The 10 Best Horror Movies On Neflix

  • Published on Jan 30, 2019
  • Here's our pick of the best horror movies on Netflix.
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  • Nellie Silvers
    Nellie Silvers 3 days ago

    I've only read Gerald's Game.. haven't seen it yet. Reading the part about the degloving of her hand made me cringe. I hear the movie didn't do it justice though...sadly. Good to see a few King adaptations made it here

  • Niles Simmons
    Niles Simmons 6 days ago

    Train to Busan was excellent. I have to say I'm not a crier of sad or tragic things that happens in movies but I have to say I shedded a tear or two at the end when the girl was crying for your dad.

  • Kushman Billick
    Kushman Billick 8 days ago

    Wow I found 1922 here... awesome Stephen King movie.

  • AJ Bowman
    AJ Bowman 9 days ago +2

    Try the autopsy of Jane Doe! Really great movie! I love it!

  • Cerebral Cortex CEH
    Cerebral Cortex CEH 11 days ago

    "Bogey man"? It's Boogie man, even though it doesn't matter.

  • M No Crybabies
    M No Crybabies 11 days ago

    Ugh! 'Cweep', I mean 'Creep' is beyond overrated, along w/ 'Invitation'. I truly cannot understand wtf is so great. Now '1922', THAT'S a horror movie. It keeps u on the edge of seat w/ an insanely uncomfortable feeling of doom/dread, to the point of it being almost unbearable. I watched it 1 & 1/3 times. I couldn't bear to sit through it again. If u want shook, 1922 is your ticket. Thomas Jane♡ gives arguably his best performance ever, that I've seen to date anyway. He gets completely enveloped in Wilfred James & u forget it's a fictional character. 'Train to Busan'...STELLAR. Possibly the best zombie movie ever. Yeah, that's right. EVER

  • Nicholas Sudov
    Nicholas Sudov 12 days ago

    Thanks/// Switch off your gadgets, get some privacy.

  • Rose Sables
    Rose Sables 13 days ago

    Hush scared the sh#% out of me

  • Sam Rose
    Sam Rose 17 days ago

    Everytime I watched hush, my basement flooded....I swear it's cursed

  • Ricky Pisano
    Ricky Pisano 18 days ago

    CALIBRE!! Unbelievably unsettling!!

  • Kenneth Cook
    Kenneth Cook 19 days ago

    "Misery" is not available on American Netflix.

  • Josua Candilanza
    Josua Candilanza 20 days ago

    For the people who are recommending train to busan, haven't watched dawn of the dead,28 days, 28 weeks, Rec1 and 2.

  • SimplyTiana
    SimplyTiana 20 days ago +1

    Creep is literally the only movie I can rewatch over and over again

  • Mad Hat32
    Mad Hat32 21 day ago

    I love the video But it's Boogie Man, NOT Bowgie Man

  • Willow Treez
    Willow Treez 21 day ago

    Maybe I just grew up in an error (70's) when scary movies were truly scary but, I have tried watching most of the movies recommended and then turn them off after about 15 minutes. Haven't tried "Hush", just felt that the premise behind it has been overplayed. Looks good in your video though. Will give it a go though. There are no talented screenwriters or directors out there anymore. Going to the movies use to be like a thrill ride.

  • Scotty Davlin
    Scotty Davlin 22 days ago

    Ive watched probably 10 different videos like this and I just realized I watch way too much Netflix because Ive seen them ALL. Every one of them.

  • Tony Ho
    Tony Ho 22 days ago

    Busan ...stupid in the dark or when the train goes into a tunnel the zombies freeze...ok

  • Tyler Msp
    Tyler Msp 23 days ago


  • Andre Bissonnette
    Andre Bissonnette 23 days ago +1

    the Babysitter

  • Donnie Hagy
    Donnie Hagy 23 days ago

    Creep? It Sucks, er, I mean "It Follows"? Best horror? You're out of your friggin' mind.

  • Devil Reject
    Devil Reject 26 days ago

    Train to busan isn't even on netflex

  • Christian High
    Christian High 27 days ago

    There was no family in hush but ok

  • Stefan Schleps
    Stefan Schleps 28 days ago +3

    Top five scariest movies of all time.
    5) it's Summertime Charlie Brown.
    4) The Wizard of Ozzy Man. (The Review.)
    3) Fantasia. Without soundtrack.
    2)Lassie. Come Home.
    1) National Geographic.
    Trout. The Mating Season.
    You should not watch these movies alone.

  • Leo DB
    Leo DB Month ago

    Shit, this Neflix sounds familiar...

  • coffee
    coffee Month ago +5

    Hush is really damn scary and heart pounding.
    Tbh 1922 is not scary its just disturbing

  • Billy Ho
    Billy Ho Month ago

    Creep and Creep 2 are easily awesomely disturbing

  • Fjjff Slaska
    Fjjff Slaska Month ago

    I love your voice

  • JelloFluoride
    JelloFluoride Month ago

    Hush is dumb and absolutely hackey as all hell. It doesn't stand well in ANY genre of horror and can fuck right off along with Bird Box.

