Monkey mating with game

  • Published on Aug 11, 2010
  • animals in the wild!! check out the video at 45 secs
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  • Coconut Gums
    Coconut Gums 3 years ago

    My friend the other day showed me this really wrong looking wrestling move. I pointed that out and he said, "it's from wrestling." I was like, "that's what they told you wasn't it?"

  • Jeff R. Carney
    Jeff R. Carney 3 years ago

    Sad that adults will allow kids to watch that

    • Coconut Gums
      Coconut Gums 3 years ago

      Copy-pasted from lydia green. Telling her right now.

  • Marwa Idrisse
    Marwa Idrisse 4 years ago

    Che irrore

  • susa t
    susa t 4 years ago

    fak you man

  • hugosophy
    hugosophy 4 years ago

    Somebody just threw that! (Interupts awesome monkey threesome) I threw it.

  • lydia green
    lydia green 4 years ago +2

    Sad that adults will allow kids to watch that

    • Anthony Cardona
      Anthony Cardona 4 years ago +5

      Its nature, religion is what makes us think that seeing sex is a horrible thing

  • طامي الباﻻر
    طامي الباﻻر 4 years ago +1

  • daniel olarte ramirez
    daniel olarte ramirez 5 years ago


  • ABOsahar DJ
    ABOsahar DJ 5 years ago

    Children niggaaahh"

  • Laxman Gurung
    Laxman Gurung 5 years ago

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  • Ben Villa
    Ben Villa 5 years ago


  • mybluebelly
    mybluebelly 5 years ago

    Sometimes i wish i had a bigger...brain.

  • Marcus Jarrett
    Marcus Jarrett 5 years ago

    just like . lol

  • Average Human Potato
    Average Human Potato 5 years ago

    Lol there are kids there

  • Veintiuno Player
    Veintiuno Player 5 years ago


  • AxPtKv
    AxPtKv 5 years ago

    Doggy style

  • Jan Twardo
    Jan Twardo 5 years ago

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  • Ibrahim Yolcu
    Ibrahim Yolcu 5 years ago

    Fuck You

  • KalypsoKRUZ🌻
    KalypsoKRUZ🌻 6 years ago

    Wait... Time out... Look at the Chimp's vagina (or butt) at the end 0_0 it's all long wrinkled and just swaying LMAO! ughhh

  • KalypsoKRUZ🌻
    KalypsoKRUZ🌻 6 years ago

    Are yall serious? Yall act as though blocking the kids' view is gonna keep them from witnessing and discovering it. U can keep them from seeing all u want but that's nature. I'm pretty sure those kids have seen or heard worse... Like walking in on Mommy and daddy naked.

  • Oscar Foureyes
    Oscar Foureyes 6 years ago

    U sick soab

  • Oscar Foureyes
    Oscar Foureyes 6 years ago

    Thats disgusting

  • MDM4tay
    MDM4tay 6 years ago

    Pimping them whores

  • Hol Dek
    Hol Dek 6 years ago

    The fuck, dude?

  • Ryzawing
    Ryzawing 6 years ago

    I don't think they predicted this to happen to let the children watch.

  • Ryzawing
    Ryzawing 6 years ago

    Well the kids have no idea what is happening and will ask a load of people about it, they don't know what's taboo and what's not so some information might spread and some might not like it.

  • Remy Mesi
    Remy Mesi 6 years ago

    lol the little girl is like right there

  • 카사노바
    카사노바 6 years ago


  • Sunny Man
    Sunny Man 6 years ago

    because the male chimpanzee finished it too fast... faster then the visitors

  • biki kapali
    biki kapali 6 years ago

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  • wisha negrowould
    wisha negrowould 6 years ago

    daaaaaaats my nigga lmfao

  • eeddoonniiss
    eeddoonniiss 6 years ago

    Threesome !

  • 카사노바
    카사노바 6 years ago


    BRIERFOX 6 years ago

    Why is this instinctively funny to us?? I don't understand? Further, why would we think it taboo for the children to watch reproductive behavior of primates?

  • Cameron Little
    Cameron Little 6 years ago

    Why the fuck do they let children watch

  • Magumbovich
    Magumbovich 6 years ago

    такая порнуха

  • Pagan Girl
    Pagan Girl 6 years ago

    why are they laughing?

  • Sonny Italiano
    Sonny Italiano 6 years ago

    OMG! the children were watching....

  • Chris Morrison
    Chris Morrison 6 years ago

    wild animals geting wild

  • Mads Hedegaard
    Mads Hedegaard 6 years ago

    Why not me? :)

  • mintoya robinson
    mintoya robinson 6 years ago

    Why didn't the parents block their children instead of laughing.

  • Manik Kreator
    Manik Kreator 6 years ago


  • Sinead Wilson
    Sinead Wilson 6 years ago

    Look at how he Looks at the little girl while he has sex with the other Monkey O-O..

  • Jeremiah Lovett
    Jeremiah Lovett 6 years ago

    nasty pssy! 0:05

  • Semaj Nosretep
    Semaj Nosretep 6 years ago


  • Jus7 bu55i7Vess
    Jus7 bu55i7Vess 6 years ago

    Ha nigga got game

  • kreepop
    kreepop 6 years ago

    and u let your kids watch this fuck u people

  • Jaylon Clark
    Jaylon Clark 6 years ago

    those kids are liking that shit

  • Parth Kaushik
    Parth Kaushik 6 years ago

    oh lol , gorrila giving sex education to those children ....

  • Dekari Johnson
    Dekari Johnson 6 years ago

    this is halirous

  • Luis Fernandes
    Luis Fernandes 6 years ago

    O gorila zuou com todos que ali estavam!

