The Story of "Blue (Da Ba Dee)" by Eiffel 65

  • Published on Mar 21, 2019
  • When Eiffel 65 released 'Blue (Da Ba Dee),' it was a flop. They sold around 200 records, shrugged it off as a loss, and forgot about it. But in a wild turn of events, the track got picked up by a small local station before getting airplay on one of the biggest radio stations in Italy-and within days, it was steamrolling its way to becoming one of the biggest hits of the late 1990s, taking the electronic music group touring around the world as their song shot up the charts.

    We met up with the members of Eiffel 65-Jeffrey Jey, Maurizio “Maury” Lobina, and Gabry Ponte-to find out the origin story behind "Blue," and hear what it was like to become international superstars in the blink of an eye.
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Comments • 6 437

  • VICE
    VICE  6 months ago +5038

    What were the actual lyrics?

      ANTONIXON! 3 days ago

      Tim tom tim papapa pipa din din din danna da dimpa, din sina dana dina

    • Romerado PlaysGamez
      Romerado PlaysGamez 9 days ago

      I'm blue
      I will pee on a guy
      I will beat off a guy
      I would yeet and die
      I would yeet,dab and die
      Apple tree
      Apple pie

    • Cesar Martinez
      Cesar Martinez 9 days ago

      I'm blue. If I'm green I would die.

    • Áron Kajdy
      Áron Kajdy 10 days ago

      Raimondo Sanguine?

    • Lovely Green
      Lovely Green 13 days ago

      How you going to post the video and not watch it?
      He explains it 😒

  • ENL Mittens
    ENL Mittens 21 hour ago

    I understand mr blue Alien “If I’m Blue if I’m green i would die

  • Sliver
    Sliver 2 days ago

    This song really blue up.

  • animan095
    animan095 2 days ago

    I am glad that the making of the song was as fun as the song is.

  • Jeremy Jordan
    Jeremy Jordan 3 days ago

    There’s no other song that makes me extremely happy but also somber at the same time. Beautiful

  • Karina Ramirez
    Karina Ramirez 5 days ago +1

    dance music will never be like this again its sad unless some dj makes this happen again and has music like this on the radio

  • John Daly
    John Daly 5 days ago +1

    Anyone notice the cannabis plants at 6:32 😂😂😂😂

  • lee fauver
    lee fauver 6 days ago

    I was wondering what was the origin of this song and it makes me happy because old songs like this makes me wonder and its amzing

  • Norma Desoyo
    Norma Desoyo 7 days ago +1

    I think this song is for color blinds


    I m clasic

  • Áron Kajdy
    Áron Kajdy 10 days ago

    Raimondo Sanguine?

  • Arredondo Arredondo
    Arredondo Arredondo 10 days ago

    I love the song Blue!!!! I literally listen to it every weekday!!!🤩😍😇😋🥴🤗💘❤️

  • FiNiSH Random
    FiNiSH Random 12 days ago

    why doesn't Gabry perform with eiffel 65 more often?

  • Aaron Czechlski
    Aaron Czechlski 12 days ago

    remind me of nirvana... throws together songs without meaning that the fans think have some deep meaning lol

  • Lynn Clapper Jr
    Lynn Clapper Jr 13 days ago

    Awesome thank you. So interesting

  • Master Kermit
    Master Kermit 13 days ago

    Actually the story of the lyrics are a little dark, all im gonna say is there was a fourth member..

  • Muhannad Elmansuri
    Muhannad Elmansuri 13 days ago

    Please make the story of "Dragostea din tei" by O-Zone

  • Muhannad Elmansuri
    Muhannad Elmansuri 13 days ago

    what's the name of the song playing at 01:35 ? I don't think it's one of their's, is it?

  • Lovely Green
    Lovely Green 13 days ago

    My 5 year old loooves this song.
    Thanks for clarifying the da ba dee da ba daa part. Lol. Cuz Lord knows I didn't know the real words till 2019! Today. I'm still watching the video(first time watching it). Lol

  • OswaldotColl
    OswaldotColl 14 days ago

    Now waiting for the story of Gigi d' Agostino

  • Jeffrey Wu
    Jeffrey Wu 14 days ago +1

    this is the fucking best documentary ive ever seen in my life holy guacamoliiii

  • Terega 90
    Terega 90 15 days ago +1

    Un magnifique groupe et une chanson marquante

  • Edmund Ng
    Edmund Ng 15 days ago +2

    "Im blue if i were green i would die"

  • Gacha Trin
    Gacha Trin 16 days ago +3

    I Hear: Im Blue (The Blue represents sadness) I will bleed I will Die (That's what I heard)

  • XxchaoticMinerXx Doge boi

    Heh vice

  • Romano onamoR
    Romano onamoR 16 days ago +1

    30-40 minutes, wrote 3 different lyrics. Meaning Blue was written in 10-13 minutes. Yep, sounds about right. Probably includes a bathroom and cigarette break.

