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  • Published on Mar 8, 2017
  • Hey loves, so I finally got around to testing the new WET N WILD Photo Focus Foundation, Concealer and Powder -- find out it's worth it or nah! ****Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE****
    I hope you enjoyed this review of the new WET N WILD Photo Focus Collection. I couldn't wait to get my hands on the Photo Focus Foundation after hearing so many mixed reviews, and I figured I may as well test out the Photo Focus Concealer and Photo Focus Powder while I was at it!
    As for the wear throughout the day (or night in my case), I found it did a really great job at holding up throughout my night of filming. I only wore it for about 6 hours, but it didn't settle into any dry spots or fine lines and it didn't separate or look cakey AT ALL so I was super impressed.
    P.S. I purchased the shade Cocoa myself, but received the rest of the products from Wet N Wild because I wanted to film a review for y'all!
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    --Products Mentioned--
    WET N WILD Photo Focus Foundation (Cocoa) | go.magik.ly/ml/4403/
    WET N WILD Photo Focus Foundation (Mocha) | go.magik.ly/ml/4406/
    WET N WILD Photo Focus Concealer (Med/Deep Tan & Dark Cocoa) | go.magik.ly/ml/4408/
    WET N WILD Photo Focus Pressed Powder (Cocoa) go.magik.ly/ml/440a/
    WET N WILD Photo Focus Pressed Powder (Dark Cafe) | go.magik.ly/ml/440c/
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    Disclaimer: This video is NOT sponsored, all opinions are my own! I am fortunate enough to receive PR samples of products from companies now and then, however I never accept ANYTHING in exchange for a positive review. Y'all know I keep it 100% real!
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  • Aysha Abdul
    Aysha Abdul  Year ago +72

    HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY MY LOVES!!! What other NEW products would you like me to review?!

    • magaly valentin
      magaly valentin Year ago +1

      Aysha Abdul Milani conceal+ perfect 2 in 1 foundation.

    • Mira T
      Mira T Year ago

      Thank you Aysha !!Same to u xoxo

    • Olawunmi Vera-cruz
      Olawunmi Vera-cruz Year ago +2

      maybelline dream cushion foundation,concealer and big shot mascara.thanks .

  • Melody Lalala
    Melody Lalala Month ago

    someone help me. I don't know my color/shade. I have a tan skin but when I picked the classic beige medium tan, it doesn't match my skin, It was more lighter for my skin.

  • Prasidha Srinivasan
    Prasidha Srinivasan 2 months ago

    What is yur nc num?

  • Dasia Jamerson
    Dasia Jamerson 2 months ago +1

    You’re extremely gorgeous

    JESUS CHRIST 2 months ago

    Somali people is easy for them to get American accent ffs I will never get it 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Merlyn Dsouza
    Merlyn Dsouza 4 months ago

    Hi, Which shade would you say matches the Wet and Wild Concealer (Dark Cocoa)? I'd be buying the foundation online, and using one for first time. It would be helpful to know which one to go for. Loved your video

  • Naomi Love
    Naomi Love 7 months ago


  • syharra cover
    syharra cover 7 months ago +1

    You have beautiful natural skin! What do you use to keep your skin clear and even tone Aysha?

  • Anti Dutch
    Anti Dutch 8 months ago

    Coco is light asf wth

  • Angb Rwill
    Angb Rwill 9 months ago

    Thank you for these amazing tutorials.

  • K Miller
    K Miller 10 months ago

    I just stumbled on this fountain and I love it!!!

  • Jill smith
    Jill smith 11 months ago

    This looks like the perfect shade for you 👍🏽

  • Lauren Taylor
    Lauren Taylor Year ago

    You look great

  • Irene Roga
    Irene Roga Year ago

    she applied too much concealer wtf

  • EC DC
    EC DC Year ago

    This will probably be a 2 shade foundation for me which gives me a :-( a little bit because I don't really like to mix foundations to get 1 shade. But I think I will need to get cocoa and also mocha to mix.

  • Letitia Bowling
    Letitia Bowling Year ago

    You have Beautiful Natural Skin!

  • Racine Robinson
    Racine Robinson Year ago

    girl that was a great match lol...perfect and it looks great on you.