  • tomnjarryTV
    tomnjarryTV 6 years ago

    Time to delete my browsing history again......

  • Emrah A
    Emrah A 6 years ago

    yaw gene nerden düştü yolum bu aq un hayvan pornosuna

  • pumaskull
    pumaskull 6 years ago

    that is porn hehe where is the husband that girl is making sex with other monke

  • archie977
    archie977 6 years ago

    monkey porn

  • kabukaze
    kabukaze 6 years ago

    "Mah bitches "

  • Krrish
    Krrish 6 years ago

    Like A BOSS!

  • Shinodelara villalobos


  • MJ's Glove
    MJ's Glove 6 years ago

    While he was hitting it I was thinking bout kevin(Hodgetwins) lol Ahhhh ssss ahhhhh ssss ahhhhhhhhhhhhh sssss lmao

  • Natrolleon Bonerfart
    Natrolleon Bonerfart 6 years ago


  • Dejan76s
    Dejan76s 6 years ago

    Goliath Rules ...LoL..WtF am doing here :D

  • Staycee
    Staycee 6 years ago


  • Ricardo Francis
    Ricardo Francis 6 years ago

    pô....fomoso atrapalha foda.....

  • Mindwack888
    Mindwack888 6 years ago

    Thats a pretty loose pussy if you ask me.

  • gremoskotare
    gremoskotare 6 years ago

    wtf is that her vagina at 0:53??

  • SpeedTyper101
    SpeedTyper101 6 years ago

    Brace your children!!

  • Dan Zhukovin
    Dan Zhukovin 6 years ago

    I said "if" and okay! :)

  • YourDarkAccomplice
    YourDarkAccomplice 6 years ago

    Actually, I was laughing at your the whole time... far from mad. Buy I'm sure going out with you would not be as funny.. & it'd make my boyfriend mad... you wouldn't like him when he's mad. lol :3
    But yea, no hard feelings. All is well.

  • Dan Zhukovin
    Dan Zhukovin 6 years ago

    sorry, I meant to say farther than I already went. If I made you mad by calling you a bitch then I'm sorry. Let me take you out

  • YourDarkAccomplice
    YourDarkAccomplice 6 years ago

    And yet ya did. O.o

  • Dan Zhukovin
    Dan Zhukovin 6 years ago

    I swear

  • Dan Zhukovin
    Dan Zhukovin 6 years ago

    lmao no I just didn't want to go too far

  • YourDarkAccomplice
    YourDarkAccomplice 6 years ago

    That's a funny contradiction, cause it looked like you were playing around first.. you just hate that others can do it too... smh... stop trying to find excuses... you overreacted.. get serious and get over it.

  • Dan Zhukovin
    Dan Zhukovin 6 years ago

    -_____- I was just frustrated bc I wanted you to stop playing around and get serious.

  • YourDarkAccomplice
    YourDarkAccomplice 6 years ago

    Aww, you can dish it out but you can't take it? Hahah your mother birthed you in vain, kiddo.

  • Dan Zhukovin
    Dan Zhukovin 6 years ago

    Fuck you.

  • YourDarkAccomplice
    YourDarkAccomplice 6 years ago

    I was too, that's why I laughed at your mother. ;)

  • Dan Zhukovin
    Dan Zhukovin 6 years ago

    lmaoo chill I'm playing with you

  • Dan Zhukovin
    Dan Zhukovin 6 years ago

    Fuck up bitch.

  • hbg pa
    hbg pa 6 years ago

    YOU!, turn around, YOU!, stick your finger in my mouth. HAHAHAHA
    I'm sorry, its late. I started off browsing videos of mythbusters and somehow ended up here. Time to go to bed!

  • YourDarkAccomplice
    YourDarkAccomplice 6 years ago

    You're asking human English from a monkey? Seriously.. don't be so cruel. Alpha is the cute word they invented for "lonely males" to feel better about themselves. 0:39 ;)

  • YourDarkAccomplice
    YourDarkAccomplice 6 years ago

    Says a lot, bro. A monkey gets more lovin' than you .. HAHAHAH

  • YourDarkAccomplice
    YourDarkAccomplice 6 years ago

    LOL That is SO messed up xD

  • Michael Furman
    Michael Furman 6 years ago


  • Rigs
    Rigs 6 years ago

    So are you asking him to give you some English?.. or would you like him to speak English?

  • alexdc22
    alexdc22 6 years ago

    lol how the fuck did i ended up here O_o

  • wij peter
    wij peter 6 years ago

    hehe children being taught how to handle it!

  • Jackie Irwin
    Jackie Irwin 6 years ago

    he getting more pussy than he he

  • David Stenson
    David Stenson 6 years ago

    The other chimp is tappn him lik yo bro leeme hit tht

  • McStabbHole
    McStabbHole 6 years ago

    Time to delite history...

  • DE51B0Y
    DE51B0Y 6 years ago


  • DJNomadX
    DJNomadX 6 years ago

    goliath: fuck these children...thug life choose me

  • bunga stefano
    bunga stefano 6 years ago

    what the????hahahahaha

  • Noël van Eck
    Noël van Eck 6 years ago


  • Ronin
    Ronin 6 years ago

    haha that made my day lol

  • 20alphabet
    20alphabet 6 years ago

    The President and the First Lady really should use more discretion when children are present.

  • Jack liang
    Jack liang 6 years ago


  • DubbeIFris-010
    DubbeIFris-010 6 years ago

    0:23 What we all came for XD

  • Ham Agge
    Ham Agge 6 years ago

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