The most important lesson from 83,000 brain scans | Daniel Amen | TEDxOrangeCoast

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  • Rony B Chandran
    Rony B Chandran 15 hours ago


  • Alan Hogan
    Alan Hogan 21 hour ago

    Some random quote from said TED

  • its me your old friend

    I wanted to become a psychiatrist

  • Christine Matthews
    Christine Matthews 2 days ago

    I wonder if they do scan of your heart. Scan your brain and your heart then we are talking

  • sarah jett
    sarah jett 2 days ago


  • icnohelp
    icnohelp 3 days ago

    Why do we not treat our children with the caring and love and nurturing that we should. Why do we not treat our mentally ill, our criminals like the human beings that they are. Just why?

  • MirandaBaz Ce8
    MirandaBaz Ce8 3 days ago

    WOW aprendi en estos minutos más que en mi último mes

  • Bulletproof Diamond WINSTAR

    I have done brain scan and I know I have ADHD but my medication still didn't work so I'm seeking alternatives. I was also diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome but I personally feel like there are many Aspies out there who are undiagnosed. I mean 1/2 Americans have felt lonely and there're so many introverts and people with relationship problems, I doubt that the % of Aspies is 1/80. I probably just fake normal less. Also, it's hard for people to afford treatment.

  • Nadjib Habib
    Nadjib Habib 3 days ago

    Donald Trump should get a scan ASAP 😅😭

  • Carlo Giansanti
    Carlo Giansanti 3 days ago

    I watched many shows that you done also on public tv.i like for you to do some research on copper .as you know the health Benefits of copper are known more than 6000years.i was on tv and explained my research on copper .since the many business people have put products on the market containing copper, socks shirts etc.i have discovered that by breathing copper kills all virus in the,lungs and helps different organs through the vascular system helping all organs including brain.check it will be fun it can kill corona virus by breathing it or any virus.

  • mohiuddin shojib
    mohiuddin shojib 3 days ago

    One of my most favorite TedTalk

  • James Porter
    James Porter 3 days ago

    You can change your brain by practicing new behaviors. Behavior therapies are brain rehab if applied correctly.

  • Amber Sidwell
    Amber Sidwell 4 days ago

    He is on point when it comes to combat vets. So many are being diagnosed without brain scans. Behavior and psychological disorders can be caused by neurological damage.

    MARIA LANZILLOTTA 4 days ago

    I am unable to get the evaluation for the first training

  • Nizamuddin Shaikh
    Nizamuddin Shaikh 4 days ago

    Hats off to you Dr Daniel Amen! Thanks for sharing precious ideas 🌼🌹🌻🌷

  • john smith
    john smith 5 days ago

    What? Is this not being used globally now? Why? This guy can cure Alzheimer’s?

  • jangyjangskie
    jangyjangskie 5 days ago

    "Nancy still knows her husband's name." Made me smile 😘

  • Onr Alpy
    Onr Alpy 5 days ago

    Wow what a speech dude

  • Gregory, josh peck's cousin

    Speech is really deep, but what I took from it was the whole paying taxes thing, that was deep.

  • Mick Roffey
    Mick Roffey 7 days ago


  • Strident Atheist
    Strident Atheist 7 days ago

    So... 7 years later & I've not heard of the medical community changing anyone's brain yet. Big pharma interfering? That's a serious loss of drug intervention revenue for them.... hmmmm

  • Xermã Palmares
    Xermã Palmares 7 days ago

    TREMENDOUS talk! Thank you so much Dr. Daniel Amen. Congratulations on your transformative work. Success!

  • Mel RV
    Mel RV 7 days ago

    Brain scans should be a part of routine checkups.

  • Nermin Uyar
    Nermin Uyar 7 days ago

    why so many SPECT? sincerely wondered!!!

  • Dr Ashwini Mutalik
    Dr Ashwini Mutalik 7 days ago

    Such wonderful talk on brain scan and the wonders it can bring in the life of the needy... My heartfelt applause to this great and noble work

  • Ryan A
    Ryan A 8 days ago

    He never said how he does it?

  • Ryan A
    Ryan A 8 days ago

    Gotta mention the taxes! No funding no game

  • Mondo LeStraka
    Mondo LeStraka 8 days ago

    So, why doesn't Amen use control groups in his research?

