7 YEARS OF PROGRESS! | Drawing Rapunzel for the 7th Time! | Photoshop Draw This Again Challenge

  • Published on Dec 29, 2018
  • Its become a tradition for me to redraw an old Rapunzel Illustration for 2012 EVERY YEAR since I made it. I love looking back at each of the drawings and seeing how my art has progressed or regressed over the years. Do you do anything similar every year?
    2017: tvclip.biz/video/BQR9tXGlFvk/video.html
    2016: tvclip.biz/video/EC1XHPG6bUk/video.html
    2015: tvclip.biz/video/FXMQvGe_DRc/video.html
    2014: tvclip.biz/video/-ANTaJ8fPyA/video.html
    2013: tvclip.biz/video/ZydRPUZsoUY/video.html

    Wacom Intuos3 6x8 Tablet: amzn.to/2QQW0kK
    Photoshop CS5 (Old Version)
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  • Kitakat
    Kitakat 8 hours ago

    in traditional art, use a mirror to look at it flipped to see if it's balanced. not sure you'll see this since this is an old video unless someone else already commented this.

  • Designs With Amzyboo
    Designs With Amzyboo 14 hours ago

    My favourite is 2017

  • Darrick Sp40
    Darrick Sp40 16 hours ago

    I love your art so much!!!!!!!! But I think the face was a bit off, I think the eyes should have been bigger, and possibly a more button type nose. And the lips a little bit more “princess like”. Her face shape also I think could have been more oval shaped. No offense though because I do really love your art and channel , just a bit of constructive criticism.

  • Nour Amrhar
    Nour Amrhar Day ago

    I love rapunzel

  • Ana Light
    Ana Light Day ago


  • * Hailey * Moris *

    Its 2019 😁

  • leo Garrett
    leo Garrett 2 days ago

    i think im going to start drawing me every birthday

  • Elyscehastie Hastie
    Elyscehastie Hastie 6 days ago

    The hair and dress is gorgeous and the hand in front of the dress is beautiful

  • Sophia Bianco
    Sophia Bianco 7 days ago


  • Ikrame Zirari
    Ikrame Zirari 8 days ago

    My goal for 2019-2020 are to draw a bit more realistic like: hair, clothes, eyes, and mouth. And i needa learn drawing hands and feet

  • potato doggo
    potato doggo 9 days ago


  • saarxddd
    saarxddd 10 days ago +1

    I love it, but she also seems to lose a bit of her spirit every time... like she's getting less excited and enthousiastic or something.

  • LegoGalaxy
    LegoGalaxy 11 days ago

    Have you made one for 2019??

  • ねこクラウド
    ねこクラウド 11 days ago

    this came out on my birthday!!!

  • mimi maria
    mimi maria 11 days ago


  • Mercvry
    Mercvry 12 days ago

    What app or something do you use to digital sketch

  • Miho Funtime
    Miho Funtime 14 days ago

    Now for the 2019 redraw xD

  • asswipe
    asswipe 14 days ago

    she just gets older and oldr

  • Oliwia Agata00200
    Oliwia Agata00200 14 days ago

    I like how pascal, her hair and a dress look like, but I literally hate her face... sorry, I think Rapunzel was thinner and it just doesn't suit her (in my opinion). The rest is really good, keep going

  • Sakaro Tori
    Sakaro Tori 14 days ago

    Is it just me, or whenever someone is giving criticism everyone says “ItS NoT aNiMe!”?

  • Sakaro Tori
    Sakaro Tori 14 days ago +1

    Is it just me or are the hands a bit big?

  • Cubblebat
    Cubblebat 14 days ago

    My art goals for this year are backgrounds and colouring things. My brain just doesn't want to do them, so I gotta do'em!

  • Kamila Mejia
    Kamila Mejia 15 days ago

    Well I’m late! But now it’s time for the 8th drawing

  • aiden_arts
    aiden_arts 18 days ago

    13:36 wait but isn’t the sun just a giant star...

