Who's the spokesperson for economics?

  • Published on Sep 7, 2018
  • Most students today have probably never heard of one of the economist that Paul Krugman, called “possibly the most brilliant communicator of economic ideas to the general public that ever lived.”
    Milton Friedman won the Nobel prize in economics in 1976 and created a popular TV series in 1980 called Free to Choose. He stressed free-markets and limited government and explained economics with clarity and whit. Many of his arguments are just as relevant today as they were 40 years ago.
    Stay tuned for several videos that explore his beliefs in detail. Thanks for watching.

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  • Bottomof Uranus
    Bottomof Uranus 2 months ago

    Hahahahahha this is the coolest way to learn Economics. It's my first year and I just subscribed to your channel! Legend!

  • Source Code Deleted
    Source Code Deleted 5 months ago

    Bob Ross impersonation was epic!

  • Ethan
    Ethan 6 months ago

    Dear god if Bill Nye is the spokesman for science then we are in trouble

  • Fajitahmed
    Fajitahmed 6 months ago +1

    Milton Friedman was a POS libertarian. Very politically biased like every economist except Marx.

  • Christopher Watkins
    Christopher Watkins 8 months ago +1

    For the record, I do all I can to make you the next spokes person. I thread both your ACDC and Crash Course videos throughout my History and Economics courses. From one educator to another, I appreciate your output of content and your mission to increase reason among people. Keep up the good work!

  • Emily Milan Rea
    Emily Milan Rea 10 months ago

    You're the best! So happy that you show unbiased content and provide information from all perspectives.

  • Aleesha Fynn
    Aleesha Fynn 10 months ago

    I've heard people say that we should get rid of the FED. What would that entail and is it a good idea?

  • Brayden Griffin
    Brayden Griffin 11 months ago

    Just found your channel, and I know youll never read this, but I appreciate you.

    • Jacob Clifford
      Jacob Clifford  11 months ago +1

      Of course I'll read it. I read every comment. Thanks for watching.

  • A one legged man
    A one legged man 11 months ago

    before taxes and benefits the USA has fairly equal income levels. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_income_equality#Gini_coefficient,_before_taxes_and_transfers

  • Evelyn Zhao
    Evelyn Zhao Year ago

    what do you think of Mike Maloney's youtube channel "GoldSilver", and the merit of his messages?

  • Space
    Space Year ago

    Economics devoid of foreign policy is naive.

  • Sarah Dezelin
    Sarah Dezelin Year ago

    This is actually one of my favorite videos of all time. Thanks Jacob!!!

  • SB
    SB Year ago

    I love your videos! YOU ARE MY ECON TEACHER not my actual professor hahahahaha.

  • Andrew Stone
    Andrew Stone Year ago

    How does a pimp run his hose?

  • The Bug Lord
    The Bug Lord Year ago

    Jacob Clifford is the spokesman for economics

  • Jeanne Wynne Herring

    Let's get you a Publicist my friend because our country needs you! It's funny bc I was just complaining that my voice isn't being heard by my Senators because I'm asking for bipartisanship and not being an angry liberal or republican. I spoke with some voters from both parties and they want to see some unity to repair the damaged country and pushing knowledgeable, non-bias educators like you might be the key. Thank you for your resilience! I look forward to future videos.

  • vahid nazari
    vahid nazari Year ago

    you're awesome man

  • mike shiva
    mike shiva Year ago

    heres a serious question mr clifford:
    if freedome brings equality why is the US, the land of the free, one of the most inequal countries in the world.
    and switzerland, who tries to enforce equality in stead of unregulated market liberty, is one of the most balanced, uncriminal and wealthy nation in the world.
    i think targeting equality brings equality, and targeting free market bring unregulated (ruleless) markets

  • Sean Conway
    Sean Conway Year ago

    You are literally the reason I'm making it through University.
    I love this channel.

  • Nathalie Nataren
    Nathalie Nataren Year ago

    BOB ROSS! You're were too beautiful for this world sir!

  • Abe
    Abe Year ago

    Would Friedman be against net neutrality? Or the fact that so many companies are just being gobbled up. I mean we literally have less choices than ever before.

  • P C
    P C Year ago

    Interesting - Thx

  • JK
    JK Year ago +4

    What do you think about John Stossel the journalist or Austin Peterson the guy who ran for senate in Missouri? They're pretty good economic ambassadors. Also please could you talk about monetary policy and how the Aurtian and the Chicago school of thought clash and which you think is best?

    • Chris Bittmann
      Chris Bittmann 11 months ago +1

      I've never heard of Austin Peterson, but you should look into Peter Schiff. He's hard to get into at first if you don't fully understand economics, or sometimes the stock market when he talks about it, but he's a great teacher of both.

