I LEFT MY DESK?! | Mystery Art Box | Scrawlrbox Unboxing | Plein Air Watercolor Painting


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  • Emma Cunningham
    Emma Cunningham 9 hours ago

    Lots of dogs can sense when you're nervous or anxious, your dog was probably trying to comfort you. 19/10 would pet that wonderful doggo

  • Jessica Brown
    Jessica Brown Day ago

    Worn out black

  • Ana Gigigh
    Ana Gigigh 4 days ago

    i actually kind of liked the background! i thought it sort of added something, im not sure what tho.

  • Chocolate0chip
    Chocolate0chip 5 days ago


    Lemme take a selfie

  • swati malik
    swati malik 7 days ago +1

    Uhhm I love Nutella waffle and the name of your channel makes me remember that
    I am silly 😜 foodie

  • Nheyntra Suppiah
    Nheyntra Suppiah 8 days ago

    Rin- makes epic montage Me-hits the like button

  • Krystal's Couture
    Krystal's Couture 10 days ago +1

    Is this a voiceover? I’m just curious it’s so cohesive if so lol

  • Norah Ferlejowski
    Norah Ferlejowski 11 days ago

    OMG your dog is soooooooo cute!!!! What breed is he/she?

  • Oppositeblue
    Oppositeblue 12 days ago

    I really feel like you live in Michigan just the fudge and humidity sticks out lmao

  • Alivarezz Yee haw
    Alivarezz Yee haw 14 days ago +1

    I immediately saw the art and knew who it was by!!, I love their art and Waffles art, follow them both :)))

  • Melanie Padilla
    Melanie Padilla 15 days ago

    Anyone notice she wrote 2018? CMON GUYS 2019!

  • Spencer The Dog
    Spencer The Dog 16 days ago +1

    6:42 my dog Spencer does that all the time! But I dont get annoyed because he is a Calvilier King Charles Spaniel and their job was to warm the feet and laps of their owners soooooooo he is doing his job

  • Karah Allred
    Karah Allred 17 days ago

    Your dog is so cute!!!!!

  • Ms.Thing
    Ms.Thing 17 days ago

    *_Waffles has LEGS??? WHAT!!_*

    • Cleo Stidham
      Cleo Stidham 7 days ago

      Ikr? I'm as shook as when I found out that PewdiePie had legs!

  • Abigail Gott
    Abigail Gott 18 days ago


  • Gamer Girl
    Gamer Girl 18 days ago

    Wait people actually leave their desks??

    ITS RAINING CATS 18 days ago

    this is the closest we'll ever get to seeing her face LMHO

    • anne
      anne 17 days ago

      she's had a face reveal before, just google it

  • Emma Copple
    Emma Copple 18 days ago

    Anyone else notice that she wrote 2018 instead of 2019? 😂😂

    • anne
      anne 17 days ago

      this was in 2018

  • Silvia Borba
    Silvia Borba 18 days ago

    waffles: is there an off black? does that color even exist?
    Every goth in the world (including me): YES! and it's not a nice color....

  • Layla Bird
    Layla Bird 19 days ago

    Hi drawing wiff waffles I love drawing along with your videos you help me keep drawing so i hope you have a awesome new year! 2019 for the win!

  • wild ratty girl/Naia smith

    That puffy lil poodle!

  • Emily Otley-Howard
    Emily Otley-Howard 19 days ago +1

    That's scary- You daredevil-

  • Dianna W
    Dianna W 19 days ago

    Very cute

  • Vih Zanon
    Vih Zanon 21 day ago

    Your doggyyyyy!!! ❤️
    I loved the video! And I understand how you feel drawing outside... I feel the same ;-;

  • Hannah Howard
    Hannah Howard 21 day ago

    At first I was like, WHY IS IT CENSORED?😂🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Lily Waurechen
    Lily Waurechen 21 day ago

    The poodle tho

  • TurtleBarf 666
    TurtleBarf 666 22 days ago

    “My hair and the humidity are about to create World War 3.” That’s the best thing I’ve every heard

  • Hacks&crafts WithK
    Hacks&crafts WithK 22 days ago

    "Guys, Its FUDGE!"

  • Vivied Draws
    Vivied Draws 23 days ago

    My cats sit on my lap and they are to cute I just can't mess with them. Like if you love cats. 🐈

  • Gabe Post
    Gabe Post 23 days ago

    Your dog is SOOOO cute! :)

  • Katherine Taylor
    Katherine Taylor 23 days ago

    I can barely...move...my arm!! 😂😂 awesome

  • Katherine Taylor
    Katherine Taylor 23 days ago

    The place where you were was so pretty!! Where is that?

