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DeAndre Hopkins vs. Jalen Ramsey: Texans Won the Game but Who Won the Matchup? | NFL Film Review

  • Published on Oct 22, 2018
  • NFL Analyst, Brian Baldinger, breaks down the matchup between Texans wide receiver, DeAndre Hopkins, and Jaguars cornerback, Jalen Ramsey, in Week 7 of the 2018 Season.
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Comments • 37

  • Joe Arehart
    Joe Arehart 4 months ago

    Hold up, on the third play (the out route where Ramsey "bodies" Hopkins) it's looks like defensive P.I. and appears to be called that way. I didn't watch the game, but if that was the call there, it seems wrong to show that clip as one where Ramsey "won" the match-up? Correct me if that wasn't called on Ramsey

  • Jacura2 StaffordCity
    Jacura2 StaffordCity 4 months ago

    Get SLAYed! Brian! SLAY like GQ! LAWson is the LAW. You and colin quandre DIGGing your grave.

  • Deoxity
    Deoxity 4 months ago +1

    Not even a Jaguars or Texans fan but Deandre Hopkins only got 50 yards total. relax.

    • Scotty Drippin
      Scotty Drippin 4 months ago

      Hopkins won the match up he might have been held to 3 catches for 50 yards but he was open almost every pass play deshaun just didnt see him open half the time

  • HTX 713
    HTX 713 4 months ago

    D hop

  • silvergravity3
    silvergravity3 4 months ago

    MT13 Vs JR20

  • Tam Nguyen
    Tam Nguyen 4 months ago +3

    Hopkins all da way..
    Htown bby

  • Austin Rich
    Austin Rich 4 months ago +4

    good job on the texans on overcoming there struggles

    • Antonio Becerril
      Antonio Becerril 4 months ago

      I'm a fan but nothing can be said till we show consistency

  • Yasir H.
    Yasir H. 4 months ago

    just to beat him Ramsey a few times is an accomplisment not many can so kudos to Hopkins he is truly playing like the best WR in Football no discussion.

  • DeVon Straham
    DeVon Straham 4 months ago +2

    Touchdown Deandre Hopkins!

  • Vlad Menard
    Vlad Menard 4 months ago +1

    A push off 😂😂😂. 3 catches for 50 yards 🤷🏾‍♂️ Don’t let this distract you from the fact that Blake Bortles is horrible

  • Terrance Green
    Terrance Green 4 months ago +1

    How is 3 catches for 50 yards a win?😂. Y’all need to calm down. The ONLY reason I’d say it was a tie is because Hopkins burned Ramsey on the touchdown. But aside from that, Ramsey won this battle despite his team getting smacked around

    • jellybeangaming8
      jellybeangaming8 4 months ago

      The big reason this goes in favor of Hopkins is the penalty’s that occurred on Ramsey all game plus a lot of plays happened where Hopkins beat jalen but Watson didn’t throw it or Ramsey had help from the rest of that stacked secondary. Also the run game is a factor. While an under appreciated part of the receivers game it makes a difference and Hopkins won that too

    • JAMES HARDEN 3time dpoy
      JAMES HARDEN 3time dpoy 4 months ago

      and many penalties on ramsey

    • JAMES HARDEN 3time dpoy
      JAMES HARDEN 3time dpoy 4 months ago

      AND A TD

    • Bryon Carter
      Bryon Carter 4 months ago +1

      Terrance Green Let’s see. It was 8 targets and he caught 3 for a touchdown. One was behind Nuk which doesn’t count and the other was a PI on Ramsey. One was Ramsey beat on the inside slant by Nuk but Gipson saved the touchdown and should’ve intercepted it. So that’s three catches and a touchdown by Nuk and two good plays by Ramsey. Nuk won this by far bro.

  • Bryan Coyne
    Bryan Coyne 4 months ago

    Baldy back in the NFL Network fold?

  • Laszlo Junker
    Laszlo Junker 4 months ago +12

    I think ramsey got beat on the TD catch. Other than that it was a mix of incompletions, push offs and a one handed catch paired with a throw that was just not defensible.
    And even on that catch Hopkins was right on the border between physicality and push off.
    I am probably gonna be called deluded but I do acually think Ramsey won overall.

    • iMLO
      iMLO 4 months ago +1

      Here's the deal, if you watch Hopkins a lot you will see that he will always play the line between physicality and pushing off for pass interference. He does it to near perfection and rarely gets called for it. That's not how he always beats the defense, but he does it more than anyone else.

    • Carter.
      Carter. 4 months ago +1

      I think the whole game was even, but looking at the film Hopkins found some success at getting open. Watson wasn’t always looking at him because of Ramsey but from the full film, Hopkins won this battle imo. Still love Ramsey, my personal favorite CB, reminds me of Steve Smith

    • Owen Sweet
      Owen Sweet 4 months ago +6

      Personally i believe u r deluded good sir

  • Adam Gonzalez
    Adam Gonzalez 4 months ago +1

    I'm a defensive kind of guy so I like to see my favorite CB's do good against receivers but dude Jalen wasn't getting beat of the line EVERY TIME RIGHT AWAY it was so annoying to watch, looks like he doesn't even try to cover him

  • Khaos Productions
    Khaos Productions 4 months ago +5

    Love seeing these two go at it! Better than OBJ and Norman! 😂😂😂

    • KevinTooturnt Reacts
      KevinTooturnt Reacts 4 months ago

      +Scotty Drippin yea naw this match up was nothing like Odell an Norman that was a crazy match up both of them was almost bout to hurt each other an then Odell had no cathes in the first half to almost winnin the game I like obj vs Norman way better

    • Scotty Drippin
      Scotty Drippin 4 months ago +1

      +KevinTooturnt Reacts i mean the actual match up but yeah i agree them two hate each other i wish hopkins would beat jalen ramseys ass lol

    • KevinTooturnt Reacts
      KevinTooturnt Reacts 4 months ago

      +Scotty Drippin naw I remembered em slingin each other an getting suspend

    • Scotty Drippin
      Scotty Drippin 4 months ago +1

      +KevinTooturnt Reacts most definitely better than obj vs norman

    • KevinTooturnt Reacts
      KevinTooturnt Reacts 4 months ago

      I wouldn't go that far

  • Htown Lifer
    Htown Lifer 4 months ago +13

    Hopkins got the better of him...Hop beat him off the line of scrimmage a few times in ways that lots of other wrs cant do

  • Tom Brady Shady #CheatSquad#SpyOnYou#WOAT

    Hopkins and the Texans won this battle. The jaguars are dangerously overrated, especially that defense that everyone thinks is good. Just remember, Dak and Blaine gabbert shredded that defense.

    • Jocky Rohnson
      Jocky Rohnson 4 months ago

      isaac Thao Anymore excuses?😂

    • isaac Thao
      isaac Thao 4 months ago +2

      I mean when blake bortles throws 2 pick sixes and the puts his defense on the field for 40 minutes out of 60, anyone can shred that defense

    • steven whiters
      steven whiters 4 months ago

      Dey ain’t mentally der right now

  • ismayonnaisseaninstrument
    ismayonnaisseaninstrument 4 months ago +24

    Hopkins is special. Same with Ramsey. Good game

  • John Vargas
    John Vargas 4 months ago +9

    DeAndre Hopkins

  • Patrick A. Jr.
    Patrick A. Jr. 4 months ago