  • Aschenmeier Family
    Aschenmeier Family 20 days ago

    I want my generation to say "It's 2319" in 2319, just like in the movie monsters ink says "it's a 2319, it's a 2319!" I know this is random, but...

  • Meriem Ime
    Meriem Ime 20 days ago

    2017 the best

  • Kat Cop
    Kat Cop 21 day ago

    Don’t forget to draw her 2019 XD

  • Daniel Meeker
    Daniel Meeker 21 day ago

    I think last year's was better.
    This year's -- her stance is too static, while last year's had more 'life' to it. Also, this year's -- her left leg looks off, like the proportions aren't correct.
    I still love your work, though!

  • M e R t O n. EXE
    M e R t O n. EXE 22 days ago

    Hey look its 2019

    You know what that means

  • Weird Gal
    Weird Gal 22 days ago

    0:07 In my opinion that one really looks like Rapunzel and the detail really pops out like her eyes.

  • Lps Greninja
    Lps Greninja 22 days ago

    What do u use?

  • Jennyka Warrior
    Jennyka Warrior 23 days ago

    I really like the drawing, it's beautiful.
    The face looks odd a little bit

  • GalaxyLover
    GalaxyLover 23 days ago

    In my opinion I like 2013 da best
    I really like the newer one though!

  • JazriArts
    JazriArts 23 days ago

    !! It's a bit hard when it comes to sketchbooks but I flip traditional drawings by looking at the paper from underneath and point it towards a light source :D
    You mentioned not being able to flip traditional drawings in an easy way so I thought of sharing this hehe
    Also I loved the previous versions of Rapunzel a lot since I really like the cartoony style but you've improved so muuccch! Especially in coloring hehe, everything seems so smooth annd pretty :D
    I really love doing yearly redraws too hehe, it makes me feel accomplished when I see improvement

  • Nakiami
    Nakiami 23 days ago

    Why is everyone asking for a 2019 version already? She does them at the end of each year...

  • Foxette Neal
    Foxette Neal 24 days ago

    Trying too find a style and expand what I draw. I mostly draw dragons, but I'm trying to distance myself from dragons and learn how to draw humans.

  • Lacey Jade
    Lacey Jade 26 days ago


  • Oscar Martinez
    Oscar Martinez 27 days ago

    I like 2015 Rapunzel

  • Jacmine N
    Jacmine N 28 days ago

    my favorite is probably 2015 :)

  • xYumuX
    xYumuX 28 days ago

    I love the hair, shades and dress. The pose and the face need a little improvement

  • Allyzza Fhey Ambion

    Your work made me want to draw again after years of being busy at school. (And reminded me of my dream of drawing a digital art when I was in elementary) Nice art. 😁

  • Drawer Trin
    Drawer Trin Month ago

    Ya know, ya gotta do a 2019 one now!!

  • Monkey Boo
    Monkey Boo Month ago

    Oooooo, we're in 2019 now u need to do a repunzel againnnnnnnn

  • ReaganFeil The Happy Gal!!!

    Was it perhaps (10:45 )Tangled the series???! I happen to LOVE that series for the soul purpose of one, cheeky, goofy, adorable, cinnamon roll named Varian.

  • Emma
    Emma Month ago

    I've been mentally prepping to redraw some old art because of the way you do your drawings of Rapunzel :) and thanks to watching your videos I'm also going to try not looking at the older pieces during the process.

  • Vegas242
    Vegas242 Month ago +1

    Man whenever you talk about colors I don't know how to feel since I'm color blind so it's really hard to figure out how colors are supposed to be. I only recently figured out that I thought some colors that I thought were green were actually grey the whole time

  • Cheetoh fingers69
    Cheetoh fingers69 Month ago

    I think 2015 and 2017 were the best this one was, in my opinion, kinda meh

  • Cheetoh fingers69
    Cheetoh fingers69 Month ago

    I personally think it looks stiff. I think it would look less stiff if you had her spinning like she does in the movie while looking at the lanterns and if her feet weren’t so close together, it almost looks awkward

  • beckylietzow
    beckylietzow Month ago

    try turning it upside down when using traditional materials, i feel like it has a similar effect to the flipping of the image

  • Jessica Anderson
    Jessica Anderson Month ago

    how do you draw digitally? What do u use?

