Motorola Razr hands on: The revived RAZR is a fashion-forward foldable

  • Published on Nov 14, 2019
  • Motorola has resurrected its beloved Razr phone, a staple of mid-2000s cool, as a foldable device. The new Razr distinguishes itself from the Galaxy fold and Huawei's Mate X by folding vertically instead of horizontally. Unfolded, it looks like a regular smartphone, albeit one with a chunky "chin", but folded in half it's practically pint-sized, with a small front display to see your notifications, control media, or take a selfie. There's still a lot of questions when it comes to durability and foldables, but the new Razr feels extremely well constructed, and folds in half with no visible gap. It does have a few downsides, including a mid-range processor, single camera, and questionable battery capacity, but this is the first foldable we could see ourselves using as a daily device.
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Comments • 6 138

  • Bugga Wugga
    Bugga Wugga Hour ago

    I will stick with my $25 ZTE flip phone and i dont even want that...

  • KassKass
    KassKass 7 hours ago

    This is the phone I wanttttt

  • KassKass
    KassKass 7 hours ago

    I like this phone more than my iPhone

  • Brittany Jackson
    Brittany Jackson 9 hours ago

    I miss basic, flip phones. Sheesh, the joy of simplicity!

  • Scott Read
    Scott Read 14 hours ago

    the use of a fold in this form factor isn't compelling.

  • Dustin Poche
    Dustin Poche 16 hours ago

    Did anyone else see all the wrinkles in the screens when open?

  • Michael_ Vampyre

    70s flip phones have a whole new meaning now.

  • letterpool
    letterpool Day ago

    I think in the weather I work in that it would get too cold and it would crack the hell out of that folding section in probably a week or two I don't care what they say.

  • Teddy Taw
    Teddy Taw Day ago

    That's just a flip phone.... They brought back the flip phone

  • Fuzerix
    Fuzerix Day ago

    I think moto moto likes u

  • Matthew Schuster

    Fashion-forward unaffordable

  • Kai Leong
    Kai Leong Day ago

    Aaah this looks awesome

  • Allen Han
    Allen Han Day ago

    This would be great if it was cheaper.

  • neogeoriffic
    neogeoriffic Day ago

    That gap could present a problem with sand at the beach.

    • joe18750
      joe18750 Hour ago

      so, for like less than 1% of the population. thanks for this useless piece of insightfulness.

  • Peter Sampson
    Peter Sampson Day ago

    I like how it folds small and compact.

  • Brian_Trawinski
    Brian_Trawinski Day ago

    This comes off as more of a business phone than a media phone.

  • Oliver Buenaflor
    Oliver Buenaflor 2 days ago

    I totally loved my old startac and the subway duel commercial was awesome. maybe I'll go back home to Moto. lol who knows?

  • let's get it
    let's get it 2 days ago

    expensive shit



  • che eks
    che eks 2 days ago

    still waiting for a phone that can fold flip flop flap

  • VerbalHologram
    VerbalHologram 2 days ago

    Sweet baby Jesus... that satisfaction of hanging up on people dramatically

  • anime profile picture

    i hate this touchscreen craze so much
    thanks steve

  • 歸虛
    歸虛 2 days ago

    star trek !

  • candice michelle
    candice michelle 2 days ago

    Omg if you will know the prize you will cry for 1 month.

  • Roy Moyal
    Roy Moyal 2 days ago

    God I want one so bad but that price is insane for what you're getting... Hope they reduce price soon

  • Isam Hussein
    Isam Hussein 2 days ago

    Only 1 camera? So basically can't use other applications if I'm on video call? Oh, and can't video call unless it's closed.. Byebye Moto. Not spending $1500.

  • Napes Weaver
    Napes Weaver 2 days ago +1

    Just make it look like an old style communicator already. Wot are we waiting for !!! This is close enough that I will almost buy this or, maybe, I will ;)

  • Bree Stone
    Bree Stone 2 days ago

    Am i the only one bothered that they turned this classic flip phone to a smart phone?😑

  • Kenneth He
    Kenneth He 2 days ago

    Mallory Martin is gay

  • Travis In Canada
    Travis In Canada 2 days ago +1

    It just needs a button that makes the top half automatically flip open

  • Joshuah Jang
    Joshuah Jang 2 days ago

    Does moto is still owned by google ??

  • J pasinos
    J pasinos 3 days ago

    We manadged to downgrade yet upgrade at the same time l.

