How Sound Effects Are Made For Movies | Movies Insider

  • Published on Jan 9, 2018
  • Studio Unknown makes Foley sounds for movies and TV with every day objects. These simple objects are used in unexpected ways to create the Foley sounds, the sounds based on a characters' movements and interactions.
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    Produced by: Ian Phillips
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    How Sound Effects Are Made For Movies | Movies Insider
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Comments • 3 479

  • Sweaty Blurrツ
    Sweaty Blurrツ 5 hours ago

    1:13 sounds just like Minecraft steps

  • Nick R
    Nick R 10 hours ago

    I worked with this guy. He was fairly rude and uninterested in engaging in a conversation tbh.

  • moodini99
    moodini99 Day ago +1

    This is nonsense. It's not the 1970s. All of these sounds are produced on computers.

  • El Nekit
    El Nekit Day ago +1


  • The Brick Bro
    The Brick Bro Day ago


  • Clifford S
    Clifford S 2 days ago

    Try a Garage Door Spring, it makes a great Laser sound with an echo

  • Franco.06.21 Torres
    Franco.06.21 Torres 2 days ago

    This could be the best unintentionally ASMR

  • Hyde
    Hyde 2 days ago

    I can't determine if this is ironic or real

  • saitama
    saitama 2 days ago

    Why are his eyes so stoned?

  • molichpoka
    molichpoka 2 days ago

    Кто такой джонни

  • MuffinTradeMarked
    MuffinTradeMarked 2 days ago

    why would you not have your sound on

  • Queen Wicked
    Queen Wicked 2 days ago +1

    1:16 reminds me of the old Slender man walking sounds

    DJ SPLASS 2 days ago

    Como he llegado hasta aquiiiii jajajajajajaja

  • Th3B
    Th3B 3 days ago

    can we all apreciate the sound of 1:48

  • Pedro Guzman
    Pedro Guzman 3 days ago

    He looks like a pigeon

  • NotAMethDealer
    NotAMethDealer 3 days ago

    1:21 if he even thinks about saying that's what a gun sounds like when being handled, imma just jump off this bridge because no it isn't.

  • 송관석
    송관석 3 days ago

    Stop putting shitty background music in so we can focus on the sounds

  • 32macel
    32macel 3 days ago

    He looks so dead inside

  • J_nlmb
    J_nlmb 3 days ago

    he invented asmr

  • Darque Matt3r
    Darque Matt3r 4 days ago

    Here's a thought. Use the actual sound.

  • XrosCobra
    XrosCobra 4 days ago

    Star wars blaster noises: tapping a power line tower thingy (I forgot what they were called) with a wrench

  • Jerold Boy
    Jerold Boy 4 days ago

    0:25 the sound that plays when your sibling takes the last piece of pizza

  • Mega Smash Gaming
    Mega Smash Gaming 4 days ago

    This guy should do ASMR.

  • Jacob Wright
    Jacob Wright 4 days ago +1

    I guess you can say he’s Foley dedicated to his job!

    Thank you for coming to my ted talk. I’ll let myself out.

  • Fat Doge
    Fat Doge 4 days ago

    0.58 when the drugs kick in

  • Noddiga norpan
    Noddiga norpan 4 days ago

    Amazing thats exactly how i loose my mind to!

  • saucysven
    saucysven 4 days ago

    1:08 here in Australia, mardi gras is a big LGTB parade/festivle so 'mardi gras beads' takes on a whole new meaning

  • Redve
    Redve 4 days ago

    zac sounds in league of legends for real was condom with gelly throwed to the wall xD

  • Random Review Guy
    Random Review Guy 4 days ago

    What an awesome job to have. I wish I had this job.

  • p3d4owo
    p3d4owo 4 days ago

    My life is a lie

  • ByDominic
    ByDominic 5 days ago

    wtf everyone i one

  • Георгий Журавлев

    Real ASMR

  • ArchDemon 0013
    ArchDemon 0013 5 days ago

    Basically an ASMR group

  • Crystal Esquibel storytimes

    All fake

  • Hans Belonio
    Hans Belonio 5 days ago

    Just imagine watching the scariest horror movie and got scared while making the sounds
    Folley dude:SHIT!

  • MrCrazy MV
    MrCrazy MV 5 days ago +1

    When you try to clean a hookah pipe 0:15

  • Jootooey
    Jootooey 5 days ago

    0:15 is that a shower?

  • Thomas Lewis
    Thomas Lewis 6 days ago +4

    the way he looks off in the distance is really freaking me out

  • Flared Tripod
    Flared Tripod 6 days ago

    How does this man do this whiteout smiling

  • PizzaCake360
    PizzaCake360 6 days ago +1

    2:08 taking dabs

  • Abel Thom
    Abel Thom 6 days ago

    Why am I watching this, its 3 AM

  • VERO ViceHorizon
    VERO ViceHorizon 6 days ago

    just gonna put this out there he just looks dead inside

    PΛNDY YT 6 days ago

    Minecraft steps: 1:15 ;v

  • MuRtyZ
    MuRtyZ 6 days ago

    1:20 me pretending that I know how to hold a gun

  • MuRtyZ
    MuRtyZ 6 days ago

    Mom i want Gaming keyboard

    Mom : We have Gaming keyboard at home

    Gaming keyboard : 1:52

    JUREBELSON 6 days ago +1

    Poor bow!

  • Zaki Production
    Zaki Production 6 days ago +1

    What a badass job

  • Joaquin Anwar
    Joaquin Anwar 6 days ago

    1:43 voice crAck

  • Kameron Bot æ
    Kameron Bot æ 6 days ago

    real title : grown man's *OWNS* Asmr

  • Doodle Doddle
    Doodle Doddle 6 days ago

    This dude face when he is making the sound with vs tape made me crack up laughing

  • Nick Haley
    Nick Haley 7 days ago

    Ah yes, the all time favorite grape cluster scene from all of your favorite movies

  • ༺Flashify༻
    ༺Flashify༻ 7 days ago

    That's some weird ASMR

  • Dylan Tauscheck
    Dylan Tauscheck 7 days ago +1


    Special ed in nutshell:allhu akbar i make nosies akcbeisnwwklsodosdkwi

  • Viktor13 Jwp
    Viktor13 Jwp 8 days ago

    None of yall are Minecraft veterans, 1:15 this is the sound of walking on sand, not dirt.

  • Imran Farah
    Imran Farah 8 days ago

    ASMR is already *beyond* this lvl

  • the real me
    the real me 8 days ago +1

    00:25 cave sound intensifies

  • Tobias Simon
    Tobias Simon 8 days ago

    he look so damn high.

  • Tovvvija
    Tovvvija 8 days ago

    I wonder what's used for farts.

  • samed
    samed 8 days ago

    0:50 more like an hitmarker lmfao

  • ErCapoAlex
    ErCapoAlex 8 days ago