Kate Flannery’s Cha Cha - Dancing with the Stars

  • Published on Sep 17, 2019
  • Kate Flannery and Pasha Pashkov dance the Cha Cha to “She Works Hard For The Money” by Donna Summer on Dancing with the Stars Season 28 premiere!
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  • Sharon Haynes
    Sharon Haynes 30 minutes ago

    I would have never guessed that Kate would be such a strong competitor on the dance floor! She is blowing my mind this season.

  • The Girl At The Front Desk

    I love Kate!

  • Pily Ramirez
    Pily Ramirez 4 days ago +1

    Kate is amazing! She's so nice!! l hope she win🙏🏻

  • Madison Marshall
    Madison Marshall 5 days ago +3

    She has freakishly tiny feet for her size

  • lilly kate b
    lilly kate b 7 days ago +1

    i’m gonna get pasha and shasa so confused

  • Hien Tran
    Hien Tran 7 days ago +2

    A great debut for Pasha. He comes at a good time as the judges will emphasize technique over gimmicks this season.

  • L Lam
    L Lam 9 days ago +1

    Thank you for inviting Pasha to join the show. You can tell his dancing skills is up to different levels.

  • Lily Poon
    Lily Poon 10 days ago +1

    I love Kate!

  • kaliki76
    kaliki76 13 days ago +2

    She's fun to watch. I just keep waiting for her to expose herself and the camera to blur it out. Office flashbacks

    • Allyson Tanis
      Allyson Tanis 12 days ago +1

      Dammit, Meredith! Where are your panties?

  • Sawyer Averys
    Sawyer Averys 13 days ago +4

    I really like *Kate and Pasha* they are well suited together and I love how quirky she is and love how well he meshes in with it and love how he brings it out in their dances and I hope they make it to the finals

    • Nella J
      Nella J 12 days ago +1

      Agreed. Pasha is doing well as a pro. He is making Kate look amazing. This pair is one of my top favorites to win the mirrorball

  • Jessii Lee
    Jessii Lee 13 days ago +2

    I see what DWTS is trying to do by hiring him. And I bet Len was pleased he gives us traditional ballroom dancing. With the other pros trying to plead social media I think they forgot the essence of the show. I like him

    • Nella J
      Nella J 12 days ago +1

      Agreed 💯💯👏🏽👏🏽 Pasha is amazing

  • Kathryn Cleveland
    Kathryn Cleveland 14 days ago +1

    Great job Kate Flannery. I had to watch it twice!!

  • Witch's Brew Sims
    Witch's Brew Sims 17 days ago +1

    its harpers mom !!!

  • sky peters
    sky peters 17 days ago

    Pasha is adorable!!!!

  • Callie Estra
    Callie Estra 17 days ago

    She looked a bit hesitant and like she was making sure she was doing the right thing in the beginning and was a bit stiff but other than that they looked great together

  • Megan Rodriguez
    Megan Rodriguez 18 days ago

    Okay but Pasha is super cute!!

  • Luna Moon
    Luna Moon 19 days ago

    Go Meredith ❤️❤️ lmao Kate !

  • Ballroom_Danny
    Ballroom_Danny 20 days ago +1

    What I loved about Kate in this routine was the fact that she gave everything she had out there on the dancefloor. The entertainment value of it all was very high and her musicality was lovely. Unfortunately, there were lots of mistakes regarding her footwork, the whole routine was riddle with technical errors from start to finish - no straightening of the legs, no beautiful arms, no hip action... she needs to focus on the technical fundamentals of the dance because she has it in musicality and in personality. A 3.

    • Nella J
      Nella J 17 days ago

      Agreed 💯💯👏🏽👏🏽

  • Erin Fitman
    Erin Fitman 20 days ago +1

    Kate is glowing!

  • Gracen Dew
    Gracen Dew 20 days ago +8

    “Dunder Mifflin this is Meredith.”

  • Big Mass
    Big Mass 21 day ago +1

    She deserves a better partner tbh...

  • Marmar c
    Marmar c 21 day ago


  • Sarah Something
    Sarah Something 21 day ago

    Yes Kate!!!! Love it when established actors try something new.

  • Sia
    Sia 21 day ago +11

    what the hell is meredith doing on dancing with the stars

  • Limore Shakar
    Limore Shakar 21 day ago

    I feel sorry for Pasha he got a partner who is more like a freezer (ice cold )🥶. Office was cool, but not because of her-Kate 😉

  • Dersy Victor
    Dersy Victor 22 days ago

    She’s si funny!

  • Alexis Hayes
    Alexis Hayes 22 days ago

    They got some new pro on this season

  • Jeri Paxton
    Jeri Paxton 23 days ago

    That was fantastic!

