• Published on Nov 2, 2018
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    Baby Blue Jacket
    Grey 2 piece
    White 2 Piece
    Pink Dress
    Black 2 piece
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  • Makeupbypita
    Makeupbypita  10 months ago +157

    hi guys!!!!!!! hope you all loved this video! like I said if it gets 3,00 likes I will go back to Walmart and try to make as many Trendy outfits on a budget! so hit that like button! thank you for all the love and support I am blessed to have you all! love you!!!!!

    • Ariana. Ruiz
      Ariana. Ruiz 6 months ago

      Makeupbypita did I know that mink lashes are not cruelty free

    • saminathan sami
      saminathan sami 10 months ago


    • saminathan sami
      saminathan sami 10 months ago


    • Catalina Chhim
      Catalina Chhim 10 months ago

      Makeupbypita do the press on nails not come off easily ? Every time I wear press on my hair gets stuck in between my real nail and the fake nail. I’m looking for a good brand of press on nails that will work for me

  • Shilpa Anvekar
    Shilpa Anvekar Month ago

    I like your videos when r the sale in USA

  • Shilpa Anvekar
    Shilpa Anvekar Month ago


  • Melina S
    Melina S Month ago

    14:04 is sooooo relatable!!

  • Anitha Anitha
    Anitha Anitha 2 months ago

    Very booking papa your talking talking talking talking talking talking no gap your are talking

  • Erykah Johnson
    Erykah Johnson 2 months ago

    I really hope she did the hay girl hey because I don’t like Katrina

  • Anna Bee
    Anna Bee 2 months ago

    DUDE. Blew my mind when she lifted up one of the display panels. I never knew the prices were shown under there LOL

  • Pierce The Veiler
    Pierce The Veiler 2 months ago +1

    Her voice is soothing... low key love to see her do asmr

  • Britty44 Fan
    Britty44 Fan 3 months ago

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ gurl that is me at every makup haul at a drug store

  • allie ramedas
    allie ramedas 3 months ago

    I love ur videos!!! U remind me of me but in an older and prettier version 😂❤

  • Grace Kunal
    Grace Kunal 3 months ago

    OMG...I just blow my mind when you flip up and see the price. I didn’t know that till now LOL...💖

  • Rena Bridges
    Rena Bridges 3 months ago

    Yes sis

  • Anita Mlr
    Anita Mlr 3 months ago

    I want all of them😐

  • Мила Вольшонок

    неужели мы такие дуры, как эта сумасшедшая?????

  • Toyah smout 2019
    Toyah smout 2019 3 months ago

    love your vids

  • The Poison
    The Poison 5 months ago +2

    A lot of these products aren't cruelty free. So disappointing

  • Thorn scar
    Thorn scar 5 months ago

    Your a fun person to make-up shop with 🐹good video ,it was fun

    • Thorn scar
      Thorn scar 5 months ago

      Me:(sees black lipstick) (oooo aaaa)

  • gii hangma subba
    gii hangma subba 5 months ago


  • Louise Adayah Cerda
    Louise Adayah Cerda 6 months ago

    Its not blavk friday

  • Afshan Khan
    Afshan Khan 6 months ago

    I think ur alot alot alot girly

  • heyitzvanessa 234
    heyitzvanessa 234 6 months ago

    your Walmart is way more expensive than mine

  • Doo Loop
    Doo Loop 6 months ago

    I have that NYX drop foundation and I’d say it’s medium to full coverage but you need to get a shade darker than you would think and it feels kinda like your wearing a mask when you put it on. I personally don’t like that foundation but you can try it if you want.

  • Roxanna Villanueva
    Roxanna Villanueva 6 months ago

    Is in utah or in salt lake

  • Mike Ranawat
    Mike Ranawat 6 months ago

    Heyy pita
    I really like your videos pls can you make a makeup collection video pls I would love if you did

  • MakeupBySam
    MakeupBySam 6 months ago


  • Mochi_chimchim
    Mochi_chimchim 6 months ago

    wait.."hey girl hey" isn't that karina Garcia's-
    nah never mind

  • Keyla Velasco
    Keyla Velasco 6 months ago +1

    Hi the hard candy eyeshadow palette is so good 😊

  • Klara Greathouse
    Klara Greathouse 6 months ago

    My kiss nails ALWAYS fall off when I try to pull up my pants when I pee 🤣🤣

  • fluffy_couture18
    fluffy_couture18 7 months ago

    What are you favorite lashes

  • Kahleya Urena
    Kahleya Urena 7 months ago

    Your two jackets are really cute!