  • drag0n3y31
    drag0n3y31 Year ago

    Dang! This country is way past the point of listening g to this man. Equality is the goal of the left and nothing will get in there way, not even liberty

  • Lauren Imperiale
    Lauren Imperiale Year ago

    Another great video thank you Mr. Clifford. Just an idea, my students love the economic concepts through movies, maybe based on some more recent TV shows or series and maybe some on economics of education and sports industries. Thanks again

  • Nur - Un Nahar
    Nur - Un Nahar Year ago

    Mr. Clifford, you are really helping us young people understand economics...I hope you'll do something more to help international students.

  • Ramil Aleskerov
    Ramil Aleskerov Year ago

    That was awesome! You help me understand certain flaws of the political side I belonged to in the past, now I see flaws in both wings. Thanks!

  • SaucySalmon
    SaucySalmon Year ago +2

    i'm glad that you don't seem to be politically biased in your videos

  • Glenn Watson
    Glenn Watson Year ago

    Today its Russ Roberts. He has a podcast called EconTalk. There is also Tyler Cowen and his podcast.

  • Budai Bálint
    Budai Bálint Year ago

    God damn, this was a hilariously great Bob Ross impersonation! Well done! :)

  • Andrew Linares
    Andrew Linares Year ago

    Try touching on his advocacy for a negative income tax, while simultaneously eliminating all other welfare programs.

  • pelumi obasa
    pelumi obasa Year ago


  • Mick Mickymick
    Mick Mickymick Year ago

    Economics when done right is a science, I don't think it's fair to distinguish 'science' from 'economics', though there are a lot of unscientific economists out there, as with any science.

  • Mick Mickymick
    Mick Mickymick Year ago +2

    I don't think 'Conservative' and 'Liberal' are useful labels to use, these have specific political meanings in the US context. It's more useful to say something like 'Protectionist', 'Libertarian' or 'Keynesian', that way it's more clear what is meant.

  • Mick Mickymick
    Mick Mickymick Year ago

    Why is not bad for an economy to be importing more than it's exporting? Doesn't that mean money is leaving the economy?

  • Mick Mickymick
    Mick Mickymick Year ago

    Planet Money and The Indicator are two great podcast-spokeshows for economics

  • Jonathan Gao
    Jonathan Gao Year ago +1

    Came for the ap review, stayed for the bob Ross impressions 😂😂

  • Todd Smith
    Todd Smith Year ago +2

    Jake, first off, great video! Thank You. My head and heart part company with Milton Freidman. My head agrees, my heart does not. I grew up in Pennsylvania during the 1970's and saw first hand the utter economic havoc wrought upon the steel industry. Many places in the Keystone State have never recovered. I just believe that our nation has a responsibility towards their fellow Americans in times of economic change and challenge. Education and training are key!

  • Lonnie Gignac
    Lonnie Gignac Year ago +1

    Milton Friedman Fan Club right here!

  • De4dPoo1
    De4dPoo1 Year ago

    Im on my 4th year in my economics degree. Thx so muchfor doing this, in all these years watching youtube not even oncei have a popular youtuber do something close to explain or talk about economy,

  • Cute Man
    Cute Man Year ago

    Another reason why you are not so popular is because society is shallow. They would rather watch Justin Beiber than educate themselves.
    The first reason is, as you've said, people prefer echo chamber.

  • Christopher Strasser

    Mr. Clifford, please do a video on Modern Monetary Theory.

  • Alex Turlais
    Alex Turlais Year ago +2

    The problem is there couldn't be a single spokesman for economics because its such a huge, diverse and contradictory subject. Keynsians, Austrians, Monetarists - there are more opposing branches of economics than in something like science. If there was an economics spokesman, who would they represent?

  • Love L
    Love L Year ago +2

    I remember Milton Friedman.That guy was smart, we need someone like him now!

  • LBiggy
    LBiggy Year ago +6

    That Bob Ross impression is one of the funniest things on TVclip. Killed me!

  • Nick
    Nick Year ago +10

    The Bob Ross impression had me in tears, grats Mr Clifford

  • Brandon-Lee Brown
    Brandon-Lee Brown Year ago +3

    Do something on South African current economics. The land expropriation without compensation issue would also be interesting from an economic+objective view. Thanks for the good work, it real does help me in my 1st year Bcom and still entertaining to boot🤙🏼👍🏼

    • Bottomof Uranus
      Bottomof Uranus 2 months ago

      That's exactly what Chavez (Venezuela) did back in 2013. No compensation and militarization of private property.