  • BrookelovesCoco
    BrookelovesCoco Month ago

    She looks like she is about 30 years old😂 But you put alot of effort into this soo other than that this is great!!

  • Froggy gamer 207
    Froggy gamer 207 Month ago

    I’m gonna start doing the redrawing every year

  • The Molly!
    The Molly! Month ago

    it's 2019...

    i'm waiting

  • Victoria Brewster
    Victoria Brewster Month ago

    Now do 2019!!!!

  • suchi.jpeg
    suchi.jpeg Month ago

    cant wait for the 2019 version (if its already come out sorry

  • B I G N U T T
    B I G N U T T Month ago

    Her arms got tired.

  • potatoe cloud
    potatoe cloud Month ago

    Waffles you are my favorite artist. Your drawings always make me want to draw. Its true that I've seen more flowy poses that you have drawn before in comparison to this one. Actually one of the things that I love the most about your art style is: your poses and the smiles on your characters. I read through the coments in this video and most of them have constructive critisism. Although I don't fully agree with all of them, it is true that it helps us grow as artists. Just keep up the good work!!

  • v0_h 5
    v0_h 5 Month ago

    My favorite is 2015

  • Amber Cloyd
    Amber Cloyd Month ago

    My favorite is the one from 2015

  • Amber Davis
    Amber Davis Month ago

    2015 and 2016 are the cutest. You put so much detail in the hair, flowers and skirt patterns

  • In The Røse Gãrden
    In The Røse Gãrden Month ago +1

    I have complaints and complaints.
    The face was a bit tense, as I dislike the face more and more each year, though I do tend to struggle with faces myself. The legs were a bit thin and hands to large. I also think the movement was a bit stiff, yet showed some. Such as the feet facing the same direction, one arm straight and other bent looked a little wonky. And- yes, it’s your first time drawing the lizard (haven’t watched the movie in a while so can’t remember his name!), but the arms could’ve been more.. well, I don’t know, maybe mor realistic...? Sorry my wording isn’t working today! 😅 Anyway, maybe the arms on him could’ve been more webbed or pointy? Yeah, I can’t explain it, but I hope you understand. It looked amazing though!
    This wasn’t mean to criticize you or fans, just tell what you could improve on.
    Other than that it was absolutely beautiful! So much improvement, yet much to come!

  • Haider gee
    Haider gee Month ago

    all the face structures were beautiful except this one by the way it was a beautiful drawing

  • Saber Squid
    Saber Squid Month ago

    2015 looks Soo good

  • pusheenicorn 7
    pusheenicorn 7 Month ago

    I understand that you are trying to make the face look realistic, but unless it's going to be a relaxed real face, it just looks awkward. I would suggest trying relaxed realistic faces or a more animated face next year.

  • layla king
    layla king Month ago

    Do it again

  • Cupcake 1
    Cupcake 1 Month ago

    She looks old

  • synonum
    synonum Month ago

    most of the comments are critiques. haha honestly i like everything about this but the arms and face lmao-

  • Irina Elena
    Irina Elena Month ago


  • MaKayla’s Gaming world


  • I Am Just A Normal Human :D

    2015 looks more disney-ish 2D kinda style and I liked it among all of them but the others are good too. But 2015 just fits the style cuz Rapunzel is from disney and all.