  • Rylee O’Connell
    Rylee O’Connell 7 months ago +1

    Dude who thinks that she should be at like at least 5 million subs your gonna be at 1 million soon

  • Mia Luna
    Mia Luna 7 months ago

    I ❤️ your black nails with red

  • Mirka Flores
    Mirka Flores 7 months ago +1

    Can you please do a video on the L’Oréal hydra perfect loose powder?? 💛

  • Haanila
    Haanila 7 months ago

    It bugs me that it's so badly re-stocked 😂😅

  • Brianna Greyham
    Brianna Greyham 7 months ago

    The nails your wearing in this video I have them, they were 13.97$ at Walmart for me

  • sanam ziayee
    sanam ziayee 7 months ago

    Why did you copy karina Garcia is hey girl hey at her start of her vid no hate I love you but just saying❤️😂

  • Tatev Harutyunyan
    Tatev Harutyunyan 7 months ago

    Love you 🤗❤🤗

  • Victoria’s Channel
    Victoria’s Channel 7 months ago

    I love love love your videos

  • Lisa nelson
    Lisa nelson 7 months ago

    Jacket so cute gurrrl i am on the mom go to gurrrl

  • Lisa nelson
    Lisa nelson 7 months ago


  • Nataly Fernando
    Nataly Fernando 8 months ago

    Why do you say "HEY GIRL HEY " like you clearly copyed 😂

  • maryum irfan
    maryum irfan 8 months ago

    Love your videos such a treat to watch . You have great personality.

  • Emme Reagan
    Emme Reagan 8 months ago

    am I the only one who feels like she goes up to random products and say omg I love this I use this all the time idk

  • Josefa veira
    Josefa veira 9 months ago


  • janell lee
    janell lee 9 months ago

    I love her personality

  • Sienna Speas
    Sienna Speas 9 months ago

    Total drop foundation by nyx IS MY FAVORITE GO-TO EVERRRE

  • jazmin Magadan
    jazmin Magadan 9 months ago

    I love Walmart shopping w u 😍😍💕👏

  • Kayla Smith
    Kayla Smith 9 months ago

    I have try the nyx drops they seem to make my face really oily i like them but my face is oily too

  • Jessica De Jesus
    Jessica De Jesus 9 months ago

    Me when I wear nails, I tap on everything lol Idc what anyone says most drug store stuff is just as good as the high end stuff

  • Cady Marie
    Cady Marie 9 months ago

    Wait hey girl hey isn’t that karina Garcia’s thing??

  • Jasmine Kirby
    Jasmine Kirby 9 months ago

    Subscribed! You make finding good deals fun on makeup because ya girl be spending $300 at Sephora in a heartbeat😂😂

  • Mia’s Life Land
    Mia’s Life Land 9 months ago

    Love your videos

  • Zaret Alvarez
    Zaret Alvarez 9 months ago


  • Heidi Désormeaux
    Heidi Désormeaux 9 months ago

    The L'oreal foundation can do acene

  • Marley Rose
    Marley Rose 9 months ago

    And all those grabbed stuff not knowing the price till you check out, could’ve been fixed so long ago..😂😂

  • Minnie Mackenzie
    Minnie Mackenzie 9 months ago

    She’s using karina karcias intro {hey girl hey”}😂

  • Hilda Castillo
    Hilda Castillo 9 months ago

    I got the maybeline concealers and i love them 🤘🏻

  • Ek Jn
    Ek Jn 10 months ago

    We need a similar store in India!!

  • Deepak Mandal
    Deepak Mandal 10 months ago

    Your all videos very nice i like markup

  • Ana Angel
    Ana Angel 10 months ago

    That’s for sure my fave mascara I think even the first one I ever used lol !’ I can never find anything at my Walmart it sucks always sold out of what I want 😭.’ And your outfits are super cute girl yesssss rock it 😍😍