$1 Paperclip Vs $170 Paperclip

  • Published on Feb 1, 2019
  • Today we're going to compare cheap version of materialistic things vs the expensive version of it!
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Comments • 4 462

  • Legna Fernandez
    Legna Fernandez 9 hours ago


  • Gladden Joyce Pedreso
    Gladden Joyce Pedreso 18 hours ago


  • Pridessa Taylor
    Pridessa Taylor 21 hour ago

    50 to 80 Dollers

  • John Robrox
    John Robrox Day ago

    For the spaghetti it’s that they only made 1000 of those

  • israel gamer
    israel gamer Day ago

    even 1$ paperclip doesn't worth it

  • Ashley P
    Ashley P Day ago


  • Murillo man
    Murillo man Day ago

    oh, i need to organize my papers. $170 paper clip....HMMHNMHJNJKHL,VBNIURYFHGLKNWRESIU

  • Talal Debras
    Talal Debras 2 days ago

    roi you said paperclip but it's name is money clip

  • Kayleigh Dolan
    Kayleigh Dolan 2 days ago


  • Kayleigh Dolan
    Kayleigh Dolan 2 days ago

    Can you buy me a iPhone s10

  • Rainbow Universe
    Rainbow Universe 2 days ago

    The Versace umbrella is like mine, in can close like that, it won’t break like that. It’s not even a Versace umbrella.

    MOBILE PLAYER 3 days ago

    In the Philippines there is already umbrella like that

  • the not so gamer gamer

    We have umbrellas like the versace's in the Philippines and it's only for 4USD

  • Ilyas Ferouz
    Ilyas Ferouz 4 days ago


  • LanzAxcel Balino
    LanzAxcel Balino 4 days ago

    Here in PH that umbrella cost only 1 dollar.

  • Thevinu Fernando
    Thevinu Fernando 4 days ago


  • You Tube
    You Tube 4 days ago


  • 3 Apple Friends
    3 Apple Friends 4 days ago

    At 11:35 he said first two times

    JELLO CRAFT 5 days ago

    sub me guavavei

  • harami don
    harami don 5 days ago

    Last and first to like wiilll be able to know gauva juice home adress

  • 陈丽娟
    陈丽娟 5 days ago

    123456789+987654321 years later I got

  • Sana Chan
    Sana Chan 5 days ago

    You pay $1 for the product and like $200 for the design

  • Madeline Smith
    Madeline Smith 5 days ago +1

    Like and subscribe to guava juice if you love him

  • Moha.naim25 Naim
    Moha.naim25 Naim 6 days ago

    It's impossible that she was going to buy a Lamborghini for just $170 paperclip that's impossible unique 50 million years to do it

  • Moha.naim25 Naim
    Moha.naim25 Naim 6 days ago

    You literally bought a $170 for a paperclip you are a embarrassment

    • Its Me
      Its Me 9 hours ago

      Why are you talking about yourself?

  • jamessiva
    jamessiva 6 days ago

    The inflatable chair probably cost like 150

  • rotten tomatoes are gross

    Roi why you waisting money your rich or somthung

  • rotten tomatoes are gross

    Why is he waisting money

  • rotten tomatoes are gross

    Why is waisting money

  • Bong Zagala
    Bong Zagala 6 days ago +1

    鑫 痛 輑:-D

  • SharpBRO70DAB T1
    SharpBRO70DAB T1 7 days ago

    I think the chair is about 300$

  • IanPlaysMCPE Morales MCPE


    Check out the first word

  • Cameron Dzicek
    Cameron Dzicek 8 days ago

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue

    There is always an Asian
    Richer than you

  • skyler sagmit
    skyler sagmit 8 days ago

    that versace umbrella just cost 4$ in philippines😂😂

  • Cxiro
    Cxiro 8 days ago

    Try cheap stuff vs CHEAPER stuff

  • Malikye Evans
    Malikye Evans 8 days ago


  • Sadie Marie
    Sadie Marie 8 days ago

    You should do the trading a paper clip for blank with the Prada paper clip

  • Mïnï Wøłfie
    Mïnï Wøłfie 9 days ago

    He sounds like Pewdiepie

  • Haven Wantouw
    Haven Wantouw 9 days ago


  • The afatasi Sisters
    The afatasi Sisters 9 days ago

    335$ i think!!!

  • Evie Basting
    Evie Basting 10 days ago

    I use to use that brand of spaghetti how is that weird by it was only 5$

  • Mayra ميرا
    Mayra ميرا 10 days ago

    why would you but one paprer clip for so much it rather buy 10 pack of that for so much

  • Lalisa M
    Lalisa M 10 days ago

    jusko guava juice yung payong na ganyan pakalat kalat lang dito sa pilipinas

  • 리바이아커만
    리바이아커만 11 days ago

    Last one l like

  • stefan Krstev
    stefan Krstev 11 days ago

    Zorgo diffuse 20:39

  • LoloGaming 53
    LoloGaming 53 11 days ago


  • Gracemarie Gell Delgado

    R.I.P Umbrella 2019-2019 😂😂😂

  • Florita Bernardez
    Florita Bernardez 12 days ago

    from the filpins

  • Donny Talbert
    Donny Talbert 12 days ago

    i hit my arms

  • Gacha_mimipotato Hernandez

    You know what supreme should sell it should sell a burito supreme


  • Krystian Gamer
    Krystian Gamer 13 days ago +2

    You Are Wondering Who is the best person in the world Read the first two words

  • Maggie Williams
    Maggie Williams 13 days ago

    I guess 200

  • Isaac Thomas
    Isaac Thomas 13 days ago


  • Meron Admasu
    Meron Admasu 13 days ago

    he was way more crazy with the cheap ones what a cheater

  • Dragon Animz
    Dragon Animz 14 days ago

    9:18 imagine dis comin at ya

  • Evelyn Sickles
    Evelyn Sickles 14 days ago

    I would only pay up to 20$ max

  • Kyla Gonzales
    Kyla Gonzales 14 days ago


  • Angel Sanchez
    Angel Sanchez 14 days ago


  • Angel Sanchez
    Angel Sanchez 14 days ago


  • Ava_games
    Ava_games 14 days ago

    I would pay 💰
    5$ for the umbrella ☂
    3$ for the paperclip 📎
    20$ for the time watch
    2$ for the spaghetti 🍝
    50$ for the chair