  • Rose Rose-aly
    Rose Rose-aly 8 days ago

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  • Victor Renaud
    Victor Renaud 9 days ago

    He just wants to find every sens8 on Earth

  • Freddy Marquez
    Freddy Marquez 9 days ago

    Smart man 👍

  • LovingTruth999
    LovingTruth999 9 days ago

    Finally a psychiatrist wo makes sense, and who shows empathy...!

  • Bradford Marsili
    Bradford Marsili 10 days ago

    This is truly and amazing study. He shows good evidence for this treatment but does not show the treatment itself. What is the treatment plan for improving brain function?

  • Deshh Deepak
    Deshh Deepak 10 days ago

    Thanks, Dr Daniel Amen for this informative and inspiring TEDx talk. We also need to treat our criminals better so that they contribute to the building of society.

  • Tianna Diaz
    Tianna Diaz 10 days ago

    And I have always wondered that there is always a reason for people to behave and act the way they do. This man is SLEPT on

  • Sohail Khan
    Sohail Khan 10 days ago

    I am 8:36 and i am blown away.. this is awsome..

  • Amelia Clarke
    Amelia Clarke 11 days ago

    This should be standard practice. Would likely save SOO much money indirectly and over the long run. I am sure initially it would seem expensive per patient. It just seems so logical. I know this was a short video, but I would love to learn more about how do you heal your brain. I understand the current system is not set up for this, but I have been diagnosed with ADHD, and while it can't be confirmed with a brain scan, I would love to try to "heal" my brain, and if the diagnosis was correct, I assume it would have a positive effect. So glad I watched this video. Going to research this alot more now. I love videos like this, you never know but they could literally change the direction of your life.

  • Tripz 5
    Tripz 5 11 days ago

    I don’t really comment on videos, but this.. is very impactful. We should have all psychiatrists do this. If they aren’t already. Imagine! People could actually find happiness easier if they knew the source of the problem early on, like from a mandatory brain scan. Just a thought.. not dictating. Bye, thanks for reading. Edit 1: just realized this was 6 years old, but still^

  • Venkat Ramana
    Venkat Ramana 12 days ago

    But just like any treatment it costs a lot which only rich can afford,
    The fact.

  • Taquilibrium
    Taquilibrium 12 days ago

    Treatment needs to be tailored to a particular individual as per their needs and not thrown in the dark at a cluster of symptoms. Wow.

  • Gurvinder Kaur
    Gurvinder Kaur 12 days ago

    This is really Gr8

  • Tiana
    Tiana 12 days ago

    What about psychopaths?

  • Anuradha M
    Anuradha M 12 days ago

    Look up neuroplasticity!

  • Tug Ozbay
    Tug Ozbay 13 days ago

    eye opening !

  • Dominic Brown
    Dominic Brown 13 days ago

    I need this help!

  • Nadia D
    Nadia D 13 days ago

    Why 7K dislikes?? Probably the ones who need their brains scanned, STAT.
    This needs to become standard practice.

  • Olaya Navarro FEito
    Olaya Navarro FEito 13 days ago

    My question is how do you get a brain test? how much does it cost? Where do you get that from?

  • Michael Freeman
    Michael Freeman 13 days ago

    I'm amazed he thinks all of this is a new finding! This is the daily bread and butter of Behavioural Neurologists and Neuropsychologists Daniel

  • Nisuaiu Corowa
    Nisuaiu Corowa 13 days ago

    It's a slow start,
    But he is trying to impart,
    A new brain smart,
    Let's all take part,
    He has such a big heart,
    The change of treating patients better is a start,
    Individually diagnosis,
    Heart smart,
    Brain smart,
    We aren't Guinea pigs nor are we rich, BUT a new way of thinking is certainly it.
    Beautiful man,
    With a plan,
    To help all humans,
    We need change,
    On these lands.

  • Net Lag
    Net Lag 14 days ago

    Talk about brain blown. My mind is probably scattered by this metaphorical 💥

  • Nushra Fawmy
    Nushra Fawmy 14 days ago

    This give me goosebumps

  • Edoardo Bedogni
    Edoardo Bedogni 14 days ago

    Wow, so impressive!

  • Pablo Fernández
    Pablo Fernández 14 days ago

    Before brain imagins and cognitiv psycology, psycology was a SCAM, and they protected their means of life.

  • Daniel Michalski
    Daniel Michalski 14 days ago

    Less emotions and more calm, hard data, please.

  • Фатима Зухра

    But what about psychologists, who treat some diseases like depression, suicidial thoughts, addictions not even looking at the patients' brains? And the thing is, the true psychologists' job really works.