  • Irelynn Fink
    Irelynn Fink Year ago

    Hey. I know this is an old video(kinda) but I have had the powder and it doesn't come out of the dome. It was like there was plastic over it(which there wasn't). Can anybody tell me what to do to get the powder out?

  • Tamara Jackson
    Tamara Jackson Year ago

    I've found if u wait about like 30 seconds and let the concealer get a bit tacky it'll be more full coverage and you might possibly like this concealer more.

  • Diamond
    Diamond Year ago

    did you find those stuff here in Toronto Canada? which store?

  • FashionWork 12
    FashionWork 12 Year ago +8

    such a disgrace that brands don't have as many deeper shades as they do light shades... They should have an equal amount of each from light to dark!!

  • Shenna Mae Dublin
    Shenna Mae Dublin Year ago +1

    u'r so gorgeous. I'm jelly.

  • Feliciá Monét
    Feliciá Monét Year ago

    I figured out you can't use a lot of the concealer or it looks horrible, less is more.

  • V nessa
    V nessa Year ago

    Ok why am I the only one who gets flashback with this concealer ):

  • V nessa
    V nessa Year ago

    Is there flashback with the concealer? If not am I the only one who get flashback with this product ):

  • Artbug
    Artbug Year ago +1

    "hmmm it's really sheer" ...oh girl just you wait! :)

  • Jocelyn G Ruiz
    Jocelyn G Ruiz Year ago

    I cannot get over the fact of how freaking gorgeous you are .. 😍

  • pricilla santiago
    pricilla santiago Year ago +2

    When I first saw the video,I honestly thought you were already wearing foundation.I swear,your skin is SOOO FLAWLESS!!!😍
    (Sending love from Dallas,TX💕)

  • Dinah Milan
    Dinah Milan Year ago

    I can neverrrr find dark shades in this foubdation!!!

  • Lilcutenurse
    Lilcutenurse Year ago

    Has to sub ❤️ ed this video keep up the work sis

  • Lillian Cubano
    Lillian Cubano Year ago

    you're so GORGEOUS!!!!

  • Christina B
    Christina B Year ago +3

    the things I would do to have as amazing skin as yours.. ugh so unfair :(

  • Jennyfer Pizano
    Jennyfer Pizano Year ago +1

    I have the line as well and everything she said is 100% true Ik subscribing NOW 😇❤️

  • marcia41707
    marcia41707 Year ago

    Your skin is flawless

  • NITA J
    NITA J Year ago

    OMG i picked up this foundation yesterday because of you and I AM OBSESSED!!! my shade was just a tad too dark so im going back to get another one to mix..definitely going to get the powder now too..THANK YOU!

    • Natalynn Weddle
      Natalynn Weddle 10 months ago

      Hi, where did you find the darker shades?

    • Aysha Abdul
      Aysha Abdul  Year ago

      +NITA J so glad you loved it as much as I do!!

  • kuorkor
    kuorkor Year ago

    Your skinis SHGLOWINGGG BABYY! Skin goals 😍😍😍

  • Abby Lundgren
    Abby Lundgren Year ago +1

    First time viewer. I really enjoyed this video and I'm jealous as heck of your beautiful skin and brows! Can't wait to watch more. Subscribed :)

  • AJA0492
    AJA0492 Year ago +1

    I have all the wet and wild collection and i love it

  • Audrey Harrison
    Audrey Harrison Year ago

    Hi Aysha,i subscribed to your channel, i used to watch you all the time, love all your makeup tutorials, I'm back,glad to see you again.

  • Kelsie Peay
    Kelsie Peay Year ago

    with the concealer, if you want more product to come out, you will definitely need to take out the plastic blocker, but don't just who the wind back in because if its new, a lot will come out on the wand. definitely not the best concealer, but good for a last minute resort

  • cory flowers
    cory flowers Year ago

    I actually really like the concealer and entire face. I like your entire face. it's beautiful. with and without the makeup. that being said everything looked awesome and thanks for the vid

  • Bianca Gantt
    Bianca Gantt Year ago

    You are beautiful

  • tiffanyslc
    tiffanyslc Year ago

    I love that they offer so many foundation shades! ❤💋
    Love your vids!