  • hasmize
    hasmize 17 days ago

    2019, from Pakistan. Love this band. Plz comeback

  • Aw Seeogaan
    Aw Seeogaan 17 days ago

    19:02 desiccated delights

  • Lucalegend
    Lucalegend 18 days ago


  • Em1lic0!
    Em1lic0! 18 days ago +1

    When the song is bigger, than the actual band itself.

  • Allen Eccles
    Allen Eccles 19 days ago

    Dam I thought this song was a meme

  • Red Gamer99
    Red Gamer99 19 days ago

    11:02 porn star????

  • Aroundtheworld1983
    Aroundtheworld1983 20 days ago

    Questa canzone è un capolavoro. Ricordo quando la sentii in macchina per la prima volta nell'estate del 1999... Una botta di adrenalina che mi spalancò l'anima.

  • Mr Demoncrusher
    Mr Demoncrusher 23 days ago

    The song that said goodbye to the 20th century! Or, hello to the 21st depending on where in the world it took off.

  • Itz_GiovanniiBee
    Itz_GiovanniiBee 24 days ago

    I'm blue I will bleed I will die...

  • Азалия Хужина

    Есть кто русский?

  • Leonardo Baez
    Leonardo Baez 25 days ago

    For many this is just another song... For a generation is an anthem

  • Colin Stuart
    Colin Stuart 25 days ago +1

    what's the song at 21:46 ?

  • Azad Ahmed
    Azad Ahmed 26 days ago

    I love you so much

  • m fati
    m fati 26 days ago +1

    After watching this i'm so wondering story of Dragostea din tei,Around The World,La macarena,Mambo no 5 etc.. many other song...

  • Claudio Matteolo
    Claudio Matteolo 26 days ago

    Mentre Jeffrey è un artista di tutto rispetto dai tempi dei Da Blitz e altre collaborazioni tutti sanno che Gabri Ponte suonava la cosiddetta ‘ricotta’.

  • Perlma Veuma Delenesa Delsa

    *Rose Are Blue*
    *Violet Are Red*
    *The Color Is Change*
    *So Are You*

    • Earth- Chan
      Earth- Chan 23 days ago

      Roses are blue
      Violets are red
      We’re doing this backwards
      That’s what she said

  • David Hoenshell
    David Hoenshell 28 days ago

    Do a thing about scatman I know he’s dead but like you can do somthing

  • Bada Blu 1155
    Bada Blu 1155 28 days ago

    I remember when blue first came out. Europop was big back than

  • The Hanter
    The Hanter 28 days ago

    Perfect document about Blue 😉

  • i want yum
    i want yum 28 days ago

    and indeed in gon' die

  • Bertalyn Halasz
    Bertalyn Halasz 28 days ago

    Hej play is song reverse

  • Rainer Schwingler
    Rainer Schwingler 28 days ago

    Very inspirational story and humble guys

  • Benjamin Gadberry
    Benjamin Gadberry 29 days ago

    Wow, what a cool look into a song that I loved as a kid. These guys all seem awesome, and pretty damn humble. I'm glad the success of this song enabled them to lead lives they wanted--I think that's a desire we all share.

  • HRO4711
    HRO4711 Month ago

    Nice bit of true journalism and anchoring history. Cheers.

  • Logan Stroganoff
    Logan Stroganoff Month ago

    Freshman year of high school in 99-2000. Used to crank this and live's dolphins cry every morning on the way to school!

  • xxxTIN0xxx
    xxxTIN0xxx Month ago +2

    This song is 20 years old 😱 I think that technology is the one and only positive note of the current era but everything was so much better back then, music included. Dance music in particular was the Top genre at that time in Europe and this song was the pinnacle of Eurodance music, one of my favorite songs of all time. However what once was a fun club song now it's actually very nostalgic to me. I think they should make a similar sort of documentary for other summer hits of that time, O-Zone "Dragostea Din Tei" (2004), Melanie C "I Turn to You" (2000), Modjo "Lady" (2000), ATC "Around the World" (1999), Snap "Rhythm Is a Dancer" (1993), Ace of Base "All That She Wants" (1993) and more

  • aly grey
    aly grey Month ago

    Not gonna lie, I’m about ready to go and buy this song on iTunes

  • Maesha Evermoon
    Maesha Evermoon Month ago +2

    "They trust me.
    I don't know why." 😂

  • Hype 37
    Hype 37 Month ago +1

    So this whole time your telling me he didn’t say if I was green i would die

  • Jon Smith
    Jon Smith Month ago


  • Klara Mendy
    Klara Mendy Month ago

    After watching this interview, I understood that My favorite member Gabry ruined my favorite group Eiffel 65 , that’s the paradox.


    I have A "Blue" House with A "Blue" Window.


    My First game was "Fire Attack" at the age of 8 I still have this game in my Keepsake Treasure Box.


    Golden Memories for Me travelling around Italy in the year 2000.