    • Caleb Sevick
      Caleb Sevick Day ago +1

      Hey that’s kinda how it works sometimes. Hard to add features without replacing others sometimes.

  • Park Eunyoo
    Park Eunyoo 3 days ago

    This is give me 2000s vibes back!

  • Simple person
    Simple person 3 days ago

    Looks like its gona break at anytime

  • Chek Sam
    Chek Sam 3 days ago


  • Gautama Siddhartha
    Gautama Siddhartha 3 days ago


  • Hiro Ciko
    Hiro Ciko 3 days ago

    wait for iphone make this phone on 2030 with $4999 and call it new innovation...xD

  • Terence Stevenson
    Terence Stevenson 3 days ago

    Did this short man said this phone was 1500 bucks ... Nah I'm good ...

  • 파이팔바티
    파이팔바티 3 days ago

    모토로나 레이져는 왜 접었다 펴지? 의미없는 폴드 펴면 그냥 스마트폰인데 화면크기가 갤폴드처럼 화면이 커지는것도 아니고

  • Suk Hyun Jeon
    Suk Hyun Jeon 3 days ago +1

    음.... 그냥 기존스마트 폰이 더 편할거같은데, ...... 한번더 열어야하다니

  • eric t
    eric t 3 days ago

    It’s Lenovo ......

  • Zakariya Adan
    Zakariya Adan 3 days ago

    Buy the Motorola g7 power

  • Alex Alex
    Alex Alex 3 days ago


  • Ziggel
    Ziggel 3 days ago

    Anybody here remember the OG moto razr? That thing was amazing

  • Abilawa andamari
    Abilawa andamari 3 days ago

    Honestly i just want a smarphone with the portability and durability of a Nokia.

  • Seba92000
    Seba92000 3 days ago

    Yeah it will be a huge failure... $1500 is just RETARDED price...

  • Aakash Jain
    Aakash Jain 3 days ago

    Abish mathew

  • rob hargreaves
    rob hargreaves 3 days ago +1

    Looks cool...I'd probably sell the badly behaved child for one.

  • Alexandre Goes
    Alexandre Goes 3 days ago

    I have mixed feelings about the new foldable phones. Samsung Fold is great in my opinion because you can have a smartphone AND a small tablet in one device, but it's thick and big to keep in the pocket. This Motorola Razr, on the other hand, is just PERFECT as a phone, but then no tablet extra.

  • Dino Censual
    Dino Censual 3 days ago +1

    Entonces ¿Comenzar con lo clásico es la mejor opción?

  • Hirakai Ko
    Hirakai Ko 3 days ago

    Looks great, like most though, the price point is an issue given the other phones available at the $1500 price point. I'd prefer a foldable like this one, but I don't actually need it - it's the kinda phone I'd get instead of non-flagship phones, but again if I was going to spend $1500, you want one of the best out there.

  • A D
    A D 3 days ago

    its foldable but not affordable

  • Donald Edwards
    Donald Edwards 3 days ago

    It's cool but it's absolutely pointless

  • Mark Paq u
    Mark Paq u 3 days ago

    Does it Scratch at lvl 6?

  • invs ink
    invs ink 3 days ago +2

    two iconic phones of my teen years was the razar and the Sony Ericsson w810i

  • 인간탐구생활
    인간탐구생활 3 days ago

    겔럭시 노트10 구입하고 보름만에 모토로라의 귀환이라는 영상을 보고 잠시동안 좌절했지만, 모토로라가 너무 오래 쉬었던 탓인지 디자인을 제외한 나머지 부분의 디테일이 아직은 여러모로 겔럭시보다 열악해보인다
    다음 모델에 기대를 걸어봐야지.

  • DeJ Bi
    DeJ Bi 3 days ago

    Lmao what the hell is that

  • BS1
    BS1 4 days ago

    It's not perfect but it's diffrent..and creatvie.. more than I can say for Apple stupid touch bar and their new additions like dark mode.oooH dark mode... there's something to say about something that looks and feels actually Innovative and sci-fi than something..that is just extra cameras for extra camera sake...
    It's a great Start..

  • Jay Suave
    Jay Suave 4 days ago

    $1,500 What?? man you can keep it just because it folds... Man FY... People that spend this kinf of money on phone are simply retarded

  • meitheng
    meitheng 4 days ago

    Dual sim?