  • Hello It's Me Katey
    Hello It's Me Katey 24 days ago

    I got that palette for Christmas and it's my all-time faveeeee! I even did the challenge because I had seen this video before I used it at the library teen space and it felt calm and peaceful and I think it improved my work

  • Bobbi Maynard
    Bobbi Maynard 24 days ago

    False prayer....

  • Kim Liscio
    Kim Liscio 25 days ago

    It’s draw-seption!

  • Abigale Leoncia
    Abigale Leoncia 25 days ago

    Being outside whilst drawing makes me feel good. Just being alone outside, with the sounds of the real world around me makes me calm. And drawing makes me calmer.
    So I feel good /v\

  • Dream Crafters
    Dream Crafters 26 days ago

    Do you live in the US or Canada

  • tara
    tara 28 days ago

    "off black" um do you mean like a dark gray? 😂

  • velatine vavian
    velatine vavian 28 days ago

    I have never seen your face.reveal your face.

  • Sydney Kennedy
    Sydney Kennedy 29 days ago


  • Jaffa Cakez!
    Jaffa Cakez! Month ago

    WAIT WAIT WAIT!!.........There is a world beyond my desk. A world full of colour/color?
    NAH! I have google images. :)

  • Peshcracker_love c3

    At 6:04, did you say “with the knees up the ass”? Bc thats what it sounds like lol

  • Shormistha Phani
    Shormistha Phani Month ago

    Omg!!!He is sooooo cayute!!!!!!!!!!!🐕🐕🐕

  • Elsie Owen
    Elsie Owen Month ago

    talks about fudge-(me) gets up to eat fudge. I'm like thanks for reminding me

  • Turannoktonos
    Turannoktonos Month ago

    ehm what's the use of plein air painting when you're not painting something you see...

  • Savannah
    Savannah Month ago

    3:34; I love on just how about everyone sings that song

  • Ramen Noodles
    Ramen Noodles Month ago +3

    I rewatched the intro so many times 😂.

  • Kira Garnett
    Kira Garnett Month ago

    love your nails also

  • Brooke Iseppi
    Brooke Iseppi Month ago

    Later ...... (doggo foot in paint) *splodge*

  • Dewi Shinta P
    Dewi Shinta P Month ago

    I hate kneaded eraser.

  • Sarah Connors
    Sarah Connors Month ago +1

    I know how it feels I usually draw in my room at my desk then once I went downstairs and it felt so strange and I left lodes of stuff up stairs and had to take 2more trips upstairs

  • Tegan Tabe
    Tegan Tabe Month ago

    Little instiens I'm 10 and I still watch that🙄

  • Pfouts Kids
    Pfouts Kids Month ago

    Waffles: why are you being so cute???!!!
    Dog: because I want vanilla fudge!
    Waffles: why?
    Dog: because I am allergic to chocolate!!!!!!

  • it's me
    it's me Month ago

    Go. Outside. More.!

    That's a request! ;)

  • Emilia TayTay
    Emilia TayTay Month ago +3

    Does she do voiceovers or not I'm confused??🤔🤔

  • Lilac -chan
    Lilac -chan Month ago

    Does the song in the back ground kinda sound like bts blood sweat and tears?

  • Ember The Lynx
    Ember The Lynx Month ago

    There's black ( the off black) and the *special black*

  • anonymous unknown
    anonymous unknown Month ago

    Face reveal...??!

  • Marsuki TV
    Marsuki TV Month ago

    Deckle deckle deckle deckle deckle deckle deckle

  • ATZthetic
    ATZthetic Month ago

    wait you don’t do voiceovers ?

  • Candy Cake
    Candy Cake Month ago

    I skip a couple secs, and all I hear is "they have a Lotta fudge and a weird goat", ~Rin 2018

  • Sabryna Medina
    Sabryna Medina Month ago

    10:24 THICC

  • Karleigh Willis
    Karleigh Willis Month ago +1

    Was this a voice over?

  • Nikita Rennie
    Nikita Rennie Month ago +1

    Ok, you are using one of my fave mediums... WATERCOLORS, I tend to watch you're videos while I draw because you inspire me but I'm not allowed my device in my room so I am always squashed by the couch with my art supplies since of course I'm not allowed my device in my room. but recently I was in a huge art block and I didn't draw for two-three weeks and I was watching one of your videos ( I think it was a Copic video) and I was just like... hey I want to draw and it turned out real cute so thank you :D

  • lps Pinja
    lps Pinja Month ago


  • Brenda Quimby
    Brenda Quimby Month ago

    Definitely liked this video.. Thank you sharing.

  • Jana
    Jana Month ago +1

    can you do drawing touturials plz

  • Saniya Aleem
    Saniya Aleem Month ago

    Are you right or left handed?