  • How Do
    How Do Month ago

    Why do men never get slut shamed and killed always women. It's getting old

  • How Do
    How Do Month ago

    If you ever see a creep in your house and you have no time too blind,it works 😂

  • Zac Made Media
    Zac Made Media Month ago +9

    All of Netflix’s horror films are just thrillers , that’s how bad horror is on Netflix lol

    • Rah B
      Rah B 28 days ago

      Zac Made Media I agree, it’s so many “Horror”movies that are really just thrillers.

  • verbal kent
    verbal kent Month ago

    "Clown" is really good i thought it was going to be a shitty "IT" rip of but its accually better in some ways

  • Tino Tse
    Tino Tse Month ago +2

    My pick would be Dawn Of The Dead

  • Tyrone Robinson
    Tyrone Robinson Month ago


  • Stephen Foster
    Stephen Foster Month ago

    None of those are really scary (I haven't seen 1922 yet) come on stop agreeing with the critics tell us what you thought was really scary

  • lesego
    lesego Month ago

    So "drag me to hell" is not terrifying enough or it is not on Netflix

  • high gradetroll
    high gradetroll Month ago

    Horwaa" or horror... lol

  • Tahiya Karim
    Tahiya Karim Month ago

    why is the terrifier not on netflix

  • Janet Planet
    Janet Planet Month ago

    Now. Time

  • Gunsta X
    Gunsta X Month ago +1

    scariest is the price hike we are getting for netflix subscription :(

  • Tamarka Diggins
    Tamarka Diggins Month ago

    These ole ass movies 😒🤦🏾‍♂️👉🏾

  • Eren
    Eren Month ago

    Men hvis du deler min store hoved er du jeg vandt er der heller ikke okay at jeg er 17 år siden hvor der står ham jeg er så

  • Shelf Cloud
    Shelf Cloud Month ago

    You can't even spell Netflix?

  • jisoo's weave
    jisoo's weave Month ago

    I've seen hush

  • jeff jones
    jeff jones Month ago

    I don't know if it is on Netflix or not, but "The Poughkeepsie Tapes" is as dark as FUCK.

  • フランク
    フランク Month ago


  • Kevin N
    Kevin N Month ago

    Why is everyone stroking off Netflix now?

  • Morrison
    Morrison Month ago +2

    I saw someone else post this and I agree The Perfection-don't read anything about it just go watch

  • Porfle Popnecker
    Porfle Popnecker Month ago

    NYET Flix.

  • Michael Earnest
    Michael Earnest Month ago

    netflixs are mostly hits I have to admit!

  • Dnekar
    Dnekar Month ago

    Only at the end I realize this is game channel.

  • Xenophagia
    Xenophagia Month ago

    It follows is incredible

  • fromthevault101
    fromthevault101 Month ago

    Weally I can rotch them all wight now?

  • Naz Shey
    Naz Shey Month ago

    "The Invitation", the most BORING movie ever made!
    HUSH, Lonely wamen living in an isolated house, hunted by a guy whose hobby is to tease n kill lonely wamen, only for pleasure, why bother with a scenario, u don't need ur brain for that movie!

  • SoulGnosis
    SoulGnosis Month ago +1

    Category gaming pmfsl. 👍
    0:48 Singled out by a "marshed" madman. ahhh brilliant just brilliant I'm glad you didn't re-edit.

  • Ya Lil Nasty
    Ya Lil Nasty Month ago +1

    1922.. I could barely sit through this it was very anti climatic and I felt like I needed more when it was over

  • Linnie smith
    Linnie smith Month ago

    seen most of these.

  • Dragonetta
    Dragonetta Month ago

    Train to Busan is my SHIT!!! I've watched that movie a bunch of times already. More Korean zombie horror, please!

  • 2.0 Camaro LT
    2.0 Camaro LT Month ago

    Can’t find it follows on Netflix ?

  • Dirk Diggler
    Dirk Diggler Month ago

    That's not an accent, thats a speech impediment. LOL

  • BreakDownBros
    BreakDownBros Month ago

    Why can’t I find any of these on Netflix

  • Tamu Mongillo
    Tamu Mongillo Month ago +5

    1 The Perfection. Excellent. Well put from beging to end

  • Rey Davis
    Rey Davis Month ago

    And I have seen Geralds Game, and its one of movies that make you think the worst is going to happen and it does but doesnt. I mean its REALLY, REALLY GOOD THOUGH. Well recommended

  • lisa simpson
    lisa simpson Month ago

    So. Pretty much any stephen king film. 😬😁

  • Dr. Dave's Pinball Restorations

    why was this netflix garbage recommended to me? youtube algor sucks

  • zaolodyck m22
    zaolodyck m22 Month ago

    It follows is a very crapy movie.
    It has so many stupid things that does not make an sense.

  • Tracy Steele
    Tracy Steele Month ago

    I think the Carrie remake was pretty good actually good acting by the girl who plays Carrie and the woman who plays her mother the same story but the ending was much better

  • Hans Campbell
    Hans Campbell Month ago

    FUCK NETFLICKS ! You can buy the movies, on DVD, for less than $5 each. Then you have something to show for your money. Remember: about 99% of all movies and video games suck. It is cheaper just to buy the 1% of the movies and video games that are actually good. Also, FUCK STEAM AND GOG ! Buy the games on CDs and DVDs.

