How To Ride A Mechanical Bull

  • Published on Nov 14, 2008
  • Next time you ride a mechanical bull, impress your friends - and wow the crowd - with your cowboy skills. Learn how to tame the mechanical bull and make it look like it's not your first time at the rodeo. Yee-haw!

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Comments • 50

  • ChrisHallett83
    ChrisHallett83 20 days ago

    What, and I CANNOT stress this strongly enough, the fuck?!?

  • Blue Doggo
    Blue Doggo 5 months ago

    Oh shit that fucking thumbnail

  • Aiseruchan
    Aiseruchan Year ago +8

    2:18 now he becomes the bull. see the bull, feel the bull, be the bull.

  • darthclone7
    darthclone7 3 years ago +35

    best video of all eternity.. when God destroys the universe he'll stop for a second and put this on his pocket before creating a new one.

  • Rachel Yates
    Rachel Yates 4 years ago

    This is the best video I have ever seen. You guys are fucking brilliant. I applaud you sirs, I applaud you

  • George Klooney
    George Klooney 6 years ago

    wow this was the most useless video i've ever seen. they just dicked around until 1:20 and then they just gave tips for 25 seconds and then continued giving me ABSOLUTELY USELESS INFORMATION.
    this 2mins 42sec vid should only be 25 seconds b/c everything else is useless shit.
    They didn't even mention the physics of what was going on. they didn't mention what to do when the bull spins in one direction very fast, essentially acting like a centrifuge.
    when being whipped in a circle you are experiencing constant acceleration (not an increase in speed magnitude, but a constant change in direction) so you have to go opposite the centrifugal force (lean out in the opposite way you're being pulled).

  • Chapandaz Sain
    Chapandaz Sain 6 years ago +1

    Riding a mechinical bull is much difficult then a real one b/c the mechincal bull mostly rotate in one direction due to which the body interia make fall the rider after a few rotation but the real bull buck and rotate randomly which can be easily handle...

    • George Klooney
      George Klooney 6 years ago +1

      yeah but considering that your riding has to be completely perfect bc one mistake can impale you on the bull's horns, it takes more correctness of technique and is thus harder

  • ・The Ultimate Variety Channel・

    I was on one today. XD

    • Evan Schmalz
      Evan Schmalz 6 months ago

      How was the bull ride did you feel like a real cowboy or cowgirl

  • AmazonRex07
    AmazonRex07 7 years ago +1

    Misleading thumbnail.... just saying

  • AmazonRex07
    AmazonRex07 7 years ago

    Misleading thumbnail.... just saying

  • Amber While You Wait
    Amber While You Wait 7 years ago

    My school is having one for senior day.

  • Jotaro Kujo
    Jotaro Kujo 7 years ago


  • Garrett Cox
    Garrett Cox 8 years ago

    @Andrehehe123 I agree that a mechanical is harder cause you got a guy in control and he's doin everythin to throw you off and you can see and feel what a real one is gonna do but a mechanical ain't got nothin on 1200 lbs of muscle and get the hell off me. And that bein said anyone can ride a mechanical bull but only a few can ride the real deal and not cry like a puss once that arena dirt is in your mouth!

  • Harrison Fleming
    Harrison Fleming 8 years ago +1

    Thanks for the tips - there's supposed to be a mechanical bull at the summer festival coming up at my college, so this ought to help me make it look as though I'm not riding for the first time LOL :D

  • HIudown808
    HIudown808 8 years ago +1

    this is wack

  • shoppaholic613
    shoppaholic613 9 years ago +1

    Come on, you got this. Be the bull. BE THE BULL.

  • Gina Deibel
    Gina Deibel 9 years ago +2

    i was at club zanzabar the other night and stayed on the mechanical bull for literally 5 minutes

  • Ivan Petrov
    Ivan Petrov 9 years ago

    @1NoneofYourBusiness1 heard that joke before ;/

  • DjZenitTutorials
    DjZenitTutorials 9 years ago

    i would ride the bull and the girl in the end can ride me ;)

    • Jessica Sixx
      Jessica Sixx 2 years ago

      DjZenitTutorials she's not even that pretty ?

    • Jessica Sixx
      Jessica Sixx 2 years ago

      DjZenitTutorials just why ?

  • krasat
    krasat 9 years ago

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    2. send this to 2 other videos.
    3. hold your breath for 10 seconds.
    4. press refresh twice.

  • PolatoplayerHD
    PolatoplayerHD 9 years ago

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    4. press refresh twice.
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  • tuttoz
    tuttoz 10 years ago


  • 3vAnL3
    3vAnL3 10 years ago

    that guy looks alot like pippin in lotr

  • Andrehehe123
    Andrehehe123 10 years ago

    a mechanichal bull is way harder than a real bull. because u can communicate with a real one. psychologically. my record is 15 min on a real but only 8.34 on a mechanichal!

  • 1NoneofYourBusiness1
    1NoneofYourBusiness1 10 years ago +12

    In soviet russia, mechanical bulls ride you!

    • Jessica Sixx
      Jessica Sixx 2 years ago

      1NoneofYourBusiness1 lol that joke is still around

  • ZAR 1U
    ZAR 1U 10 years ago

    Es el Bisbal

  • Martín Roque
    Martín Roque 10 years ago

    isn't the ending a little.. "excesively imaginative?"... o_O

  • Greta
    Greta 11 years ago

    if it's true, why are u showing of like a 4 year old kid?

  • Yustyna Klish
    Yustyna Klish 11 years ago

    duno what that means but it sounds sad...

  • isokessu
    isokessu 11 years ago

    when i was on mechanical bull it was so cool. but it was much faster than that. and some guy was controlling it. and btw i used my other hand to keep balance. but that was my first time i didn't know any tips i just was so good :D i don't want to say that i'm good but i really was because it felt so easy and every other dropped away after 1-4 second but i was there something like 20 seconds. but that was really even harder than riding with real bull i guess

  • Kidiot
    Kidiot 11 years ago

    My mother will not die due to lack of copypasta, thanks.

  • Jayden Tedeschi
    Jayden Tedeschi 11 years ago

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    don't worry this isn't scary or anything
    this is how it works...
    1.hold your breath
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  • Noemí Portillo
    Noemí Portillo 11 years ago

    No Leaaas!

    Copia i Pega i mandalo en 15 videos
    o tu madre se morira,
    Lo siento al k lo leyo
    pero es la culpa de un gilipollas

  • Agente0Y8
    Agente0Y8 11 years ago

    mhmmhmhmuhahahuhaahuahahaha goood ride but see this ugly bull
    Me and my pet bison ride ooohhhhhh yes
    us funny
    and champions of Italy

  • SamTheMan55555
    SamTheMan55555 11 years ago

    Haha, such a cheezy ending. Love it

  • MiggyJiggy
    MiggyJiggy 11 years ago

    Bucking Hell!

  • Liz_DFTBA
    Liz_DFTBA 11 years ago


  • Adi
    Adi 11 years ago

    xD very kewl.

  • gammaraider
    gammaraider 11 years ago

    You've earned it, cowboy!

  • micger
    micger 11 years ago


  • Roetheperfect
    Roetheperfect 11 years ago

    a la madre....

  • Fionn Gardner
    Fionn Gardner 11 years ago

    11 comment !

  • Herwan Shah
    Herwan Shah 11 years ago

    haha...drinking alcohol will increase the chances of winning

  • George Hopkins
    George Hopkins 11 years ago

    Second. Yes?

  • bstrd525
    bstrd525 11 years ago

    first? no?