  • Heloise Vieira
    Heloise Vieira Year ago

    Loved the vid! Any idea if the darker shades are sold in Canada? I haven't been able to find any of the dark shades past beige anywhere 😩

    • Heloise Vieira
      Heloise Vieira Year ago

      Aysha Abdul thanks! I'll check it out!

    • Aysha Abdul
      Aysha Abdul  Year ago +1

      +Heloise Vieira they may not sell all the dark shades in stores, so I would check online

  • Nandini Vinod
    Nandini Vinod Year ago +1

    I hv pigmented lips too, can u pls show us what color lipstick to use n how to camouflage it

  • Fave Dance Couples

    LOVED your video and subscribed!❤

  • Nicole
    Nicole Year ago +15

    Finally a review from someone close to my shade. I'm not light but I'm not dark right in between. It's a struggle to find someone on TVclip that close to my shade. ❤New subbie❤

    • Aysha Abdul
      Aysha Abdul  Year ago +1

      So glad you found me! Thanks for subscribing ❤️

  • fortheloveoftea
    fortheloveoftea Year ago

    any recos for good drugstore concealers?

    • Olivia belle02
      Olivia belle02 Year ago

      I was just about to say the same thing! I hate my la girl concealer. It doesn't provide good coverage nor stay on!

  • Azrou Flum
    Azrou Flum Year ago

    Your skin is perfect without any makeup!

  • magaly valentin
    magaly valentin Year ago

    Oooohhhh!!! My god ,you are gorgeous girl, new subscriber here!!

  • Neka La'Sha
    Neka La'Sha Year ago +9

    I have their foundation, press powder, brow pencils, mascara and brushes etc. I love their new collection so far!

    • Sharon Jose
      Sharon Jose Year ago +1

      the "photofocus" line is known for no flashback and looking good under a lot of different types of lighting. :)
      so no there shouldn't be any flashbacks

    • V nessa
      V nessa Year ago

      Neka La'Sha does it give you flashback

  • anselamour9
    anselamour9 Year ago +23

    woah wait a minute! can we get a skin care routine?? your skin is flawless 😍

  • Rena Doll
    Rena Doll Year ago

    have to mix two shades to get mine so I took them back and it smelled like paint. powder is bomb. I use the concealer not my fav tho

  • Ronesha Taylor
    Ronesha Taylor Year ago

    I love the W&W photo focus products...especially the foundation 😍😍

  • Kimberly Hayes
    Kimberly Hayes Year ago

    why does it keep in subscribing meeeeeeeee!!!

  • Sweetlady1916
    Sweetlady1916 Year ago +9

    Beautiful skin and foundation was a pefect match.

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    NamasteNemaree Year ago

    Its Literally Amazing Uhhgg Want😍💐

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    Mariesque Year ago

    You are just so cute. Just subscribed and have been binge watching your videos!

  • Nani
    Nani Year ago

    Your makeup looked flawless!!!

  • Jenna Pierce
    Jenna Pierce Year ago

    everytime i watch a video on this foundation nobody talks about the way it smells. when I got it, it smelled awful but I never hear anyone talk about it so idk if it was just the one I picked up or?

    • Jenna Pierce
      Jenna Pierce Year ago

      +Brownsknbeautie Johnson yeah so did mine and it also looked like I smeared paint on my face

    • Brownsknbeautie Johnson
      Brownsknbeautie Johnson Year ago

      Jenna Pierce it smelled like paint

    • Aysha Abdul
      Aysha Abdul  Year ago

      +Jenna Pierce I've never noticed a smell!

  • Kia Roane
    Kia Roane Year ago +2

    I subscribed right away

  • Monique Foley
    Monique Foley Year ago +6

    I definitely plan to pick up the powder....I think I'm okay on the foundation. I have seen a few reviews and apparently wet n wild equates brown skin to red tones!

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    BeautyByLinnoria Year ago +94

    holy cheesecake...i thought you already had on foundation 😂😂😚😚😚😚

  • thats really pretty

    Thanks for posting!!! That really is a great color match!! These products seem like they are good for lighter looks. I purchased the pressed powder to review on my channel and this makes me want to try the foundation and concealer next 😄

    • Aysha Abdul
      Aysha Abdul  Year ago

      Once you layer the foundation, it creates a beautiful full coverage look as well that doesn't look cakey! I'm obsessed!