  • Powell Diesel
    Powell Diesel Month ago +1

    Train to Busan was amazing and will probably be remade by Hollywood.
    1922 was boring and I did get the whole impact of murder although you got away with it.

    • Leszek Chmielewski
      Leszek Chmielewski Month ago

      Train to Busan? Oh nooo! Please Hollywood, stop ruining great movies!

  • Lokesh paul
    Lokesh paul 2 months ago

    hush was on TVclip too until Netflix took it after quite place and bird box

  • Thanos X Escrow
    Thanos X Escrow 2 months ago

    Non English movies with subtitles should not exist

  • Cleb Felm
    Cleb Felm 2 months ago

    I think this dude has problems pronouncing his R’s

  • Julz XD
    Julz XD 2 months ago

    What keeps you alive is actually a decent Canadian horror/psychological thriller.

  • IGJL Express
    IGJL Express 2 months ago +4

    10. The Wailing
    9. The Wailing
    8. The Wailing
    7. The Wailing
    6. The Wailing
    5. The Wailing
    4. The Wailing
    3. The Wailing
    2. The Wailing
    1. The Wailing

    • Inga Noni Fay Jeth
      Inga Noni Fay Jeth Month ago +2

      Haha this has been sitting in my queue for an age now. I think you've convinced me to watch it this weekend. :)

  • Melissa jane
    Melissa jane 2 months ago

    Hey! the care bears are missing off this list! Have you seen it ? They are god dam terrifying 🙈

  • Ellie-mai Rodrigues
    Ellie-mai Rodrigues 2 months ago

    Train to busan isn’t on Netflix 🤔

  • 皇明
    皇明 2 months ago

    cool movie

  • EastBay MauiBoy
    EastBay MauiBoy 2 months ago

    If you're even a casual horror-thriller fan, you have to see Misery.

  • Joey Cagle
    Joey Cagle 2 months ago

    Thriller is a good one on there now

  • H E
    H E 2 months ago

    All of these movies are absolutely fantastic.

  • dam dams
    dam dams 2 months ago

    Gives ‘World War Z’ a run for its money and the fact the zombies forget about you when they can’t see you is Awesome...

  • ricardo ebbers
    ricardo ebbers 2 months ago

    we wanted real horror movies not this crappie shit

  • Hannah Jenner
    Hannah Jenner 2 months ago +6

    I’ve watched train to Busan maybe 7 to 8 times but still I love to watch again and again

  • tikapinika
    tikapinika 2 months ago

    Okay. 28 days later is a movie about the rage virus and the infected are NOT zombies. Train to Busan is a movie about the undead. They are not the same thing people. This crap is like comparing Obama to Trump. Far from being the same thing. 🥳

  • Wade Njunge
    Wade Njunge 2 months ago

    in 2019 this dude is advising a person to watch the conjuring.......are you for real?......Switching to watchmojo

    • OltskuMP
      OltskuMP 2 months ago

      Watchmojo is fucking shit lmfao. Conjuring is a decent movie but everything after that kinda fucking sucked.

  • Mark Maidens
    Mark Maidens 2 months ago

    It follows is no longer on Netflix sadly

    LEXICON DEVIL 2 months ago

    It Follows is not horror its just plain horrible but i can understand the confusion

    WAN AHMAD ATIQI 2 months ago +2

    It Follows is the worst horror movie ever. Boring.

    • dam dams
      dam dams 2 months ago

      Totally crap, More like ‘What follows’...
      And that’ll be an hour and a half of your life you’ll NEVER get back..!

  • L G
    L G 2 months ago

    Should title this “the best Stephen King movies” 😂 how much is he paying you sir?

  • Kenny Jordana
    Kenny Jordana 2 months ago

    A lot of good horror movies here but It Follows isn't the worst STD that you can catch. The movie Contracted is the worst STD you can catch.

  • Matt Albert
    Matt Albert 2 months ago

    The final shot of The Invitation is absolutely haunting

  • Yoshen
    Yoshen 2 months ago

    Mawwiage... Mawwiage is whut bwings us togevaaa... todaay. Mawwiage that bwessed awaignment, that dweam wiffin a dweam....

  • jayeeta mitra
    jayeeta mitra 3 months ago +1

    hush is the best movie that I ever seen

  • Riyadhikra Riyadhikra
    Riyadhikra Riyadhikra 3 months ago

    Hush my😄

  • Conni3 summer
    Conni3 summer 3 months ago

    hush z the best survival movie n aint a horror movie..

  • pat phanhsackdy
    pat phanhsackdy 3 months ago

    How about Amazon prime?

  • Sheryl Lopez
    Sheryl Lopez 3 months ago

    Guys their is a new train to busan its train to busan2

  • Sheryl Lopez
    Sheryl Lopez 3 months ago

    In tucker & dale the girl with the blond hair thats from the girl in happy death day

  • manz
    manz 3 months ago

    haha they actually wrote "neflix" ...i actually call it neflix.

  • Orsis Rutherford
    Orsis Rutherford 3 months ago