• Published on Jun 16, 2019
  • these bitlife stories get crazier and crazier every time I do this
    also I lowkey don't know how to pronounce her name I looked it up but it doesn't sound right hahahaaaa
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  • FBI
    FBI Hour ago

    Once I got a random with 100 looks, 92 smarts, 89 happiness, and 96 health. It was *amazing*

  • ᴀɴᴘxɴᴍᴀɴɴ ᴋᴘᴏᴘ

    My friends name is Zuleima just spelled different

  • Gaylon x
    Gaylon x 2 days ago

    I was playing bit life and my player has triplets!!

  • Eggyeol
    Eggyeol 3 days ago +4

    This is how many drawings she made


  • chelsea rose
    chelsea rose 3 days ago

    6 toes

  • AnnieLand
    AnnieLand 4 days ago

    Is she Karen Smith, from mean girls?

  • :p夜の運
    :p夜の運 5 days ago

    You can be a porn actor and get famous.

  • tera the fox
    tera the fox 6 days ago

    0:37 i got West Highland White Terier too
    She is named Majda
    (sorry but im from Czech republic and my english is not good 🤣)

  • LondonWorld L
    LondonWorld L 7 days ago +1


  • LondonWorld L
    LondonWorld L 7 days ago +1

    My names Amira XD

  • ParrotGamingYT 1983
    ParrotGamingYT 1983 8 days ago

    How does the drawing at 6:54 make sense of she pregnant???

    • Kleki
      Kleki 3 days ago

      I think she meant the drawing to be right after she had her kid

  • mapled syrupp
    mapled syrupp 8 days ago

    once I was some iraqi guy and him and his wife got preggo with an eggo at 49 but had a miscarriage-

  • Itziar de Azcoitia Ginés

    Hello from Spain °3°

  • Waffuurio
    Waffuurio 10 days ago


  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 10 days ago

    her dad didn't die of cancer, he died of a mole disease.

  • thao tran
    thao tran 11 days ago +1

    Oh yeah lavender in BitLife i was famous to and my intire family in bitlife died by the same thing cancer mostly :p

  • Tamara Floriani
    Tamara Floriani 12 days ago +1

    I love these drawing my BitLife videos and your style is amazing!!! Keep it up

  • Autumn Jackson
    Autumn Jackson 12 days ago +1

    If youre a pornstar you gain fame almost immediately lmao

  • HuhAccurate Mhm
    HuhAccurate Mhm 13 days ago

    We all saw her scroll past that pornstar option she could’ve had easy fame XD

  • michal guliamov
    michal guliamov 16 days ago

    your style is so cutee

  • Leigh Lukesh
    Leigh Lukesh 16 days ago

    9:02 you gave her two eyes

  • Cutiee World
    Cutiee World 16 days ago

    Karen in bitlife

  • Cherry Sunset YT
    Cherry Sunset YT 18 days ago +1

    LavenderTowne, your art style is really cool. It could be both cute and creepy! ^-^ Which makes me really want to see this art style in a future indie horror game. XD


    me:nothing interesting is happe....
    LT :she meets a boy name MUSTAFA basara
    me:GRANDPA,THAT'S MY GRANDPA NAME with no basara

  • Katana Quits
    Katana Quits 19 days ago

    I just got a bit life ad

  • Phøęñïx Årt,Gāmèš And Mørę!!!!

    Do a draw my 9 breakups

  • erm erm
    erm erm 22 days ago


  • Bell
    Bell 23 days ago

    I couldn't even be a foot model because I have a scar on my foot. 😔

    • Kleki
      Kleki 3 days ago

      Uhm Just use makeup to cover it up

  • Jakenyah Lewis
    Jakenyah Lewis 24 days ago

    Uh can you try having a different color hair plz not trying to be mean thx😋

  • DuckieStar
    DuckieStar 25 days ago

    THERE WAS ESTONIA!!!! (I live in estonia) Estonia is safe tbh... There are not much ppl living. ( 1.3M) wich means not much stalkers. :D

  • Liztlaurent _XD
    Liztlaurent _XD 26 days ago +2

    No one:

    Literally no soul:

    Me: *hEr OuTtRo Is LiKe AzZyLaNd*

  • Xxx Rachel xxX
    Xxx Rachel xxX 28 days ago

    such good drawings!!!! UwU

  • N Burke
    N Burke 28 days ago +1

    I bet you 100 dollars your worst drawing is better than my best drawing

  • miri price
    miri price 29 days ago

    my bitlife character was a supermodel from age 32 to 100 which is when she died 😂

  • Living Acid
    Living Acid 29 days ago

    Bruh the only ways i could ever get famous in bitlife was by becoming a porn star...

  • Rynna The Random
    Rynna The Random 29 days ago

    2:01 my face when she said foot model

  • Amira Malek
    Amira Malek 29 days ago +1

    My name’s Amira!

  • XxGachaGirlxX
    XxGachaGirlxX Month ago

    What do you use to draw?

    • Kleki
      Kleki 3 days ago

      She's Using Photoshop

  • Low Yummy
    Low Yummy Month ago

    Mustafa died like PrimRose...
    I’m not crying... you are....

  • AnimeNerd 2006
    AnimeNerd 2006 Month ago

    What app do you use for your drawings?

    • Kleki
      Kleki 3 days ago

      It's photoshop

  • Vanilla Bean
    Vanilla Bean Month ago

    You do know that the reason her books were bestsellers was because she’s famous

  • Michael Gorzelnik
    Michael Gorzelnik Month ago

    Toe picks lol

    MARINAPLAYZ Month ago

    What drawing app do you use?

  • Extreme Icecream
    Extreme Icecream Month ago

    I got an ad about BitLife while watching this.
    *CoInCiDeNcE? i ThInK nOt.*

  • Cooki Potato Kat
    Cooki Potato Kat Month ago

    *Miss are you okay?*

  • John Allan
    John Allan Month ago

    I litterally got a bit life ad at the start of da vid

  • DR.Mohammed Tawfeeq

    Your voice is calming

  • Lil’Potatoe Butt
    Lil’Potatoe Butt Month ago +1

    **sees the word, kill**
    **instantly clicks vid**
    (Irene I’m insane!!!!!!!! TwT)

  • PANiC
    PANiC Month ago

    9;13 u gave her 2 eyes

  • Agentofchaos 44
    Agentofchaos 44 Month ago

    your facebook link is broken ?!

  • Agentofchaos 44
    Agentofchaos 44 Month ago

    lol just seen part 2 of this storie i love how you get your ideas flowing on what to draw, great job on these too.

  • unknown Youtuber
    unknown Youtuber Month ago +1


  • Rachel Wagner
    Rachel Wagner Month ago

    what an interesting life to live

  • kittygamer
    kittygamer Month ago

    Wit app u draw in?

    • Kleki
      Kleki 3 days ago

      It's photoshop

  • Peasme Hasselberg
    Peasme Hasselberg Month ago

    8:44 Just say she was wearing a glass eye

  • Gacha Hybrid
    Gacha Hybrid Month ago

    wat app do you do the drawing with

    • Kleki
      Kleki 3 days ago

      It's photoshop

  • Super Nova
    Super Nova Month ago


  • FireWolf
    FireWolf Month ago

    “Their both beautiful but dumb as a rock”
    Quote of the year from lavendertowne.

  • xXnovarXx
    xXnovarXx Month ago

    Dear Lavendar town,
    I love your art in general
    But what drawing / editing apps do you use?

    • Citrus Friend
      Citrus Friend Month ago

      I’m pretty sure she uses adobe photoshop!

  • Maude
    Maude Month ago

    Are you a bitizen?