  • Khadejah Clarke
    Khadejah Clarke Year ago +12

    Your camera looked much higher quality once you turned the brightness down. I'm so glad you fixed it bc this video was much needed\appreciated you are gorgeous and very detailed!!!

  • CassieAfricanQueen

    I enjoyed your video. I also make videos please stop by and take a look thanks.

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    aysha ml Year ago

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    Doniella McLeod Year ago

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    LUPITA ALDAY Year ago

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    fanfino Cissé Year ago

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    Hani Aden Year ago

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    Ma.ryamx Year ago

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    Candace Thomas Year ago

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    Noble Honore Year ago

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    Tanya Petersen Year ago

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    Leyla Hosh Year ago

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    Tanya Petersen Year ago

    Hey ,Aysha. I believe this foundationlooks second skin on you. Very nice.

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    Njesh Kymani Year ago

    Looks so gorgeous on u.Ever since I got u hands the powder I haven't used my mac one.The lippes r awesome!!!

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    A.MaRee Beauty Year ago

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  • Sultana Xiong
    Sultana Xiong Year ago

  • Libin&Ikram
    Libin&Ikram Year ago

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  • Libin&Ikram
    Libin&Ikram Year ago

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    Flying to walmart to get me some foundation and powder.Will pass on the concealer.

  • ANNAstasia Beauty

    New makeup hat lol but I love how skin like this foundation is.I just purchased it and can't wait to try it

    • Aysha Abdul
      Aysha Abdul  Year ago

      You a real one for noticing 🙌🏾🙌🏾

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    Karla k Year ago

    Loved the video I am glad I don't have to spend a lot of money to look good. I was wondering do you have a video on how to do eyebrows I love your s.

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    Abeer Blfqih Year ago

    ur skin Mashallah . i think ill pass buying Mac MSF powder. Do u think its a dupe ?

    • Aysha Abdul
      Aysha Abdul  Year ago

      Thank you! I wouldn't say it's a dupe, because the MSF has more pigment and coverage. It's a really great drugstore setting powder though! I could never go without my Mac MSF haha


    Did you try the new Laura mercier powder?


      Aysha Abdul perfect! Can't wait to see!

    • Aysha Abdul
      Aysha Abdul  Year ago +2

      +ODISFUNKCHANELL just ordered it! I'll be reviewing it soon!

  • Rosheedah Akanbi
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    • Aysha Abdul
      Aysha Abdul  Year ago +1

      +Rosheedah Akanbi 👸🏾👸🏾👸🏾

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    Looks fab on you! I love the powder and enjoy the foundation but I feel the same away about the concealer - it was kiiinda dry?

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    Sara A. Year ago

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    Your skin looks so good mashaAllah I thought you already had makeup on in the beginning of the video

    • Aysha Abdul
      Aysha Abdul  Year ago +4

      Thank you! I had colour corrector around my mouth!

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    Thanks for sharing, You have Natural Beauty, Gorgeous 2017

    • Aysha Abdul
      Aysha Abdul  Year ago

      Thanks love! xx

    • Marilyn Capehart
      Marilyn Capehart Year ago +1

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  • Arzan Blogs
    Arzan Blogs Year ago

    I love the foundation too but not a fan of the concealers either

    • Aysha Abdul
      Aysha Abdul  Year ago

      Yea, the concealers kinda just blended away and left a weird dry under-eye look!

  • Theodora V. Mathias

    Aysha I'm going to try this foundation. Thanks for sharing. I love maybelline fit me poreless I'm in the same shade coconut and I also love the foundation and buy a couple of their new lipsticks. I loved wet&wild bcuz b4 I was employed it was the first lower end affordable makeup I could use. I was broke so Maybelline, L'Oréal , Revlon and Neutrogena and even black opal, Iman and Milani were to expensive for your girl Nessa (me) struggle was real

  • Marcea B
    Marcea B Year ago

    Your natural skin thoooo 😍