  • Amanda Goerk
    Amanda Goerk Month ago +1

    I like 2015😋😍 0:07

  • Illuminated Lamp
    Illuminated Lamp Month ago

    lmaoo i love how a quarter of the comment section is about the head

  • Red Hoodie
    Red Hoodie Month ago

    I’ve never seen your past art but I will say I love the coloring, shadows and details that you put in but it feels very stiff, the face seems odd in comparison to the details and the positioning/posing seemed a bit flat, especially with the way the dress seems to be twirling while the feet contrast with that movement and it’s just hard to express how stiff this drawing is, it lacks the emotions but I can feel the beauty of the scene and I just don’t know, this is just my opinion and I don’t know if you’ve improved or not cuz I didn’t see your past art, but I recommend practicing poses and facial expressions to match the mood of the scene

  • Alyssa R
    Alyssa R Month ago

    The hands look quite awkward

  • Cup Of Mint Tae
    Cup Of Mint Tae Month ago +1

    2019 anyone?

  • RobotParty 02
    RobotParty 02 Month ago

    I love when you do this!

  • BreêzePełt CrøwFeåther

    Take a shot everytime she says balanced
    Love you waffles ❤️

  • Lightning Arc
    Lightning Arc Month ago

    I;d say change her pose or give her hands something to do like reaching up to the lantern or pascal or holding part of her dress, maybe less face wrinkles? it looked a little odd on her as she is such a youthful looking character, i find keeping dimples either side of mouth looks nicer to show off a smile :D

  • sily sister
    sily sister Month ago

    Why are people being but holes in the comment section that art is her style and you can’t change it so stop being jerks

  • crafts And fun with karina


  • Brooke Archer
    Brooke Archer Month ago

    Do you use a mouse? And what program is this?

  • bri
    bri Month ago

    2015 and 2017 are my favorite! Loved the dress and details this year

  • Emalie Studios
    Emalie Studios Month ago +1

    Hey it’s 2019 are you still going to be drawing rapunzal this year?

  • May With A Top Hat
    May With A Top Hat Month ago

    Ok now 2019


  • Winter
    Winter Month ago

    Its as always amazing, but this time i dont rly like her pose, I think its too wooden? idk

  • Dely〰
    Dely〰 Month ago

    Its 2019!!!

  • Alexess and my brother

    trying to get better then I was in third grade

  • Creamy Fluffball
    Creamy Fluffball Month ago

    I mean and

  • Creamy Fluffball
    Creamy Fluffball Month ago

    The face is chuby abd her nose is so weird

  • Lilly
    Lilly Month ago

    So to flip traditional art: would it work to put a mirror next to it and look at the mirror (or is this just a dumb idea that only makes sense in my head)?

  • Melissa Atkinson
    Melissa Atkinson Month ago

    what i need to work on is the human body (full body) and in different angles/poses

  • vee ee
    vee ee Month ago

    I'm sorry but the face is a nono for me, personal preference I guess

  • Bato Ruxadze
    Bato Ruxadze Month ago

    do 2019

  • • Bxsic DiDi •
    • Bxsic DiDi • Month ago

    Omg I remember THIS

  • gacha. _ .muffin
    gacha. _ .muffin Month ago

    how bout 2019

  • Lunna2012 the octoling

    Why haven’t I ever done something like this.. I am going to start something that I draw every year bc why not :)
    But what...

  • ireland
    ireland Month ago

    this is constructive criticism i’m not trying to be rude:)
    you’ve probably seen this a lot but the pose is very stiff and a bit unnatural looking also the face looks older and more mature than Rapunzel’s face actually is but other than that it’s a very beautiful drawing :-)

  • Paige Siegert
    Paige Siegert Month ago

    I understand wanting to switch the pose, but honestly this one is much less exciting and much less...Rapunzel. In the movie she’s just looking at lanterns and still almost capsizes the boat she is on...she’s very energetic and this is not. The hands and face feel very stiff, and to be honest I really liked your drawings of Rapunzel with less realistic facial features far more.

  • MinAh
    MinAh Month ago

    The sun is a star

  • Juanita Matias
    Juanita Matias Month ago

    Love your progress. Love this version.