Roman Reigns vs. Dolph Ziggler: Raw, Aug. 19, 2019

  • Published on Aug 20, 2019
  • The Big Dog takes on The Showoff following a heated war of words on social media.
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Comments • 1 468

  • Rahul Sk
    Rahul Sk Day ago

    Love you Roman Reigns 😍

  • The Shield Buddy
    The Shield Buddy 6 days ago

    2:09 19 August 2013 This Date Roman Reigns Same Spear Hit To Dolph Ziggler Form The Post And Latter 19 August 2019 Same Spear And Same Date

  • bilal Haidar Zaidi
    bilal Haidar Zaidi 8 days ago

    I like roman reigns superman punch

  • bilal Haidar Zaidi
    bilal Haidar Zaidi 8 days ago

    I like roman reigns

  • Hemender Kumar
    Hemender Kumar 11 days ago

    192019888888888888888888888888 million ram ram 🙏

  • Richard 1k
    Richard 1k 15 days ago


  • Anitha Anitha
    Anitha Anitha 15 days ago

    malayaliessss like hereeee

  • Ana Marchena
    Ana Marchena 15 days ago

    Life roman reings

  • Naguru Babji
    Naguru Babji 16 days ago

    Roman reigns always kingg

  • Saif Khan
    Saif Khan 16 days ago

    Goldberg isse ek sec mein hara diya tha ur roman nh haara pa rh h

  • Σοφια Παρανόμου


  • Albin Thomas
    Albin Thomas 20 days ago

    I love roman reigns iam roman reigns fan

  • Mukesh Tanlekar
    Mukesh Tanlekar 20 days ago

    Superb Spear... What A Spear

  • Mukesh Tanlekar
    Mukesh Tanlekar 20 days ago +1

    East Or West Roman Reigns Is The Best

  • Nida Hashmi
    Nida Hashmi 20 days ago

    I like roman regins..he is the tagline"strength,power,fast n furious n lots one can beat him never ever love from pakistan may u live long

  • • WILLMŌ •
    • WILLMŌ • 20 days ago


  • Vimal Yadav
    Vimal Yadav 21 day ago

    Roman Tareeke Badlo Apne

  • subhash jaidia
    subhash jaidia 22 days ago +1

    So best my boy roman reigns 🥰 🥰❤️💪 👊🖕 👎 I'm Rohit gudha 🥰 😃

  • Erika Esparar
    Erika Esparar 22 days ago

    Roman Reigns is my idol😍

  • Shield
    Shield 23 days ago

    WWE raw and Roman bag fan I'm

  • Shield
    Shield 23 days ago

    Nice flight

  • darshan D boss gowda
    darshan D boss gowda 23 days ago

    Come on Roman

  • Emilio Vargas
    Emilio Vargas 24 days ago


  • Chalchali saikia
    Chalchali saikia 24 days ago

    Mingblwoing Roman Reigns spins Omg

  • Nik Tantardini
    Nik Tantardini 24 days ago +1

    I haven't watched WWE in about 15 years...this is boring, the crowd is boring...bleeh

  • OOh 4 sure Maine
    OOh 4 sure Maine 24 days ago +1

    That was awesome spear!!!!

  • i love you Begum
    i love you Begum 25 days ago

    I'm b next roman . Believe that'l

  • RITTOM Iskandar
    RITTOM Iskandar 25 days ago +1

    Roman riengs vs goldberg..Spear vs spear..Biggest macth

  • ZAIN Butt
    ZAIN Butt 25 days ago

    Love roman

  • Trong Khang Nguyen
    Trong Khang Nguyen 25 days ago


  • TheDopestEthiopian1
    TheDopestEthiopian1 26 days ago

    Dolph is still out here putting other wrestlers over, I see.

  • Rayyan Khan
    Rayyan Khan 26 days ago

    just at least let him win 1 match

  • Heart92a
    Heart92a 26 days ago

    It's always pleasing seeing Dolph losing.

  • masculism
    masculism 26 days ago

    roman suck

  • Erna Fakic
    Erna Fakic 26 days ago

    Invincible-Roman Reings👊🏻

  • Gabriele Giammalva
    Gabriele Giammalva 26 days ago

    chi è qui dopo aver visto fast and furious hobbs e shaw???

  • Vipin Gupta
    Vipin Gupta 26 days ago

    WWE is fake

  • Juan Riptide Camacho
    Juan Riptide Camacho 27 days ago

    Talk about splitting someone in half

  • Mohd Salim
    Mohd Salim 27 days ago +1

    Roman fans like
    Other comments

  • Puttu Kelageri
    Puttu Kelageri 27 days ago +1

    He must get chance for universal title

  • Stormrage
    Stormrage 27 days ago

    Spear still going to Goldberg

  • Tasneem Malvi
    Tasneem Malvi 27 days ago +2

    Roman lovers like ziggler lover comment

  • Hot Girls Desi Dance xxx

    Wow great

  • Br aVe
    Br aVe 27 days ago

    Roman reigns is incredible who agrees!

  • Osawaru Joseph
    Osawaru Joseph 27 days ago


  • La parodia
    La parodia 27 days ago

    Roman de retour en feu

  • Roman Reings_WWE
    Roman Reings_WWE 28 days ago

    Hello Guys Can you Friendship Me ❤️
    For my Instagram ID ( wwe_romanreingsofficial ) Thanks for follow ME 😍

  • Roman Reings_WWE
    Roman Reings_WWE 28 days ago

    I Love Roman Reigns 💕
    I am Biggest Fan of Roman Reigns for live in INDIA 🇨🇮

  • Aujla Aujla
    Aujla Aujla 28 days ago +1

    Roman is boring people said when he beats the dead man

    But what about seth when he destroyed the carrer of sting

    So why no hate for seth. Seth is more overrated wrestler than roman... He is double champ 3rd time... So why ppl r not saying seth is overrated... He sucks really plz wwe do not destroy carrers of wrestlers

  • Shah Abdali
    Shah Abdali 28 days ago

    Roman reigns the best

  • Naresh Sahu
    Naresh Sahu 28 days ago

    Baat karta hai tu mere roman se katai nai jeet sakta kutte roman sher hai sher

  • Ashis Kumar Sahoo
    Ashis Kumar Sahoo 28 days ago


  • Sooraj S
    Sooraj S 28 days ago +1

    Roman 😍😍😍😍

  • LűTFű KaRaMaN
    LűTFű KaRaMaN 29 days ago

    Roman REİGNS 👊🔥

    DHEERAJ NARANG 29 days ago

    Is DZ doing some kinda PhD on Spears? 4 Spears in 2 matches...
    Dr. Dolph Ziggler
    Ph.D. (Spear Marking).
    That's wierd.

  • Anabela Jovanovic
    Anabela Jovanovic 29 days ago

    Yessssssss Romannn 😍🤘💪

  • Anup Narayanan
    Anup Narayanan 29 days ago

    Can't wait for Ziggler to sign for AEW and get the championship that he deserves long over due. 🤩😎🤩😎

    • very finan
      very finan 28 days ago

      Anup Narayanan you know it’s fake

  • Digo795 T
    Digo795 T 29 days ago

    1:24 great counter

  • Sateesh Kanna
    Sateesh Kanna 29 days ago

    Massive spear..🤩🤩

  • Love Gurung Love
    Love Gurung Love 29 days ago

    He iss A Big dog best wreslar