  • Richard Hatfield
    Richard Hatfield Year ago +1

    Although Friedman explanation of trade and subsidies was reasonable, he did get many things wrong. Examples include is presumption of equal power (and other things) when arguing the case for libertarian over equality, about firms and ownership/control by shareholders (shareholders have a residual claim on liquidation, that doesn't mean they have a claim on profits! Read the law!) and the list goes on....
    Surely, (on of) the most recent influential is Keynes. Just that he didn't have TV at that time.... He spoke widely on radio and wrote prolifically in language that most could understand.

    • Richard Hatfield
      Richard Hatfield Year ago

      Friedman based it on homogeneous agents trading in markets founded on Coase market theory. Power comes from distortions such as asymmetry of information, enforceability of contracts and so on. That's the role of regulation, to limit the effects of distortions.

    • Greg Umansky
      Greg Umansky Year ago

      Richard Hatfield
      Point to a specific thing he got wrong... There is no presumption of equal power in Friedman, only a plea for equal liberty. Shareholders actually do have a claim on profits, in the form of dividends. Sometimes certain stakeholders don’t have voting power, like with google class B and class C shares, but in those cases there’s a price difference that represents the “value” of the voting power associated with the share. If by profits you mean earnings, then yes, shareholders do have a claim to them through the change in stock price associated with an increase in earnings. What is wrong in Friedman’s conclusions??

  • Paul Ratiu
    Paul Ratiu Year ago +2

    Thank you for the next Friedman series!
    I just finished reading his book Capitalism and Liberty and some concepts seem a bit hard to understand for me.
    Could you discuss his policies about minimal wage and taxes please? Would greatly appreciate it!!

  • General Kurtis
    General Kurtis Year ago +1

    Please I will like you talk about Capital Flight

  • ReviewsFromThe6
    ReviewsFromThe6 Year ago +2

    Great video! Love Milton Friedman.

    UN SCAMMABLE Year ago +1

    My newer up-to-date favorites are Michael Batnick, Ramp Capital, Josh Brown, and Charlie Bellio. I'm @UNSCAMMABLE on twitter.

  • Roadtoad
    Roadtoad Year ago +1

    I want to know more about the ways the government measures the economy. Does the employment rate really mean anything? what do you think of the economy today? Is it a bubble? Also why does everyone want to cut taxes? If no one pays these how do we keep our society going?

  • Theelicitor
    Theelicitor Year ago +1

    Hahaha, He is brilliant indeed and he explains The Law of Unintended consciousness very well and so easily. I dove my hat to his brilliance on the subject of Economics.

  • NelsonFromSA 1.0
    NelsonFromSA 1.0 Year ago +5

    Thanks for helping in the past Mr. Clifford, I passed Economics at university.😊😊

  • Nate Smith
    Nate Smith Year ago +2

    You should totally do a separate video with more of the Bob Ross impressions!

  • Harry Christofi
    Harry Christofi Year ago +1

    Here’s real economics that benefit all people with evidence lol tvclip.biz/video/koifIS0gdbk/video.html

  • Brian Liddy
    Brian Liddy Year ago +12

    Friedman is legendary.

    • Harshit Madan
      Harshit Madan Year ago +2

      @mike shiva Switzerland has some of the lowest taxes in Europe. As for regulations, US has many. Eg. In US, you can't grow food without permit in your own lawn, but it depends on state.

    • mike shiva
      mike shiva Year ago

      Where does switzerland has more "economic freedom" than US? And where did you look that up?
      The regulations are way bigger. for example you cant get fired easily, the workers savety precautions are very strict, companies must pay workers a accident insurence for worktime AND FREETIME, the list gets on and on...
      The taxes are high in order to support an big welfare state, good state education (the best in europe). also there is obligatory health insurance that the state pays for you if you cant afford it. so friedman would say switzerland is some socialist or communist state or what ever. but its actually just very good functioning capitalism (may be a socialist capitalism).
      so it would be very interesting to find a sector where the economy in switzerland is less regulated then in the us...
      btw. im studying at the university of st. gallen in switzerland, so i didnt need to look that information up, i see this every day.

    • Harshit Madan
      Harshit Madan Year ago +1

      @mike shiva Switzerland has more economic freedom than US. Look it up.

    • mike shiva
      mike shiva Year ago +1

      if freedome brings equality why is the US, the land of the free, one of the most inequal countries in the world.
      and switzerland, who tries to enforce equality in stead of unregulated market liberty, is one of the most balanced, uncriminal and wealthy nation in the world.
      i think targeting equality brings equality, and targeting free market bring unregulated (ruleless) markets

  • Weaboo Trash
    Weaboo Trash Year ago

    Hans Hermann Hoppe

  • Jordan Cast
    Jordan Cast Year ago +3

    I can't wait for the upcoming videos!