    Love you Waffles!❤️

  • ;0 kid
    ;0 kid Month ago

    "Just doin my thaynng." LOL!

  • Ειρηνη Χαντζη

    You are amazing!

  • Victoria ????
    Victoria ???? Month ago


  • Mystic Cat
    Mystic Cat Month ago +2

    When you want to ruin an artist's day 0:03.

    • ItsCece
      ItsCece 22 days ago

      Mystic Cat Lol 😂

    I WANT FABULOUS Month ago +1

    I would of just sat on my toilet, and paint, lol

  • Bex Crafty Creations

    Adorable baby! What breed is he? What's his name? I was just cooking beans a little bit ago and accidentally put them on "keep warm" rather than high. By the time I realized what I'd done, my 7 month old Standard Poodle puppy Summer was cuddling with my foot. I didn't get up until she re-positioned herself off again a little while later. I love cuddling with my baby!

  • Jordyn Funk
    Jordyn Funk Month ago

    2:30 and then mway babeee🥳

  • hi hi
    hi hi Month ago

    "Do you ever lay down about to get up and your dog lays on you?," me:YES AND I HAVE STANDARD POODLES THEY ARE HUGE

  • Aketu Snuff
    Aketu Snuff Month ago

    If you have one background skill point I have -25

  • Alannis Phan
    Alannis Phan Month ago

    3:50 *that's an interesting goat*

  • Spencer The Dog
    Spencer The Dog Month ago +1

    11:26 soooo a very, very dark gray or charcoal?

  • nathaly bacani
    nathaly bacani Month ago

    do a face reveal..

  • Itz Cadie
    Itz Cadie Month ago

    ur amazing,keep doing what you do and im gonna send some fan art your way because you are my idol and i love you.i hope i can be more like you some day.and since im just a kid and a lot of kids start there youtube channel early and they handle hate a completely differnet way but when you tell people that you shouldn't care about the haters opinion is just amazing.i love you and keep doing what you do.

  • Reese Devivo
    Reese Devivo Month ago

    Your dog is so cuteeeee

  • Ana
    Ana Month ago

    did you do a voice over or did you talk in real time?

  • Belinda R
    Belinda R Month ago +2

    Your awkwardness at being outside in the "wilds" is so endearing. But like, fudge. I was lured out of my home today by the local Christmas market and that one thing I get every year: a candy apple. Trying to eat a candy apple and do some sketch journaling didn't work out so well. Dropped it, almost cried =(

  • Gacha Rosewood
    Gacha Rosewood Month ago

    what is that pencil do you use to sketch? The red sketching pencil and that green one that you used for the sketch in this video.

  • Media Addict
    Media Addict Month ago +1

    I wild Waffles has appeared !

  • broose weyn
    broose weyn Month ago


  • KayFilms Rblx
    KayFilms Rblx Month ago

    You inspire me so much to draw!!! I mean.. my drawings SUCK.. but you still inspire me so much! Luv u Rin! ❤️ ✍🏻

  • Alyssa Smith
    Alyssa Smith Month ago

    Off black is an actual color name. So yeah it's probably off black haha. Anyway- I loved your drawing sm you're improving so much Rin OMG! This is so well done. Also: I want fudge now because of you 😂

  • Kayle Brogan
    Kayle Brogan Month ago

    11:34 you mean gray 😂

  • The C00l J
    The C00l J Month ago

    Just like your drawing this with your doggo, I’m watching this with my Doggo 🐩 Dog power 🐶!

  • Aspen Paws
    Aspen Paws Month ago

    W H A A A A A A A A T T ?

    sorry i had to .

  • Missy MineCrazy
    Missy MineCrazy Month ago

    at 12:20 you had a little friend visit to help you :3
    (looks close at the watercolors)

  • Alyssa Kirchoff
    Alyssa Kirchoff Month ago

    Do you recommend art snacks or scrawlrbox??

  • Kay Garza
    Kay Garza Month ago

    You are literally my idol. Like I can’t draw, and I get frustrated but then I’m all like what would Rin do? And then I’m inspired again! ILYSM ❤️❤️❤️

  • Zoey Mills
    Zoey Mills Month ago +2

    “My hair and the humidity are about to start world war 3.”
    Why is this me?

  • Timmy Turtle 1.6
    Timmy Turtle 1.6 Month ago

    Your poopie is what I aspire to be

  • Nadia Giselle Perez Rios

    its the august box but its in November whatttt xD

  • Lee Pea
    Lee Pea Month ago

    am i the only one who noticed that there was glitter in my lil box???? like did u have that???

  • Aoop Zoop
    Aoop Zoop Month ago

    Off black? Do you mean gray...