  • College Web Media
    College Web Media 15 days ago

    Behavior is the expression of the problem, not the problem". Daniel Amen. BRILLIANT!!!!!

  • Luke Neff
    Luke Neff 15 days ago

    I don’t think he is proposing specific rehabilitation techniques, I think he’s saying that the techniques exist and that the scans can be crucial with making sure the right techniques are applied to the right patients

  • Alieh Marouf
    Alieh Marouf 15 days ago

    What a great speaker

  • macdonald tramp
    macdonald tramp 15 days ago

    There was not a single brain in the 83000 scans

  • Adriana Petersen
    Adriana Petersen 15 days ago

    My daughter did brain scans at the Amen Clinic at age 13, she is 31 years old today. The results of the brain scans at the time were nothing short of extraordinary and revealing. The Amen Clinic professionals, just by looking at the scans, could specifically describe her behaviors, and they were 100% right on. Like any new diagnostic in a world that does not like change, the Amen Clinic was highly critized by his own colleagues and field for many years. Now they have the respect and admiration and I believe that they will continue to grow in the standard protocol to diagnose mental illnesses. Thanks Dr. Amen for your vision, determination and for being a maverick in this world.

  • B Reilly
    B Reilly 15 days ago

    Everyone that disliked this should have their brain scanned.

  • Cecarion Dixon
    Cecarion Dixon 4 days ago

    Lol yep

  • Bobby Shallot
    Bobby Shallot 13 days ago

    🤕 YEP

  • SRN1850AN
    SRN1850AN 15 days ago

    Where is the link to brain rehabilitation program

  • kiera white
    kiera white 16 days ago

    How does someone find a program to help change a brain for the better like the lucky people in this video - I had a brain tumour I have several issues that if doctors were treating the underlying issues instead of the symptoms.

  • Rebekka Dodge
    Rebekka Dodge 16 days ago

    I wished he would have talked about the brain smart program that his patients receive. I am extremely curious.

  • Chris long
    Chris long 16 days ago

    Everyone one is a maverick! Haha. Like everyone thinks they are above average.

  • le duch
    le duch 16 days ago

    a brain that analyse brain ! why would you want to change someone brain? who s the brain?ask the brain !

  • Mac Clift
    Mac Clift 16 days ago

    Don't most violent criminals have a low IQ? How is that going to be fixed!

  • Mac Clift
    Mac Clift 16 days ago

    If some antibiotics heat the body to kill bacteria, isn't it possible that they also heat the brain, which can cause damage, surely, especially to the developing brain of a child?

  • Dono Imdono
    Dono Imdono 16 days ago

    as aver I think these scans should be a mandatory part of the routine medical out processing for military personnel. and why not a part of pre sentence investigation for convicted felons?

  • Deben Salemme
    Deben Salemme 17 days ago

    Woho, method metrics usefullness objective it's explained with data

  • Lua
    Lua 17 days ago

    revolutionary idea !!! hope this gets more widespread attention ❤❤

  • Kayenne54
    Kayenne54 17 days ago

    6:33 "Treatment needs to be tailored to individual brains". I'd go so far as to say, that applies to ALL branches of medicine. Tailored to the individual, not just a cluster of symptoms.

  • Arthur Barrios
    Arthur Barrios 17 days ago

    I love this. Too bad I can't afford proper health insurance here in the states.

  • Leslie Rodriguez
    Leslie Rodriguez 17 days ago

    There are ancient techniques of breathing, from India, that actually change brain wave patterns.I'm taking a class in yoga and Ayurvedic medicine and learning about Pranayama "yoga breathing."I agree with what he says"you are not stuck with the brain you have!"

  • Ayanami
    Ayanami 17 days ago

    I got 2 realy bad concussions as a kid, I hope my brain is okay :(

  • Ayanami
    Ayanami 17 days ago

    wow realy nice talk!

  • Roman Cool
    Roman Cool 18 days ago

    Dostoevsky was a great person ... told really wise things ... but anyway ... the Russian government never listened to him

  • Yulian Karadzhov
    Yulian Karadzhov 18 days ago

    Sad to see that sanity and the need to help people have become extraordinary and warrant being published by media outlets. Stunning talk, definitely one that will stick with me for ages for this impressive breakthrough. Made me question whether my brain looks like French cheese... it's high time we changed our perception of mental health.

  • A12 As79
    A12 As79 18 days ago

    رائع جداا

  • Axel Vanderoost
    Axel Vanderoost 18 days ago

    great orator