  • Krisp high 5
    Krisp high 5 8 days ago

    Hope you have a speedy recovery buddy, God bless

  • Khaled Rahravan
    Khaled Rahravan 8 days ago

    James we miss you bro

  • Vlad2
    Vlad2 8 days ago

    James, I got my shit roto-rooted at 42, I literally avoided a heart attack by 1 day. 95% blockage bro.. I am so a with you. I am just some yinzer from pittsburgh, but ya need anything, hit me up. even just to talk how the med suck but being alive is awesome.

  • J'Von Coleman
    J'Von Coleman 8 days ago

    Get well James, come back to us Mr. Buffhorse

  • DRAGNEAL 777
    DRAGNEAL 777 8 days ago

    Funhaus: wails in the distance

  • Gabriel vergara
    Gabriel vergara 8 days ago

    Get well soon coming from Louisville, KY❤❤❤

  • lovezvidz
    lovezvidz 8 days ago


    W1CK3D WAYS 8 days ago

    Is the r/t model faster in awd ?

  • Tec V
    Tec V 8 days ago

    Now do the Durango!

  • Robert Wilkins
    Robert Wilkins 8 days ago

    Drinking all that nos

  • Renelv16
    Renelv16 9 days ago

    Too much “Human Horsepower”?

  • Bo Gavare
    Bo Gavare 9 days ago

    its not the real up to peed without james, sorry


  • urza1989
    urza1989 9 days ago

    When James comes back, they should have Bruce open the Dodge "special option box" and James can jump out!

  • nypoet2fla
    nypoet2fla 9 days ago

    Get well brotha. Wishing you a full and speedy recovery

  • Valy Jallá
    Valy Jallá 9 days ago

    Hey James. I wish you get well very soon!

  • shu chien den
    shu chien den 9 days ago

    New Host:Hello Class
    Me:Where's Everyone?
    New Host:At The Hospital
    New Host:They Want To Hear James Talk The Challenger, And Not Me
    New Host:More Power Baby!
    Me:I'm Gonna Sue You!
    New Host:Why?
    Me:You Copied James!

  • Absolute 0ero
    Absolute 0ero 9 days ago

    They gotta do a new show featuring James, Nolan, & Bruce.

  • poopy doodooz
    poopy doodooz 9 days ago

    Get well bro this sucks I like James he needs to get morrra pawerr babah!!!!!

  • Victor Lindvall
    Victor Lindvall 10 days ago


  • RenjiMaili
    RenjiMaili 10 days ago

    I'm going to have to start selling meth and swap my RT out for the Hellcat Redeye.

  • Raymond De La Torre
    Raymond De La Torre 10 days ago

    I like how he got more into it as the video went on LOVE James tho hope he gets well MO PAWAH

  • Kenier Moore
    Kenier Moore 10 days ago

    Can james do the dodge challenger again?:)

  • waydegod
    waydegod 10 days ago

    Holy fuck it's Bruce from machinma

  • raiden7789
    raiden7789 10 days ago

    Bruce :D

  • Jonn B
    Jonn B 10 days ago

    Get well James , and can u do a video on Bentley motors ?

  • Ted Thompson
    Ted Thompson 10 days ago

    ..... OMG..... Funhaus & Donut would be AMAZING!!!!!!! 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  • Luke Rose
    Luke Rose 10 days ago

    I like Bruce, the information is very absorbable

  • Patrick76496
    Patrick76496 10 days ago

    Get well soon, James! Hope to see you back soon for more powa baby!

  • IT'S JOe
    IT'S JOe 10 days ago

    7:12 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    I RAM SLAM 10 days ago +3

    James got a heart attack because he drinks NOS Energy

  • Cody Evans
    Cody Evans 10 days ago +5

    "Fastest non-electric car..."
    *laughs in Tesla*