  • Wolf Lover
    Wolf Lover 15 days ago

    Seeing how dedicate guava is to TVclip like sub hit the notification bell haters maybe

  • Long Thai
    Long Thai 15 days ago

    the supreme stopwatch is actually $191.00

  • Angela Moore
    Angela Moore 15 days ago


  • Lisann Luik
    Lisann Luik 15 days ago


  • Huy Tran
    Huy Tran 15 days ago

    1B dollars!!!!!!

  • Unicorn God Gamer
    Unicorn God Gamer 15 days ago


  • preena chopra
    preena chopra 16 days ago

    I can buy That automatic folding umbrella has that kind of durability with 2 dollars.

  • Karla Vega
    Karla Vega 17 days ago

    11111111111000000000000000000000000000000000 000

  • Joy rodil
    Joy rodil 17 days ago


  • Amrit Pal
    Amrit Pal 19 days ago

    You said okay 1006 times

  • Nitha K.P
    Nitha K.P 20 days ago

    I like the umbrella

  • Nitha K.P
    Nitha K.P 20 days ago

    The supreme chair will be $300

  • Mikkel Superman
    Mikkel Superman 20 days ago +3

    You are actually a savage if you read more

    Now you have Good Luck 4ever like to activate

  • *Crab Song Intensifies*
    *Crab Song Intensifies* 20 days ago +1

    I lose pens daily in class

    Ill buy the $300 dollar one

  • • Cozy Times •
    • Cozy Times • 20 days ago

    *When brands want to go overboard*

  • Orange Mango
    Orange Mango 20 days ago


  • MoodyFoox :P
    MoodyFoox :P 20 days ago +47

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I love guava juice
    Do you do too?

    👇press here if u do

    • Denzy Vlogs
      Denzy Vlogs 4 days ago

      I love Gucci

    • Joan Sanchez
      Joan Sanchez 8 days ago

      No not it 13 million ❤️ Guava juice😏

    • Crystal Wolf
      Crystal Wolf 11 days ago

      MoodyFoox :P apparently only fifteen people love guava juice.. oof

  • jenniffer watkins
    jenniffer watkins 21 day ago


  • adil sheheryar
    adil sheheryar 21 day ago


  • Alysa Harris
    Alysa Harris 21 day ago

    When u run out of ideas no hate though luv u

  • Gacha Wólf
    Gacha Wólf 21 day ago +3

    What you said: 1:07-1:11
    What happened: 2:33-2:37

  • Jonathan Amarilla
    Jonathan Amarilla 21 day ago

    Roi in da philipines that umbrella is 150 pesos so its not even 5 dollars to get a auto. Umbrella here at da philipines its like 2 dollars and 75 scents

  • 130 Likes On A Comment!
    130 Likes On A Comment! 22 days ago +1

    Paper clip for $1 I have to have surgery?

  • Braxtyn Racus
    Braxtyn Racus 22 days ago

    I will pay 0$

  • Sean Hurst
    Sean Hurst 22 days ago

    Hello guava juice in making a TVclip channel please don't hate on me im trying to get atleast 100 subscribers

  • Thea Abdulhamid
    Thea Abdulhamid 22 days ago

    Can you make food from Filipina

  • Jhezzica Malingan
    Jhezzica Malingan 23 days ago +4

    That Versace umbrella...I have a blue one...that’s not from VeRsAcE....oof

  • Golden Rampage
    Golden Rampage 23 days ago

    the versace umbrella has a lot of kind of umbrellas in this country. roi lived in this country, and pretty much ive seen a lot of people using these kind of umbrellas, and 1 dollar equals 50+ pesos, and pretty much sure the umbrellas here are below the price of thousands :v

  • Aaru Gaming
    Aaru Gaming 23 days ago

    3:28 the thing you clicked this video for

  • Mr POTATO!
    Mr POTATO! 24 days ago +1

    Gucci vs Versache 👍

  • Mr POTATO!
    Mr POTATO! 24 days ago +1

    *Gucci Left The Chat*

  • richar calderin
    richar calderin 24 days ago +2

    My fav is the chair bc am that lazy person that’s never standing up and eats like 1000 calories per minute

  • dean fourie
    dean fourie 25 days ago

    Whant to trade roblox accounts ?

  • i am hufflepuff
    i am hufflepuff 25 days ago


    Thank me l8r

  • The fortnite Banana
    The fortnite Banana 25 days ago


  • GalaxyWolfieRubyQueen 2.0

    $100,000 DOLLARS!!!

  • Mae Mik
    Mae Mik 26 days ago

    These items are crazy that there insane

  • endrit gerbreshi
    endrit gerbreshi 26 days ago

    1100009 1111110000

  • manuel de jesus
    manuel de jesus 26 days ago

    i see you slow yor 🏃run