  • Laina Adams
    Laina Adams 24 days ago

    I really really like Pasha! He seems super patient and nice. Thought Kate did great for her first dance. Excited for the season!!

  • Robin Maynard
    Robin Maynard 24 days ago

    nice job!

  • Anthony Chilcote
    Anthony Chilcote 24 days ago

    She is so charismatic!

  • Kathleen Woodruff
    Kathleen Woodruff 24 days ago

    I have a good feeling that kate flannery will go far!

  • Aaron Wilkins
    Aaron Wilkins 24 days ago

    Oh dear lord, forgive me but I hated it (like her, hated this dance). She is as stiff and wooden as a cricket bat and does all kinds of annoying facial things (although probably this is her trying to work through the anxieties) and one thing I cannot bear in latin is when someone just stops with the hip action- bad hips are better than none! I don't really like Pasha's choreography either- I am sure he can and will create better. There is too much faffing about here and it needs a whole lot more Cha Cha basic. 3.

  • Billie Whyers
    Billie Whyers 24 days ago

    Not bad!

  • Bonny McDonald
    Bonny McDonald 25 days ago

    A “new” dance pro but that let two go? DWTS that is really shitty

  • Sylvia Maye
    Sylvia Maye 25 days ago

    Hey! Go, Kate! I think she has great legs! I’ll watch just for her.

  • Mary Kay Raynal
    Mary Kay Raynal 25 days ago

    OMG! She did so awesome and SHE CAN SING?! We see you Kate!! ;)

  • Nicole Okundaye
    Nicole Okundaye 25 days ago +1


  • Brianna B
    Brianna B 25 days ago +3

    I live for this, so good! Love Kate’s energy

  • IamEm
    IamEm 25 days ago +1

    Why can't we like both Artem and now Pasha why is it just one

  • Lulu Seatown Getdown
    Lulu Seatown Getdown 25 days ago

    Go Kate and Pasha!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Ariana Castillo
    Ariana Castillo 25 days ago +1

    omg i just realized kate was on jessie

  • ζαρα Ιωάννα
    ζαρα Ιωάννα 25 days ago

    If I was in the audience and the fourth judge stood for every performance I'd be pretty pissed! These outfits were so bad and didn't compliment each other in the slightest. I think her dance ability is pretty much what we all expected to be fair

  • Brittnee Spindler
    Brittnee Spindler 25 days ago


  • Jazmine Sandoval
    Jazmine Sandoval 26 days ago

    Reminds me of Meredith belly dancing in the office Moroccan christmas episode 😂❤️

  • Katie Petersen
    Katie Petersen 26 days ago +21

    “My God, if you're wearing a dress, please keep your knees together, nobody wants to see that.”

  • Prashanth Rajarajan
    Prashanth Rajarajan 26 days ago

    So gooood!!! She did well with some tricky footwork there!

  • Tiki80
    Tiki80 26 days ago

    Pasha gives mark n sasha vibes.. good work on kates part

  • Kelly818 F
    Kelly818 F 26 days ago +3

    Who else typed in “Meredith and Pasha” into the search bar by mistake?

  • Iron Maiden
    Iron Maiden 26 days ago +5

    I was completely shocked! She did really well and has a great voice!! 😱

  • Sidhantha neogi
    Sidhantha neogi 26 days ago

    Meredith your boob is out!

  • timryan1234
    timryan1234 26 days ago

    I love ❤️ Kate!!!!! I hope she goes far!

  • Kristin Whitehead
    Kristin Whitehead 26 days ago

    That was quite a nice surprise!

  • Elite Will
    Elite Will 26 days ago

    Off topic but in the waitress part you can see Demi, Dylan, and Tayshia. I might be late to that b I’m shook

  • Creshaun Harris
    Creshaun Harris 26 days ago +4

    Not gonna lie, I kinda like the new pro!!!

  • A Maz
    A Maz 26 days ago

    Meredith! She did amazing

  • Elaine Helms
    Elaine Helms 27 days ago

    Ok, if you are going to start bringing on people from The Office you have to pick Phyllis next. She had a career as a dancer prior to acting. She was also a professional cheerleader.

  • Rebecca Soto
    Rebecca Soto 27 days ago

    Dang..she left me with my mouth wide open! She was amazing💕💕

  • FeatheredWingz
    FeatheredWingz 27 days ago +14

    Also, I think I'm gonna like this new pro, Pasha! So many of the other pros, when they get an older or otherwise awkward partner, they try to hide it by dancing all flashy themselves. But Pasha here actually just stayed restrained and matched Kate! That's a true team player there!

  • Ciera Howell
    Ciera Howell 27 days ago

    Awww how cute. The problem is she looks comedic with her movement in places. She’s gotta loosen up